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Free Bets for Signing Up

One of the big draws for anyone opening a new account are the free bets offers. With that in mind, we’ve put together this page so you can find the operators with the best free bets for signing up.

Just one look online will show there are plenty of operators offering free bets for new customers. However, travelling around each operator one by one can be a waste of time and money. On this page, we’ve put together everything you need to know about the best free bets offers and does all of the legwork for you.

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Compare Free Bets Offers at US Bookmakers

Thinking of opening a new account? – then you need this guide to find the free bets for signing up

If you are looking for a new operator with a free bets offer, or free bets no deposit offers, then you could spend plenty of time looking at all of the offers and still end up disappointed by what is on offer from many of the operators.

You’re not the first one to feel that frustration, so we’ve put this together and find the best free bets online, which will benefit you if you are an experienced bettor looking for a new home for your account, or a novice looking to get off to the best possible start with some free bets to boost your account.

Reading this could save you from spending time you don’t have to look for free bets no deposit offers or making a big deposit at a site offering free bets for signing up but ending up with little or no reward. If you’ve done either of those things before, then don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

Top 5 tips for getting the best free bets no deposit offers, or the best free bets for signing up

Pick the operator carefully

As you’ve no doubt seen yourself, there are plenty of sites with either free bets no deposit offers or free bets for signing up. You’ve also seen that to get the most out of these offers you have to make a larger deposit, numerous qualifying bets, or both. When putting that much on the line, you should trust operators that are highly rated by GamblingGuy who have reviews to read and easy to use guides to spot the best offers.

Keep to what you know

There are plenty of operators with either free bets no deposit offers or free bets for signing up. However, sometimes it involves betting only on certain markets to qualify for a particular bonus. So, if you are a dedicated NFL fan but the free bets on offer are for the NBA or for the US Open golf tournament, then you’ll be staking money in a reason you might not know – which is bound to affect how much money you are likely to make.

Go through the T&Cs with a fine-tooth comb

Although at first glance, the various free bet offers all look attractive, they are not always as straightforward as you might think. Unless you are a first-timer, you might already know this from bitter experience. So, before you fund your account make sure you know exactly what you need to do to get the whole bonus, so you don’t end up missing out

Make sure you haven’t taken on too much

Just because you’ve triggered your bonus, you need to make sure you have time to play through the balance to see the free bets credited to your account. Drawing on both the points above, if you aren’t going to have the time to meet the requirements making bets you are comfortable within markets you know – then perhaps you should look elsewhere or save that offer for another time.

Find a website the will do the legwork for you and find the best free bets no deposit offers, or the best free bets for signing up easily

We’re fully aware that you want to spend your time placing those free bets, not spend all day looking at offer after offer and wondering which ones are legit. Using the expertise of GamblingGuy to do this for you, and then present you with a shortlist of the best free bets offers, means you can concentrate on making the most profit possible.

If you want the best operator offering free bets for signing up – you should start here

If you want the best free bets no deposit offers or free bets offers, you’ll want to go to an operator who knows what they are doing. Top of that list should be an operator with a large, established operation and even offers an extra chance to win big as well

In reality, there are very few of these operators, so your choices are immediately narrowed down. On the surface, these offers look very similar, but when taking a closer look, the free bets offer from  BetMGM, available in 10 states including NJ and PA, is our clear winner.

The free bets are triggered if your first bet loses, creating an essentially risk-free opportunity to place a wager up to $600, knowing you can’t lose. If the free bets are triggered, you are awarded them incrementally so you can play through them in a more sedate manner during the bonus period.

Our experts test each operator offering free bets for signing up according to these 10 criteria

Finding Sportsbooks and Betting Sites with legit free bets no deposit offers, or the best free bets for signing up can have its problems. Nobody would blame you for wanting to know more about an operator before making a deposit and trusting them with your cash, but from the outside, most operators look like they run a tight ship. When our experts look at a site, they have criteria to make sure it ticks every box before it gets our seal of approval.

Is the operator legit?

