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The Most Legitimate Betting Strategies for Canadian Players 2024

Sports betting strategies and more – You’re Spoiled for Choice

It’s possible to place bets largely at random, going with whatever appeals to you the most on each individual occasion, and not really paying much attention beyond that. However, it is far preferable to use a sports betting strategy Canada residents can rely on; you’ll be in greater control, and you could even find a way to beat the bookies on occasion too. If you’re curious to learn more about the best sports betting strategies Canada bettors can use, then look no further than the information below.

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Why are betting strategies so important? – Exponential Benefits

When you are placing sports bets, an individual player can sometimes seem to be at a disadvantage: bookmakers benefit from the insight of hundreds – if not thousands – of employees, all of whom contribute their own unique understanding into the match, race, or event in question. It can sometimes be One Bettor vs Potentially Thousands. On initial inspection, the odds of being able to come out on top don’t seem too favourable – but this isn’t actually the case.

Using the best sports betting strategy in Canada can be a great way to help level the playing field, boosting your own betting and potentially even helping you to effectively beat the bookmakers at their own game. What’s more, following a sports betting strategy in Canada can result in greater study of betting in general, which is beneficial for any regular bettor.

Who should make use of these strategies? – Come one and All

We at Gambling Guy have gone to great lengths to be inclusive, focusing on strategies for online gambling in Canada that are suitable for every bettor. Perhaps you are a beginning bettor who is looking for a sports betting strategy Canada residents even if they have not placed many bets in the past. Alternatively, you may be an experienced, advanced bettor who feels like trying out one of the options for a sports betting strategy Canada bettors can consider; if so, you should be able to find a great match for your needs on our sites.

The reason we have been as inclusive as possible is that the benefits of using a sports betting strategy in Canada are constant, regardless of previous betting experience, the number of strategies used or guides you have followed in the past, or any other factor. If you’re intending to place bets in the future, then a sports betting strategy for Canada bettors should prove to be very useful indeed.

Betting strategies – More than just Sports

Thus far, we have focused primarily on the importance of using a sports betting strategy in Canada – but we also appreciate that there is a lot more to placing sports bets. Below, we have looked at everything you may need to know about betting, and have also included some of the betting strategies you may want to consider using so we can be as complete as possible in our advice.

Creating an unbeatable sports betting strategy – The Easy Way

1. The basics of betting

Betting odds

Betting odds influence everything that anyone who wishes to play sports bet does, governing not only the likelihood of a particular outcome to the potential profit a successful bet can produce. “Long odds” bets are the most potentially profitable, but they’re also the least likely to happen. We factor in the best betting odds in Canada into any sports betting strategy Canada residents use.

Different markets

Betting is often talked about as if there is only one type of bet: the “winner” bet, where you select a team, a horse, or an individual who you believe will win a particular match, race, or event. However, anyone looking to use a sports betting strategy in Canada could be well advised to consider including other markets such as first goalscorer, over-under bets, half-time/full-time bets, each-way bets, accumulator bets, and the plethora of options modern bookmakers now provide.

Operator differences

Bookmakers may all offer the same basic betting capabilities to users, but the overall service provision will always differ between individual operators. Areas such as the available markets, payment methods, customer service, the online casino software providers in Canada used in the casino (if relevant), and more tend to vary significantly. Bettors looking to use a sports betting strategy in Canada will need to consider these differentiating factors when choosing which operator is most suitable for their needs.

Professional betting

Betting is often seen as a pastime; something that people do for fun – and many people who are intending to use a sports betting strategy Canada residents can use will bet primarily for the purpose. However, professional bettors do exist, and can be worth learning more about as you build on your existing knowledge of the betting world.

2. Money management and bonuses

Setting a budget

The most common way for people to set a budget for their betting activities is to separate an amount of money off from their general everyday budget and use this for sports betting, playing roulette, or whatever their preference may be. You could even consider opening a different bank account that is used solely for betting; this technique is particularly popular with those who try matched betting, which we will discuss in more depth below.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Funding your betting bankroll will always lead to a need for research on the various deposit and withdrawal options that bookmakers offer. Some bookmakers have a relatively meagre provision in this area, while others are more willing to accept payment methods beyond the standard credit or debit card option. Deciding which deposit and withdrawal options work best for you will be a big part of your complete sports betting strategy in Canada.

Operator terms and conditions

While we all love exclusive bonuses for Canada 2020, they all come with specific T’s & C’s. Paying close attention to terms and conditions is crucial for any bettor, and there’s usually a lot of terms to contend with when you’re looking to bet online. Always read through the fine print of any agreement a bookmaker provides or asks you to agree to so that you know if there is wagering or expiry dates attached to the bonus.

