Best Sportsbooks NBA Odds & NBA Betting Odds Comparison 2022

Betting on basketball games is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Many people try their luck against the US NBA betting odds. However, few people take the time to find the best sportsbook odds for NBA games.

So we’ll help you find the best betting odds for basketball, and specifically the best betting odds for NBA games. If you want to take your quest for sports betting odds beyond basketball, we also have the best betting odds for football, NFL, the super bowl, UFC, and the best betting odds for baseball.

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Placing a Bet on the U.S. NBA? Full Sportsbook Odds Comparison

This operator comparison is geared towards players of all backgrounds and experience levels. Players unfamiliar with US NBA betting odds will find the guide most informative.

However, more experienced players will find valuable, up-to-date information regarding the best sportsbook odds for NBA games. At the same time, seasoned players shopping for better odds and offers can take a broad look at the market.

Whether you’re a small-time, casual sports bettor or a dedicated high roller, this comparison has the information you need. Make sure you pay close attention to the information provided herein while choosing your next NBA sportsbook operator.

This guide is also helpful for those searching for advice on the best sportsbook odds for super bowl and the US UFC betting odds.

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Checklist to Keep Your NBA Betting a Fun and Secure Experience

If you’re new to online NBA sports betting, you may feel somewhat uneasy about the safety & security of it all. Is online sports betting actually safe? The short answer is “it can be!”.

It all depends on your choice of operator. There are many reputable operators and just as many questionable ones. To help guide your decision-making process (and put your mind at ease), we’ve compiled a 5-step operator security checklist.

Check For Licensing

Before you look for the best betting odds for NBA, check the website’s licensing. Any reputable sportsbook will be licensed to operate in your territory. For US players, several states now offer legal sports betting.

In states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania or West Virginia, finding US NBA betting odds with licensed operators will be easy. In states that don’t yet regulate sports betting, available operators are unlicensed and shouldn’t be trusted.

Check Their League Partnerships

Licensed US operators will typically establish partnerships with several major US sports leagues. Legitimate operators will display the logos of their league partners on their homepage, such as the NFL, NBA, MLB or WNBA.

Take A Look At Security Protocols

Sportsbooks handle sizable deposits and withdrawals to and from player accounts. Additionally, they manage sensible financial information from thousands of players.

To do so safely, sportsbooks implement state-of-the-art digital security protocols. All connections to the servers must be secured with advanced encryption. Reputable operators prominently display information about their security features.

Check Out Their Software Vendors

A reputable sportsbook operator will have software partnerships with some of the major providers in the industry. A quick search of their website should reveal which company is providing the technology behind the sportsbook operator.

Look For Social Responsibility

Modern sportsbook operators incorporate social responsibility into their business plans. That includes membership in gambling operator associations, providing hotlines for players with gambling problems, and ensuring minors can’t access the sportsbook.

Editor’s Choice – Best NBA Sportsbook Operator 

The very best operator according to our editorial review has to meet some pretty exacting standards. Our experts take an in-depth look at all the major US sportsbook operators, comparing them on a series of relevant criteria.

The Editor’s Recommendation is handed out to the operator with the most outstanding, balanced and attractive overall product for NBA bettors. That includes technical aspects, like user interface, graphics, and server reliability.

It also includes a comparison to the sports betting odds for NBA betting markets. The Editor’s Recommendation must have some of the best sportsbook odds for NBA games of the year. It also needs to stand out in terms of available offers, promotions, and discounts.

Another thing our experts require of operators in order to issue Editor’s Recommendations is top-notch mobile support. Recommended sportsbooks must support Android and iOS mobile devices, including phones and tablets. Live streaming features are also a must-have.

How Our Experts Assess Operator Performance

Our team of experts deploys a series of thorough, exhaustive tests to measure every relevant aspect of an operator. These tests are designed to provide an objective assessment of an operator’s performance in areas relevant to the player experience.

Using a series of general categories, our experts rate and rank operators following extensive hands-on experience. The ten most relevant criteria to receive a positive rating are listed below.

