Online Bingo Casinos in USA 2022: Best Bingo Sites Reviewed

Where to find online bingo games free and new bingo sites?

Playing bingo online is a growing but under-appreciated new trend in the US. While the number of states it can be played in is currently limited, it should be obvious that the potential for online bingo in US is incredible.

So, if you want to get ahead of the game with top online bingo sites, you will want to find the operators with the best online bingo reviews. This guide will also show you where to find those operators with the best reputations and outline which are likely to offer you the best bingo bonus and additional promotions.

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Who needs to read this guide to the best bingo sites?

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played online bingo free or simply played bingo for fun – this guide can help you find the top bingo sites online so you can get off to the best possible start. It doesn’t matter if you came here looking for the best poker site online and saw the incredible potential on the top bingo sites online, we’ll point you in the direction of those betting sites US that are most trustworthy and offer the best bonuses.

Most importantly, if you are somebody who has played bingo offline for years and want to bring that experience and knowledge into playing on bingo sites online, then you have come to the right place to make the most of transferring those skills to live bingo online or simply

While online bingo in USA is still only available in a few states, there are still plenty of operators behind the best bingo sites who offer attractive bonuses for anyone opening an account. At GamblingGuy, we rate and review the best bingo sites so you can let us do the hard work for you and pick the best bingo sites for USA players from a selection of reliable and trustworthy operators.

Your 5-step checklist for finding fair and secure bingo sites online – it’s all about 

By now, you’ve certainly got the idea that if you want to find the top bingo sites online or even a bingo live game, it takes a great deal more than finding a site for online bingo in USA with the biggest bonuses and joining on the spot. If you don’t know what to look for in a new operator, you could be wasting your time looking around only to sign up with one out of frustration and possibly end up making a costly mistake.

As one of the most rapidly emerging games on offer in the US, there are plenty of sites that offer you the chance to play bingo legitimately in certain states. Unfortunately, there are also a number of sites that have emerged that are not properly licensed and would probably be best avoided.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Here at Gambling Guy we’ve put together this easy to follow checklist of working out which are the best bingo sites for USA players you could consider trusting with your money, and those you should steer well clear of.

When looking for the most fair and secure bingo sites online, first check they are licensed.

If you are looking for a fair and secure online bingo in USA experience, you need to find a fully licensed operator. This is a key factor and a surprisingly quick and easy thing to check. All fully licensed operators are proud to display their credentials, usually in the form of a rosette or stamp somewhere on their home page.

If it is not there, it should be at least in the footer of the home page or detailed in on the ‘About Us’ page. The rule of thumb here is that the further you have to look, the more concerned you should be.

Also you are looking for the operator’s website security certificate to be in order before you start sharing your data with them. You don’t need to be an It expert for this one either, just look to see if the address in the browser starts with ‘https:’ and not ‘http:’.

Next, check the online reviews for that operator, to see what others think

When you are looking for bingo online reviews for the best online bingo for money sites, you should read the bingo online reviews from those who have tried the service before. However, when you do this you should remember that some reviews are posted by players having an emotional response to either winning or losing money.

These online bingo in US reviews tend to be sort on detail and are best taken with a pinch of salt. Alternatively, reviews that seem more measured or those carried out by sites like Gambling Guy, who have a team of experts who review and rate the best bingo sites according to a strict criteria (more on that in a minute).

You need to check they support your preferred payment method, and plenty of others besides

Step three is to look at the deposit methods they support. If your preferred method is there, that’s a good start, but you should also see what other methods are supported to make sure that there are other options. You’ll also be looking for at least SSL encryption to make sure the deposit process is secure. Like licensing, if this is all in order, the operator is likely to have this information in plain view, rather than you having to search for it.

You need to ensure you money is safe while it is with the operator

This is something you should be able to find in the ‘about’ section on the operators’ website, or at least in the terms and conditions. The word you are looking for here is ‘ring fenced’. This means that customer funds like your deposit are kept entirely separately from the funds they use for running the business. This can be a term of their license and legit operators will do this, but with a small number of unlicensed operators also out there, it should be something you check.