VIP or loyalty programmes

Most VIP or loyalty programmes are points-based, and the more you use a particular operator, the higher your points will become – and you can then redeem these for various on-site bonuses. While these programmes are more of an add-on to your sports betting strategy for Canada betting, they can be a nice boost if you have a preferred bookmaker.

3. Understanding betting strategies

If you’re looking for a sports betting strategy Canada residents are able to use, then you’ll never be short of options. Here are four options you can consider, all of which are covered in-depth in their own individual sections of the Gambling Guy site.

In-play betting strategy

In-play betting – where bets are placed when a sporting event is actually taking place, rather than prior to the event starting as would be considered more standard. Deciding to use an in-play betting strategy allows you to leverage any observations or insights you can glean while watching an event and place bets accordingly.

Matched betting strategy

Matched betting is not gambling; done correctly, profits should be assured thanks to special use of bookmaker offers and free bets. Deciding to use a matched betting strategy is complex and can be quite the learning curve – and it’s not a practice that is popular with bookmakers, who tend to quickly restrict accounts who try it – but it is an option for anyone seeking a sports betting strategy in Canada.

1×2 betting strategy

The 1×2 market is among the most popular in team sports, particularly football, where each match can have one of three outcomes – a win for Team A (1), a draw (x) or a win for Team B (2). There are a number of different types of this strategy available, ranging from the simple to the complex.

1.01 betting strategy

The 1.01 betting strategy is so named because it involves making exchange bets at odds of 1.01 – the shortest possible odds for any outcome. An undeniably unusual strategy, and one that is unlikely to result in huge profits, this strategy nevertheless has its fans.

4. Useful betting knowledge

The benefits of online betting

Online betting has very much become the norm nowadays, and is usually the preferred choice for those who are seeking to use their own sports betting strategy in Canada. Betting online allows you to check a variety of different bookmakers to find the best odds and is also generally preferable in terms of simplicity. You can bet from anywhere you please or even on the go using a mobile app, rather than having to visit a specific location.

Legal and tax concerns

It’s not uncommon for newcomers to betting to wonder if betting is actually legal in Canada; if you have wondered this yourself, then be assured that the answer is yes. It is legal to place bets online across the country, so using sports betting strategy in Canada can be used by anyone who wishes to do so. In addition, if you have wondered if you need to pay tax on winnings, then the answer is no (though you will pay tax on any interest you earn from winnings).

Betting terminology

Each-way bets, accumulators, rule four deductions, decimal odds, fractional odds… the world of betting can be full of confusing terminology for those entering it for the first time. Learning more about the language of betting should be of benefit to anyone seeking to use a sports betting strategy in Canada.

Consider cash out betting

Cash out betting allows you to complete a bet while it is still in play: for example, if you bet on Team A and they are winning after 20 minutes, you could cash out the bet. Your winnings will be slightly smaller than it would be if you let the bet settle as normal at the end of the match, but eliminates the risk of Team A suddenly making a mistake and losing the lead in the second half. While our example has focused on football, cash out is available for most sports, and can be very useful indeed.

Betting strategies FAQ – A Deeper Dive

When considering trying something new like a sports betting strategy Canada bettors can use, it’s natural to have a few questions about the entire process. Below, we have compiled all of the questions people tend to ask about betting strategies and sought to answer them – so you know exactly what to expect if you try out a sports betting strategy in Canada.

Q1 – Does every sports betting strategy work?

No sports betting strategy Canada residents can use will be able to guarantee that it will always work. Strategies are not guaranteed; they are designed to help shape betting, and offer the potential to help beat the bookie, but this does not mean that every strategy is a surety.

You may be wondering what the point of using a sports betting strategy in Canada is, if there is no absolute guarantee that a chosen strategy will work every time. It is therefore important to note that placing bets without a strategy is also not guaranteed to “work”, so there is no absolute alternative available. What strategies can do is allow you to refine your betting experience and learn more about the ins and outs of betting, which will undoubtedly benefit your betting in the future.

Finally, we also wanted to point out that many strategies are the product of thousands of people’s time, energy, and effort. Betting strategies remain popular because bettors find them useful; if the entire idea of strategies had no merit whatsoever, then we wouldn’t be talking about them now. So, while there’s absolutely no guarantee any single sports betting strategy in Canada will absolutely work 100% of the time, strategies as a concept are still worth trying, especially when enhanced by your own knowledge and a few betting tips too.

Q2 – Are sports betting strategies safe to use?

It depends on your concept of “safety”. In terms of legality then yes, any sports betting strategy Canada bettors can use on Gambling Guy is completely legal, so there is no need for concern there.

