Sportsbook Cash Out - Best U.S. Betting Sites with Cash Out 2021

This article provides a review of the top U.S. betting sites with cash out. Some of the best cash out betting sites include William Hill Casino, Bovada, MyBookie, and BetOnline Sports.

However, the time it takes to receive one’s winnings may vary. These details can be found on each operator’s site. A comparison and review of what to look for in the best U.S. betting sites with cash out is the reason why this article exists. Each relevant section of the operator websites are detailed, and new bettors should look at each section before making their first deposit.

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Full Comparison of Sportsbooks and Casinos

betmgm Highlights
  • $1,000 casino sign up offer
  • Interesting 'variety' games
  • Awesome casino gaming app
100% up to
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Borgata Highlights
  • Several different slots available
  • 47 table games on offer
  • 6 live casino games to choose from
100% up to
Borgata Review Visit Provider
Sugarhouse Highlights
  • Extensive game portfolio
  • Offers a host of progressive jackpots
  • No live casino
Free Spins
Sugarhouse Review Visit Provider
Unibet Highlights
  • Generous $500 casino bonus
  • Over 700 casino games to play
  • Progress on the Loyalty Meter
100% up to
Unibet Review Visit Provider
Bet365 Highlights
  • $200 casino deposit bonus
  • 150 games from IGT & NetEnt
  • Variety of video poker choices
100% up to
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888 Highlights
  • Welcome bonus up to $100
  • Casino games hosted by Dragonfish
  • 888 exclusive casino games
50% up to
888 Review Visit Provider
Scores Highlights
  • 100 different slots available
  • Different table games on offer
  • Has an excellent live casino
100% up to
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PartyCasino Highlights
  • Over 300 slots games
  • Exciting progressive jackpots
  • Decent live casino available
100% up to
+ 25 Free Spins
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Tropicana Highlights
  • Games software provided by NetEnt and IGT
  • Over 150 slots games
  • Does not offer a live casino
Credit Card
100% up to
Virgin Casino Highlights
  • NetEnt provides the gaming software
  • Over 200 slots games
  • Excellent diversity of table games
Credit Card
100% up to
Hard Rock Highlights
  • Over 175 casino games to play
  • Excellent live casino
  • Exciting jackpots
100% up to
Ocean Online Casino Highlights
  • Hundreds of gaming options in the casino
  • No live casino
  • Varying limits on games
Credit Card
100% up to

Who Is This Comparison For?

This comparison is relevant to anyone interested in making informed betting decisions. From true beginners to novice users, this article has something for everyone. Whether trying to decide on a new operator or reevaluating one’s current investments, this comparison has something for everyone.

With all the new US sportsbooks and betting websites in the USA it can be hard to find legit betting sites with fast payouts and betting sites with a low minimum deposit.

If you’re a high-roller, you might want the best sportbooks without a limit, or betting sites that payout the same day. If you’re not a high-roller, you might want a sports betting promo code to get you started.

If you’re gambling on nba, gambling on nhl, or even gambling on ufc fights then you might like to use one of the U.S. betting sites with live streaming.

But even if you’re gambling on politics or gambling on the US election, you’ll still want a sportsbook with high odds.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. This article will be comparing the sportsbook cash out options, this comparison will walk you through the ins and outs of gambling operators.

Top5 Operator Tips to Ensure a Safe & Fair Gambling Experience

Legitimate bookmakers must have a valid gambling license to offer gambling services on their website. This means that if you stay away from sites that are not registered with professionally supported gambling associations, then your data and money are safe.

There are several simple ways to test whether a gambling site is legitimate. First, as previously stated, they should have an accredited seal or gambling license. U.S. betting sites with cash out also must allow the user to transfer funds from another bookmaker and in the case that they do not allow users to transfer funds then you, the user, should not use that bookmaker.

A few other features that should signal to users whether they should trust and use a bookmaker are bonuses and offers, sportsbook cash out options, website reliability and usability, available cash out markets, and customer service quality.

Bonuses and offers are common to every sportsbook and gambling website. Terms and conditions are also part of every bonus that users come across and, as consumers, users should be prepared to compare the merits and validity of these offers. Some bonuses, like a $1,500 sign-up bonus, may seem unrealistic, but these bonuses usually come with stipulations.

Cash-out limits and specific time frames, such as 30 days, would be part of the terms applicable to this kind of sign-up bonus. However, that doesn’t mean betting sites that offer cash out, and a great sign-up bonus isn’t legitimate.

Available cash out markets are another area that users should be familiar with when choosing their operator. Most legitimate operators should feature a cash out symbol when users make live bets.

