New US Sportsbooks / Betting Sites & Online Bookmaker 2021

Punters are spoiled for choice when it comes to new betting sites in the USA. As with any industry, you get the good, the bad, and the ugly. So we are here to show you the best new US sportsbooks!

Let’s take the guesswork out by presenting you with objective comparisons of new US sportsbooks. Whether you’re a novice or an aficionado, it’s our job to guide you through the (perceived) minefield that is online betting. Take a look below and find a great new US sports betting site!

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Comparison of All Available operators

betmgm Highlights
  • $500 sports welcome bonus
  • Market-leading NFL odds
  • Top mobile sport betting app
100% up to
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The Score Highlights
  • $200 bonus bet sign up offer
  • Top odds on NFL, NBA & NHL
  • Awesome TheScore media app
Credit Card
100% up to
Sugarhouse Highlights
  • Vast number of betting markets
  • Immediate cash out feature
  • Competitive odds across all markets
100% up to
Sugarhouse Review Visit Provider
888 Highlights
  • Get a $500 risk-free bet bonus
  • Competitive odds on 30+ sports
  • Streaming for soccer and more
300% up to
888 Review Visit Provider
Borgata Highlights
  • 500% matched deposit bonus
  • Great live betting options
  • Excellent daily odds boosts
500% up to
Borgata Review Visit Provider
Bet365 Highlights
  • Generous $100 welcome bonus
  • Trusted betting provider since 2000
  • Stream thousands of top sports
100% up to
Bet365 Review Visit Provider
William Hill Highlights
  • $50 matched deposit bonus
  • Great odds on NFL and more
  • Sky high betting limits
100% up to
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Unibet Highlights
  • Wide range of betting markets
  • Best possible pre-match odds
  • Innovative live betting services
$20 No Deposit
Unibet Review Visit Provider

Who Will Make Use of This Comparison?

Is an online sportsbook an online sportsbook site? Not at all. Online betting sites are big business, and no two are alike. It can be tempting to sign up to the new US sportsbooks with the flashiest ad, and the biggest bonus. Taking a bit of time to decide on the right site for you’ll reap rewards in the long run. With all the new sports betting sites that make their debut every day, sports betting can be confusing.

Whether you’re looking for UFC betting sites or want to place baseball bets online certain things are true. For example, when it comes to a sportsbook payout, and you want to cash out a bet, you want the best sports betting payouts that you can find. Gambling Guy has gone through all the US sportsbooks and football betting sites to find the best betting accounts, and best football odds that’s out there. They’ve even found the best site to bet on college football.

Whether you’re looking for the best U.S. betting sites with live streaming or the best sportsbooks without limit, Gambling Guy has you covered. They even cover niche markets like gambling on the US election.

You may be looking for the best sports betting sites for cricket, the best sports betting sites for tennis, or the best sports betting sites for boxing. Or you may only be interested in gambling on the NBA and gambling on NHL. Whatever the case may be, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

Key Points to Check for a Safe Gambling Experience

Is your sportsbook of choice trustworthy?

Trustworthy equates to reputable. This is the most important factor to consider when choosing new betting sites in the USA, and also the reason we’re listing this step as numero uno.

A reputable new bookmaker in the USA will use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that ensures your financial information is secure at all times. It will also have a license from a legal gambling jurisdiction.

Does the initial deposit bonus leave a smile on your face?

Who doesn’t like a good deal, and it’s no different when looking for new US sportsbooks. The most common bonus found on new betting sites in the USA matches your initial deposit, up to a specific value. You might also want to keep an eye out for betting sites with no minimum deposit, too.

Always read the terms and conditions that come with your bonuses.

May the odds be ever in your favor

Betting odds are the heartbeat of new betting sites in the USA. It’s much easier to compare odds online than walking from bookmaker to bookmaker. Some new US sportsbooks have been known to offer better odds than others.

Promotional offers that make your heart skip a beat

Keep an eye out for the most rewarding offers available by new online sportsbooks – you’ll find plenty of betting sites with sign up offers. That way, you’ll be getting money for nothing. New football betting sites that offer betting on football won’t have any benefit to you if you enjoy betting on basketball.

Betting on the go

The best betting accounts allow you to bet on the go. The majority of new US sportsbooks have apps designed for mobile sites that work with either Android or iPhones.