If you are concerned about risk, then sports betting strategies do – to an extent – tend to involve an element of risk. However, the risk is no more significant than when placing standard sports bets without an underlying strategy. Valuable advice such as managing your betting bankroll and always betting sensibly will always be important in terms of risk management and safety, whether you are using a sports betting strategy in Canada or betting without.

Q3 – Can I bet without a strategy?

Technically yes, you can bet without using a sports betting strategy Canada bettors can use – but perhaps the bigger question is why you would want to do so. Strategies, as we have highlighted, are beneficial to both new and experienced players, and can potentially assist you in beating the bookie. In contrast, there are no advantages to betting without a strategy, so using a sports betting strategy in Canada could be the way forward for your betting experience.

Q4 – What are the top five mistakes I should avoid when using betting strategies?

#1 – Lack of research

A lack of research can result in problems implementing your sports betting strategy in Canada. It’s advisable to research a strategy to a point where you can thoroughly explain it to another person, and be understood. If you cannot explain your chosen strategy, then this suggests a little more research is in order.

#2 – Placing too many bets

To really evaluate if a strategy is working as expected, you will need to be able to effectively track each bet you place and see if it delivers a result. However, if you place too many bets at once, tracking each bet can become complicated, especially when issues such as deductions and voided bets are factored into the mix. Go slowly initially as you’re adjusting to using a new sports betting strategy Canada residents can use.

#3 – Following a strategy someone else recommends

If someone makes a recommendation for a strategy, it’s best to treat this as a starting point for further research rather than something you should absolutely do. Look into the recommended strategy and verify you’re happy with the idea and that it makes sense for you personally before giving it a try for yourself.

#4 – Trying too many strategies at once

There’s a lot of interesting strategies out there, but trying too many at once should always be avoided. It’s important to analyse any strategy you try and see how it performs, which can be very difficult to do if you have several strategies operating at once. Instead, pick a strategy and see how it works over a period of time before starting another.

#5 – Not walking away if things aren’t working out

If a strategy isn’t working well for you, then there’s no reason to continue on with the same strategy if you do not feel comfortable doing so. Instead, you can set that particular strategy aside for now, and perhaps try a different strategy in the meantime.

Conclusion – The Sky’s the Limit

A sports betting strategy Canada bettors use should enhance your betting experience in three ways in particular. You will have more control over your betting experience; you will be able to deepen your understanding of betting and the different possibilities that are available; and finally, you may well have the advantage that helps you to take on the bookies and – hopefully – beat them on occasion too. If you have never used a sports betting strategy in Canada before, then we hope you will find the Gambling Guy overview of the various strategies available very useful to your future betting.

Best Betting Strategy for Canada FAQ – Take a Peek

❓What is the best betting strategy Canada has for hockey?

All sports fans will come up with a variety of different betting strategies. After all, they will need all of the help they can get to make the most of the betting odds on offer. If you read our guide to using the best betting strategy for Canada, you’ll find the perfect hockey betting strategy. We’ll even give you help with betting on anything from football and basketball to baseball and soccer.

🏀 What is the best betting strategy Canada has for basketball?

There’s plenty of debate about which is the best betting strategy Canada has for basketball. After all, each game will feature a variety of different players and circumstances. Our betting guide will cover everything you need to know about betting on sports like basketball. This means that you’ll find the best betting strategy Canada has for basketball, as well as football, hockey and much more. The perfect way to put down a confident sports bet.  

🎁 What is the best betting strategy Canada’s gamers use for bonuses?

All of Canada’s betting fans will have their own preferences over what kinds of sports and casino bonuses they claim. Some people like the bonus that gives them the greatest amount of extra betting funds. While others like to get a little extra insurance with their bets. By reading the best betting strategy for Canada, you’ll find information about which kind of bonus could work best for you.

✅ Is the best betting strategy Canada has to offer completely safe?

When you use a betting strategy, you’ll want to know that it can minimize your losses and boost whatever wins you make. Otherwise, the strategy won’t be of any use to anyone. In our guide to the best betting strategy Canada has to offer, you’ll find the best strategies for your favourite sport. This will help you take full advantage of all of the sports betting odds on offer.

⭐ What is the best betting strategy Canada has for newbies?

Few people can benefit from the best betting strategy Canada has to offer as much as those who are completely new to sports betting. After all, a good strategy can help you avoid making too many rookie errors with your sports bets. Plus a strategy will help you identify what counts as good betting odds and which odds should be avoided. You’ll find out about all of this in our betting guides.

Players must be 21 years of age or older or reach the minimum age for gambling in their respective state and located in jurisdictions where online gambling is legal. Please play responsibly. Bet with your head, not over it. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, and wants help, call or visit: (a) the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey at 1-800-Gambler or; or (b) Gamblers Anonymous at 855-2-CALL-GA or

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