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Bet365 Reviews Australia 2021

Is Bet365 reliable?

Should you sign up to Bet365 Australia? Yes, you should! Why’s that? Our Bet365 reviews found this site offers a safe and fun way to bet on sport. Keep reading to see why our Bet365 ratings are so good!

Is Bet365 reliable? We found that it has all of the Australian licensing, safe encryption technology and everything else you need to feel secure. Plus Bet365 has put on a user-friendly betting platform that even a total newbie would be able to understand. Take a look at our Bet365 reviews to find out more!

Bet365 review pros and cons
Bet365 AU: Pros & Cons
  • Awesome odds on NRL, AFL, BBL and more
  • Massive number of sports covered
  • Safe and licensed sports betting site
  • User-friendly website and quality betting apps
  • Colour choice on website not for everyone
Bet365 Highlights
  • Awesome odds on all Australian sports
  • Bets on horse racing, soccer & more
  • Decent live betting platform
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Usability, Look & Feel - Easy way to get started at Bet365 Australia

The Bet365 is drenched in greens, yellows and greys. Don’t like these colours? Well go somewhere else then! OK so it’s a unique look that’s not for everyone. But we liked the fact that Bet365 has its own brand identity.

Navigating around the Bet365 website is so simple that you could do it in your sleep. Putting down bets is as easy as falling off a log. The live betting pages loaded faster than we could finish this sentence. You get the idea? Oh one more thing, and that’s that Bet365 has created some user-friendly betting apps for iOS and Android mobiles. Perfect for some truly lazy sports betting action.

Payments - More top Bet365 ratings here

So you should know that Bet365 looks and behaves like pretty much any sports betting site that you’re going to come across. There are no hidden tricks here and no nasty surprises. This means that you can feel confident in signing up to Bet365, funding your bets and then enjoying a quality sports betting platform. Is Bet365 reliable when it comes to payments? It certainly is! If only everything was so easy!

Credit Card
+ 5

Customer Service - Another reason why Bet365 reviews are so good

We think that you’d have to be some kind of simpleton to have any kind of problem in using the Bet365 sports betting site. Seriously, if you can tie your shoelaces together, then you’re already overqualified for using this bookmaker website. OK, so there might come a time when you may need a little assistance. In which case, you can simply visit the Bet365 site directly and find the brand’s contact methods.

Bet365 Highlights
  • Awesome odds on all Australian sports
  • Bets on horse racing, soccer & more
  • Decent live betting platform
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License & Security - Is Bet365 secure and licensed?

Is Bet365 reliable? There are plenty of dodgy betting sites out there, but Bet365 is a bookie that can be trusted. It’s got a license from the Northern Territory Government which basically means that Bet365 isn’t going to run off with your cash.

New Jersey (US)
Germany - Deutsche Sportwetten-Lizenz
MGA - Malta Gaming Authority
UKGC - UK Gambling Commission
+ 6

Is Bet365 safe? We appreciated the fact that Bet365’s website has more encryption technologies than you can shake a stick at. This means that no teenage hacker is going to steal your identity. Worried about getting carried away with your bets? Fear not, as Bet365 has teamed up with Responsible Wagering Australia to give you all you need to bet within your means.

Rewards & Loyalty Program - Why we had to boost our Bet365 ratings

Everyone knows that Bet365 has some of the best odds on the market. But what does Bet365 do to take your sports bets up a level? Well take a look at the awesome cash out betting service. This is worth checking out as it gives you the chance to pick up your wins even before the sporting event has finished. Perfect for getting a win before that big batting collapse!

Not satisfied with that? Then check out some of Bet365’s other useful betting tools that are all better than any kind of loyalty scheme. For example, there’s a cool Soccer Bet Builder. This lets you tinker around with your soccer bets to create your own bet with up to 12 selections. Trust us, it’s more exciting than it sounds!

Bet365 Sports Betting

Betting Markets - Many bets found in our Bet365 reviews

Bet365 has a bet for pretty much everything that you could think of. Australian rules football, rugby, cricket, soccer, you name it and Bet365 will give you odds for it. In fact, it’s hard to try and find something that Bet365 doesn’t give you odds for. We saw bets for all manner of oddities like futsal, surfing, winter sports, politics and pool.