Editor’s Recommendation – Our Favorite Operator

In our review of the best new US sportsbooks available, our editors encountered a range of suitable operators. However, in choosing the Editor’s Recommendation, our experts have followed certain criteria.

In order for an operator to be designated the Editor’s Recommendation, it needs to meet certain standards. Top-notch security and trustworthiness is one of them. A spectacular mobile app, or at the very least, native mobile compatibility, is another crucial aspect.

Furthermore, our experts look for stellar track records regarding payouts, superb customer service, great payment options, and overall standing and reputation. The Editor’s Recommendation is the best overall new US sportsbooks, in terms of promotions, features, best football odds and capacities. Check it out below.

Top Criteria – How Our Experts Test the Operators

Our experts spend endless hours testing new online bookmakers and sports betting sites to ensure comprehensive and detail orientated reviews on new betting sites in the USA. Don’t feel too bad for them; they seem to handle the ordeal fine.

Their criteria are strict, fair, and unbiased to ensure that you enjoy every aspect of your preferred new US sportsbooks. Let’s take a look at the top 10 items on their checklist when reviewing any new US sportsbooks.


Yes, this is and always will be the most crucial factor. Customers need to know that their financial details and deposits are safe when looking for a new bookmaker in the USA.


If new US sportsbooks aren’t licensed, the rule is simple. Stay away!

Website reliability

We all know how frustrating down/slow websites can be, and when there is money involved, it can get downright nasty. There’s another part to this, how easy the new US sportsbooks are to navigate, and how long it will take you to place a bet.


We have a handy tip for bettors: Register on various new US sportsbooks. This shouldn’t cost you money, and in fact, you could even enjoy a bonus or two offered. In the fast-paced world of pro sports, odds change all the time, and it’s wise to always compare odds on various sites before betting. Whether it’s tennis gambling or soccer betting, make sure to check those odds.

Sports on offer

Popular American sports are a given, but what about a cricket match or horse race that is taking place on the other side of the globe? The more sports offered, the better. From baseball bets online to gambling on NHL, there’s a sport for everyone.


It’s no fun when you have a prediction on the format a game will follow, without predicting the outcome, and you can’t take advantage of it. Our experts don’t only look at the variety of bets offered by new betting sites in the USA, but they also inspect the different types of bets on offer to you.

Bonuses and promotions

Everyone enjoys a good deal and I don’t know anyone who would say ‘No thanks.’ With the competitive market being what it’s for a new bookmaker in the USA, they will always try to get you in ‘their door.’ There are many different offers from a new bookmaker in the USA, including cash deposit bonuses, money-back guarantees, trips, and VIP programs and perks offered to new and existing customers.

There are a lot of offers out there for you to find… look at it as an online betting treasure hunt and have fun while doing it.

Mobile availability

We can’t all be at our computers every minute of the day – ain’t nobody got time for that. Our experts test the mobile applications available to bettors at all new US sportsbooks.

Deposit & withdrawal methods

When the time comes to cash out a bet, you’ll want it to be a straightforward process. For the consumer, the withdrawal methods should be more critical than the deposit. You won’t deposit money if you won’t be able to draw your winnings without drama. Above all this, you also need to know that when you win, you’ll get paid.

Depositing money (and getting your sports betting payouts) should be a painless experience. When there are too many hoops to jump through (other than security features), there’ll be too many hoops to jump through when it comes time to get paid by your new bookmaker in the USA.

Customer service

Various options of customer service should be a given when deciding on a new bookmaker in the USA that suits your needs. Do they offer live chat, email, and phone options, and when you speak to them, do they help you?

Finding the Perfect Operator For You!

Whether you’re unsatisfied with your current bookmaker or new to sports betting sites, always, read reviews. We have extensive reviews and comparisons for you to draw a lot of information from.

Bonus comparisons

A bonus is a bonus, is a bonus, right? Wrong. Competition is fierce, and there are a variety of bonuses on offer to attract new or reward existing customers.

Sports betting options

New US sportsbooks and U.S. betting sites with live streaming offer the widest variety of sports and events for betting from the more popular NFL to less popular games in the US, such as cricket. Then you get betting options on more obscure events such as competitive eating, award ceremonies from the entertainment industry to politics. Be assured that if there is something you’re passionate about, you can bet on it – so why not take a look at some of the best sports betting sites for boxing or ufc betting sites?

Things to Look For When Choosing a Site

Trustworthiness and licensing are the most important factors as no-one wants to take unnecessary risks with their hard-earned money.

