Our Sports Betting & Casino Awards for the Best Online Gambling Sites USA in 2022

Our awards for the best online gambling sites in the USA is of much excitement to us at GamblingGuy.com. Each year, we bring the ultimate verdict – who is the best in the business when it comes to online gambling sites. Our awards are not only chosen by our team though. You’ll play as much a role in the decision-making process.

That’s why we’re excited to partner up with you and whittle down the competition in order to uncover who is the best in each category of online gambling. Be sure to visit our site and put in your two cents worth. We’re eager to hear what you have to say about the best online gambling sites!

When it comes to our coveted awards, there are two awards on offer. The Best Online Casino and the Best Bookmaker awards are tightly-contested affairs. The winners are announced at year’s end and give you great insight into the best operators in the USA.

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Casino of the Month

Best Online Casino

Award for Best Online Casino

The Best Online Casino Award is a prestigious award bestowed upon an operator that has raised the bar for online gambling. The Best Online Casino employs innovative software and will have a diverse offering of online games. This includes an intuitive live casino section – allowing customers to experience an almost real-life gambling experience.

The award is carefully finalised based on the ability of the operator to satisfy and surpass the user’s initial perceptions of the brand. Remember, in awarding the Best Online Casino, you will also have your say. We bargain on the fact that our readers will provide us with their opinions. This gives us a far better impression of which operators are in the reckoning.

Best Bookmaker

Award for Best Bookmaker

The Best Bookmaker Award goes to the online operator that exceeds expectations and continues to provide outstanding betting services to customers. In assessing the winner of the Best Bookmaker Award, it is necessary to delve into the inner working of the sportsbook. Not only are the fundamental facets such as usability, customer service, payment options, and security evaluated; but the actual sportsbook capabilities.

This includes the betting markets on hand and the bet types at one’s disposal. Odds are compared across the board and relevant limits are tested. The best bookmaker will also provide a valuable bonus offer to new customers. In addition to this, the bookmaker must provide additional promotions on a weekly/monthly basis, These promotions will allow existing customers to take advantage of opportunities in which to increase potential returns from a host of events and bets.

How Our Team Assess & Rate Operators

The awards process may seem complex at first glance. However, it’s anything but. At GamblingGuy.com, we have managed to create a straightforward, yet highly-effective, process. Combining a number of different inputs, our selection process is fair and transparent.

Each nominee for the best online gambling sites USA has an extensive review. This review covers the entirety of the online operator and its relevant services. The platform is assessed from top to bottom. In addition to our reviews, there is a ranking for each of the best online gambling sites. This ranking is based on the platforms capabilities as well as the welcome bonuses. Plus, we have a Q&A section for each nominee. All of this information is submitted to our awards committee as GamblingGuy.com. Our site also computes each review by feeding it through an impartial algorithm.

The last, but certainly not least important, part of the process comes down to you. In order to complete the awards process, we require you to vote. These votes are tallied and will affect the overall outcome for each category. This is why we urge you to become a member and start voting as you deem necessary.

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Here’s How YOU Can Vote & Why It’s So Special

As we’ve outlined above, your vote is of great importance. Anyone can vote for the awards in each category. There’s no need to be from a certain geographical region. If you happen to follow GamblingGuy.com and have used the operators in question, we’d love to hear your opinion. The voting process is an integral part of the overall awards process.

You can vote once per category and this will give our team a much better idea of the true sentiment out there. An algorithm is great in order to formulate a base measuring point. However, it is your personal experiences that really matter. Thus, you should never underestimate the importance of your vote.

Once your votes have been recorded and finalized, we’ll be sure to announce the winner in each respective category. This will happen at the end of every year. The best online gambling websites will receive a digital seal and will have boasting rights for the year to come. Don’t miss out on and make sure you vote for your favorite contender.

Categories to Consider When Deciding on Your Favorite

There are a number of different categories that make up the overall awards ceremony. There are a number of different aspects that make up the best online gambling sites USA. However, one operator cannot be the best in each and every category. Therefore, we have outlined a variety of categories. This also allows you to choose an operator that excels in a category or service that you hold dear. Below, we’ve outlined a number of different categories that make up our annual awards here at GamblingGuy.com.