  • Diversity of basketball leagues: Our experts explore the selection of basketball leagues available at each operator, such as NBA, NCAAB, EuroLeague, or CEBL.
  • Diversity of pre-match NBA betting markets: Experts take an in-depth dive into every betting market available for NBA games at each operator.
  • Availability of in-play live NBA betting markets: Our experts take note of the abundance and availability of in-play live betting markets at each sportsbook.
  • Best sportsbook odds for NBA games: Our team of experts examines all US NBA betting odds across every sportsbook operator, looking for the best betting odds for NBA games.
  • Licensing and regulation: Experts vet every operator reviewed, ensuring they are properly licensed and regulated by the authorities.
  • Mobile app support: We check every operator for mobile play support. That includes mobile browser-compatible websites and dedicated mobile apps.
  • Live NBA streaming features: Our experts like to see operators incorporating live streaming features for NBA matches.
  • UI/UX: Great operators have intuitive, robust interfaces with a solid feel to them.
  • Security capabilities: Our experts test operators for their technical security and encryption features.
  • Bonuses and promotions: Abundance and size of bonuses and promotions are also factors that come into play in our expert ratings.

Use Our Comparison Tool to Find the Best NBA Odds

Maybe you’re a sports betting rookie, new to the world of US NBA betting odds. Maybe you are a seasoned vet looking for the best betting odds for NBA games. In either case, if you aren’t considering new operators, you’re probably missing out.

That’s why we’ve compiled a nifty little tool to help you choose the right operator for you. Our operator comparison has countless criteria you can consider in your search. You can go for the top-rated operators, or pick those who stand out in categories important to you.

Have a look at our operator comparisons. We compile every single sportsbook operator out there and stack them up side by side, from basketball to tennis betting odds and Tennis’ US open betting odds.

You can see how operators rank according to the best sportsbook odds for NBA games, the best promotion bonuses, the best mobile features, and so on. Take a good hard look, and pick what matters to you.

Select GamblingGuy Sections 

Here at Gambling Guy, we have several section modules dedicated to specific information. Next up, we’ll list the most important sections and what you can expect to find in each.

1. Casino comparison: The casino comparison module includes all our in-depth operator comparisons. They include comparisons for players interested in many different kinds of casino games. If you like playing online slots, craps, blackjack or baccarat, check it out!

2. Bonus comparison: The bonus comparison section of the website includes our extensive comparisons of operator promotions and offers. If deposit bonuses and free spins are your thing, you need to check out our operator bonus comparison guides.

3. Operator/Bonus Reviews: The operator and bonus review module is where you’ll find our deep-dive expert reports. Every single operator out there gets a thorough examination, including sign-up offers, deposit bonuses, game selection, and more.

4. Games/Slots: The Games and Slots section of the website includes extremely detailed reviews of the newest and most popular games available. You’ll find casino games, online slots, sports betting odds and much more.

5. Payments: In the Payments module, you can find dedicated guides and rankings of operators that accept specific forms of payment. You’ll also find the operators with the most diverse payment methods available, and information about payment processing.

6. Strategy: The strategy module features a curated selection of top gambling strategies from the pros. If you want to make the most of the best betting odds for NBA betting markets, study the guides closely.

7. Guide-wiki: In the Guide-wiki module, you’ll find an extensive wiki-style knowledge base, filled with educational material and betting guides. It’s a great place to brush up on your betting fundamentals.

Switching Bookies? Checklist to Find YOUR Top Operator 

Thinking of switching bookies? Unsure of how to whittle down the many options out there? If our comparison guide is a little overwhelming for you, you may need to figure out your gambling priorities.

The following checklist can help you know what aspects of an operator matter most to you.

  • What sports are you most interested in betting on? Football? Basketball? Baseball? MMA? Do you want to bet on less commonly available sports, like Darts or Rugby? This can greatly assist in selecting the right bookie.
  • How important is betting market diversity for you? Which sports do you want to have an ample selection of betting markets in? Several operators have more competitive betting market offerings for specific sports and leagues.
  • Are you interested in betting on the major American sports leagues? What about college sports leagues, like the NCAA? Many operators don’t cover college markets. Others do, and some even offer Canadian, European and South American sports leagues.
  • Do you want the best betting odds for NBA games? For NFL games? For MLB? One operator won’t have both the best sportsbook odds for NBA games and for NFL matches. You’ll have to think of what odds and sports matter to you most.
  • Is live betting important to you? Do you want to have a lot of in-play live betting options? In which sports? Many operators offer live betting markets for specific sports and leagues.
  • How important is live streaming to you? Do you need your operator to offer live streaming for the sports you bet on? Which leagues? Can you live with a live visual simulation of the games? Not every operator has live streaming, but many offer simulations.
  • Which payment methods are you planning to use? Do you need your operator to have any particular payment methods? Do you expect to make deposits with your credit or debit card? PayPal? Cash at a retailer? This can greatly thin down your shortlist.
  • What do you expect in terms of customer support? Do you want an operator with highly trained support staff? Which channels do you need your operator to offer support through? Live chat? Social media?
  • Do you need your sportsbook operator to offer a mobile app? Android or iOS? Do you need to be able to place bets on your phone? Do you need live streaming on your phone?
  • Do you want your operator to offer regular deposit bonuses and promotions? Do you want a very large sign-up bonus?
  • What kind of wagering limits do you need? Are you looking for low stakes betting options? Do you need high roller stake limits?
  • Do you need a VIP or rewards club? Cashback features?