You need to read the terms and conditions (especially the ones for the bonus offer)

It’s the bit we normally just scroll through and click in ‘accept’, but this time you need to pay a little more attention if you are going to make a safe and secure decision about an operator. It’s easy to assume you know how these things work (especially the bonus offer) and you might well be right – however, you need to check to make sure that you are happy with everything you are about to sign up for.

How our experts rate and review operators to find the best bingo sites in the USA 

Earlier in this guide, we mentioned that our reviewers had a checklist they used for bingo online reviews and to rate each operator they visited. This is especially important when looking for the top bingo sites online, as you cannot approach it the same way you would looking for a sportsbook to place bets on the NBA or NFL, or play slots at a casino.

Because of this unique situation, players will want to check out an operator fully prior to signing up and making a deposit. You’ll see from the following list we have every base covered, and an operator needs to perform highly in all of the criteria before it gets the seal of approval from our experts.

#1 Is the operator legit

This first point is especially important for those looking for the best bingo sites. There are a small number of operators who are trying to offer this service without having the necessary license, and as already mentioned these are probably best avoided. When our experts visit a site they go deeper and also check out the bingo online reviews, the reputation of the company behind the site, and look for further indications of trustworthiness, such as being listed on the stock exchange.

#2 Is the bingo bonus for new accounts attractive?

With the interest in online bingo in USA on the rise, all of the operators will offer a bonus as an incentive so that you open an account with them instead of one of their many competitors. For this reason, looking through all of the offers can take a long time. Our team of experts will do all of the legwork for you and compare everything on offer and let you know if you could do better elsewhere.

#3 What are the playthrough requirements for your bingo bonus?

This rating is not just about the size of the bonus, but how easy it is to claim a decent amount of it. Operators aren’t going to just give the money away, so they will have requirements to meet before you can withdraw any of the bonus. This will usually involve playing through the amount a certain number of times, and if that number is very high, the chances of you doing anything but giving the operator their money back is very slim.

#4 Can you find your way around the site?

It might seem like an obvious thing, but it is incredible how many people sign up and simply don’t know what to do next, especially if it is their first online bingo in USA experience. Our experts see if you are going to be able to find your way to the games you want, and not just be stuck in the lobby with no idea where to start. For the benefit of mobile users, if there’s an Android or iPhone betting app, they’ll check that out too. They also check to make sure the basic stuff like your account details is easy to find, along with how you deposit and withdraw funds.

#5 Is the deposit process simple and straightforward?

One of the most problematic parts of starting a new account is making a deposit for the first time. It should be quick and easy – and for the best operators it is – but some sites just seem to make it more difficult than it could be. Our experts rate highly operators who support many different payment methods, make their verification process as painless as possible and have the money in your account without too much fuss

#6 Can you get your money when you need it?

The same thing goes for the withdrawal process as well. If you’ve met all the requirements of any promotions, there should not be any reason why you can’t get hold of your money without too much trouble. Our experts look at the process and see what is there for everyone’s security, and what is there so the operator can hold onto your money for a bit longer, and rate the operator accordingly.

#7 Are customer service any good?

If you’ve ever had a problem in any type of gambling site, and all you get from customer service is a basic, probably automated message – you’ll know how frustrating some operators’ support functions can be. Needless to say operators that do this are not rated highly by our experts and only those that give a quick response the usual methods of chat, email and (where available) telephone make the grade.

#8 Does the operator offer other types of help for account holders?

Our experts look to see what else the operator does for its account holders. This will include the player setting their own deposit limits, or maybe they have cooling off functions for players who might need to take a time out. Also our experts look for the resources, both internal and external that can be accessed by any player who are concerned with the level of their gaming activity.

#9 How good are the VIP programs or loyalty bonuses from the operator?