Best online bookmaker/casino award

The holy grail when it comes to the annual GamblingGuy awards. This award will go to the best overall operator. The award takes into account all operational aspects of being an online provider. Our reviews, as well as your vote, will help us identify the best in the business. This award can be used by newcomers looking to sign up with the best gambling site. As a life-long bettor, this award also highlights the ever-changing trends within the online betting sphere. It’s a great reference if you are looking to change up your current provider and ensure that you switch over to one that will meet your needs. 

Best online welcome bonus award

Everyone loves a good welcome offer. It’s the best way to be welcomed to a new site. Not only does it provide you with added funds, but gives you more flexibility in exploring the new platform. This category is followed religiously by our readers as it’s always great to find a new site with generous betting promotions on the table. You’ll be particularly eager to keep an eye out on this award going into the new year. Bonuses do change but the best in business tend to continue to come out with exhilarating offers for new customers.

Best mobile app award

A category that has certainly come to the fore in recent years. The best mobile app award goes out to an operator that has managed to create a highly-functional mobile casino app for real money with all the features of the official desktop platform. If you love to bet while you’re out, then a mobile betting app is for you. It also allows you to place live bets no matter where you may find yourself in the moment. The best mobile app may even offer you an exclusive mobile welcome bonus. Keep an eye on this award for a life-changing betting app.

Best payment processing award

Payments, and the facilitation thereof, is of utmost importance on online gambling websites. Not only do payments need to be secure, but they need to be processed as quickly as possible. This award will identify the operator that provides expedient payment processing. Included in this consideration is the processing time, fee, and any limits on deposits and withdrawals. 

What Determines the Best Online Gambling Operators?

As much as this question will be subjective in nature, there are certain factors that are proven to be the hallmark of a top operator. The best online gambling websites will tick the right boxes – some of which are outlined below. You’re more than welcome to use this as a guideline when you’re deciding on who to vote for when it comes to the latest casino awards or online sportsbook awards at GamblingGuy.com.

New customer bonuses

The best gambling sites USA will offer at least one enticing welcome bonus. These bonuses are only applicable to new customers who have not yet used the platform in question. There’s no need for outlandish bonuses. Some of the best may be smaller in size but are a lot more versatile. Bonus offers will allow you to experience the best online gambling site in question with a little bit more freedom.

Secure payment options

As is the case with online transactions, you’ll want to make sure that the payment platform is secure. Plus, the best online gambling sites will offer a variety of payment options to customers. These can range from standard online payment with your bank card to e-wallet or prepaid card payments. You should never have to pay an additional fee for making a deposit while the best sites will process withdrawals quickly.

Always use two-step authentication if possible. If a site does not offer this additional security measure, it may well fall short of being the best gambling site. Diversified and secure payment methods are paramount to any successful online platform.

Variety of betting markets and/or online casino games

When you are deciding on the best online gambling site, you’ll want to look at the betting range on offer. There is a great deal of sites that promise exciting betting or gambling options, only to provide limited choice in the matter. The best online gambling sites will have in-depth betting markets and/or a wide selection of the latest online games.

For those looking into a popular sportsbook, don’t settle for one that doesn’t offer coverage of at least 20 – 30 different sports. With each, you’ll find a plethora of betting options. If you’re more inclined to play online casino games, keep in mind that the best operators have hundreds, if not thousands, of different games to choose from.

Great odds

The best online gambling sites will have an action-packed platform that includes competitive odds. You’ll want to find bets on popular events that have decent odds which will allow you to increase your potential return. The top operators will also introduce odds boosts promotions. This is a great way to tilt the odds in your favor when wagering.

High-end software

Any online casino that is a serious contender for the annual casino awards will have state-of-the-art software. Keep an eye out for reputable software developers that have partnered with the online operator in question. Playtech, IGT, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, and Microgaming are all massive names in the industry. This allows you to identify which platforms will have high-end gaming features and overall user satisfaction.

Additional Factors to Consider for Award-Worthy Gambling Sites

Although there are a number of obvious factors that will determine which site is the best, there’s always a number of additional points that will contribute to a site’s success. Because you’ll also be voting on which gambling sites are best, be sure to answer pertinent questions that you think are important.

Is it easy to sign up?

The best online gambling sites in the USA should have streamlined registration processes. You don’t want to have to spend a long time submitting documents or filling out forms. Keep in mind you will need to verify your identity. Other than that, the process should only take a minute or two. This allows you to set off a gambling profile and start gambling as soon as possible.

Do you feel the site is reliable and trustworthy?

