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Gambling on the Go! Best Betting Apps Canada 2024

Last Updated on 21/04/2024
Fact checked by: Dean Johnson

Apps have revolutionised the betting world, allowing players to bet and utilise their betting strategies with maximum convenience. We’ll show you the best sports betting app in Canada.

We’re going to look at the best sports betting app in Canada in Canada; the apps that are so well-designed, simple to use, and efficient and effective, that they definitely justify space on your phone.

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The Best Betting Sites in Canada of 2024

Video: The Best Betting Sites in Canada of 2022 🇨🇦

The Best Betting Sites in Canada of 2022 🇨🇦

Secure and fair gambling with these top apps

If you are concerned about whether it is possible to stay secure while online gambling in Canada, then worry not: we at Gambling Guy have gone to great lengths to research the legitimacy of all the operators we feature. We have compiled operator comparisons that include an entire section dedicated to evaluating the security and licensing each operator is able to provide, so you can be confident that our top rated operators are absolutely secure and legitimate.

In addition, we also understand that anyone looking to follow a betting tip and place a bet with the best sports betting app in Canada will have additional security concerns regarding the individual apps themselves. All of our background research into both into the operators and their apps ensures that you can be 100% confident that you are getting the best sports betting app in Canada.

Editor’s recommendation – And The Winner is …

The sheer volume of apps available to Canadian customers is impressive, but there is one app in particular that is the  best sports betting app in Canada: bet365.

The bet365 app is particularly noteworthy due to its simplicity. Resplendent in the distinctive yellow, white, and green colours of the bookmakers’ website, the app is reassuringly and instantly familiar. The app also loads quickly and efficiently, so there’s no waiting around, and launches to an introductory page that offers easy access to events and races that are either in-play or due to start imminently.

If you’re not focusing on in-play or immediate-start events, the bet365 app is incredibly simple to navigate. The most popular sports are listed at the top and accessed quickly with a simple tap, or there’s an A-Z hamburger menu on the right hand side that shows a complete breakdown of all the sports the site provides. Accessing account specifics is also straightforward, and it’s also possible to go to the gaming section from the footer menu.

On this eye-catching app, everything is perfectly laid out, extremely intuitive, fingerprint login is enabled for extra security, and bet365 enjoy a stellar reputation as a trustworthy bookmaker – so there’s no doubt this operator merits their spot as the leader with the best sports betting app in Canada.

This is how our experts test the best sports betting app Canada- Data and Criteria

From essential technical aspects that make the whole app work, to those little additional touches that take it from basic to brilliant, we check and rate betting apps from top to bottom and give you the benefit of our experience. Here is everything our experts look at when evaluating the best sports betting app in Canada.

1. Availability and requirements

We would expect the best sports betting app in Canada to be widely available and suitable for a majority of users. We therefore evaluate the system requirements for each app; does it require an unnecessarily large amount of storage space? Can you play table games such as online roulette with ease? Is it only compatible with more up-to-date phones? Are there app versions available for iPhone, Android, and Windows, or will some users have to default to using the mobile website? We consider all of these questions and more when looking into the availability and requirements of best sports betting app in Canada.

2. Usability and design

To be considered best sports betting app in Canada, an app absolutely has to look the part first and foremost. The design and software should be as up-to-date as possible, preferably adhering to recent trends – a design that looks good tends to mean that a lot of time and effort has gone into creating the app, which reflects well on the operator and – usually – results in a preferable user experience. The online casino software providers in Canada matter too, as you’ll want a quality gaming experience. Usability is also a crucial consideration for us; we look at how easy the app is to use with one hand, as well as how easy it is to navigate, asking if moving between different sections is intuitive and straightforward or if it seems to be unnecessarily complex. In addition, we then evaluate the actual performance of the app: does each section load quickly? Is it easy to move between different areas, or is there a lag when switching to a different section of the site? The best mobile betting apps in Canada work for users when it comes to placing bets and following the action.

3. Mobile payment methods

When it comes to the best sports betting app in Canada, convenience is arguably the greatest selling point – the ability to place a bet from wherever you please is incredibly advantageous, and explains why apps have risen in popularity over recent years. However, the ability to place from anywhere is also at least somewhat dependent on how well the app functions in terms of payments. We assess each app to determine if it’s possible to make deposits in the app itself, which online casino payment methods in Canada are available, whether there are any costs or fees, maximum amounts for deposit and withdrawal. and everything else a user could possibly need. We examine these areas in order to determine if the app really does offer convenience and flexibility to users, or if it is restrictive in comparison to the desktop site or offline bookmakers.

