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What is 1.01 Betting? Learn How 1.01 Betting Strategy is Working in Canadian Sites 2024

Publish Date: 12/06/2020
Fact checked by: Dean Johnson

Even if you’re a casual bettor, you’ll have read the term ‘1.01 betting’ explained online. While many gamblers claim they’ve invented the concept, the strategy has actually been around for a long time. The strategy takes some time to actually see some results, as you’re betting on the lowest odds available.

The 1.01 betting strategy in Canada is often used when placing in-play or live bets. While other betting strategies are preferred for better profits, there are still many that use this system. It can increase your profits but at a slower rate.

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Key Takeaways – The Low Risk Staple

• The strategy has low risks
• Can bet any size stake
• Considered sure bets
• Obtain low profit from low bets
• Takes long to accumulate
• Favoured with in-play odds
• Works well with lay bets
• Good betting strategy for opportunists

The Detailed Guide to 1.01 Betting – Made Simple

1.01 Betting Explained

In order to explain 1.01 betting, we need only refer to the name of the strategy. Bettors make use of the 1.01 betting strategy in Canada when they wager on odds of 1.01. This is one of the lowest odds that you might find in a sportsbook.

You might be wondering why anyone would bet on such low odds. You see, online gamblers view these odds as sure bets. These types of bets are 99% of the time guaranteed to win. Yet, because the odds are so low, you won’t receive much profit in return.

Are you wondering how it works? Let us explain. Imagine you’re near the end of a tennis match. The winning player is so far ahead, the chances are small that she will lose. The bookmaker places the match odds at 1.01 that she will win the match.

You seize the opportunity. You place a $1 in-play bet on that wager in favour of the winning player. It’s a sure bet. As predicted, the player wins and you receive your winnings of $1.01. Do this successfully 100 times, and you would have doubled your original bet.

There are many who feel this is a drawn-out strategy in a long-term investment. Bettors who like fast action, huge profits will skip this 1.01 betting strategy in Canada altogether. Yet, this method is still favoured among gamblers to this day.

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Where to Find 1.01 Odds

After we’ve explained 1.01 betting, you must be wondering where you can find these odds. Many believe it’s easy to find. There are many matches where the odds are stacked in favour of the winning team. The betting world should be overflowing with 1.01 markets.

Surprisingly, not. Some bookies only go as low as 1.10. Your best chance of finding 1.01 odds are with in-play markets. Bookmakers will open markets at low 1.01 odds when the chances of winning profits are extremely high. A good example of this is soccer when one team has a large goal difference against its opponent.

These types of odds can also be found before a match begins. If you’re a football fan, you know the chances are high that less than seven goals will be scored. If you locate the under/over markets, you may find 1.01 odds for goals over seven. This is what is called a guaranteed sure bet.

Bettors use the 1.01 betting strategy in Canada in this way to increase their profits slowly. There is less risk involved with definite profits. Although it might take a long time for the profits to amount to much, it’s still a profit nevertheless.

Opportunists Love 1.01 Betting

Bettors that want to use the 1.01 betting strategy in Canada need to be opportunists. You’ll need to continuously be on the hunt for the markets with 1.01 odds. If you often win every day in these markets, you can make yourself a nice profit by the end of the month.

When you find them, you need to place your bet quickly. Sometimes bookies only leave 1.01 markets open for a few moments. If a sportsbook finds many bettors placing bets on the odds, it might close the market immediately. So as soon as you spot one, place your bet.

Using the 1.01 betting method can be very time-consuming. Bettors hunt daily for these opportunities and need to bet several times to raise their profits. It can become exhausting, leaving gamblers to try other gambling methods. Yet, if you enjoy treasure-hunting for opportunities like this, then 1.01 betting is for you.

With 1.01 betting explained, let’s take a look at the risks of using this strategy.

The Risks of Low-risk Betting

We’ve mentioned several times in this 1.01 betting strategy for Canada how low-risk the system is. It’s better if we place emphasis on ‘low’. Even if the chances are high that you’ll win, there are still some risks involved with this betting method.

