Live Bingo Games

Live Bingo Games

Demand for real live bingo online is increasing every day. Although the number of states where you can play live bingo online is currently restricted to just a few, it’s a growing area that online operators need to take seriously.

As somebody who wants to be part of this rising trend, clearly you want to identify the best bingo sites that offer the best bingo sign up bonus for new account holders. For that reason, we’ve put together this guide so you can benefit from the best online bingo for money without having to check out every single site yourself.

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Who can benefit from this guide to live bingo games?

There are many people who play bingo offline every week, sometimes more often than that. If that’s you and you want to bring that experience and knowledge of both 75 and 90 ball games into playing live bingo online, then this guide can help you find a reputable operator with an attractive welcome bonus to get you off to the best possible start.

If you haven’t played bingo seriously before, but the idea of playing live bingo online appeals more than slots, table games or anything else you might find in online gaming, then this can be the perfect introduction to playing live bingo games.

In fact, it doesn’t matter who you are, this Gambling Guy guide to the Best Live Bingo Online sites can point you in the right direction to make the most out of playing live bingo online by doing all of the hard work for you and reviewing and rating the best bingo sites, you can choose from a selection of reliable and trustworthy operators.

Our 5-step checklist for finding a fair and secure place to play live bingo games

If you’ve played any slots or table games online before, or even just placed a bet on an online sportsbook, you’ll know there is more to finding a fair and secure operator than you first think. This is especially important when you play live bingo games as there are a small number of sites that have emerged that are not properly licensed and would probably be best avoided.

If you are worried that this might happen to you, don’t worry, we’ve got your back and put together an easy-to-follow checklist to help you ensure that the only operator you make a deposit with is a fair and secure one you can trust with your money.

Check the operator is fully licensed

This one is first on the list for the reason we mentioned above. Even though there are only a couple of them, there are a few sites offering live bingo online without having all of their paperwork in order. It’s easy to check if an operator is licensed if you know what to look for, because operators who are fully licensed will have the fact on their homepage, their ‘about’ section or terms and conditions page.

The golden rule here is that if you really have to go looking for it, you might want to look elsewhere for an operator. Something else that you should see as a warning sign before sharing any of your data, is if the site does not have an up-to-date security certificate. Hopefully, your browser will spot this as soon as you land on their site, but another way to check is to make sure the address starts with ‘https:’ and not ‘http:’

Check the online reviews

Reading online reviews is a part of many online purchasing decisions, so it really shouldn’t be any different when finding a reliable operator for playing live bingo online. What you need to think about here, however – and this is true for reviews of any sort of gambling activity – is that some of the reviews will be posted by people who have either just lost or won money, and the review is strongly affected by that.

These reviews are typically easy to spot and are short on any useful details. You should probably discount those and instead look for answers in lees emotional reviews, or those carried out by sites like Gambling Guy, who have a team of experts who review and rate the live bingo games according to strict criteria which we will cover in more detail later in this guide.

Check the payment methods

As a general rule, a good operator will cover a number of payment methods, to offer the best service possible to their members. They should also explain fully about processing times, levels of acceptance and any fees they charge for you making a deposit by that method. They will also tell you how they keep the transactions safe, so what you are looking for here is SSL encryption – as with many other aspects of finding a good operator, the harder you have to look for the information, the more concerned you should be.

Check how they keep your money safe

Again, transparency is the key here, although you might have to look in the terms and conditions for this one, if you can’t find it on their ‘about’ page. A good operator (and it will possibly be a term of their license, which is why you need to find one with their paperwork in order) will keep customer funds separate from their operating funds. In short, this means they keep your money in a different place as the money they use to run their business. Look for the phrase ‘ring fenced’ and this should stop customer money falling victim to the operator getting into financial difficulties.

Read the terms and conditions

Not everybody’s favorite thing to do, but when you are finding a trustworthy operator it is a useful part of the process. This is not necessarily to check whether or not you can trust your operator with your money (if you had been using this checklist, you should have spotted the obvious warning signs before you got this far). But, to make sure you are happy about some of the finer details you are about to sign up for, especially the requirements of the welcome bonus.

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How our experts rate and review operators to find the best bingo sites for you

Of course, if that sounds like it’s going to take you don’t have, you can get us at Gambling Guy to do all of the legwork for you. You may have seen in the sections above that our team of experts review and rate each operator according to a strict set of criteria.

Nobody would blame you for wanting to check out an operator fully before trusting them with your first deposit. And as you’ve seen, finding the best live bingo online operator is not quite the same as looking for jackpot slots or table games. For that reason, when our experts carry out their reviews, they do so against strict criteria before an operator gets a high rating.

First of all, they check the operator is legit

This first point is the most important, and what our experts look for is listed in the checklist above, so we won’t repeat that again. In addition to this, they check to see if the operator is part of a bigger empire (for instance BetMGM online casino is associated with MGM resorts, who operate offline casinos as well) and if that company is listed on the stock exchange.

Next, they check if the bonus is attractive enough

The first thing you see when you land on a new operator’s site is how much they will ‘give’ you for signing up. This is often a deposit match, free bets or spins or a risk-free bet. While all of these look attractive (after all who doesn’t like more money?) our experts will weigh up which of the offers is the most attractive on the site or across other operators to help you choose which is the best offer to get you started.