We’d love to know about your personal experience with a respective gambling site. Yes, our featured sites are licensed and regulated. However, what was your impression of the platform? Did you feel as if your data and funds were securely protected? This is one of the reasons why we urge you to vote. Personal experiences help us shape our own impressions of the gambling sites that are on offer within the USA.

Does the gambling operator go above and beyond?

A contender for the Best Bookmaker or Best Online Casino will tick all the boxes. But, do they offer something exclusive that you can’t find elsewhere? An operator that provides a unique gambling experience via a loyalty scheme is one such example. An operator that provides a bonus page offering poker for real money, is another. Certain gambling sites have partnered with software developers to bring out their own online casino games. These types of factors go a long way in separating mediocre sites from the best.

Can you access winnings without issue?

If you’ve had a successful run of it, you’ll want to access your winnings without any hurdles in your way. Finding a gambling site that processes withdrawals quickly and does not implement a hoard of terms is a site worth using. Once you have made any winnings and met the terms, you shouldn’t be left out in the cold. Being able to use a fast withdrawal service is another sign that the online gambling site is committed to customer satisfaction and overall fair practices.

Your Feedback Counts

You might be eager to find out who tops the charts at GamblingGuy.com and walks away with the main award. But, before this comes to light, we hope that you remember to vote. We are always itching to hear your feedback on anything gambling-related. Thus, if you have a good experience, or an experience that is underwhelming, let us know. Once you’ve screened the nominees for the Best Bookmaker and the Best Online Casino, vote for your favorite. It’s the only way we can truly identify which gambling sites are currently the best for online gamblers.

Conclusion – Which Operator Will You Vote For?

Our awards for the best gambling sites online continue to garner a strong following. The awards are a great indicator of the current gambling climate. It’s a sure-fire way of finding the best gambling websites for a variety of different services and features. We recommend that you test the featured best gambling sites USA before voting. This will give you a wider perspective of which operators are doing it best.

We hope that you continue to vote for the best online gambling websites from year to year. Not only does it allow you to voice your opinion but it helps newcomers navigate the vast world of online gambling. At GamblingGuy.com, we are always in search of the latest and best online gambling websites.

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🏆 Who decides the latest online casino awards?

There is more than one stakeholder in the process of the latest online casino awards. At GamblingGuy.com, we strive to incorporate our readers in the process as much as possible. Thus, it is not only our awards committee that has a say. To find out more about who has a say in overall winners, head over to our coverage at GamblingGuy.com. We hope that you are encouraged to partake in the process – allowing us to award those operators that truly deserve it. There are a number of different categories too. This means you’ll be able to vote on a number of online casino awards as well as the best online bookmaker.

🏵️ How do I vote for the best online gambling sites USA?

Voting for the best online gambling sites USA has never been easier. At GamblingGuy.com, we have managed to create a simplified process which allows you to vote within seconds. All you need to do is become a member of the GamblingGuy family in order to cast your vote. You’ll find that it is possible to vote for a number of different awards. This means you can have your say when it comes to the best online bookmaker; best online casino; best mobile app; best online bonus; and so much more. Be sure to check out our website in order to start voting.

❓ Is it possible to vote for more than one of the best gambling sites?

There are a number of different categories. As such, you’ll find an award for the best online bookmaker and an award for the best online casino. There are a variety of other awards too. However, you can only vote once per category. There’s no rush for you to vote. We recommend that you try out a handful of the featured gambling sites on GamblingGuy.com before deciding. This will give you a much better idea of which operator provides the best gambling online.

🎖️ What is the best online gambling websites?

Our award for the best gambling sites is handpicked by our selection committee as well as by you. Once the formal process has been concluded, and all votes tallied, the award will be announced at the end of the year. Although you can only vote once, you are able to amend your vote throughout the year. If you happen to find a better online gambling site, then it is possible to back them instead. This is a common occurrence as the only gambling scene constantly changes. To find out which operator currently sits on top of the throne, head over to GamblingGuy.com. We’ve ranked all the best online gambling sites. This makes it that much easier to choose a site that suits your gambling preferences.

💻 Do the best online gambling sites USA change regularly?

There are always newcomers to the market. This means that operators are continuously vying for top honors. However, our awards will only change once a year. But, this isn’t to say that our list of the top bookies doesn’t experience a little back and forth. To keep up with current events, stay in the loop with GamblingGuy.com. You’ll also always be an important part of the overall awards process.

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