This symbol indicates that that particular sport is eligible for cash out. Operators may also limit the amount available for cash out for any given live bet or bets placed with bonus money/credit.

Two final factors to take into consideration when choosing your operator are website reliability/usability and customer service quality. 24/7 customer service is offered by many sportsbook with cash out.

However, users should be wary of sites that do not provide the information that they claim to provide or that have poor customer service.

Editor’s Pick – The Most Valued Operator 

The Editor’s Recommendation reflects the most valued operator among betting websites in the USA with cash out features, according to our experts. Our editors test every operator’s sportsbook cash out options on the market, seeking leaders in the industry with outstanding performance across a range of categories.

William Hill is also a licensed sports betting provider in Mississippi and New Mexico. As one of the most well-known bookmakers on the market, William Hill Casino and it’s website is highly secure, and users do not have to worry about the website or data security when accessing the mobile site or application.

Alongside security, William Hill Casino offers variety. It’s one of the few U.S. betting sites with cash out that has such diverse options for soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, football, horse racing, auto racing, boxing/MMA, and hockey to place wagers on.

Its app is Nevada’s leading mobile sports betting app and gives users ultimate flexibility and accessibility to gamble whenever they desire. These advantages and many others make it the editor’s recommendation. Whether you’re looking for the best sports betting sites for college football or planning on gambling on boxing, you’re bound to find a sport you love.

This is How We Evaluate Each Operator

Each operator with a sportsbook cash out option reviewed here at GamblingGuy undergoes a thorough and detailed analysis by our experts. Factors such as site usability and accessibility, payment methods and cash out options, site security, as well as any sports betting promo codes are taken into account.

Bonuses and Offers: 

When evaluating bonuses and offers, our experts look at two specific criteria, the transparency, and accuracy of the site. That means that operators that list misleading bonuses or that simply fail to provide the user with the relevant information pertaining to offers advertised on the site will be considered less reliable. They also keep a keen eye out for betting sites with a low minimum deposit.

Sportsbook Cash Out Options: 

The number of sportsbook cash out options is essential for our experts to consider an operator as a top option. If cash out is prohibited for bets placed using bonus offers, for example, then the operator rating will go down.

Withdrawal Options:  

When we speak of sportsbook cash out options, we mean the ability for players to walk away from an ongoing wager. Taking your money out of the sportsbook itself is called a withdrawal, and it’s just as important.

We all want betting sites with fast payouts. Withdrawal options are often limited when it comes to online gambling. This requirement is met as long as the operator offers a legitimate withdrawal option that gives users the ability to withdraw their deposit and winnings effectively.

Along with multiple deposit and withdrawal options, sportsbook cash out features and low minimum deposits are a plus – as well as betting sites that payout the same day.

Website Reliability:  

This refers to the quality of the operators’ website and how often the site undergoes maintenance. Sites that are constantly under maintenance are most likely not well established, and sites that never undergo maintenance usually have low reliability.

For operators to meet this criterion, ideally, their website would undergo maintenance during times of the year with low gambling traffic.


Usability refers to the design of the operators’ website and how intuitive the interface is. The ability to alter bets in-play is an important part of any online gambling site. Sites with low levels of usability are hard to navigate and do not contribute to positive client experiences.

In addition to usability, the aesthetic appeal also plays into the usability of a website. By offering users the ability to zoom in and out, toggling dark mode, and having a page that can be optimized for mobile devices it improves the user-experience The three previously mentioned points, will impact the usability rating of U.S. betting sites with cash out.

Available Cash Out Markets:  

A list of available cash out markets can be found on most gambling sites that offer a gambling menu. If not immediately available, players can usually peruse available sports betting markets, looking for a distinctive sportsbook cash out icon or legend.

Customer Service Quality:  

Customer service quality varies greatly between operators, and great customer service can mean the difference between a mediocre and a top-notch gambling operator.

Top-rated sites have superb customer service with live representatives that give detailed responses to gambling questions within minutes. Other less ideal forms of customer service for gambling sites include automated FAQ machines and virtual assistants.

Helping You Identify the Right Operator

Are you looking for a good operator with sportsbook cash out features, or are you not 100% satisfied with your current one? We have the perfect tool for you! Please refer to our operator comparison and compare top U.S. betting sites with cash out.

You may be looking for the best sports betting sites for football, best sports betting sites for NFL, best sports betting sites for college football, or the best sports betting sites for baseball. Perhaps it’s the best sports betting sites for tennis, and gambling on boxing that you’re after. Whatever you’re looking for, Gambling Guy can help you.

7 Key Focus Areas of the Site

The following criteria are used to evaluate each gambling operator and their website.

