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Is Neds reliable?

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Is Neds reliable for your sports betting needs? Damn right it is! We think that Neds Australia is one of the best bookies that you’re going to come across. Read our Neds reviews to find out why!

Above all, Neds is simply a quality all-round Australian bookmaker. We awarded top Neds ratings for its bets for everything from the NRL and BBL to the AFL. Is Neds secure? Of course it is, otherwise, we wouldn’t be recommending it to you! Need proof? Take a look below at the rest of our Neds reviews.

Neds review pros and cons
Neds: Pros & Cons
  • Excellent horse racing bookmaker
  • Great odds on rugby, cricket and AFL
  • Fully licensed and regulated in Australia
  • User-friendly website and betting apps
  • Don’t like the colour orange? You won’t like Neds!
Picklebet Highlights
  • Most esports markets in Australia
  • Best esports odds available in Australia
  • Live coverage of every top game
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Usability, Look & Feel - Easy ways to bet at Neds Australia

The Neds website is orange, very orange. Ok, that’s our artistic appreciation of this betting site and we were glad to see that the website acts and behaves like any good sports betting site. This means that you see some odds, you click on some odds, you put money on those odds, and then you make some wins from the odds. Simple right?

It’s also easy to make a deposit, hassle the Neds customer service team and do anything else that you’d normally want to do at a sports betting site. Oh and don’t forget to download the Neds betting app. This is available for all modern iOS and Android mobiles and it’s probably the best thing since the invention of water.

Payments - Safe payment methods found in our Neds reviews

Oh payments! How we love to discuss thee. OK so payments are more boring than death and taxes, but sometimes it’s good for serious things to be boring. Let’s just lose ourselves in the factual information that tells you that you can make payments with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, POLi, BPAY and Flexipin.

Now douse your brow in the timely knowledge that withdrawal processing speeds vary according to the payment method used but it should only take between one and three working days. Finally, take a cold shower with the thought that Neds won’t charge you any fees for making deposits or withdrawals. Phew!

Credit Card
+ 2

Customer Service - 24/7 help to boost our Neds ratings

Feeling lonely? Then just call up the Neds customer service team. Seriously, the guys and girls at Neds are waiting to hear from someone just like you! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a problem verifying your account or making a withdrawal, as it’s your complaints that these customer service agents live for. Why else would Neds host a customer service that’s available 24/7?

The best ways to get in touch are either the live chat service or email. There is even a telephone number you can call if you want to actually, like, speak to a real human being. Don’t forget that the Neds FAQ is the most exciting thing that you’ll read apart from this bookie review!

Picklebet Highlights
  • Most esports markets in Australia
  • Best esports odds available in Australia
  • Live coverage of every top game
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License & Security - Fully licensed Neds Australia betting site

Can you trust Neds with your cash and personal data? Actually, yes you can. This is because Neds is licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission and it’s also covered by the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice. Sounds serious right? Well, it basically means that you won’t get ripped off at Neds which is A GOOD THING.

We also spent a fascinating 30 seconds browsing through the Neds privacy policy. This basically tells you that your data will be encrypted and that Neds won’t sell your personal information to any spods who live on ‘the dark web’.

Australia’s Northern Territory

Rewards & Loyalty Program - More ways to get value from Neds Australia

OK so there’s no reward program here. But Neds has lots of cool things that aim to help you make more from your bets. How nice! Things like the Filter Form offer you a great way to get more clinical with your racing bets. Then there are lots of cool multi betting features like blended multis and split multis. Plus with a great way to cash in your bets, it seems that Neds is happy to offer you a little extra with your sporting bets.

Neds Sports Betting

Betting markets - Massive number of bets at Neds Australia

Neds is a classic Australian bookie and it’ll give you top bets on classic Australian sports like rugby, cricket and Aussie rules football. Beyond this, we saw the usual smattering of bets for soccer, tennis, basketball, blah, blah, blah. Weirder things to bet on at Neds included stuff like surfing and politics. Oh and ever tried betting on bull riding? Well, you can give it a try at Neds!