This question is number one for a reason, and it should be first on your checklist too. Our experts check out the reputation of the operator with the best betting promotions, see if they are part of a bigger empire and if they are a listed company.

Are the free bet offers good enough? 

There is plenty of free bets offers available, almost every sportsbook will have free bets for signing up or a free bets no deposit offer. For that reason, our experts run a quick comparison to see if taking the free bets will be worth your while or if you should be going elsewhere.

How much are you likely to make out of those free bets?

As you might already know from bitter experience, free bets do not translate into free money. Our experts check you won’t be spending all your time just giving the operator their money back, as well as some of yours too.

Can you find your way around the site easily?

There’s no use having the world’s best free bets offer if you can’t find the markets you need to use those free bets. Our experts test out how easy a site is to use, and how simple it is to access the basic stuff like your account details and changing the odds format.

Does the operator support a variety of payment methods?

If it takes forever to fund an account, you are wasting time you could be placing your free bets. While our experts know that verification is a basic requirement and keeps everybody’s money safe, they will be looking through the process making sure you aren’t made to jump through any unnecessary hoops.

Can you get you money just as easily?

Even operators with the slickest of processes for getting money into your account, can sometimes make taking money out difficult. Our experts look at how an operator gets your money to you, and finds out if the measures in place are there for security, or if the operator is using it as an excuse to hold onto your money for just a bit longer.

Can you get hold of customer support when you need them?

As may have already found out with your current operator, things don’t always go as planned. When an inevitable problem occurs our experts look to see how easy it is to contact customer support, and find out how effective they are at solving problems.

Is the operator properly licensed, and for which states?

We check the license of the operator, which states you need to be physically present to use the services on offer, as this can vary greatly even with a single operator.

Is the loyalty program worth your time and money?

Free bets bookies don’t want you to play through your free bets and then move on to the next offer. So, our experts look at what an operator does to look after you if you stick around. Many operators offer a loyalty program but the rewards on offer sometimes aren’t worth the effort.

What else does the operator have to offer?

If you like free bets, what about free spins as well? Our experts look to see what else is on offer in the casino or maybe even poker areas of their site, and if you can access it all from the same account.

Top 3 bonuses with best bets offers

Caesars Sport
Caesars Sport Review
100% up to $1001
Visit Site
BetMGM Review
100% up to $1000
Visit Site
96/100 Review
100% up to $250
Visit Site

Did that checklist get you thinking?

After reading through that list, did you see some areas where your current operator hasn’t met your standards, and are thinking about making a change? Alternatively, are you a new bettor who just came looking for free bets and found there was a whole lot more to think about?

The problem with opening a new account though, is that you don’t always know what you are getting yourself into. Not only that, you’ve got to go through all of the annoying, time draining admin stuff you’d rather not do again unless it was really worth it.

So, if you are going to open a new account with a new operator, you want to make sure it’s the right move to make. For that reason, GamblingGuy has an extensive operator comparison, doing all of the legwork for you and handing you a shortlist from which to make your choice.

Find everything the new or experienced bettor needs at Gambling Guy

As soon as you landed on this site, you’ll have noticed there’s a lot more going on than just how to find the best free bet offers. If you’re curious about what else is on offer, here’s more about of what Gambling Guy has for you, starting with the section where you might find some free spins to go with your free bets:

#1 US Online Casinos

You may have already seen the number of online casinos when looking for free bet offers. For that reason, this section is dedicated to finding your new favorite casino site. Each casino was checked out by our team of experts and ranked according to the games on offer and the bonuses.

#2 Gambling Bonus

It’s not just casinos that offer bonuses and while you are on the lookout for free bets, there are plenty of other types of bonus offers. Our experts look behind the scenes and review and rate those bonuses based on the value they offer as well as how straightforward they are to complete.

#3 Best Gambling Sites

Our team of experts look at all of the different operators, so you don’t have to. They will look at everything the operator has to offer, with or without USA Betting Promo Codes, according to the criteria you’ve already seen to work out which have the most to offer to new account holders.

