Best Sportsbooks Superbowl Odds & Superbowl Betting Odds Comparison 2021

Any sports betting fan knows that, during the time of the US Super Bowl, betting odds are wild. Millions of people every year search high and low for the best betting odds for Super Bowl betting markets.

Operators compete to offer the best sportsbook odds for Super Bowl fans. Legions of players scour the web comparing the odds for every Super Bowl betting line and futures market available. Whether you’re looking for the best fight odds, MLB futures, or tennis betting odds, you’re in the right place. In this comparison, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

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Smart Sports Betting: Searching for the Best Super Bowl Odds

Comparing the best betting odds for the US open or even basketball odds is a fundamental step to becoming a smart sports bettor. The most experienced sports betting fans check betting exchanges regularly for better odds. Rookies, however, tend to overlook the significance of odds-shopping.

If you’re wondering why you should compare Super Bowl odds at all, here’s a few reasons. For starters, whether you’re participating in tennis, boxing, or basketball gambling, better odds mean better payouts. In many cases, the differences will be marginal. Maybe you make an extra $5 on a $100 bet. Other cases may show more sizable discrepancies.

Another reason you really want to compare the odds at several major operators before placing bets is reading the market. Oddsmakers have access to a lot of information you don’t, as well as vast betting data from millions of informed bettors.

Comparing the lines at different operators can let you pick up on subtle trends or shifts you can benefit from. It’s like having your finger on the pulse of Super Bowl odds.

Online Vs. Offline: Getting the Best Odds

Online sportsbooks have revolutionized the way people gamble on sporting events. One of the ways they’ve accomplished this is through sheer convenience. Another important factor, though, comes down to the numbers. Online sportsbooks simply have better odds than offline operators, from best fight odds to tennis betting odds.

There are many reasons for that. Retail sportsbooks operating in casinos and racetracks incur expenses, such as rent, furnishings, and a large staff. Online sportsbooks have far less overhead, which means they can afford to offer players more favorable odds.

Additionally, retail sportsbooks have the advantage of familiarity and prestige. In order to lure customers away from land-based operators, online sportsbooks offer the very best betting odds for Super Bowl markets. They also use sign up offers and deposit bonuses to attract new business.

Furthermore, retail sportsbooks have less immediate competition. Players physically present at a sportsbook will rarely compare the odds and move to a different shop. Online, bettors can find competitors in seconds, so operators strive to offer the best odds that they possibly can.

Super Bowl Betting: Key Moments in Time

Historic Background

The Super Bowl is one of the most uniquely American sporting events in the world. Today, it’s the pinnacle of spectator sports, a combination of athletic performance, advanced technology and passionate audiences. Since its inception, though, it’s always been hugely popular with bettors.

The very first Super Bowl, played in 1967, was between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. That game generated significant betting action, with the spread favoring the Packers at -14. The Packers would go on to cover the spread by 11 points, winning 35-10.

Black Sunday and Middling

A dozen years later, in 1979, Super Bowl XIII would mark a momentous occasion in Super Bowl odds history. That year, the Pittsburgh Steelers faced off against the Dallas Cowboys at Miami’s Orange Bowl. The spread opened at -3.5, favoring Pittsburgh.

Massive betting action from Steelers fans caused sportsbooks to react, moving the line to -4.5. However, Dallas money came pouring in shortly thereafter, and the line shifted to -4. The game saw the Steelers win 35-31, covering all bets at -3.5 and -4.

The vast majority of bets that day paid off handsomely, leading bookies to nickname it “Black Sunday”. Bookies were too quick to react to the volume of bets, and lacked the vision to foresee the upcoming Dallas action. It was an expensive lesson that Vegas bookies never forgot.

The public also learned from this historic US Super Bowl betting odds about-face. Super Bowl XIII marked the birth of a sports betting strategy known as middling. Middling consists of seeking events where major action is likely to shift the lines, and trying to hit the middle.

For instance, back in 1979, punters could’ve bet on Dallas at +4.5. Then, as the line shifted to 3.5, they could’ve bet on Pittsburgh at -3.5. If Pittsburgh won by less than 4.5 points (which it did), both bets would pay out. A classic strategy forged from the history of US Super Bowl betting odds!

3 Formats of Super Bowl Odds Explained

On your hunt for the best sportsbook odds for Super Bowl betting markets, you’ll likely encounter different odds formats.