Odds - Top Neds ratings for betting odds

We found that Neds has some deeply tasty odds. Yeah, we know that all bookies say that they have great odds, but it looks like Neds walks the walk too. This is because we picked a big AFL game and Neds somehow managed to end up top of the hill with the odds for either team to win. Not totally sure how Neds managed to do this, but we bow down before the new king of the odds.

Live Streaming – Lots of live bets in our Neds reviews

Live betting is supposed to be fun and exciting. Unfortunately, live betting at Neds basically means staring at the live score, picking and choosing which live betting markets to use, and then calling the bookie’s telephone number. OK, so much of these limitations are beyond Neds’ control, but surely it wouldn’t hurt to have something in the way of live streaming, right?

Limits - How much can you bet at Neds Australia?

The most that you can bet at Neds is determined by the kind of sporting event that you’re betting on. This means that you’ll probably be able to bet more on a big soccer match than you would some obscure surfing competition. We also found that Neds will put a limit on your winnings of $500,000. A pretty impressive amount, but remember that this might also be smaller for some of those more ‘niche’ sporting events.

Product Summary & Conclusion - Top bookie found in our Neds reviews

Neds is clearly a very good sports betting site. After all, the bookie makes it just as easy to bet on anything from the AFL to bull riding. Surely you can’t want too much more from an online bookmaker? OK yeah live streaming would have been nice. But to be honest we’d prefer decent betting odds and Neds definitely has that. So pick Neds for the next time that you want to bet on sport!

Picklebet Highlights
  • Most esports markets in Australia
  • Best esports odds available in Australia
  • Live coverage of every top game
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Neds Esports

Games - Bet on the biggest esports at Neds Australia

Neds is yet another regular bookie to jump on the esports bandwagon. Not that this is a bad thing as Neds seem to take esports betting pretty seriously. You won’t just get a bagful of LoL odds here. Instead you can also get bets for CSGO, Call of Duty, Dota 2, and even some e-soccer games.

Tournaments - Decent Neds ratings for tournaments covered

Esports betting might be nerdy but it’s still fun when you bet on those massive tournaments. Neds gives you an easy way to do this with bets for all top tournaments like Snow Sweet Snow, ESL events, LoL Worlds, and any other stadium that’s rammed full of geeks talking about slaying barons, dragons and so on.

Odds - Solid esports odds at Neds Australia

Just because esports is pretty silly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take its odds seriously. So we compared Neds’ odds for a LoL LCK game against one of the biggest esports betting sites. Surprise surprise as Neds managed to kick the other bookie’s a$$ with the quality of its LoL odds. Just one example, but good to know!

Live Streaming - Live esports bets found in our Neds reviews

So it looks like there’s no live streaming for esports at Neds. But you can still bet live over the telephone as you watch that live score tick round. Surely the pinnacle of live esports betting entertainment?! Oh…

Product Summary & Conclusion - Good Neds ratings for esports betting

Neds has managed to surprise us with a pretty good esports betting package. OK so there’s no live streaming and you can’t bet on some of the nerdier esports like Hearthstone or Apex Legends. But we still think it caters to the more casual gamers out there. So try Neds for your next esport bet.

Picklebet Highlights
  • Most esports markets in Australia
  • Best esports odds available in Australia
  • Live coverage of every top game
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Neds Horse Betting

Betting markets - Awesome Neds ratings for races covered

We’re pretty sure that Neds could be your perfect horse racing bookie. This is because Neds will give you odds for pretty much every horse race under the sun. Obviously you’ll get showered with odds for races in Australia everywhere from Wentworth Park to Ballarat and Darwin. But Neds goes way further than that to give you bets for horse races taking place in other countries like New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, Ireland, the USA and even Mexico. A whole world of horse racing bets to dig into!

Odds - Excellent racing odds found in our Neds reviews

Who likes good horse racing odds? We do and we’re pretty sure that you will too. Thankfully Neds has quality horse racing odds coming out of its ears. We compared Neds’ horse racing odds for a big race at Cranbourne and found that this bookie managed to put on some seriously competitive odds. These quality odds covered everything from the outright favourite all the way through to the real outsiders at the back. All you need to get more from your horse racing bets.