Let’s focus on a couple of points that I find interesting but don’t get a lot of coverage when writing reviews, or rather, not as much coverage.

Website design and ease of use

Websites that load too slow or crash can drive me to drink, but there’s a more critical factor that makes the prospect of seeing a flying laptop more attractive to me, ease of use, or the lack thereof.

Nothing’s more frustrating when wanting to place a bet, and one of the new betting sites in the USA has tried to ‘be different’ and in the process entirely over complicated their design. I want to get in, place my wager, and get out so I can continue with my life.

The world of obscure bets

During the 2005/2006 Super Bowl season, a lucky (or insightful?) football fan won a whopping $45 000 betting on Xabi Alonso scoring from his half. Placing wagers on the finer details of the world of sport is nothing new, but what about those weird and obscure sports and events out there? If sport isn’t your thing (wait; what?), there are plenty of other things to bet on. Prefer a smaller league? You might want to find the best site to bet on college football.

Chess Boxing

Have you ever heard of Chess Boxing? Let me enlighten you. Chess Boxing takes place in an actual boxing ring with alternate bouts of boxing and chess. It’s as simple as that. Prefer something a little more traditional? The best sports betting sites for cricket and best sports betting sites for tennis might be more up your street.


Fancy gambling on the US election? With the US Presidential Election around the corner and dominating the US news cycles, you can bet your bottom dollar you can get in on this action too. Choose from who will be the Democratic nominee to who will win the election outright. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Competitive eating

From the familiar hot dog to the bizarre, there is a veritable buffet of betting options available to you. From picking a winner, bet options on over/under on the amount of food eaten, to head-to-head matchups. Bon Appetit.

There are many more options from the sublime to the ridiculous. Cheese rolling, wife carrying, rock-paper-scissors, and then there’s…

Scripps National Spelling Bee

Not even the cerebral world of the Scripps National Spelling Bee gets spared. As the popularity of the spelling bee grew, so did the media coverage. It was only a matter of time before new betting sites in the USA listed odds for this contest.

Can you spell F A V O R I T E?

It’s a safe bet to assume that this is one of mine.

The inside scoop on odds

Odds reflect the likelihood of an outcome. When you place a bet with a new bookmaker in the USA, you’ll get offered odds that determine how much you can win. The higher the odds, the more you stand to win compared to your stake. To find out whether a bet is worth making, you’ll need to understand the odds.

Types of bets

Offline sports betting establishments usually only take straight bets and totals with some taking teasers and parlays.

The types of bets offered at new betting sites in the USA are diverse. Parlays, teasers, props, and futures, there’s something for everyone. One of the main advantages of online betting is live betting, which allows bettors to bet on live games – either on each play or straight bets for the game. This feature is unique to online bookmakers.

Line shopping

Bettors can find the best odds by line shopping, and offline locations don’t offer line shopping. Why would they offer you the lines of their competitors?

Online sites are the way to go, as bettors can compare the available odds – a worthy pursuit when choosing a new bookmaker in the USA.

Extra costs

It will cost you more to bet at an offline site than online, and this is obvious when you factor the travel costs alone. You would have to get to an offline site, and it doesn’t matter if it’s gas, Uber, a bus, or a cab, as the cost would still have to get included.

Once you’re at the offline site, you would have to factor in food and drinks as you would more than likely be staying at the place for a while watching games or events.


Betting online at a new bookmaker in the USA allows you to place bets from the comfort of your own home. If you want to spend a day at the beach, no problem. Take along your tablet or smartphone, and you can continue with betting fun on your favorite football betting sites without disruption.

Higher payouts

Everyone wants to get the best sports betting payouts. Online sites can offer higher payouts on various bets as their expenses are a lot lower than offline locations. It makes no difference if you’re inexperienced when betting on sport, or if you’re doing it for the fun factor, higher payouts will always win.

Reward and bonuses

The new betting sites in the USA contend with a lot of competition. To ensure that you use them for your betting, they offer rewards and bonuses as an attraction. Shop around for the best rewards out there, and you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank.

Our Expert Conclusion

When looking for a new bookmaker in the USA, remember our hints and tips. Look for a bookmaker that is licensed to operate in your area, as this is vital. You also want an operator that has sufficient encryption and will keep your data safe. In addition, you need prompt, efficient payment methods, and hopefully some fantastic bonuses!

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