4. Extra bonus

It’s always nice to be able to get a little bit extra in any facet of life; a fact that many operators seem to understand very well indeed. Some apps include app-only bonuses in exchange for downloading the app or placing a bet, and some operator promotions are only available to mobile users. We look into all of these when assessing each app and if we do find any promos of note, we seek more information: what requirements need to be met to qualify for the bonus? Is it a long-running bonus, or more time-specific? Is it applicable to those who have only recently downloaded the app, or is it for new customers only? We go into the details with best sports betting app in Canada to find the answers that app-users need to know in regards to bonus provision.

5. Data and live offers

Live betting is a key aspect for anything that wants to be considered to be the best sports betting app in Canada, so this is an area we pay particular attention to – especially given the fact that one of the major draws of apps is allowing users to bet “on the go”. We look into the live betting options that each app provides and detail how well they work, both on Wifi and – as many often be necessary for those who are seeking to use an app to bet outside the home – when accessed via data. We also check to see if live streaming is available, and if it is possible to access statistics, account information, and everything else one needs for a flawless betting experience from the app itself.

6. Mobile customer service

Customer service is incredibly important to any bettor; it’s essential to know that if there’s a reason to contact support, you can do so with minimal hassle every time – so we always check how easy the best sports betting app in Canada makes contacting customer service. We’ll find out whether support can be contacted from within the app itself, or if users will be directed to the mobile website or desktop in order to access a live chat or find a phone number to call. We also look into how fast the response is from customer service and how efficiently any issues can be resolved.

Finding the best sports betting app for you – Every Better Unique

If you are not completely satisfied with your existing bookmaker, then it might be time for a change. There are so many different bookmakers out there, many of whom have developed incredible reputations for providing great customer service, a wide range of markets, and whose mobile offerings can claim pride of place amongst the best mobile betting apps in Canada. Given such a plethora of choice, remaining with an operating who is underperforming is simply unnecessary – to borrow a phrase, there’s plenty of betting operators in the sea!

In an effort to help you narrow down the choice of which operator (or operators, if you prefer) might be the right choice for you, you can turn to our Gambling Guy operator comparisons. These guides, such as our best sportsbook Canada coverage, are take a close look at each of the operators available to Canadian bettors, evaluating each provider on multiple different points from bonuses to payment methods; so finding a new bookmaker has never been simpler. Read through our operator comparisons today and we’re sure you’ll be able to find a great operator who suits your requirements and preferences perfectly.

 Checklist – This is how you find YOUR perfect app!

When it comes to picking the best sports betting app in Canada, 90% of the decision is based on objective facts. What matters is all the information we at Gambling Guy assess, looking at the markets available, the payment methods, the security measures, and so on. Apps that seem to perform well across all areas will naturally be the frontrunners – but then there is the final consideration, the 10% of the decision, that relies on subjectivity. It is imperative that you find an app that works well for you specifically, especially in a crowded field where multiple apps perform well across all objective assessments; you need to narrow the field and find what you feel are the best betting apps in Canada. Here’s a handy checklist that can help you to do just that.

  • Which apps are compatible with your phone? This is simplest, but also most important, question when it comes to deciding which of the best betting apps in Canada you should use.
  • How much storage space on your phone do you have available? You’ll preferably want to find an app that fits onto your phone with ease.
  • Are you a night-time gambler? You may want to consider apps from operators that offer 24/7 customer service, so you can access assistance if required.
  • Do you like to watch live streams on mobile? If so, you’ll need to choose an app that can provide this capability.
  • Do you like to cash out bets? Cashing out is a very popular choice for many bettors who don’t want to risk a bet that is going well suddenly turn bad as the sports event progresses, so if you’re a fan of cashing out, make sure you can do this from within the app itself.
  • Do you like to bet in-play? In-play betting is often fast and furious, as you try to place your chosen bet amidst quickfire odds movements – so you’ll need an app that performs perfectly and can keep up with rapid changes, with minimal risk of hang ups or crashes.
  • Will you be using the app on data a lot? If so, choose the best sports betting app in Canada that is relatively light on graphics will likely be the best choice for you in order to ensure your data is not drained if choosing to bet on the move.

What is the best sports betting app in Canada that our experts use?

Having tested all of the best betting apps in Canada, our experts have developed their own preferences for which apps perform at their best.