Which Sportsbook Do Our NBA Betting Experts Actually Use?

Our team of Gambling Guy expert reviewers love to gamble on their downtime. When they’re doing their own wagering, our experts have a series of features they gravitate towards. The following are some of their favorite features in online sportsbook operators.

First off, our experts love to play on mobile. They often find themselves placing bets on the bus, in the subway, or while catching a cup of coffee. So solid mobile app support is crucial for them. Full-fledged betting capabilities are an absolute must-have in their book.

Additionally, they are huge fans of live betting markets. Nothing beats the feeling of chasing US NBA betting odds as the lines shift mid-game, as far as they’re concerned. So their operators of choice must have a healthy variety of in-play betting markets.

Another feature they absolutely love is live streaming. And as popular as simulations can be, our experts swear by the “real thing”. Streaming the actual matches from your mobile sportsbook while placing live bets on your favorite teams is the dream.

Online vs Offline Gambling: Get the Best NBA Odds

Online sportsbooks are all the rage lately, but retail sportsbooks still have a major share of the market. So, what are the advantages of online sports betting? What can online operators offer that retail operators can’t?

First of all, there’s convenience. Online sportsbooks are available right on your computer or smartphone. You’re never more than a few seconds away from placing a bet. Retail sportsbooks require you to physically visit the establishment to place your bet, which can be cumbersome.

Then, there are the odds. If you’re looking for the best betting odds for NBA betting lines, you need to look online. The best sportsbook odds for NBA matches are offered by online operators. They have much smaller overhead than land-based casinos and sportsbooks.

That means they can afford a smaller house edge, resulting in bigger payouts for bettors. Long story short, online operators offer more bang for your buck. And they do so in more ways than one.

Online operators also offer constant promotions and bonuses. Many offer regular boosts to US NBA betting odds for specific games. These can really help players build up a bankroll much faster than possible at land-based sportsbooks.

On the flip side, you won’t find many physical bookies offering hundreds of dollars for new player bets.

4 Ultimate Tips for the Best Betting Experience

The following are the 4 most important tips from our experts for sports betting in general. Pay attention, and try to keep them in mind through your wagering experiences.

Bet On What You Know

When it comes to sports betting, you need every advantage you can get. Bet on the sports and leagues that you know and love. You’re likelier to have important information that lets you make better, more lucrative decisions. It’s also easier to lose money on markets we don’t know.

Research, Research, Research

As stated before, information is your friend when it comes to sports betting. If you want to beat the best betting odds for NBA markets, you need to study up. Know your teams, your players, your historic stats, and everything else you can get your hands on. Whether you’re on the search for the best betting odds for football or the best betting odds for NFL – research is key.

It’s Never Personal

Sports betting is about the odds. It’s not personal, so don’t let it become personal. It’s a good way to lose money, fast. Don’t place your bets based on personal team loyalties (or rivalries). Look at the numbers, and choose with your head, not your heart. Stay objective.

Stay Sharp

When you’re trying to beat US NBA betting odds, you have to stay sharp. Never bet while you’re impaired in any way. If you win big, don’t let it get to your head. Remember that streaks are just a mirage. The same goes for dry spells. Don’t get disheartened, stick to your strategy. Chin up!

Conclusion – You’re Now Ready to Wager!

We hope you’ve found this guide to the best sportsbook odds for NBA games helpful in your search. We’ve provided our ranking of the operators offering the very best betting odds for the NBA.

We also broke down the way we rate operators, and the criteria our experts examine. We presented the testing criteria and process our experts follow when reviewing operators.

Finally, we provided insights on how our experts choose their sportsbooks, and some crucial betting tips to keep in mind. Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to go wager on NBA matches online. Happy betting!

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