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Online Gambling USA / Best Odds for Online Sports Betting in USA 2023

Best Odds for Online Sports Betting in USA 2023

Where to find the Perfect Betting Odds Sites and Calculators online?

Last Updated on 16/05/2023

Welcome to our awesome betting odds comparison!  We’ve compared betting odds from all of the top US sportsbooks.  The perfect way to get more from your sports bets!

We made sure that you get unbeatable odds for all major US sports and beyond.  From basketball and hockey to baseball, there’s plenty to discover. Take a look below to see the best sportsbook odds!

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Most Important Reasons to Compare Odds

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Understanding how to read a betting projections comparison is of high importance. If you’re into football, using the best football betting odds can have an impressive impact on your sports betting odds success.

You can expect different projections displayed based on the wagering sport of choice, its betting rules or your country of residence. Either way, knowing how to read the projections could result in more significant wins.

Once you understand how sports betting odds work, you can follow the best sportsbooks odds too. By using the best sportsbooks odds to place bets can improve your payout by 12%. When you compare odds to find the best sportsbooks odds, you are drastically increasing your probability of better returns.

Making use of a sports betting odds checker removes most of the legwork in creating a bookmaker’s odds comparison. Oddschecker sites scout this information from various bookmakers and compile it into one betting odds comparison for your convenience. This information allows you to extract the best possible odds to maximize your payout potential.

Online vs. Offline: Which Gives the Upper Hand?

Every sports bettor is in search of the upper hand when placing their bets. That one thing that they can use to give them the advantage and maximize their winning potential, whether that is by looking for minimum deposit sports betting or going for better odds – and that is where finding the best oddschecker comes in. By making use of bookmakers’ odds comparison sites, you are gaining the upper hand before placing your bets.

If you were to buy a new phone, you would do your research to compare devices and prices. What features do the different devices offer, and which retailer has it as the best price? Bookmakers use this strategy when comparing sports betting odds.

Now use this same example of purchasing your new phone. While doing your research, would you prefer driving from shop to shop to compare devices and prices? Or would you look at a comparison online? Again, it is much the same as comparing projections. Why go to an offline betting shop when you could make use of odds comparison sites?

The internet has made many things more convenient, including in the sports betting arena. By finding a reputable betting odds comparison site, you will have all the information you could need to gain the advantage. It’s all right there at your fingertips.

Football Odds Formats: 3 Most Common Types

Gambling, in its many forms, has been around for a very long time. It could even be traced back to Greek Mythology when the gods drew lots to determine their domains. Fast forward a few centuries to a time of wagers placed on any event of chance, and you can easily find an odds checker for politics, sports, and entertainment, amongst many others.

Before you can truly grasp the concept of sports betting odds, you must understand what they are. The best sportsbook odds refer to the amount displayed to indicate a potential payout on a particular winning bet. Most importantly, the probability predicted for a specific outcome.

There are three different formats used to display sports betting odds. The decimal, fractional, and American odds used, all translate to the same thing – How much profit could you make on every successful dollar bonus?

Here is a brief look at the formats, as mentioned above, and how to read them.

Decimal Odds Explained

The decimal sports betting odds are a preferred format in Europe, Canada, and Australia. Therefore it is alternately known as European format. For many, it is easiest to understand this format. Most online sportsbooks offer this format as a display format.

In the decimal format, the displayed number reflects the payout should the wager win. These typically equate to the fractional format, plus one.

Fractional Odds Explained

This format is also known as the UK, British, or traditional odds. The fractional sports betting odds are the format of choice in horse racing. This format reflects the net total payout if the bettor wins their wager while factoring in their specific stake.

American Odds Explained

As one would expect, throughout the USA, this is the most popular format. It works differently for the “money line” predictions. When betting on a favorite, it shows how much to bet to win $100. For the underdog, it shows how much you could win by betting $100.

How Are Football Odds Determined?