#4 Casino Games and Slots

The key parts of any top casino operation are the slots and games you’ll find when you step into the lobby area. Our experts look at each operator to look for standout features, such as progressive jackpot or exclusive slots, table games or live dealer options.

#5 Payments

Having an account with a top operator is no use if you can’t fund it, so we look at which payment methods you’ll need to make the most of the offers available. Our experts check out the fastest payment methods and which operators have the best track record for supporting many of these payment methods.

#6 Betting strategy

While everybody reading this enjoys a bet, and a free bet even more, you might not be aware there are betting strategies that can make the most of your wagering activities , and even hands you a few plans that could lead to smarter betting.

#7 Gambling Guide

Whether you are a new bettor or an experienced gambler you will find that every day is a school day. To keep the hard lessons to a minimum, there is an extensive gambling guide to help you.

Where to find the perfect free bets offers 2022

Finding the perfect free bets no deposit offers, free bets offers or free bets for signing up can be a difficult and time consuming process. By the time you’ve read this, however, you should have a clearer idea of where and how to save yourself time and effort.

Firstly, you need to make sure that the operator is offering enough free bets for you to make, in theory at least, a decent profit on the deal. Next, you need to make sure that the free bet offer has reasonable requirements, and not just a convoluted way of giving the operator their money back, and most of your first deposit too.

Lastly, don’t spend too long looking for the best free bets offers. Using Gambling Guy to present you a shortlist of reliable operators could save you time in looking for the right operator and the best free bets offers.

Free Bets Offers FAQ

❔ Where can I find the best free bets offers?

Free bets offers are some of the most common operator bonus offers. For that reason looking for the best offers can take a lot of time. The best way to find all of the best free bets offers is to check out the latest reviews which test the operators and bonuses

💰 Are free bets offers legit?

Free bets offers are designed to attract new bettors, who might not always look at all of the terms and conditions. Instead of checking them all out individually, savvy bettors are guided by the reviews which test operators and their bonuses before they make their decision

🆓 Which operators offer free bets offers

Free bets offers are usually offered by operators to tempt bettors to open an account. These offers can change all of the time, with the amount on offer and the number of qualifying bets updating so operators can stay competitive and offer the best service to their customers

💰 How can I make the most from my free bets?

Free bet offers differ from operator to operator. The amount of free bets on offer and the number of qualifying bets will usually be unique to one operator, so making the most of them can be tricky without using the online gambling guides and resources available for free trustworthy sites like Gambling Guy

❔Is it hard to get free bets from an operator

Free bets are typically on offer to new account holders who are legally able to access the site in their state. To find out which operators offer legitimate operations in each state, check out the latest reviews or guides from a trustworthy site

Top 5 provider with best bets offers

Credit Card
New Jersey (US)
100% up to
Caesars Sport Sports Bonus
100% up to $1001
Caesars Sport Review
***** Visit Site
  • $10 free bet bonus
  • Good coverage of NFL and more
  • User-friendly online sportsbook
Credit Card
New Jersey (US)
100% up to
BetMGM Sports Bonus
100% up to $1000
BetMGM Review
***** Visit Site
  • $600 sports welcome bonus
  • Market-leading NFL odds
  • Top mobile sport betting app
Credit Card
Pennsylvania (US)
100% up to
$250 Sports Bonus
100% up to $250 Review
***** Visit Site
  • Raft of odds boost promotions
  • Great live streaming coverage
  • Responsive sportsbook platform
Credit Card
New Jersey (US)
20% up to
DraftKings Sport Sports Bonus
20% up to $1000
DraftKings Sport Review
***** Visit Site
  • Betting bonus of up to $500
  • Top coverage of all sports
  • Legendary fantasy betting service
Credit Card
New Jersey (US)
100% up to
FanDuel Sport Sports Bonus
100% up to $1000
FanDuel Sport Review
***** Visit Site
  • Quality betting markets
  • Exciting fantasy sports betting
  • Offers live in-play betting
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