With the number of alternatives on offer, operators try various tactics to stop you from leaving as soon as you’ve played through your bonus. These include daily, weekly, or monthly promotions and a VIP program or loyalty program. This will usually involve earning points every time you wager. After which, you can exchange the point for benefits or cashback bonuses. Our experts look at what the operators offer to work out if it’s worth sticking around.

#10 What else does the operator have to offer you?

Most of the operators will offer more services than bingo, so if you have interests such as sports betting or you enjoy playing slots, we see what else the operator can offer you and if you can access all from the account you just opened.

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The latest newcomers – new bingo sites in USA

Yes, there are a number of proven online bingo sites in the USA with stellar track records. However, this isn’t to say that the new kid on the block doesn’t pack a punch. New operators are constantly emerging in the ever-expanding online gaming market in America. This is certainly an exciting prospect but it also makes it rather difficult to stay ahead of all these new platforms and subsequent bingo offers. For this reason, and because our experts simply love online bingo, we have set out to ensure that we cover all the new bingo sites in our in-depth reviews. All you need to do is make sure you check in with GamblingGuy on a regular basis!

Additional features and benefits – online bingo free

If you are a newcomer to online gambling, playing games for real money can be rather daunting. It’s quite possible you haven’t found your feet, and confidence, and thus don’t splurge real funds. Playing online bingo free of charge is a great way to get your foot in the door. Bear in mind that not all online sites will enable you to play demo (free) games. Thus, we recommend you read our latest coverage at GamblingGuy so as to ascertain which bingo operators allow you to play for free. Once you manage to find your groove, you can always progress to real money bingo games online.

Does your current online bingo operator make the grade?

Now you’ve seen what we look at when we carry out bingo online reviews and rate an operator, did you perhaps think you might be better off with a new operator? If that’s the case then we can help you find the operator that suits your needs.

With the extra time and energy it takes opening a new account, you want to make sure you make the best choice. However, you probably don’t want to visit each operator individually to see what they have to offer. If that is the case, then you can use GamblingGuy to do the legwork for you and hand you a shortlist of trusted operators from which to make your choice.

Conclusion – Where to find the best sites for online bingo in USA

When looking for bingo sites online, there are plenty of things to consider. As you have seen, firstly, you need to make sure that operator is legit and fully licensed. Next, you need to make sure that the welcome bonus on offer is worth the effort of you making the change, in both the amount on offer and the requirements you have to meet.

Lastly, you could use GamblingGuy to present you with a shortlist of recommended bingo sites online so you can make the best choice possible.

Bingo sites online FAQ

❓Where can I find the top bingo sites for USA players?

Online bingo is still gaining in popularity. Therefore, not all operators offer bingo to account holders. For that reason, checking out the latest bingo online reviews and ratings of the best bingo app 2022 can save you heaps of time. This will allow you to find the best platforms for online bingo in USA.

🔆What are the most popular bingo games online?

Most online bingo games follow the same format as offline bingo games. These normally consist of 90 ball games with some added twist based on the theme of the game. Some games also follow the 75 ball format which has migrated over from Europe and is growing in popularity online.

💰Where can I find the best online bingo bonus offers?

A crucial part of finding the best online bingo bonus is looking at what is on offer from each operator. Finding the best bingo bonus offer is not just about looking for the largest amount then signing up and making a deposit. You need to look at the terms and the requirements that have to be met. You needn’t do all of this on your own. Our latest coverage at GamblingGuy will help you in this regard.

✅How can I win playing online bingo in USA?

Like all fair online games, there is no guarantee of winning. However, timing your play and picking games with fewer players and buying multiple cards is a tactic used by many players. These players also target higher jackpots or prices per card games. More information on strategies like these can be found by reading our in-depth guides at GamblingGuy.

🔎Which operator offers bingo online in my state?

Bingo is one of the fastest growing online games in the US. However, it is currently only available in a few states. To check to see who are the legitimate operators in your area – and which unlicensed operators you should avoid – you should check out the latest bingo online reviews right here at GamblingGuy where the fun never stops.

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