Generally, the best sportsbooks odds are based on the probability of a particular event occurring. Once you understand the implied probability of an outcome, you can decide where best to place your wager. The key to assessing the best wager opportunity is for the odds checker to determine if the probability is higher than the implied projections reflected.

The bookies calculate the projections by using a variety of information. The list includes their statistics, performance history, form, and expert opinions. Some may also contain impressions from the general public or others in the gaming industry. The more data available, the higher the accuracy of the predictions.

While other factors may come into play with the outcomes, the odds predicted are generally entirely accurate. While some would expect bookmakers to prevent bettors from placing a winning bet for fear of losing, they understand that your win brings you back for more. After all, whether you win or lose, the house always wins. The bookmaker also factors in their margins when calculating them.

Football Wager Strategies to Consider

Placing profitable sports wagers come down to more than just luck. It requires some research about the sport, monitoring your bankroll, and choosing the right sports betting odds. These are only a few of the main factors, but when implemented correctly, they could make for profitable long-term bets.

Seasoned sports betting pros know how important a strategic wager is. Having a system in place can give you a better advantage for a consistent run of successful bets. These strategies also help you manage your fund better and make them go further.

While there is no right or wrong strategy to follow, there are many options. It’s a simple matter of choosing which one works best for you. Here is a breakdown of the most popular strategies at your disposal.

Fixed Wager Betting

This system is one of the simplest to follow as you always bet the same amount – win or lose. You have reduced chances of blowing all your funds while increasing the potential for a massive win. Though this is a fairly popular strategy, it does drastically restrict your wager options.

Fibonacci Strategy

First, let’s look at the Fibonacci sequence. It is a system of numbers occurring in everything and has baffled mathematicians for centuries. An example of the sequence is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144. The basis of this sequence is to add the two preceding numbers to find the next.

When using this sequence as a form of strategy, it would entail increasing your wager with the loss of each unsuccessful one. For example, if you bet $1 on a football match and lose, your next bet is going to be $2. After the subsequent loss, it would be $3, then $5, and so on.

Low Percentage Bankroll Betting

This type is considered a fascinating strategy as it required bettors to place wagers with a deficient percentage of their budget according to projections. This strategy is prevalent amongst seasoned bettors as the risk of going bust is significantly reduced. With this strategy and bankroll management, even the worst losing streak won’t prevent you from losing everything.

Martingale Strategy

This strategy is considered a progressive sports betting system used to cover losses by doubling your next wager. It is quite similar to the Fibonacci strategy. The Martingale strategy, however, is considered the best option available.

The strategy means that, by doubling the bets, when one of your wagers is successful, you will have covered your losses and made a profit. Since every sport has wins and losses, this strategy ensures that, at some point, you will have a winning bet.

While this strategy has great potential for profit, it also means that during a losing streak, there is an excellent potential for loss. By practicing responsible gambling and setting a fixed budget, this system could earn some reasonably consistent profits.

All in Betting

While this strategy is not on the recommended list, it remains a popular option. Bettors willing to take more significant risks are more attracted to this strategy. The apparent advantage of placing all your money into one wager is the potentially huge payout. To the same extreme, lies the pronounced disadvantage of losing everything on an unsuccessful bet.

The Ultimate Successful Strategy

While many factors play a role in a successful betting strategy, nothing beats that of using common sense. By being responsible, setting yourself a fixed wagering budget, and remembering the game aspect, you can keep a clear head. It’s much easier than trying to understand sports betting odds. Trusting common sense goes a long way to keep the game going.

Top NFL Betting Markets Revealed

If you want to know how to bet on NFL games online successfully, you’ll need to understand the betting markets first. Simply put, markets refer to a selection of the best sportsbooks odds offered to you by the different betting platforms. The markets often have many sub-categories available with various sports betting odds and wagering opportunities. Super Bowl betting is a major favorite. The most popular markets for football include:

Money Line: The chosen market of novice bettors as it is a straightforward bet of which team will win the game.
Handicap: This is a popular choice for seasoned bettors, with a balance of each team’s chances.
Totals: This market refers to the combined score from both teams during a game. This type of market is also known as the over/under bet. Bettors place wagers on whether or not the total score will land over or under a specific mark.

