Best Sportsbooks US Open Odds & US Open Betting Odds Comparison 2021

Knowing the odds is one of the only advantages that players enjoy over a bookmaker.

If you know how to calculate the odds, you can take advantage of a gambling exchange like Betfair, find the best betting odds for the US Open, the best betting odds for basketball or your favorite sport, and leverage the odds in your favor. If you’re looking to find the best sportsbook odds for the US Open or another highly featured competition, then make sure you use a betting exchange and compare the odds between various quality bookmakers.


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Comparing Odds – A Winning Strategy 

It’s very important to compare the sports bettings odds between the best tennis betting sites if you want to win bets, especially arbitrage or matched bets. Finding the best US Open betting odds is a challenge worthy of several bookmakers, and that’s what it takes to find them.

Winning arbitrage bets is all about backing high (the high odds) and laying low (the low odds for a given favorite). A quality gambling exchange allows you to compare odds without having to worry about losing your account or access to previous bets and your account balance like you would if a bookmaker caught you placing arb bets on their sportsbook. Using a gambling exchange will also increase your chances of finding the best sportsbook odds for the US Open.

Odds offered by different bookmakers can vary greatly and you will want to check as many quality operators as possible. Using our operator reviews, and even a betting exchange if you’re looking to place matched bets, can be great strategies for finding the best betting odds for the US Open and for sporting events in general. The best betting odds for the US Open will be easier to find if you use a bookie comparison like ours and search various gambling exchanges.

The best sportsbook odds for the US Open can only be found by comparing odds at a variety of bookmakers and betting exchanges.

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Online vs. Offline: Which Offers Best Odds on the US Open?

There is still a vast amount of users betting offline in shops. Although this is the traditional form of gambling, online gambling operators offer an array of options that physical shops don’t. Here are a couple of reasons why online operators are the way to go if you’re looking to find the best sportsbook odds for the US Open.

Pros of Online Gambling

  • You can analyze the odds from the comfort of your own home and search a variety of bookmakers for the best odds
  • There are various software options that support arb betting if you’re interested in investing in arb betting; there are even betting exchanges that offer guides on how to place matched and arb bets if you’re interested.
  • A large number of resources, forums, blogs and reviews are available to gamblers that are looking to research several operators before investing

Pros of Offline Gambling

  • You can cash out in a matter of minutes by going to the nearest teller
  • There are other people that you can converse with about odds or your experience gambling at a given casino

Cons of Online Gambling

  • The size of the online gambling market is constantly growing and evolving, thus gamblers must remain informed about what the best deals, odds, and operator sites are
  • Withdrawal time can take longer than expected if the funds are held up by any of the parties involved

Cons of Offline Gambling

  • Odds and options are limited to the casino; it’s more difficult to compare odds between bookmakers than it would be online

Sports Betting History: The Key Moments

Sports betting odds have been around for a long time, as have sports, and their history is as equally convoluted as it is long-winded. Bookmakers, since their conception, have been in the business of manipulating odds to gain a profit on either side of a bet. With the advent of the internet and online bookmakers, gamblers are able to “shop” for odds at betting exchanges and operators. Finding the best sportsbook odds for the US Open, for example, has been facilitated by online bookmakers but there is still quite a bit of challenge involved.

Admittedly, horse racing is most likely the oldest sport on the market and therefore holds the most credit to a record for holding the first sports bets and the first bookmakers. According to some sources, Harry Ogden is credited as being one of the first bookmakers to have taken advantage of the odds and built a profit margin, the juice, into his books.

Greyhound racing comes in as a close second for the next wave of organized gambling and by the time they were popularized the government had started to take control of the market by creating gambling laws like the Gaming Act of 1845.

Fractional Odds 

Fractional odds, or British/traditional odds, tell the gambler how much they can expect to make (profit) for a given stake.

Decimal Odds 

Decimal odds, or European odds, tell the gambler the implied return, or what they can expect to make on each bet, in decimal form.

American Odds

American, or moneyline (the line), tells gamblers both how much they can expect to win on a $100 bet for a given underdog. A negative moneyline, for favorites, tells the gambler how much they would need to bet to win a return of $100 for that bet.

A Quick Look at Calculating Odds

The “odds” are set by each individual bookmaker. As there is no single authority for sports betting online this allows you, the gambler, to shop for odds. Bookmakers adjust the odds based on how the public bets for a particular event. The goal of a bookmaker is to come out even on both sides of the line, so many times they will adjust the odds based on how gamblers are betting throughout the day, or season, for prop and other long-term bets. When looking for the best betting odds for baseball or even the best betting odds for UFC, it’s good to know they’re caluclated.

Implied probability is what a gambler can expect to win or lose for a bet every time they place that bet. It can be calculated by taking (100 ÷ (moneyline odds + 100)) x 100 for any underdog, or positive moneyline odds. Negative moneylines, favorites, first need to be converted to a positive number so you would take the (moneyline odds x -1) ÷ ((-1 x moneyline odds) + 100) x100).

The expected value of a bet is the expected value based on the odds, and implied probability, set by the bookmaker for a given bet. It is the potential return on a given bet that you can expect to make. To calculate expected value (EV) for any bet or event you need to multiply each outcome by its probability and subtract the total probability of the winning bet from the losing bet.

To calculate EV you should take the (expected earnings for the bet * implied probability) – (expected losses for the bet (based on the bookmaker odds) * implied probability). A negative EV value means you can expect to lose profit by placing this bet an infinite number of times, and a positive EV value means you would make a profit on an infinite number of these bets.

