Canadian Sportsbetting Guide 2021

Betting is not something that anyone can just inherently understand. It’s a world full of its own unique terminology and quirks – and it’s a world that can, at least initially, be rather confusing. At Gambling Guy, we’ve recognised the need for a clear, incisive guide to betting on sports online and have compiled a range of options that we hope you will find useful.

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Why are betting guides so important? – Only the Benefits

When it comes to betting or using a casino, bookmakers quite literally have the edge. With sports betting, bookies use their statistical knowledge and their ability to set odds in such a way that ensures that they will – at least, usually – come out on top. In a casino, bookmakers always have the house edge. That’s how these companies stay in business, after all.

Punters, however, can also use their own knowledge and understanding to go toe-to-toe with the bookmakers’ insights. As a bettor, finding ways to ‘beat the bookie’ and tip the edge in your favour is of paramount importance – and using a great Canadian online betting guide for sports is the best way to achieve this goal.

Who should make use of these guides? – Absolutely Anyone!

For new bettors or casino players, our beginners’ guide to sports betting can help to build an understanding of all the intricacies of sports betting, so that you have an idea of all the options available and are familiar with the essential terminology. You should therefore be able to skip right through the awkward introductory phase and benefit from strategies that are usually reserved for those with years of betting experience.

For experienced users, we have ensured that any Canadian online betting guide for sports we write is also useful. We’ve gone above and beyond to highlight strategies you should find beneficial. We have covered at least a few topics even the most advanced user hasn’t considered before with each of our Canadian online betting guides for sports, so you should be able to find ways to improve your overall betting.

Betting guides – Let’s Get on Track

So, what can you expect from our Canadian online betting guide for sports, or while playing at a casino? And is there any other information you need to know before you begin betting or visit an online casino? Let’s find out.

1. The basics of betting

Of all of our Canadian online betting guide for sports options, the guides that fall into this category should be considered the fundamentals that anyone who wishes to bet online needs to know. Our guides cover important considerations such as:

Betting odds

Our guides will explain how to read odds, how they are calculated, why odds are so important when placing your bets, and many similar topics that will prove hugely beneficial for any bettor.

Legal concerns

Many newcomers to the betting world can query the legality of bookmaker websites, as well as wondering whether practices such as matched betting are legal – matters that our guides will address in great detail.

Pre-match and live betting

Pre-match betting is the “standard” type of betting, and suits numerous strategies, which we will discuss across our guides. In contrast, live (or “in-play” betting as it is sometimes known) can be tricky and somewhat intimidating, especially given how quickly the odds can move.

Betting types explained

Our Canadian online betting guides for sports also cover all of the different bet types as possible, ranging from accumulators to Asian Handicaps, so you know all the betting options available to you.

2. Money management and bonuses

Money management and the use of bonuses will always be an important part of your betting or casino experience, so here are some tips you may find beneficial:

Allocating and managing your monthly budget

It’s wise to set a monthly budget for your sports betting or casino play and make sure this is never exceeded. Separating this from the funds required for other expenses gives you complete control over your bankroll.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Many of our reviews and Canadian online betting guides for sports will cover deposit and withdrawal options for each site, and we’ve gone into further detail regarding the different payment method options. As a general rule, it is always preferable to use a debit card for your online betting, as these cards rarely incur fees and usually qualify for all bonuses.

Bonus wagering

Speaking of bonuses, wagering is an important part of your overall betting or gaming experience. Wagering is fairly rare with sports bets (though it’s not unheard of), but is very common with casinos. Keeping track of things is essential for anyone looking to play casino games online.

VIP and loyalty programmes

Both casinos and sportsbooks often offer VIP and loyalty programmes, giving your overall usage of the operator a nice extra boost. If you use a casino regularly, always check to see if they have a VIP programme to join.

3. Understanding betting strategies

There’s a lot of betting strategies which we’ll cover in each of our Canadian online betting guides for sports, with the following potentially considered to be the top five:

Choosing the right type of bet / market

There’s no need to just stick to the “winner” market when choosing to bet online. There are plenty of other markets that are all worth incorporating into your overall betting strategy, such as Asian handicaps and accumulators.

Follow betting tips

Betting tips can help to round out your own knowledge and allow you to place bets that benefit from expert insight and statistical analysis. You can find betting tips right here on Gambling Guy, and we hope they will come to play an important part in your betting strategy.

