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Here at Gambling Guy, we have created an online gambling guide haven that showcases the best online bingo apps in the US. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to find your perfect match.

Below, we offer an insight into what it takes to be branded as the best online bingo app in the US. We offer up our views on ensuring your gambling experience stays fair and secure, we uncover our online bingo apps checklist that highlights exactly how we critique each bingo operator, as well as providing our editor’s recommendation.

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Best Online Bingo Apps

Above all, we at Gambling Guy look to offer our readers comprehensive reviews of the most secure and fair online bingo apps.

In order to do this, we need to research and analyze a plethora of information (discussed in full detail later in our best online bingo app guide), focusing heavily on the security measures implemented by the betting operator and much more.

Before we continue, it is worth mentioning our experts will only review apps that we are certain are 100% legal. This means checks will have already been done to confirm the legitimacy of your chosen betting operator’s licensing, regulating body, and account safety before being uploaded to our site.

From here, you can choose from an extensive list of operator reviews, take advantage of our comparison tool, and select an app that is best suited to your needs, safe in the knowledge you are signing up to a legal operator.

Below, we have highlighted a few key attributes our experts look out for to ensure the best online bingo apps provide a secure and fair gambling experience.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

When looking to deposit or withdraw from your online bingo app account, you want to feel safe in the knowledge that your funds are well-looked after, being transferred securely, and will arrive within a reasonable time frame. Before signing up and depositing into your new online bingo app, we suggest reviewing the terms and conditions of your chosen payment methods to uncover any hidden deposit or withdrawal fees associated with your account, seeing if these are in line with industry standards.

By studying the available payment methods, we can better predict just how secure and safe your chosen betting app is too. Well-known and credible payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, and Pay+, will be highly unlikely to provide their service to illegal betting operators.

Encryption technology

Following on nicely from the payment methods available is the technology used to ensure your transactions are kept safe and secure. The use of encryption technology provides a secure connection between your chosen banking method and your app account, meaning any third parties/hackers who attempt to intercept any transactional details will be unable to.

Licensing and regulations

We briefly touched on licensing earlier, but it is worth explaining this a little more. Our US online bingo app experts are particularly interested in the licensing and regulating bodies supporting US betting operators due to the very particular set of regulations set out from state to state. It is important to note the mobile online casino and bingo world is not openly accessible to all across the US, meaning all operators need to be checked in order to confirm their legitimacy.

Editor’s recommendation – Sun Bingo – eagerly anticipating US regulation.

Despite Sun Bingo yet to be officially regulated in the US, we at Gambling Guy are avid supporters of the online bingo app and will eagerly anticipate its introduction to the US.

Why are we such big fans of Sun Bingo? Well, the site itself is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with the iOS and Android apps easy to find and download from their respective stores. After downloading the app and logging in, users are greeted by a vibrant theme throughout and some equally pleasing sign-up offers.

It is worth noting that due to Sun Bingo yet to be regulated in the US, sign-up offers may differ.

We also see that Sun Bingo are advocates for safe and secure gambling. The site is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Association, with international users regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Not only this but it is accessible on both the desktop version and by the app meaning that users can take advantage of responsible gambling tools, ensuring their online bingo app experience remains fun and safe.

You can deposit feely using reputable and reliable payment methods that contribute towards their loyalty program. When depositing and placing wagers on any bingo games, users will build up points that can later be redeemed as credits. If you encounter any problems during your stay or wish for some clarity on bonuses, Sun Bingo also offers a substantial FAQ page and customer service agents who are accessible via live chat, email, and telephone.

Users of Sun Bingo will be able to take advantage of traditional bingo games, such as 80-ball and 90-ball, as well as various top-end casino and poker games. Overall, we highly recommend the Sun Bingo app games and could also see it stake a claim as the best online poker app too!

How our expert’s test apps – our bingo app reviews cover all bases.

Here at Gambling Guy, we are forever trialling new online bingo apps in order to provide you with the most honest, authentic, and up-to-date reviews across the US.

As well as security and fairness (mentioned earlier in our online bingo app guide), our experts put your bingo app through its paces, uncovering the key attributes that could make or break its overall rating.

Built from an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience, our online bingo app checklist consists of many pieces to create the perfect bingo puzzle.