Let’s say you placed a bet on a soccer match where Chelsea is leading against Arsenal, 3 – 0. There are fifteen minutes of play left. The bookie loads the odds of 1.01 since there is a very low chance that Arsenal will strike back.

But wait. What’s that? A Chelsea player receives a red card for committing a foul. Suddenly, the heavens open up and it starts to rain. Arsenal kicks into high gear with two goals. The bookmaker sees what is happening and closes the market. With a few seconds left on the clock, they score the goal that brings the game to a tie.

Our example might be an exaggeration. Yet, an event can take a turn for the worst sometimes. It’s hard to predict when this will happen, but there is always a chance of losing your wager. Even when the betting system is called ‘low-risk’. In our in-play tennis betting strategy guide, it’s also revealed how quickly odds can change in a match.

This is why it’s so important to have 1.01 betting explained so that bettors can understand the risks involved.

1.01 Betting in Sports

We have spent a lot of time explaining how the 1.01 betting strategy in Canada works with soccer. The reason is that the strategy is mainly used by bettors who are football fans. If you look at any guide on the latest betting tips for 1.01 betting, most of them are filled with soccer matches.

After having 1.01 betting explained, you should understand by now that it can be used with other sports too. Where there is a sure chance of one side winning, it’s easy to find 1.01 odds. Therefore, it can be used in other sports, such as tennis or hockey.

It should be kept in mind that it’s not only in real sports that this method can be used. Online gambling also features other types of sports, such as esports and Virtual Sports. There are also opportunities to find 1.01 odds within these tournaments where a win is guaranteed. Keep an eye out for virtual games where one side is beating the other by far.

Now that you’ve had 1.01 betting explained, you may like to learn more sports betting strategies, and we have a few more you can have a look at. Whether you’re interested in the best tennis betting strategy, the best greyhound betting strategy, the best cricket betting strategy, or the best football betting strategy, Gambling Guy has something to offer. In addition, we’ll also teach you the best horse racing betting strategy, the best golf betting strategy, or the best golf betting strategy.

Using 1.01 Betting on Mobile Apps

The 1.01 betting strategy in Canada is best used on mobile online casino apps. The reason we personally recommend this method is because of how time-consuming this strategy is. It’s very difficult to sit all day at your computer, hunting for opportunities.

Mobile apps provide comfort and ease of access. You can be anywhere while looking for those 1.01 odds. This means that you can even hunt for the odds while relaxing in the garden. We recommend not doing so during social events, though. You might lose some friends.

Lay Betting With 1.01 Odds

Some betting exchanges allow bettors to place lay bets. The lay bets are placed before a sports match starts. While this article deals with having 1.01 betting explained, you would benefit from learning how it works with lay betting.

For bettors using the 1.01 betting strategy in Canada, lay betting is recommended. Where a sportsbook sees a high chance of a team winning, it may present 1.01 odds on the market. You would then place a lay bet on that market before the match begins.

There is obviously a chance that the opposing team might unexpectedly beat the favoured team. If the bookie sees events unfolding that affects the final match results, the odds might change. Even small events can raise the odds to 1.02.

It’s therefore important to place a back bet of 1.02. If your wager on the 1.01 market fails, at least you’ll break even rather than lose your funds. It’s a complicated strategy that’s well integrated with the 1.01 betting strategy in Canada. You just need to make sure you use it wisely.

Tips for 1.01 Betting

Now that we have exhausted our discussion on 1.01 betting, explained in detail by our experts in the article above, let’s have a look at some important factors. Yes, you can get a profit on your wagers in the long run. Here are some tips on how you can improve your 1.01 betting strategy in Canada.

Don’t Stake More Than Necessary

There’s a reason it’s called the 1.01 betting strategy in Canada. It’s essential that you do not bet on lower odds than 1.01. You’d think that makes sense. Yet, there are so many bettors who take chances on lower odds and then find their bankroll empty when they lose.