Two-way bets

Two-way bets are perhaps the simplest of all types of bets: they are bets where there are only two potential outcomes; the win and the loss (such as Player A wins and Player B loses in tennis or darts), rather than win/loss/draw (as would be possible for many sports). Including a mix of two-way bets definitely has a place in any betting strategy, alongside more standard three-way bets.


Another worthwhile inclusion in your betting experience is the over-under markets, which often focuses on how many goals will be scored in a football match. Over-under bets have a little more flexibility as they don’t require a definitive prediction; for example, choosing “over 3.5 goals” to be scored in a match means four, five, six, or more goals may be scored – there are multiple potential outcomes where your bet wins. In comparison, choosing a winner means you have to be right on that single facet of the match. Over-unders are absolutely worth a try.

Progressive betting

Progressive betting strategies primarily apply to casino games such as Blackjack or roulette. The basic idea is to alter the amount you stake depending on the outcome of the last hand (or roll, or spin of the wheel, depending on the game). If you’re looking to enhance your casino experience, a progressive betting strategy could work well.

4. Useful betting knowledge

Here is a look at some of the most important background information anyone who bets online may find beneficial:

Legality of betting

Betting is legal in Canada, which means you can use all of the tips provided in one of our Canadian online betting guide for sports, or play at an online casino – or both!

Betting online vs betting offline

Betting online is usually the preferable choice. You’re in greater control, you have the ability to find the best odds for your chosen bets, and managing your bankroll should be more efficient also.

Available tools

There are a number of different tools that can be worth trying, such as an odds comparison service that ensure you can always find the best possible price for your bets.


Wins from betting are not taxed in Canada, though if you do win a significant amount and then earn interest on those winnings, then the interest will be taxable. Speak to a specialist advisor for more advice on this if required.

Betting guide FAQ – What You Need to Know

Here’s a look at the most common questions people tend to ask when considering using our Canadian online betting guide for sports and formulating betting strategies.

Question 1: Does every strategy work?

No betting strategy is 100% perfect; if they were, bookmakers would be run out of business. However, many strategies can provide results, so can be an important part of betting for many people.

Question 2: Are strategies safe to use?

If a strategy is very successful, there is a chance that a bookmaker can limit your account, which would mean you cannot place further bets. However, the same is true even for those betting without a strategy.

Question 3: Can I bet without using a strategy?

Of course, but it’s far from ideal. Strategies formulated with the help of our Canadian Online betting guide for sports help to deepen your understanding of your chosen sport/s and therefore potentially place “better” bets in the future.

Question 4: What are the top five mistakes I need to avoid when using strategies?

Rushing into a strategy

Always make sure that you understand the strategy you’re going to attempt to use before placing your first bet.

Mixing and matching

Choose one strategy and focus on it for a period of time to see how it works for you. Mixing and matching different strategies at the same time can be confusing, and make it difficult to track how each is working.

Not cutting losses

If a strategy isn’t working, and continues not to work for a long period of time, then be willing to cut your losses and walk away. Don’t go chasing a turnaround if a strategy has let you down multiple times.

Paying for a betting strategy

Some tipsters will claim that they can sell an “unbeatable” betting strategy – but always avoid these kinds of deals. If a strategy was truly unbeatable and delivering endless profits, the tipster wouldn’t need to charge for it, so it’s preferable to formulate your own strategies with the help of our Canadian online betting guide for sports and our casino reviews instead.

Abandoning the idea of strategies altogether

If one strategy doesn’t work quite as well as expected, then try to avoid abandoning the idea of strategies altogether – you’ve likely just not found your perfect match yet. Read through our Canadian online betting guide for sports and try something new.

Conclusion – You’re All Set

Hopefully, with the help of our Canadian online betting guides for sports, you can be confident of achieving three essential benefits when placing your bets:

Firstly, you can be sure that you benefit from a great understanding of the strategies required to help you beat the bookies or take the house edge back from the casino.

Secondly, any of our Canadian online betting guides for sports can help you use the bonuses that the bookmakers offer effectively.

Last, but not least, you will feel completely comfortable making your bets thanks to a background understanding of the terminology required to bet, legality of betting, which bets are available, and much more besides.

With all of this in mind, we hope you find our guide useful in taking on the bookies.

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