1) Casino Comparison: 

The casino comparison tab compares all the major characteristics of the live casino from usability and in-play buttons and options, to the slots, casino games, poker, mobile games and live dealer casino. Each site was compared to other similar operators, to give people a better feel for the casino.

2) Bonus Comparison:  

The bonus comparison provides an analysis of the bonuses offered by the operators and their pros and cons of using them. Each bonus comes with terms and conditions, and not all offers can be taken at face value. Users should read the fine print and conditions of the bonus when using the bonuses to make decisions about signing up.

3) Operator/Bonus Reviews:  

The operator/bonus reviews provided by other users are also taken into account when analyzing the best sports betting sites for football and other major sports.

4) Games/Slots:  

Perhaps gambling on soccer and gambling on cricket don’t interest you at all, and you’d prefer to get straight into casino games. The games and slots offered by an operator with sportsbook cash out features are listed and reviewed for features such as playability, returns to players, and other important characteristics regarding playing table games or slot machines on various sites.

5) Payments:  

Payment options are listed and analyzed in terms of their accessibility and security. Payment time is also taken into consideration as some sportsbooks with cash out may take as long as 72 business hours to process payments. Some U.S. betting sites with cash out offer same-day processing, and these are some of the most sought ones.

6) Strategy:  

The strategy section introduces a bit more about the particular operator and how they function. It then guides users on how to make informed bets with that operator and coaches them on basic strategies for making effective bets. With this, you’ll be able to get going on the best sports betting sites for NFL (and many other sports) in no time at all.

7) Guide-Wiki:  

Whether it’s gambling on the US election or gambling on nhl, you’ll want to know exactly how to place your bets. The Guide-wiki for gambling gives users access to information regarding how to make bets and participate in safe gambling. It also provides explanations of various terms, and tips and tricks to help new gamblers bet smarter.

Checklist: This is How You Find YOUR Perfect Bookie/Casino!

The following checklist presents an option for users to self-analyze their gambling preferences and discover which operator best fits their preferences.

  • What is your preferred gambling platform? Laptop/desktop computer, mobile phone, or in-person?
  • What are your favorite sports and games to bet on?
  • Are you looking for U.S. betting sites with live streaming?
  • When do you prefer to gamble? Morning, daytime, or evening/night?
  • Are you a conservative or an aggressive bettor?
  • How much do you plan to spend gambling each month?
  • Do you like gambling on politics?
  • Do you enjoy participating in live streams offered by U.S. betting sites with cash out or do you prefer to watch matches while placing bets?

What Operator Do Our Experts Use

As the editor’s choice, William Hill holds a special place in the list of gambling operators providing cash outs. It provides a great variety of sports, along with the top casino games and races. This operator has the best features, bonuses, and a high level of security.

The sports at William Hill are one of the primary attractions, and users can pick from an exhaustive list from this football sportsbook with cash out including football, baseball, basketball, and MMA matches to bet on. From gambling on nba to gambling on ufc fights, there’s a huge choice of betting options available.

Online vs. Offline Gambling

Offline gambling in casinos and betting shops are still a common practice. Like all online activities, online betting is slowly increasing and expanding. Users must be aware of these features when deciding whether to invest in online gambling. Below is a list of some of the advantages and disadvantages of using an online casino over a brick and mortar casino.


  • 24/7 Customer support
  • A wide range of available payment methods
  • A large variety of games, sports, casino games/slots all in one place


  • Cash out time is longer
  • Cash out payment methods may be limited
  • Usability of the website may be poor

Ultimate Tips

To get the most out of online gambling, users must first take into account their security. When choosing an operator, be sure to identify whether your preferred payment method is accepted. While making live bets, confirm that your sport is available and compatible with sportsbook cash out features. The best sportbooks without a limit can be hard to find – make sure to check limits before you begin.

Also, don’t be afraid to shop around to find the best odds. There isn’t a rule against using multiple sites, and we recommend using this. The final tip is when testing new U.S. betting sites with cash out, place small bets rather than large ones.

This will not only tell you which games and slots are tight, but it gives you an idea of how long the withdrawal process will take. If you get a sign-up bonus of $50, for example, why bet it all on one match, when you can spread it across multiple matches, to maximize your winnings.

Editors Number One Choice

This article reviewed the top U.S. betting sites with cash out and their many features. Among these features are bonuses/offers, the user experience when using an online casino, and the payment/withdrawal process. William Hill Casino, the editor’s recommendation, provides top performance in all of these areas and more.

A history of excellence provides users with the quality of service that should be expected from a well-known gambling operator. Not all operators have what it takes to be a number one pick, and William Hill provides the best options in all the right areas.

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