Below, we discuss the main components of our online bingo app review, highlighting the little details our experts like to pay attention to, and why they are so important!

  • Availability & Requirements – Gambling apps with real money must adhere to strict regulations and licensing before being accepted on their respective app stores. In this section of our online bingo apps review, we focus heavily on accessibility, the technical requirements, and if any features are missing from the app that can be seen on the desktop platform.
  • Usability & Design – When signing up to your chosen betting operator, ease of use should be seen as a priority, especially if you plan to use the app and play bingo on the go. Here, we look to establish whether you can deposit freely, navigate swiftly, and unlock promotions at the click of a button.
  • Mobile Payment Methods – As discussed earlier, your online bingo app deposit and withdrawal methods play a crucial role in your online experience. Find out if your app offers the same options as its desktop counterpart, if you are subject to any fees, and how quickly you can expect to see funds back in your account.
  • Extra Bonus – Roll up, roll up, time to take advantage of some promotions and bonuses. In this section, we hone in on any extra offers available to app users, whether you can opt-in to your operator’s rewards program and how accessible the terms and conditions are to app users.
  • Data & Live Streams – As we mentioned in our bingo app for real money guide, users of an online bingo app may not be too concerned in regards to live streaming events. However, we are sure you will want to keep up to speed with live chat features and updated jackpot totals, so a high-performing app with regular updates is imperative.
  • Mobile Customer Service – A supportive and responsive customer service team, gets a big thumbs up from us at Gambling Guy. Our final section looks to uncover the best online bingo apps customer service options, how quickly they reply, and if their FAQ section is as helpful as they make out. 

Top 3 bonuses for the best online bingo apps

Finding the right app for you – adding a personal touch to your bingo app online experience.

We understand if our editor’s recommendation doesn’t quite secure itself as your favored online bingo app. Here at Gambling Guy, we are fully aware that individual preferences will dictate where best to spend your hard-earned cash.

Our online bingo app reviews are meant to highlight the safest and most accessible bingo apps across the US. You will find a whole host of information relating to customer service options, bonuses, and live streaming options.

However, as in-depth as our app reviews may be, it may be worth taking advantage of our betting operator reviews or comparisons to confirm which betting brand is best suited to your needs.

For those of you who plan to research further into our reviews or comparisons, you will find a whole host of information about whether the bingo site offers a native Android or iPhone betting app. We also cover online bingo app games availability, sign-up bonuses and promotions, usability, look, and feel, as well as the full security and licensing details associated with your chosen platform.

You may be after a bingo app that provides cryptocurrency as a legitimate payment method, or you may want an in-depth review of who, what, when, and how to get in contact with the customer service team. If so, by making use of our honest operator reviews, you can better judge which betting operator and bingo app will be worthwhile downloading.

Checklist: This is how you find YOUR perfect bingo app for money

We have covered where to find your answers, but we haven’t covered how to decide what you need from your online bingo app. Are you looking for the best betting app for Android, or do you need one for an iPhone? Alongside obvious picks such as lucrative bonuses and quick withdrawals, below, we suggest a few questions that could help you identify exactly which online bingo app brand is going to suit your habits.

Are you new to bingo?

When signing up and downloading the best online bingo app, there are plenty of considerations to make. First off, what is your overall knowledge of the online bingo world like? Do you know your speedball from your 90-ball bingo? Or could you do with a bit of help?

If you are new to bingo, we suggest finding an online bingo app that specializes purely in bingo. This way, you can ensure your FAQs will be dedicated, customer service will be knowledgeable, and you can soak up any information from community chat rooms and specific blogs too.

How regularly do you plan to play?

There is no doubt bingo is becoming as popular in the online world as it is in the retail world, with plenty of bingo-only sites and variations of bingo app games being introduced.

It is such an exciting time for the industry that it could become easy to get wrapped up in your online bingo app usage. Be sure to find a site that hosts responsible gambling measures to ensure your gambling habits don’t start to negatively affect your bank balance or, even worse, your health!

Are you interested in the social element of online bingo?

As we mentioned earlier, bingo is a particularly social form of gambling. If you are interested in that aspect of the game, then make sure you look out for refer-a-friend promotions and the accessibility of community chat rooms.

The refer-a-friend promotion is a great way for you to introduce your chosen online bingo app to a friend and, in the process, secure some free bet credits that you can both use on site.