Plus with even a standard AFL game having dozens of betting markets like first scoring play, player to kick most goals and most disposals, it shows you that Bet365 will have you covered with your sports bets.

Odds - High Bet365 ratings for sports betting odds

All bookmakers are only as good as the odds that they serve up. So took a look at a big NRL game between Canberra Raiders and New Zealand Warriors and compared Bet365’s odds with one of its rivals.

Unsurprisingly both bookies had Canberra Raiders down as the surefire favourites to win this game. Similarly, each of these bookmakers thought that New Zealand Warriors were complete no-hopers. What’s interesting is that Bet365 managed to edge ahead in its betting odds for both of these outcomes. So whether you want to bet on the NRL, AFL, BBL, NBA or anything else, you’ll definitely appreciate the odds at Bet365.

Live betting & streaming – Live streaming to boost our Bet365 ratings

So Bet365 allows you to enjoy live streaming on over 60,000 sporting events. Funded account required, or have placed a bet within 24 hours. 18+ Geo restrictions apply.

But it’s not just this that makes Bet365 an awesome place to come for your live bets. This is because the bookie lets you bet live on a massive number of sports like soccer, tennis, basketball and so on. Plus with no shortage of live betting markets, it’s no wonder why so many people come to Bet365 for their in-play bets.

Limits - How much can you win at Bet365 Australia?

Fancy winning big? Then we think that you’ll like it at Bet365. The bookie allows you to win up to $250,000 with your cricket bets and the same is true for Australian rules football, motor racing and so on. Plus you might even be able to win more for other sports like soccer, basketball etc… Remember that Bet365 will have its own minimum and maximum bet limits for each sporting encounter.

Product Summary & Conclusion - Key points of our Bet365 reviews

Bet365 pretty much knocks it out of the park with its sports bets. Why’s this? Well the bookie’s odds completely smash the opposition, and Bet365 gives you way more betting markets for most sporting encounters too. Plus with lots of cool features that you don’t find at other bookmakers, it’s actually unfair how superior Bet365 is. So if you ever want to get the best odds for your favourite sport, be sure to check out what Bet365 has to offer.

Bet365 Esports

Major esports found in our Bet365 reviews

We have to say that we were pretty sceptical about how good Bet365 would be at esports betting. After all, lots of bookies will give you a handful of odds for League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive and leave it there.

But Bet365 goes way beyond that. Alongside lots of bets for LoL and CSGO, you can also enjoy lots of odds for classic esports like Dota 2 and StarCraft. This is as well as plenty of odds for everything from Rainbow 6 to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and even some top soccer simulators.

Tournaments - Decent Bet365 ratings for tournaments covered

If there’s a big esports tournament, then you can trust that Bet365 will give you odds for everything from the qualifying rounds to the grand final itself. We saw no shortage of esports tournaments featured at the Bet365 site. These included the ESL Pro League, Call of Duty League, Elite Series, ESEA Advanced, Snow Sweet Snow, LoL Worlds and pretty much every other esports contest that you could think of.

Odds - Get awesome esports odds at Bet365 Australia

Bet365 doesn’t just give you amazing odds for standard sports as its esports odds are also out of this world. We simply had to try an odds comparison test between Bet365 and a dedicated esports betting site for an ESL contest and found that Bet365 completely outshone that betting site. Obviously this is just a one-off comparison, but we think that it’s just another example of why Bet365 is an unbeatable betting site.

Live Betting and Streaming - Live stream your esports bets at Bet365 Australia

Live betting and esports are made for each other. This is something that Bet365 definitely approve of as the bookie lets you bet live on all top esports and plenty of those cool esoccer games. What’s best is that you can even enjoy free live streaming for many of these live esports bets. Funded account required, or have placed a bet within 24 hours. 18+ Geo restrictions apply.

Esports Summary & Conclusion - Top esports bets found in our Bet365 reviews

It’s easy to be cynical about regular sports betting sites like Bet365 leaping on the esports bandwagon, but we found that this bookie is a great place to come for your bets on competitive gaming. It doesn’t matter whether you bet on CSGO, LoL or even PUBG as Bet365 will always be able to give you unbeatable odds. All of which means that you should definitely come to Bet365 for your esports bets.