Overall, as we have discussed above, the consensus of our experts suggest that the easy-to-use and flawlessly designed bet365 offering tops the list of the best betting apps in Canada. However, that’s not to say that other apps don’t perform well – in fact, there are plenty of apps that offer their own benefits, and which have received a huge amount of acclaim from our experts. Here are three of the most-favoured options and why they are so effective:

  • 888sport – a clean interface that allows to move through markets with speed and requires relatively little storage space.
  • Betway – straightforward to use, with a particularly user-friendly betslip that allows for simple stake adjustments.
  • William Hill – a more “old school” feel to this app but a nevertheless pleasant experience, with a comprehensive left-hand menu that makes finding the right app very simple indeed

As well as the three mentioned above, and bet365 itself, it’s worth noting that the vast majority of sports betting apps actually perform admirably well. For bookmakers, this makes sense: bookies know that customers like apps and want to be able to use them, so they have ensured that their offering is able to deliver all the essentials that one would expect. You might also want to check out our odds comparison Canada guide to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

Ultimate User tips – For the Power Winners

Here are the top three tips that can help ensure you get the most from your time using one of the best betting apps in Canada:

1. Minimise the use of other apps

To ensure the quickest possible performance of your chosen bookie or online casino Quebec app, it’s a good idea to close down any apps that might be running in the background. If your bookmaker app is the only one that is operating, it should be able to perform at its very best.

2. Make sure the option to show your balance is switched on

Some of the best betting apps in Canada do not automatically display your balance at the top of the screen, so go to the options settings to ensure this is switched on. Being able to see your balance while placing your bets ensures that you have complete control over your bankroll at all times.

3. Screenshot your bets

It’s generally advisable to screenshot bets for tracking and record-keeping purposes anyway, but doing so is irritating and laborious if betting on a desktop site. However, when using the best betting apps in Canada, a screenshot takes less than a couple of seconds and you can store the image in a special folder on your phone or mobile device.

4. Enable extra security measures (if available)

Many of the best betting apps in Canada will allow you to – if your phone offers the functionality – login to the app using just your fingerprint. This is obviously a very secure choice and it’s also incredibly convenient; rather than needing to painstakingly enter a password every time you want to login to bet, you can simply tap your finger to the right area and your app will launch immediately. Simple, convenient, and security conscious all at the same time.

5. Always sign out of the app when you’ve finished betting

Closing down an app, or simply switching to another app on your phone, will not necessarily log you out of the. It’s important to remember to logout when you have finished placing your bets each time for the sake of security, and to make sure you avoid placing any inadvertent bets by accident due to your account still being logged in.

Conclusion – Hitting All the Right Buttons

Any bookmaker that wants to thrive knows that they need to evolve with the times by providing one of the best betting apps in Canada. We hope that the Gambling Guy experts have left you confident in choosing an app that offers all of the following:

  • Security, so you know you’re safe and sound when betting on the move.
  • Ease of use: any mobile app is only good if it is convenient, and this is all the more important for in-play bettors.
  • Customer service, so you can contact the operator with ease.

With an app that meets all of the above criteria, you should be able to make the most of an on-the-go betting. Find out more about another top operator with our latest PartyCasino review.

Best Betting Apps in Canada FAQ

🏒 What is the best sports betting app in Canada?

Sports betting, and sports in general, are extremely popular in Canada. Therefore, there are hundreds of sports betting apps to choose from in this country. In ranking the best and most popular apps, we’ve sought out the betting apps with the best markets on popular Canadian sports such as hockey. You can find our expert ranked list of Top Canadian Betting Apps here at

The laws surrounding the legality of gambling and betting in Canada are far more liberal than they are in the neighbouring US. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t complications, especially when it comes to using overseas betting sites. Find out everything you can and can’t do right at the best online casinos and sportsbooks right here at

✅ What is the safest app for sports betting Canada has to offer?

It’s always a good idea to check into how each app works in terms of its online security. After all, you will be using your app with your personal details. Plus you will be making deposits and withdrawals via the app. Thankfully all of the best sports betting apps come from our recommended betting sites. This means that you get to enjoy the best sports betting Canada has to offer.

🏦 What Canadian banks allow online gambling?

As you may or may not know, gambling is 100% legal here in Canada. This law extends to and includes online sports betting websites and casino sites based overseas. However, some Canadian banks include in their own terms and conditions. One such term is a clause that makes it difficult for you to fund your own account. Head to to find out if your bank is on the list of banks that don’t allow payment to online gambling companies.

🇨🇦 What’s the best betting site in Canada?

Given that gambling laws are far more lenient in Canada than in the neighbouring US, there is a large number of betting sites to choose from. With the popularity of sports such as ice hockey, football and basketball in Canada, we’d recommend finding a website with a variety of betting markets on such sports, as well as good odds. Find out more here at with our information on all the best betting apps.

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