When do you plan to use your online bingo app?

Around-the-clock bingo fun is accessible across most online betting apps, with huge jackpots, promotions, and games running 24/7.

However, one aspect of your online bingo app that may not run 24/7 is their customer service support team. If you encounter a problem, you may be left in the dark until the morning, leaving you unable to benefit from bonuses, promotions or withdraw from your account. If you are a bingo night owl, we suggest finding an online bingo app that has live chat support throughout the night, or at least an email address with quick response times.

Are you after big bonuses?

Yes, of course, you are. Although what we are really wondering is, are you after long-term big bonuses?

All betting operators will make use of sizable sign-up offers to entice new users to trial their 30, 70, or 90-ball bingo risk-free in the hope of securing a long-term user. If you do plan to stick around, what rewards and loyalty programs are available for you to cash in on?

Our top tips to ensure your online bingo experience remains fun

We believe our readers are on the same mission as our experts – to find the best online apps across the US that allow for safe, secure, and fun ways to gamble online.

Unfortunately, we also know that the risks associated with gambling are genuine and can cause users to lose the fun aspect quickly. Below, we highlight a few ways to keep on top of your account and ensure your online bingo experience remains enjoyable.

Any operator that features on the Gambling Guy site is 100% legal and legit. This means they will hold relevant state licenses and be regulated accordingly. This also means that any online bingo app will adhere to the responsible gambling policy – a policy introduced to ensure operators are providing the relevant tools needed for users to stay on top of their wagering habits.

This includes deposit limits, time limits, time-outs, self-exclusions, and various helplines and websites for those looking for advice or help.

Our second top tip revolves around the social element of online bingo. When things start to go sour, users can often feel isolated, alone, or scared of what comes next.

By becoming a part of the online bingo community, you open yourself up to a wide selection of invaluable personalities, who can brighten your mood, and may well be able to offer you advice, or notice a change in your wagering habits before you encounter any long-term problems.

Our third and final top tip is to only take advantage of promotions that are relevant to your usual betting habits. If you are an avid bingo bettor, we would advise leaving the sportsbook promos to sporting enthusiasts.

When you start taking advantage of cross-site promotions, you can find your user activity and wagering activity begin to creep up too – something we would hate to have a detrimental effect on your financial position or, worse, your health!

Top 5 providers with best online bingo apps

Conclusion – providing you with the best online bingo apps in the US.

As we bring our online bingo app guide to its conclusion, we want to leave you with a few key pointers to take away with you.

Firstly, we recommend reviewing the security and fair gambling processes associated with your chosen online bingo operator. Key attributes to review include payment methods, encryption technology used, and whether they hold relevant state-specific licenses.

Before signing up, be sure to create your own checklist, using some of our questions mentioned above to highlight some key attributes your online bingo app must-have.

Lastly, make use of our online bingo app guides, operator reviews, and comparisons. From here, we trust you will be in a much better position to select an online bingo app that accommodates all of your preferences. Not only this, but you can rest easy knowing your chosen app is 100% legal, as we at Gambling Guy do not promote any illegal apps or operators.

As always, we hope our best online bingo app guide has been of great use to you, and we hope you find your new online bingo app provides you with great entertainment and, hopefully, some profits too.

Best Online Bingo Apps 2021

💯How do I know which online bingo apps are the easiest to use?

When choosing your bingo app, you may prefer substance over style. Usability is an important part of an app’s attraction, and ease of use can be paramount to overall enjoyment when betting. Our handy online gambling guides bring together an extensive rundown of the different bingo apps, so it’s worth checking these for further info on which apps will suit your preferences.

💰Are mobile payments on my chosen online bingo app secure?

The best online bingo apps will usually offer a good range of mobile payment methods that suit most bettors’ needs in the main. Apps which offer a wider range of methods can often be more attractive to users, as having an extensive range of payment methods that are well-known, authentic and reputable are easier to identify as secure and genuine.

❓How can I deposit into the best online bingo app?

Here at Gambling Guy, we look into the various payment methods made available across the board by the leading bingo apps. The higher tier apps will always provide a wide range of easily identifiable, well-renowned payment methods, so you’re sure to find one that suits your preferences overall, depending on your app choice.

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