Our experts also look at the requirements you have to meet before you can withdraw any of that bonus. Some operators are more generous than others, but none of them are just going to give the money away, so it is usual to have to play through a bonus balance a certain number of times before the bonus is ‘yours’. We look at those requirements to see what the chances are you’ll just be spending your time giving the operator their money back, and some of yours too.

After that they see how easy the website is to use

All operators’ sites look good but are all of them easy to use? You may know from bitter experience that the answer is no. Our experts examine a site to check out how easy it is to navigate, if it is intuitive or if you need to use the help function to see how to do the basic stuff like finding your account details or fund your account. We know that many of you also like to play on your tablet or smartphone, so if the site offers a separate bingo app, then our experts will check and test it in exactly the same way as the main website.

They look for a trouble-free deposit and withdrawal process

The process of funding your account should be as easy as possible as well. We all know there is a certain amount of admin involved in moving money around, and also there has to be verification for everyone’s safety.

What our experts are looking for is a number of deposit methods, so as many customers as possible are catered for, and transparency about deposit times and any processing fees so nobody is caught out. The operators that tick all of these bases are more highly rated then those that seem to make it more difficult than it needs to be, and the same goes for making a withdrawal as well.

Again, there have to be checks that get carried out before you can take money out – but are they done a s quickly as possible or is it just a way of the operator keeping your money that bit longer? If you’ve met all of the requirements for your bonus or any other promotion, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be able to withdraw your funds quickly, and our experts make sure that is the case.

How well does the operator deal with any problems?

As you may know yourself, 99% of the time things go well and everything is fine. However, it is during that other 1% when the good operators show their worth. Our experts look at the operator’s customer support and how easy they are to contact via the usual methods of live chat, email and telephone. Most importantly, they look at the quality of the response and if the answer is useful, or just something that is generic and most probably automated.

Our experts also took to see how else the operator looks after you

If you are going to be sticking around with an operator after you’ve benefited from the bonus, you’ll need to know what else the operator can do for you.

First of all, there are other services the operator offers. Yes, you’re here looking for the best place to play live bingo online, but if you like playing slots and tables games as well, our experts wills see if those are on offer to, They will also look at, where possible, there are poker facilities and a sportsbook if you like to place the occasional wager on NFL or NBA games, to help pick the best operator.

They will also look at the VIP and loyalty programs to see how they work. For instance loyalty programs typically award you points as you play, which you can then exchange for benefits or cashback to your account. Our experts will weigh up what you are getting to see if it is worth sticking around or if you’d be better off somewhere else.

Finally, they look at the level of help an operator offers for members to manage their gaming activities. This will include how they set deposit limits, and how the customer can set their own, as well as cooling off functions for players who might need to take a time out. This will also include access to resources, both internal and external, that are available to members who need additional help.

Are you happy with your current operator?

Having read through the list of things that we look at when we carry out a review, are you thinking that it might be time for a change? Or are you thinking that there is a lot more than just finding an operator with an attractive welcome bonus when it comes to opening your first account?

Either way, at Gambling Guy, we’ve got you back. You’ll see many operators rated and reviewed according to the criteria above, so you are able to make a decision on the best operator for you from a list of reliable and legitimate operators with all of their good and bad points weighed up by our team of experts.

Conclusion – Where to find the bingo sites online

Overall there are really three main things you need to look for when finding the best place to play live bingo games. First of all you need to find a legitimate operator who is fully licensed and will keep your money safe.

Next, you need to find one that offers you an attractive bonus with reasonable requirements to make it worth your while signing up, and then one with good support and a decent loyalty program so it is worth sticking around.

Lastly, there are sites just like this one where a team of experts have done all of the hard work for you so you can make the best choice possible from a shortlist of operators.

Live Bingo Games FAQ

❔ Where can I find the best live bingo games?

Because live bingo online is only available in a few states, not all operators offer live bingo games. For that reason, checking out the live bingo online reviews and ratings from trustworthy sites can save you time checking out each operator one by one

💭 is 75 or 90 ball bingo the most popular online?

Most offline bingo played in the US is the 90 ball format. However, when playing the best live bingo games online, you will also see a lot of 75 ball games, a format which is more popular in Europe. To find out which operators offer the best live bingo online in both formats, as well as the best bonuses, check out the latest reviews

💰 Where can I find the best live bingo online bonus offers

When looking for live bingo online, it is normally the bonus that gets noticed first. However, the biggest amounts normally come with bigger requirements for playing through the balance. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before signing up or checking out the latest expert reviews for recommendations

✔️ How can I win live bingo online

There is no guarantee you will win any fair online bingo game. But, by picking your times carefully so the number of players in any one room is quite low and buying multiple cards can increase your chances of winning a prize.  Check out the strategy guides for all types of online gaming on the latest review sites to see how you can become a smarter bettor

✨ Which operator the best live bingo games in my state?

Live bingo online is growing rapidly in the US. This is despite the fact it is currently available in a limited number of states. To get the most up to date information on which operators offer live bingo online in your state, or to find out when in the future it is likely to be available, check out the latest reviews.

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