Odds work in much the same way all across the world, but they’re often expressed in local formats. The following are the most common ways to express US Super Bowl betting odds.

Decimal odds explained

Decimal odds are also called European odds. they’re the standard in Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. they’re very easy to read and to wager with. With decimal odds, the number represents how much a $1 bet would win.

For example, odds of 2.0 mean that you’ll win $2 for every $1 you wager. Odds of 1.5 mean that you’ll win $0.5 for every $1 you wager. Decimal odds represent your total returns, rather than your profit. It means that they already include your stake.

To figure out how much you’ll get in total, simply multiply your stake by the decimal odds.

Fractional odds explained

Fractional odds, also called British odds, are typical of UK bookies. You can recognize them by their characteristic format: two numbers separated by a slash or hyphen. For example, 2/1, 3-2, or 5/2.

Odds are read as “number to number”. For example, 3-to-1 is read “three to one”, and means that for every $1 you bet, you’ll win $3. Conversely, 1/3 odds, or “one to three”, means that for every $3 you bet, you’ll win $1.

Fractional odds represent profit. The total amount you’ll receive is higher, as you’ll get your stake back when you win. So a $1 bet at 6/1 odds would pay out $7: $6 in profit, plus your $1 stake back.

American Odds explained

American Odds, also called moneyline odds, are the standard odds format in US gambling operators. Some of the best betting odds for Super Bowl markets are expressed in American odds. They work differently for favorites and underdogs.

Odds for underdogs, represented by a positive (+) sign, show the amount you’ll win for every $100 you stake. For example, +220 odds mean that a $100 bet stands to win $220. +150 odds mean that a $100 bet would win $150.
Odds for favorites are denoted by negative (-) sign. The value represents how much you need to wager to win $100. For example, odds of -110 mean you need to wager $110 to win $100. Odds of -140 mean you need to wager $140 to win $100.

Ever Wondered How Odds Are Calculated?

If you want the best sportsbook odds for Super Bowl, you should understand how odds are calculated. For many players, the odds are a bit of a black box: a mysterious process with unquestionable results. In reality, it’s a lot less arcane than you might think.

There are essentially two types of odds calculations. The first is the opening line. This is the first value the odds take when initially offered by bookies. They’re calculated using historical data, season performances, and sometimes, proprietary algorithms.

The second type is line movements. While different operators will use diverse processes for calculating opening lines, they all move the line in the same way. Line movements react to betting volume from each sportsbook’s customers, so they correspond to shifts in expected value.

Expected value is a statistical measure of how much ROI a bet will make, on average. When bookies set the odds, they’re telling you how probable they expect an outcome to be. It’s a simple formula. Using American odds, here is how you calculate expected value:

Expected Value For Favorites

EV = 100odds + 100

Expected Value For Underdogs

EV = oddsodds + 100
Using these equations with the best betting odds for Super Bowl, you can get the EV for each. This tells you how likely bookies think an outcome is. If you think an outcome is likelier than they estimate, that’s a golden opportunity for value betting.

Advanced Super Bowl Betting Strategies

There’s a lot of good advice out there for playing the US Super Bowl betting odds. You should always wager on the best betting odds for Super Bowl matches. Bet with your head, not with your heart. Follow the numbers and don’t bet emotionally.

There are several more advanced strategies for making the most of the best sportsbook odds for the Super Bowl. Many are little more than smoke and mirrors, but a few have a firm basis in fact. Check out some of them up next.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting can make the best sportsbook odds for Super Bowl games work in your favor. Arbitrage betting is all about comparing the odds available at different operators, looking for an arbitrage opportunity.

For instance, say that operator A has the Team 1 favored at -105, and Team 2 at +200. Then, operator B has Team 1 as underdog, at +200, and Team 2 as favorite, as -110. A $100 bet on Team 1 with operator A and a $100 bet on Team 2 at operator B has a guaranteed profit.

Opportunities like the one described are very rare but can be spotted by carefully checking each operator. Sometimes, operators shift lines to balance their betting books, unwittingly creating these opportunities.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is another way to make the best betting odds for Super Bowl work for you. The key lies in the free bets and deposit bonuses awarded by operators. By using these bets and bonuses strategically, you can beat the odds easily.

Here’s how it works. First, you join a betting site offering US Super Bowl betting odds and free bet promotions. That’s where matched betting comes in. After placing a simple bet at even odds on an event, you go to another operator. Join, deposit, and place your first bet, on the exact opposite outcome. No matter how the game turns out, you should make your money back.