The above bets are similar for a host of other sports betting markets, such as UFC betting lines and tennis betting odds.

Odds Comparison Service: Your Top Questions & Answers

If you’re new to sports betting or even to comparing projections, you probably have a few questions. Even if you’re mainly interested in US Open Tennis betting odds or MLB odds, here are the top five frequently asked questions that may set your mind at ease.

1. Why Should I Use an Odds Comparison Service?

Betting odds are not the same for every bookmaker. Many calculate the best sportsbook odds based on their estimations. When you enlist a football betting odds comparison, your winnings could increase by 10-15% over some time.

2. How Are Payouts Calculated?

Payouts generally reflect the opposite of the bookmaker’s margin. For example, if you place a wager of $100 on the market with a 92% payout, you can expect an average win of $92. The bookmaker received the balance of $8. More massive payouts reflect smaller margins for the bookmaker, but higher odds. For this reason, the overall recommendation is to use bookmakers with more considerable payouts.

3. May I Create Accounts With Multiple Bookmakers?

Yes. Many sports betting odds comparison sites recommend that you do. When you have multiple accounts, your potential for winning is much higher. Different bookmakers have different odds and options to offer. There are many options to take advantage of, and this is one of the cases where it’s good to be greedy.

4. Do I Need To Know Football Before Betting on It?

Not necessarily, but it is advantageous. While there are some simple wager options to utilize, you may even win big with them. Though as you continue to place wagers and you move on to the more intricate betting options, you may want to start studying. The better you know football, the better you can interpret the odds comparisons.

5. How Accurate Are Sports Betting Odds?

It is always important to remember that betting odds are simply a probability of a sporting outcome. These are not predictions set in stone. If a team is named the favorite in a football match, it doesn’t mean that they will win. It only means that statistics show they have a good chance of winning.

Bookmaker vs. Vegas Odds: Which Is Your Best Bet?

No matter which sport you’re betting on, the best sportsbook odds are inevitably determined by the bookies in Las Vegas. Bookmakers generally use betting odds as a benchmark, resulting in smaller margins for betting odds comparison. If the bookmakers’ odds are better than Las Vegas odds, they will attract more gamblers. For example, you can see this clearly when comparing a Bookmaker’s NBA basketball betting odds with NBA Vegas odds.

There is a flaw in this plan though. The Vegas odds are specifically gathered to ensure that the “house” generates a profit. It was also created to allow the chance for gamblers to win big. If the bookies’ odds expressly set better than Vegas odds, it could have disastrous results in the event of an underdog victory. While bettors win big, these bookies could lose more.

Planning Your Football Wager Strategy

Aside from a thorough betting odds comparison, there are several other factors to consider when planning your betting strategy. As stated before, having an effective strategy in place will help determine your betting success. Let’s take a brief look at some reliable information to consider when planning your strategy.

Yardage Differential

An excellent way to effectively determine a team’s strength is to look at the average of the offensive yards gained in each play as well as the defensive yards allowed in each game. The teams who manage to earn more than they enable are more likely to win.

Home-Field Advantage

To calculate this advantage, subtract the total points scored by visiting teams from that of the home team. Divide this total by the number of games played. The average handicapping score in this category is at the 3-point mark.

Conclusion – Playing for Advantage

And there you have it, the basics of understanding sport betting odds. You can now go ahead and place your football bets. As stated before, you don’t need to know the game to place a bet, but if you want to place more daring bets, it may be helpful.

There are many sports betting comparison sites from which to choose, and many reside in different states, so it’s always important to check, for example, if you live in New Jersey, if you can legally gamble. Is online gambling legal in NJ? We’ll leave that up to you to discover. Who knows, you may even find the bookies that meet your needs best too. So start studying and claim the upper hand in your betting portfolio. Just remember to do so responsibly.

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