Best Sportsbooks Football Odds & Football Betting Odds Comparison 2022

Football is America’s largest spectator sport, and one of the most popular sports to bet on in the country. However, as widespread as football wagering is, many people don’t know how to find the best betting odds for football.

That’s why we’ve cobbled together this comparison guide to the best football betting odds on the market. You’ll find the best sportsbook odds for football across every operator, along with a transparent, football odds comparison.

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Placing a Football Bet? Read the Very Best Sportsbook Comparison Here

This football betting odds comparison is aimed at sports bettors of any experience level. Up-to-date information on the very best sportsbook odds for football is valuable, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

If you’re a newcomer to the world of football betting odds, this comparison is an excellent starting point for your journey. We scout every operator in the market, conducting exhaustive testing to rate them on several different categories from the best betting odds for the Tennis’ US open to basketball odds.

If you’ve been around the block a couple of times and have preferred operators, you still have a lot to gain. Our comparison guide is constantly updated with the best betting odds for football in 2022. It’s a great way to make a shortlist of interesting operators with features you value.

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Top 5 Checks to Get the Best From YOUR Gambling Experience!

If you’re looking for new sportsbook operators to gamble with aponline, safety and security should be top priorities for you. There are dozens of reputable, legitimate operators out there. However, there are also countless operators of questionable standing.

Figuring out if an operator is legit can seem daunting, but it’s easier than you’d think. Simply follow this 5 step checklist when examining an operator.

1. Licensing

Every legitimate sportsbook operator will prominently display their licensing deals on their homepage. This should include their license number and the authority that issued the license.

For the US, sportsbooks need to be licensed to operate in specific states. Logos for state gaming authorities overseeing the operator should be visible on the front page.

2. Partnerships

Reputable sportsbooks will typically have betting partnerships with specific American sports leagues. These include the likes of the NBA, NFL, MLB odds, PGA, WNBA, and UFC, as well as the best betting odds for the US open, among others. Not every sportsbook has these partnerships, but they’re a very positive sign. These allow you to make use of the best fight odds, basketball odds, or even tennis betting odds.

3. Software Providers

Sportsbooks use advanced software in order to provide players with the best betting odds for football, basketball gambling, and other sports.

Many sportsbooks will display their software partnerships in their frontpage. Reputable software vendors put your mind at ease, as they generally only deal with licensed and regulated operators.

4. Security Features

Operators handle sizable money deposits, withdrawals, and sensible financial information for thousands of players. To do so safely, they must implement state-of-the-art digital security features, including TLS/SSL secure connections and advanced encryption techniques.

5. Gambling Associations

Trustworthy gambling operators will usually be members of several different gambling operator associations. These associations ensure operators have standards to protect minors, as well as to help players with gambling issues.

Which Football Sportsbook Does Our Editor Recommend? 

The crown jewel of our comparison guide to the best sportsbook odds for football is the Editor’s Recommendation. It’s a distinction that we do not award lightly. Our experts conduct detailed, extensive tests of every sportsbook in the search for the best betting odds for football fans.

To qualify for the Editor’s Recommendation, an operator must show indisputable dominance across a majority of categories. While being at the top of every category is not required, the Editor’s Recommendation must demonstrate standout performance across the board.

This includes criteria such as football betting odds and markets, but it goes well beyond. Recommended operators must have robust betting interfaces, with top-notch, responsive software. They must feature reliable, stable servers, and excellent technical security.

Additionally, we expect a fully operational mobile betting app for football, abundance and diversity of promotions, bonuses, and codes.

How Our Experts Rank Sportsbook Operators 

In order to produce the most detailed operator comparisons, our team of experts conducts a series of exhaustive tests. Every expert tests every operator independently, and then a consensus rating is reached for each category and operator.

The tests are designed to determine real-world performance of the operator for a number of different categories.

  • Licensing and oversight: Our experts carefully inspect operator licensing agreements, verifying their status with oversight and control boards.
  • Mobile compatibility: Availability of football app download, including both Android and iOS. Compatibility with both phones and tablet devices.
  • User experience: This category includes both user interface and user experience. It measures how intuitive, navigable and comfy a platform is.
  • Diversity of football leagues: A huge criteria for our US NFL betting odds comparison guide is league diversity. Popular leagues include NFL, XFL, and CFL.
  • Diversity of pre-match football betting markets: One of the most important criteria, our experts thoroughly check available pre-match football betting markets.
  • Diversity of in-play football betting markets: A favorite of experienced bettors, in-play football betting markets have a sizable influence in operator ratings.
  • Best sportsbook odds for football markets: For the core of our comparison guides, our experts carefully assess the odds for every football betting market available.
  • Technical security features: Operator security is another major factor that our experts test for. They examine security protocols in place with each operator.
  • Special offers and promotions: Sign-up offers, deposit bonuses, betting boosts, cashback offers and the like also weigh in on our operator ratings.