Live Streaming – Lack of streams sees the Neds ratings slip

OK so horse racing and live betting don’t really work too well together just yet. But Neds will aim to keep you updated with what’s going on with your horse racing bets. You’ll get a wealth of statistics about all of the runners right up to the final second before the race begins. We also liked the stats about things like price fluctuations and so on. While it might have been nice to have live streaming, all of the above will be enough for most casual racing fans.

Limits - How much can you win at Neds Australia?

OK so Neds Australia gives you way more information than you’ll ever need about its maximum winnings limits. These are all found on a suitably boring-looking pdf in its terms and conditions. Basically, if you bet on an Australian metropolitan thoroughbred race, you could win up to $100,000 with a regular win bet. These limits dip down to $25,000 for your maximum winnings on races in places like the UK. You’ll normally be able to bet anywhere up to $2,000 or $1,000, depending on whether the race is in NSW, Victoria or Tasmania. Still an impressive amount and it’s sure to keep our Neds ratings pretty high.

Product Summary & Conclusion - Our Neds ratings for horse racing bets

Neds is definitely worth a look if you want to bet on horse racing. The bookie gives you bets for all races in Australia and races in some pretty exotic locations around the world. We found that Neds’ odds for horse racing are competitive and you could rack up some decent wins here. The lack of live streaming was a downer, but it’s a minor grumble compared to the overall quality of the Neds horse racing betting service.

Picklebet Highlights
  • Most esports markets in Australia
  • Best esports odds available in Australia
  • Live coverage of every top game
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Neds Australia FAQ

📱Is there a Neds bet app?

It’s pretty essential that all online gambling sites
now have their own betting apps. This is because most sports fans are either very lazy or very busy. So they’ll want to relax on a sofa while putting down a bet or bet while out and about. Take a look at our Neds reviews to see how this bookie looks after its mobile betting fans. Perfect for seeing what kind of betting app the brand might have.

✅Is Neds online safe?

We’ll never recommend that you use an online betting site until we’ve checked it for your online safety. Take a look at what happened in our PointsBet reviews when we examined that bookie for everything from its licensing to its security technologies. All of which meant that we were equally tough when it came to reviewing Neds Australia. Read our review to see how the bookie rated for online safety.

📞What is the Neds bet contact number?

We think that Neds is a pretty user-friendly betting site, but there might come some time when you’ll need to get some help. As such all of our bookie reviews like our BBet reviews will always have to examine how good a betting site is at looking after its customers. Make sure that you read our reviews to see what kinds of Neds ratings we awarded for customer support along with information on whether you can contact the bookie by phone.

❓Are most Neds bet reviews good?

It’s pretty common for even the best bookmakers to get their fair share of negative reviews. Just do a quick internet search for BetStar Australia and you’ll quickly see what we mean. All of which means that we’ve had to make sure that our bookie reviews are as fair and accurate as possible. Take a look at our Neds reviews and you’ll see what it’s really like to use this betting site.

🏏Are the Neds sportsbook odds good?

Any sports betting site is only as good as the odds that it puts on. After all, a large part of our SportsChamps ratings were based on how good that bookmaker was with its odds for everything from rugby to cricket. So make sure that you read our guide to the Neds sports betting site. This will give you our fair Neds ratings for its bets on all major sports in Australia and beyond. If you want to check out any of our other reviews, be sure to check out our Smarkets reviews to keep more in the know.

Overall conclusion - Final verdict of our Neds reviews

We like Neds. OK so it has a terrible brand name and the orange colour scheme made us gag. But beyond that, it’s actually a pretty good bookie. Neds gives you rock-solid odds for everything like the NRL and AFL, but it’s horse racing that this bookie excels at. Plus with Australian licensing, safe encryption tech and dazzling customer support, we reckon that you won’t go wrong at Neds. So sign up to Neds. You won’t regret it! If you’d like to compare it to another bookmaker, feel free to read our Mobile Wins review for a suitable candidate

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