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Pointsbet Reviews Australia 2021

Is Pointsbet reliable?

PointsBet Australia is the country’s fastest growing bookmaker. So what! Our PointsBet reviews found that this bookie isn’t just new, it’s also damn good too. Take a look below to see why our PointsBet ratings are so good!

Is PointsBet reliable? Hell yeah! It’s got all of the licensing you need to blow your cash safely on your favourite sport. Is PointsBet secure? Of course it is. Why else are we recommending that you sign up to this bookie. Need more proof of how good PointsBet is? Then keep reading our PointsBet reviews!

Pointsbet review pros and cons
PointsBet: Pros & Cons
  • Awesome odds on all top sports
  • Licensed and regulated in Australia
  • Helpful customer support
  • Awesome mobile betting app
  • Betting site might be too good-looking for you
PointsBet Australia Highlights
  • Great place for betting on NRL, AFL, BBL etc…
  • Decent odds for soccer, basketball and everything else
  • Good amount of live betting options

Usability, Look & Feel - Good-looking PointsBet Australia betting site

So the good news is that the PointsBet site looks pretty cool. The sleek black and red colour scheme might look like it was designed by a 12-year old, but it’s certainly a more stylish betting site than most bookmakers.

The bad news is that navigating around the PointsBet website takes a bit of getting used to. Maybe we’re just a bit subnormal, but we initially found it tricky to find the bets that we were looking for. Thankfully PointsBet has created a decent iOS and Android betting app that’s well worth a look.

Payments - Trusty deposit methods found in our PointsBet reviews

Who wants to talk about payment methods? You do! Well good news, because we do too. You can make deposits at PointsBet with Visa, MasterCard and POLi, and that’s about it. OK not the biggest amount of payment options, but all pretty trustworthy which is surely the most important thing. All deposits should be instant and PointsBet won’t skim any fees off for adding cash to your account or making withdrawals. Withdrawals usually take a handful of days to end up in your account.

Credit Card

Customer Service - Top PointsBet ratings for customer support

PointsBet’s customer service team are simply dying to hear from you. We’re serious! They’ve even given you three ways of getting in touch. Wanting an instant response? Use the live chat service. Looking to keep things a bit more mysterious? Send PointsBet an email. Searching for that human touch? Then give the bookie a phone call. PointsBet has also created a Frequently Asked Questions section that’s about as interesting as it sounds.  Plus you can even hassle the PointsBet customer support agents on Facebook or Twitter.

PointsBet Australia Highlights
  • Great place for betting on NRL, AFL, BBL etc…
  • Decent odds for soccer, basketball and everything else
  • Good amount of live betting options

License & Security - Fully licensed PointsBet Australia betting platform

We found that PointsBet is licensed and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory Government. This is a good thing. Basically it means that PointsBet operates by Australia’s gambling laws which means that you’ll stand a fair chance of being paid whatever winnings you make. PointsBet also has one of those little padlocks in the web browser address bar. This means that it runs a fully encrypted site which is good news unless you’re the kind of punter who likes identity theft. All in all, a safe and sound betting site.

Australia’s Northern Territory

Rewards & Loyalty Program - Lots of top features found in our PointsBet reviews

So PointsBet doesn’t have any kind of loyalty scheme. But that’s not to say that this bookie doesn’t love its loyal customers. Why else would it give you access to lots of cool features that are designed to give you more for your bets? Take the awesome Quick Multi tool that gives you a quick way to make a multi bet. Or try the Next Up sport option that shows you which sport is next up. Who said that online sports betting was dull?!

PointsBet Australia Sports Betting

Betting markets - All sports featured at PointsBet Australia

So what can you bet on at PointsBet? Or rather, what can’t you bet on at PointsBet? We found that this bookie had more bets than we knew what to do with. Obviously it’s got all of the main things like bets for the AFL, NRL, NBA, NBL and so on. Plus PointsBet is also a seriously good cricket bookie with a massive number of betting markets for everything from that Big Bash game to a Test match. But with billions more bets for surfing, netball, table tennis and entertainment, you’ll know that you’ll get the bets you need at PointsBet. Just don’t forget to try out the cool Name A Bet feature.