Find the Right Operator for You With GamblingGuy

Maybe you’re new to sports betting and have been trying to select the right operator to jump into the game. Maybe you have experience and a long-time operator, but think you could get more bang for your buck elsewhere.

No matter the case, it’s important that you know what your options are. If you’ve been looking for the best sportsbook odds for football and are having trouble, we’re here to help. Our comparison guide doesn’t just list the best betting odds for football or the best UFC fight odds, though.

You’ll find operators ranked and rated according to a series of parameters. Take a long, hard look at the comparison, and examine the criteria that matter the most to you.

Check out operators that stand out in those categories, and see how they fare across the board. Have a look at the guide. Make a selection that is right for you, your betting style, your preferred sports, and leagues.

Top GamblingGuy Sections to Visit 

In our website, we organize and structure content in an easy and intuitive way. We want players to be able to find exactly what they are looking for at a glance. That’s why we’ve divided our website in highly specific sections packing all the information you need to succeed in gambling.

  1. Casino comparison: In the casino comparison section of the website, you’ll find all of our best comparison guides for different gambling operations. That includes sportsbook operators, casino operators, and comparisons for different sports betting and games.
  2. Bonus comparison: The bonus comparison section houses our in-depth operator bonus comparison guides. These guides are perfect for players looking to make the most of the many sportsbook and casino sign-up bonuses and promotions around.
  3. Operator/Bonus Reviews: Our operator and bonus reviews module contains the most detailed analysis of casino and sportsbook operators you’ll find on the web.
  4. Games/Slots: In the games and slots module of our website, we offer extremely informative, hands-on reviews of the most popular and newest casino games and online slots.
  5. Payments: In our dedicated Payments section, we have extensive lists and guides of all the best casinos and sportsbooks for each payment platform around. We also offer information on payment processing, payment platform security, and more.
  6. Strategy: In the Strategy module of the website, you will find the most informative, in-depth strategy guides for all your favorite games and sports. With the right strategy, you can really make the best betting odds for football work for you.
  7. Guide-wiki: The Gambling Guy Guide-wiki module is an exclusive educational section. Within, you’ll find an abundance of guides, primers, explanations, and definitions to teach rookies the ropes.

Choosing YOUR Perfect Football Sportsbook Operator

Choosing the right bookie for you is a deeply personal process. To know what the right bookie is, you need to know what kind of gambler you are. Are you chasing the best betting odds for football? Do you value user experience over promotions?

Until you understand your own priorities as a gambler, it’s impossible for you to know what your ideal bookie is. That’s why we’ve put together a nifty checklist for you to go through. Use it to orient yourself while checking out our operator comparisons.

  • What kind of sports do you expect to bet on? Some operators have great selections, but only across a handful of sports, like football, baseball, and basketball. Others provide access to less mainstream sports, like rugby, cricket, or darts.
  • Are you looking for specific sports leagues? Football fans may want to bet on the NFL, but also on NCAAF, XFL or even CFL games. Some operators only offer professional leagues, others cover college leagues. Your preferences are crucial here.
  • Do you have betting markets that you can’t live without? If you have a specific taste in terms of betting markets, you need to look for sportsbooks that offer them.
  • Which sports do you bet most heavily on? Some operators offer the best betting odds for football, others have the best basketball offers. You need to think of what sports and markets matter the most to you.
  • How do you feel about live streaming? Many players prefer sportsbooks that offer full access to live streaming matches for their favorite leagues. Others will settle for live simulations for live betting purposes.
  • What about live betting? Are you big on in-play betting markets? The best sportsbook odds for football live markets are only available at a select few operators.
  • Do you like VIP reward clubs? Do you prefer operators with great loyalty reward programs? Not every sportsbook out there offers VIP programs.
  • What about payment platforms? Depending on the payment methods you are looking to use, there are many different operators available. Whether you plan to deposit and withdraw using credit cards, e-wallets, or bank deposits, it’s important criteria.
  • Are you a desktop or mobile player? If you are a mobile player, do you want to play from your browser, or using an app? These aspects can greatly help in determining your ideal bookie.
  • What about betting limits? Different operators have different minimum and maximum bets. The right bookie for you must cover a range of bets that matches your style and bankroll.
  • Have you considered customer support? When you run into trouble, each operator has different channels available to request assistance. Some operators only provide email and telephone lines, while others have social media, instant messaging and live chat.
  • How about promotions and bonuses? Some operators offer regular promotions and deposit bonuses, on a weekly or monthly basis. Other operators offer some of the best sportsbook odds for football, but rarely roll out promotions.