If you wanted to find the best sportsbook odds for the US Open you could go to a gambling exchange and find the best odds for that event.

Choosing YOUR Best US Open Betting Strategy

Arb betting strategy, or arbitrage betting, involves making several wagers on the same event at different bookmakers or through a betting exchange like Betfair. It is a common form of sports betting strategy and tends to bring in low but steady returns. If a bettor is skilled at arbing they are known as an arber.

Bookmakers have been known to shut down accounts without warning when they suspect that a player is arbing. However, in Australia and other countries with gambling exchanges, it is considered a legal form of sports betting. It’s up to you to be responsible and know the laws for the region where you live. Unfortunately, like many aspects of today’s “globalized” society, gambling laws have yet to be made universal.

Matched betting strategy, a form of arbing, also involves placing several bets at different operators or at a gambling exchange. Dutching is also part of matched betting strategy and involves placing several bets at different operators in order to avoid paying a gambling exchange fee. Matched betting involves placing a matched bet and using a profit accumulator or sign up bonus to make a bet using bonus funds.

For example, to find the best betting odds for the US Open you would need to visit a gambling exchange that features that event and find different US Open betting odds for the events you’d like to bet on.

US super bowl betting odds are another highly sought after market and you could search for them along with the best sportsbook odds for the US Open.

The Top Sports Betting Markets: Revealed

Some of the most popular sports betting markets in the US include football, tennis, the NBA, baseball, and UFC. If you’re looking to find the best sportsbook odds for the US Open you’ll need to search several gambling exchanges and operators for the best value odds. Our operator reviews can help you with that.

Best Betting Odds for the US Open
The US Open betting odds are some of the most popular betting odds on the sportsbook market. It’s possible to find US Open betting odds at a large number of online bookmakers. Many betting exchanges will also have available bets for this market.

Football Betting Odds
Football is one of the most frequently bet on sports worldwide. Although not as popular as US Open betting odds, football betting odds will come with many different values so it’s best to check the EV and other important values of the bets featured on your sportsbook. It’s safe to say that any US bookmaker will offer odds for football, but not all will offer valuable odds.

Best Betting Odds for Tennis
This market goes up and down with the advent of the US Open betting odds and gamblers that watch odds for this market will see that odds may be more variable during the time of the tournament. US Open betting odds are possibly at their highest volume during this time.

Best Betting Odds for the NBA
The NBA is another large betting market for US sports and gamblers should definitely take advantage of the variety of best betting odds for the NBA that are available at online operators.

Best Betting Odds for Baseball
Baseball odds tend to be available at all sports betting operators in the US, especially those that offer US Open betting odds.

Best Betting Odds for UFC
UFC is an international sports market that has been growing steadily since its conception in 1993. With its headquarters in the heart of US gambling, Las Vegas, Nevada, gamblers shouldn’t have a problem finding lots of different bookmakers that offer betting odds for UFC. Although US Open betting odds may not be available for this sport because of its niche status, it’s still possible to find an assortment of bookmakers that offer betting odds for UFC.

Odds Comparison Service – YOUR Big Questions

💰 Is your odds comparison service free of charge?

There are various options for gambling exchanges on the market so you should make sure you’re not paying substantial fees for a free service.

⛔ Why should I not bet with my standard bookie?

There’s no reason that you can’t bet with your standard bookie, but if you’re looking to increase and improve your odds then it’s in your best interest to shop for odds at several bookmakers and even at a gambling exchange where gamblers make their own odds.

↔️ Are there differences between online vs offline odds?

The main difference between online and offline odds is that online odds are variable. Bookmakers have a constant eye on the market and bets that gamblers make.

🎾 Where can I find the best sportsbook odds for the US Open?

Many bookmakers will have available odds for this market and you should check out the odds at various gambling exchanges like Betfair for the most competitive odds.

📝 Should I make several bets on the same event at one bookmaker?

If you’re placing arb bets this is not a good idea. Bookmakers frown upon players that beat their lines with arbing or matched betting and they may shut down your account without warning. A safer alternative, if you’re looking to arb, is to use a gambling exchange to find the best value and the best sportsbook odds for the US Open.

Get Top Odds on the US Open

US Open betting odds are notoriously some of the most bet upon when it comes to national sporting events. A huge variety of sportsbooks offer US Open odds including the likes of Spin Sports, Bumbet, Rivalo, and Betway, but using our operator comparisons with a quality gambling exchange is a good strategy for finding the best betting odds for the US Open. You can use a combination of our best operators and gambling exchanges like Betfair to help you compare the odds.

If you don’t have a wealth of experience comparing the odds, it may be advisable for you to download some arbing software. There are various examples of this on the internet and with a quick search you can find a couple suitable choices. There are also online tools that will convert the moneyline into probabilities for you if you’d like to save your time and effort for searching operators and exchanges for the best value odds. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to make the call and create a betting strategy for your sports betting endeavors.

Conclusion – Final Thoughts

Finding the best betting odds for the US Open and the best betting odds for tennis is no small task. Using a combination of our top operator reviews, gambling exchanges, and sports betting tips gamblers will find it much more feasible.

The best sportsbook odds for the US Open may be of mythical proportion, but by utilizing the correct tools and resources, alongside your betting experience and knowledge of the market, you’ll find you can crack the code.

In the end it’s all about finding the best betting odds for the US Open and beating the moneyline.

For more great guides, be sure to check out our recently updated best online casino no deposit bonus and betting sites that accept Venmo pages!

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