Odds - Amazing PointsBet ratings for betting odds

PointsBet is a bookie who will always give you a fair price for your bets. We compared PointsBet’s odds for a big cricket Test match with one of its rivals. Both bookmakers were tied in their odds for both the home and away team to win. But if you wanted to bet on a draw, PointsBet managed to come out ahead. Just another reason why this bookmaker is worth a look the next time that you want to bet on your favourite sport.

Live Streaming – Lots of live bets at PointsBet Australia

Like all good bookies, PointsBet allows you to put down a live bet on a decent range of sports. These include everything from big basketball and soccer games all the way down to anything from esports to table tennis. PointsBet isn’t shy about giving you a lot of betting markets to play with either. For a regular match in the Australian W-League you could take your pick from over 20 different in-play markets.

These betting markets covered everything from handicap markets to goal markets, doubles markets and much more. OK so there’s nothing in the way of live streaming and you’ll just have to make do with the live score. But as long as you don’t mind having to put down a live bet over the phone, PointsBet won’t let you down with your in-play bets.

Limits - Decent winnings to be had at PointsBet Australia

OK so you can win anywhere up to $50,000 in a single day at PointsBet. Is that enough to fund your lifestyle? We’d hope so. Fair enough, some bookies might give you slightly more to play with when you win your bets, but we reckon that this is probably enough for most mere mortals. Just so you know, each sporting event will have its own minimum and maximum bet limits.

Product Summary & Conclusion - Top PointsBet ratings for sports bets

We reckon that PointsBet has just about everything that you should be looking for in a sportsbook. Decent odds on all sports? Check. Lots of weird and wonderful betting markets? Check. Overly complicated way to make a live bet so as to obey Australia’s online gambling laws? Check. Above all, PointsBet makes it easy to bet on your favourite sport. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into cricket, rugby or bog snorkelling, as we think that PointsBet will always work hard to make sure that you get odds for whatever you want. So the next time that you want to bet on the NRL, BBL or even the fate of the nation’s prime minister, then make sure that you give PointsBet a try.

PointsBet Australia Highlights
  • Great place for betting on NRL, AFL, BBL etc…
  • Decent odds for soccer, basketball and everything else
  • Good amount of live betting options
PointsBet Australia Esports

Games - All top esports found in our PointsBet reviews

So what esports can you actually bet on at PointsBet? Glad you asked! Well you can bet on that classic first-person shooter Counter Strike Global Offensive. You can also bet on that iconic battle arena game League of Legends. We also saw some bets for Rainbow Six and everyone’s favourite soccer simulator FIFA. And that’s about the size of it. So if you’re nerdy esports betting dreams aren’t fulfilled, best head to a dedicated esports betting site.

Tournaments - Bet on major esports tournaments at PointsBet Australia

Esports betting is all about betting on those big tournaments. So it makes sense that PointsBet will always aim to give you odds on the top esports contests like Snow Sweet Snow, the ESL Pro League, ESEA Advanced, LoL Worlds and so on. We also saw bets for something called Svenska Elitserien but we have no idea what that is, sorry!

Odds - Decent PointsBet ratings for esports odds

So we picked a big ESL Pro League CSGO game and compared PointsBet’s odds with those that we found at a pretty famous online bookmaker. We found that both bookies had similar odds for the favourite to win. But if you wanted to try your luck by backing the underdog, PointsBet just edged ahead with its odds. Just an example, but worth knowing the next time you wanna bet on esports.

Live Streaming - Bet live on esports at PointsBet Australia

We even tried seeing how PointsBet treated the above ESL Pro League game for live betting. It turned out to be pretty good as PointsBet let us put down bets on lots of different markets like the winner of each individual map, correct score and so on. Sadly there wasn’t any live streaming. Thankfully we are a pretty high tech operation so that we could open another browser window to watch the live Twitch stream and throw down a winning CSGO bet. Easy!

Product Summary & Conclusion - Solid PointsBet ratings for esports betting

PointsBet might not meet the needs of the nerdiest esports fan, but we reckon it’s easily good enough for anything who’s ever wasted a few years in front of a games console. So give PointsBet a try if you want to see what esports betting is all about.