Our Experts Pick of the Bunch

When it comes to choosing a football betting operator, our experts are pickier than most. They have an extensive laundry list of must-have features they absolutely cannot do without.

For starters, our experts are all about the numbers. They want the best sportsbook odds for football, period. When it comes to betting lines, our experts like to know they’re getting the best deal available. Additionally, they love to see a healthy variety of in-play betting markets.

Beyond US Super Bowl betting odds, our experts also like to see great NBA and UFC odds and markets. They are primarily mobile players, so they like to see Android and iOS support on both phones and tablets.

Another feature our experts require from their operators of choice is live streaming. Our operators love live betting markets, and they swear by live streaming over simulations.

Online Vs Offline Gambling: Which Offers Best Odds?

Online sports betting has taken off in the past several years. From a small niche of the gambling market in the 90s, it’s grown to rival offline gambling in sheer volume. Still, many players continue to bet at land-based sportsbooks. So, why is that?

Well, there are two main reasons. First, there are legal restrictions. Several jurisdictions still require sports wagers to be placed at physical, retail sportsbooks. Some states even offer mobile-tethered wagering, where funds must be deposited at the sportsbook or casino.

In the long run, though, online gambling offers considerable advantages compared to retail sportsbooks. Online operators are open 24/7, rain or shine. Plus, their reduced overhead allows them to offer the best sportsbook odds for football overall.

Additionally, nothing beats the convenience of placing bets on your phone. It’s like carrying a sportsbook in your pocket anywhere you go. Furthermore, online operators typically offer many attractive promotions, deposit bonuses, and betting boosts.

3 Top Football Betting Tips

Before we sign off on the football betting odds comparison guide, our experts have a parting gift. Pay close attention to the following three ultimate football betting tips. They’re the product of decades of combined experience and will prove useful during your search for the best betting odds for football, so make sure to heed their advice.

Don’t Listen To “Insider” Tips

In theory, this should be obvious, but we see this so much, we have to point it out. Explicitly. So here it goes.

Your buddy at work does not have a first-hand source in the Rams’ locker room. Your neighbor doesn’t have a secret insight into player injuries. Even pundits sourcing their predictions from “insiders” should be taken with a grain of salt.

Solid tips come from research and analysis. The numbers are there, and that’s how the sportsbook sets the odds. If you want to beat those odds and make a killing, you need reliable information, not tips from mysterious “insiders” that never pan out.

Do Your Own Research

On that note, you need to be doing your own research, in case you weren’t already. There’s no way for you to find openings in the market that no one else has without doing your research.

Similarly, you can’t gauge the accuracy of a tip or prediction without solid research to back it up. In the end, you shouldn’t bet your money on anyone else’s word. You know how the old saying goes. Trust, but verify.

Keep An Eye On The Line

Moneylines and spreads are a great way to keep track of what a sportsbook knows. Every time new information is available, the line will shift ever so slightly in one direction. When a team is winning, each passing minute shifts the line further their way.

If that changes, though, it means the bookies know something you don’t. Keep an eye on the line for unexpected movements, changes in directions or sharp jumps. It’s all the information you could use to your advantage.

More Must-Read Sportsbook Articles

We hope you’ve found this betting odds comparison of the best sportsbook odds for football useful in your journey. We provide our readers with the most up-to-date information on sports betting operators across many sports and leagues and include everything from the best tennis betting strategy to pick 3 strategy betting guides for horseracing.

If you’re interested in exploring more of the best sports betting odds available in 2022, we have more than articles about the best sportsbook odds for football, please check out some of our other guides. You’ll find ample information about online gambling operators across every sport, league, and any game you can think of.

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