Now, you just earned a free bet (two, if your second operator also offers a free bet). If you repeat this strategy, you’ll get to keep most of the cash from your free bets, risk-free. Small commission fees will make the average match bet win about 95% of your stake.

Matched betting is a great way to claim deposit bonuses and free bets while minimizing the risk you take. Keep in mind that some operators frown upon certain strategies, so read the terms and conditions carefully before applying any strategy.

Top7 Super Bowl Sportsbook Markets

In the very first Super Bowl, there were very few betting markets available. By the second Super Bowl, though, markets had doubled, and they’ve continued to expand ever since.

Chasing the best sportsbook odds for Super Bowl games, you’ll come across some of the most popular betting markets around. Check out some of the most popular markets below.

Moneyline: Moneyline is the simplest of the US Super Bowl betting odds. You bet on teams to win at the given odds. If your team wins, you get your stake back, plus the payout.

Point spread: Spread betting is a more complex form of sports wagering. Bookies set an opening line, or spread. It’s a margin of points to be added or subtracted from each team’s final score.

Favorites must win by more than the spread, while underdogs must avoid losing by more than the spread. Spread bets pay out if teams ‘cover the spread,’ (if they’d win the game with the points adjusted).

Handicap: Handicap bets are similar to point spreads. However, different handicaps markets are created at different odds and risk levels. They provide additional diversity for bettors.

Totals: For totals, bookies estimate a total score for both teams combined. Players bet on whether the actual total will be over or under that number. Totals offer some of the best betting odds for the Super Bowl.

Prop bets: Prop bets, also called specials, are bets on very specific events in a game. They can include things like who scores the first touchdown, or the total score at halftime. Prop bets often see some of the best sportsbook odds for the Super Bowl.

Parlays: Parlay bets, or accumulators, are wagers on multiple different bets. For example, you could bet on a team to win, to beat the spread, and to be over the totals. For a parlay bet to pay out, every element of the bet, or “leg”, must win.

Futures: Futures markets let you bet on the outcome of far-off events. Also called outright markets, they include things like the NCAA champion, the Super Bowl champion, and even US politics.

Top Questions & Answers About ‘Odds Comparison’

Next up, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about our comparison of US Super Bowl betting odds.

Is Your Odds Comparison Service Free of Charge?

Absolutely! We compare the best betting odds for the Super Bowl, free of charge. All you have to do to take advantage of the information is load up our betting odds comparison and check the best betting odds for football.

Why Should I Not Bet With My Standard Bookie?

If you have a preferred operator, you probably have your reasons. Maybe you’re a VIP and get frequent promotions. Maybe you like the design.

Whatever the case, you don’t have to stop using your regular bookie. When your standard bookie offers competitive odds, place your bets there. However, when you find better US NFL betting odds elsewhere, why not try them out? This “line shopping” can ensure you always get the best sportsbook odds for Super Bowl lines.

Are There Differences Between Online Vs Offline Odds?

They work in much the same way. The main difference is that online odds tend to be more competitive than offline odds. They’re also updated more frequently, and use more diverse data sets.

What Are The Differences Between Pre-Match And Live Odds?

Pre-match betting markets usually feature a static opening line. After the game begins, live odds will shift wildly, depending on how the game is going. Live betting markets see huge amounts of action during top sporting events, like the Super Bowl.

What Are Boosted Odds?

Boosted odds are improvements to the odds you’re betting at, applied on a promotional basis by operators, and they’re most commonly available for major events and leagues at online sportsbooks. Be aware that different sportsbooks boost odds by varying amounts, following operator-specific algorithms.

Conclusion – The Best Super Bowl Odds Guide

All in all, US Super Bowl betting odds are one of the most lively markets in sports betting. The Super Bowl’s very high profile draws incredible betting volumes every year. It’s a golden opportunity for sharp bettors to access some of the hottest betting lines of the year. More interested in the FIBA world cup? Then basketball odds might be for you.

To place good bets, you need to stay informed. There’s no better way to accomplish that than our US Super Bowl betting odds comparison guides. Check the comparisons frequently, and make sure you’re always getting the best betting odds for Super Bowl!

Looking for betting sites with specific payment options? Have a read of our betting sites that accept Venmo and betting sites with Apple Pay guides!

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