Bet365 Horse Betting

Betting markets - All major global races featured at Bet365 Australia

Like thoroughbred racing? Then you’ll love Bet365. This bookie gives you awesome bets for all major and minor horse races taking place all over Australia and New Zealand. From Kilmore to Kensington and Rockhampton, you’re sure to find some awesome horse racing bets here. Don’t forget that Bet365 is also a great place for global horse racing bets with lots of odds for races taking place in the UK, Ireland, France, the US and so on.

Odds - Top racing odds to boost our Bet365 ratings

There’s no point in putting down a horse racing bet unless you know that you’re getting decent odds. This is something that Bet365 excels at. We found that the bookie’s racing odds for a race in Wagga completely outperformed those found at one of its competitors. Plus the same is true for races taking place anywhere from Pinjarra to Pakenham.

Live Streaming - Free live streaming found in our Bet365 reviews

OK so live betting for horse racing might not be a reality just yet, but you should still give Bet365 a try. This is because the bookie will sometimes let you watch a live stream of top horse races from around the world. Funded account required, or have placed a bet within 24 hours. 18+ Geo restrictions apply.

Limits – How much can you win at Bet365 Australia?

We found that Bet365 allows you to win anywhere up to $1,000,000 for major horse races in the UK and the rest of the world. Plus you can even get up to $100,00 for win and place bets on all races covered by TAB in New Zealand. Not bad!


Horse Betting Summary & Conclusion - Awesome Bet365 ratings for racing bets

Bet365 is clearly an amazing betting site for horse racing. This because the bookie gives you consistently excellent horse racing odds on all major races in Australia and beyond. So come to Bet365 if you ever fancy a flutter at the races!

Bet365 Australia FAQ - is Bet365 safe?

❓What are the Bet365 football odds like?

Bet365 is well-known for putting on some of the best betting odds on the market. However, all bookmakers will have varying competitiveness in their odds for all major sports like football, rugby, cricket and so on. Check out our Bet365 reviews where we compare the brand’s odds for sports like football with those found at other bookmakers such as the odds found in our Unibet reviews.

🔐How do I get a Bet365 login?

It’s just as easy to sign up to Bet365 as it is any other bookmaker like Betfair Australia. Registering an account usually just means that you supply the bookie with some personal information. This could include your name, email address, date of birth, mobile number and so on. Take a look at our guide to Bet365 Australia to see what else you may need to do to get your login. 

📱Is there a Bet365 app?

Bookmakers’ mobile betting platforms are growing increasingly important. This is because most sports fans now like to put down their bets from either a smartphone or tablet. As a result, a decent part of our PlayUp ratings were based on the brand’s mobile betting platform. The same applies to how we award our Bet365 ratings. So read our guide to see whether the bookmaker has created its own betting apps just yet.

🏏What are the Bet365 sports rules?

It’s essential that you know the rules regardless of what kind of online gambling in Australia you are enjoying. After all, it is the rules that determines whether you win or lose your bets. All decent online bookmakers will always make sure that you know what the rules are for how they handle each sporting event. Take a look at our Bet365 reviews to see what the bookie’s betting rules are for your favourite sport.  

✅Is Bet365 sports betting online safe?

There are numerous things that you should check for before signing up to any sports betting site and you should always ask questions like “is Bet365 safe?”. These include things like how the bookmaker is licensed and what kinds of technologies it uses to keep your personal data safe. All of which have a big impact on the Bet365 ratings that we awarded the betting site. So read our review to see exactly how safe you’ll be at Bet365.

Overall conclusion - Key reasons why you should sign up to Bet365 Australia

OK so you know that there are lots of sports betting sites in Australia. Most of these are pretty good, but we think that Bet365 takes the concept of sports betting and makes it way better.

There’s nothing flashy or gimmicky about the Bet365 site. It just gives you a legal and safe way to bet on sport. Plus the brand’s odds for everything from cricket to rugby always seem to be just ahead of its rivals. Again, these might not be features that help Bet365 hit the headlines. But it helps Bet365 continue its path to becoming one of Australia’s best sports betting sites.

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  • Awesome odds on all Australian sports
  • Bets on horse racing, soccer & more
  • Decent live betting platform

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