We explained 1.01 betting principles clearly. Keep your wagers low, place them on 1.01 odds, and obtain profits. It’s a system that takes very long to realize decent profits. Yet, it works because you’re betting on odds that are sure to win.

Eventually, all these winnings add up. You’ll need to play daily and hunt for those opportunities. The only thing you need to do is resist the temptation to bet on lower odds. Keep your eyes trained on the 1.01 odds and do not deviate.

Use Historical Data

You can use historical data to your advantage with the 1.01 betting strategy in Canada. Knowing which teams are more likely to win based on their track record is key. Sportsbooks use this factor, together with the match events, to determine when to place 1.01 odds.

If you’re quick, you can spot these opportunities before the time. By getting to know the teams and how they play, you could be winning several in-play bets with your 1.01 betting strategy in Canada. Just ensure that you’re paying to match events as they unfold.

Maintain Your Wager Amount

After you start winning often using the 1.01 betting method, you may be tempted to raise your wager amount. We’ve gone into detail about the risks involved when we explained 1.01 betting. Events can change during a match, and you could end up losing all the profit you’ve made over a week in one game.

Keep it simple. If you’ve been wagering $1 for every bet, keep it at $1. In this way, if you do lose, you won’t lose much. Your bankroll will also remain safe for the next wager.

Become an Expert in Live Betting

It’s with in-play betting that the 1.01 betting strategy in Canada really shows its true worth. There are many markets that open and close during a game. These opportunities may present many 1.01 odds that you can place bets on.

Keep in mind that there are many types of events that have live betting. There are many esports and virtual sports tournaments that offer in-play odds too. Spread your horizons and hunt for the lowest odds in these events too. If you see a clear win, such as the most kills in a Call of Duty multiplayer game, the odds of 1.01 might just appear. You can even get live betting on the go with some of the best Android betting apps in Canada!

The Strategy Doesn’t Always Work

Yes, bettors do refer to the 1.01 betting strategy in Canada as a sure bet. It does feel unlikely that you’ll lose when the chances are so high that you’ll win. It’s like betting that the sun will be visible in the sky from when it rises until it sets on a clear, sunny day. How could you lose?

There are always factors that you may not have considered. There may be a sudden change in the weather that brings rain clouds. You may not have realized that the solar eclipse was on that day. Events can change at a moment’s notice. You’ll not always win.

Stay Informed

The best strategy we can advise is to stay informed. If you go into a match prepared with all the data for that game, you’ll be ready to spot 1.01 easily. Watch the news, read the papers,and keep updated on the sports teams.

Information is power, even in the betting industry. If a team’s best players are playing in the World Cup, you can be sure that the lesser tournaments will have the reserve players playing the matches. If you know how well, or poorly, the replacement players play in matches, you may already know that 1.01 markets will be opening up for the game.

App Betting Guides – Broaden your Knowledge

In our guide to using the 1.01 betting strategy in Canada, we’ve had a detailed discussion on how advantageous mobile apps are for gambling. We also have guides about the best betting app for iPhone in Canada, the best Android betting apps in Canada, and even the best mobile betting apps in Canada.

Conclusion – The Tried and Tested Strategy

Bookmakers, gambling gurus, and bettors alike have derived some clever betting strategies over time. Some of them are very complicated systems, while others are quite simple to use. Many are hard to understand, while others could be mastered by a teenager.

The 1.01 betting strategy for Canada may be one of the longest strategies to use to achieve decent profits. It consists of betting daily on 1.01 odds, wherever they become available. At the end of the month, you may feel like a day trader, hunting for the best opportunities for any chance of a small profit.

While it’s hard to recommend this strategy to anyone, beginners would do well to use it. It guarantees winnings and will definitely give a boost of confidence to the amateur bettor. We hope that you try this 1.01 betting strategy for Canada for yourself. Searching for more strategies? How about our matched betting guide?

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