PointsBet Australia Highlights
  • Great place for betting on NRL, AFL, BBL etc…
  • Decent odds for soccer, basketball and everything else
  • Good amount of live betting options
PointsBet Australia Horse Betting

Betting markets - Our PointsBet rating for horse races covered

OK let’s get one thing clear. PointsBet will give you bets for just about any Australian or New Zealand horse race you can think of. From bets in Grafton, Ipswich, Launceston, Pukekohe to Sandown and Strathalbyn, you’ll be neck-deep in AU and NZ racing bets. To be honest, the same applies to horse racing bets anywhere from the US and South Africa to Hong Kong and the UK. Basically it means that PointsBet has a lot of horse racing bets.

Odds - Great PointsBet ratings for thoroughbred odds

PointsBet will make sure that it gives you a fair price for your thoroughbred bets. We picked a random horse race at Beaudesert and checked out how PointsBet’s odds compared to the market. OK so PointsBet didn’t quite give you market-leading odds, but the bookie more than held its own against bigger bookmakers. Not bad for a pretty new bookie!

Live Streaming – Nothing to see here!

Hmmm how can we put this? Um PointsBet doesn’t let you bet live on horse racing. Oh and there’s no live streaming of horse racing at PointsBet. And that’s about it, sorry!

Limits - Fair limits found in our PointsBet reviews

You’re not going to be able to win any more than $50,000 in a single day with your horse racing bets. It’s a pretty small amount compared to some bookies who allow you to win over ten times this amount. But don’t forget that you actually have to win your horse racing bets first, so don’t get carried away. Plus most people we know would be pretty happy to pick up $50,000 in winnings. Oh and don’t forget that the amount that you can bet varies according to the race.

Product Summary & Conclusion - Excellent PointsBet ratings for horse racing

We think that PointsBet has put on a quality horse racing betting platform. This is because it gives you a great way to bet on all horse race meetings from major races like the Melbourne Cup to even the most minor race in Benalla. Plus PointsBet makes it just as easy to bet on a race in Australia as it does in Ireland. OK so there’s no live streaming, but that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as PointsBet puts on consistently good horse racing odds. So there you have it, a quality horse racing bookie!

PointsBet Australia Highlights
  • Quality Australian horse racing betting service
  • Plenty of international races covered
  • Consistently good thoroughbred odds

PointsBet Australia FAQ

📱Is there a PointsBet app?

We think that mobile betting is great fun and so we’ll always examine whether a bookie has bothered to develop its own betting apps. So make sure that you read our review to see whether there is a PointsBet Australia app. We’ll also review the brand’s mobile betting platform against that at bookmakers like SportChamps Australia. All you need to see which bookies are best for mobile betting!

📞What is the PointsBet phone number?

Like all of the best gambling sites in Australia, PointsBet has worked hard to make sure that you get easy ways to get in contact with its customer support team. After all, you never know when you’ll need some help with your sports bets. So take a look at our PointsBet ratings for customer support and see whether you can contact the bookie by phone.

👀Are there any bad PointsBet reviews?

You’d have to search far and wide to find a bookmaker who hasn’t had a bad review. After all, while our MoneyBall reviews were pretty good, some punters might disagree with our opinion. So take a look at our PointsBet reviews that will give you a fair and accurate picture of what it’s really like to use this betting site. More valuable than most of the nonsense that you’ll find in other bookie reviews.  

🏏What are the PointsBet sporting betting odds like?

It depends what kind of sport you’re betting on. If you’ve read our BBet ratings you’ll know that that bookie had differing quality of odds for everything from the NRL and AFL, and the same is true of PointsBet. This means that you’ll just have to read our in-depth review of PointsBet Australia. It’s only by doing this that you see what kinds of odds this bookie has for your favourite sport.

👤What PointsBet contact options are there?

We found that PointsBet operates a very friendly and professional customer service team. This means that you can get fast and efficient help with anything from account queries to betting problems. Read our PointsBet reviews to see how you can get in touch with the brand and then compare this to what we found when we carried out our BetStar reviews.

Overall Conclusion - Highlights from our PointsBet reviews

OK so the total number of sports betting sites in Australia is reaching saturation point, but we think that PointsBet is well worth a look. This is because PointsBet always seems to be at the top when it comes to betting odds, and this applies to anything from cricket to horse racing and esports. PointsBet has also got all of the trust features in place like licensing, security, payments and customer support. All of which means that there’s no real reason not to sign up to this bookie. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to PointsBet!

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