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What is 1X2 betting? Learn How 1X2 Betting is Working in Canadian Sites 2024

Publish Date: 12/06/2020
Fact checked by: Dean Johnson

If you’re new to sports betting, you may have come across the term ’ 1X2 betting’. No, this does not mean that you multiply your wagers by two. The strategy is a specific term that relates to spreading your bet. We’ll get to the more technical details in a moment when we have 1X2 betting explained.

For many Canadian punters, 1X2 betting is a favored strategy. Predominantly used as a sports betting strategy, it is one of the most preferred tactics available. As you’ll see in our guide, almost any sport is compatible with the 1X2 betting strategy in Canada.

If you would like to see our matched betting guide or need the 1.01 betting explained, our guides have the answers. Feel free to read about these strategies and others in our guide to sports betting strategies for Canada.

Key Takeaways – A Quick Primer

  • Must be used where three different outcomes are available
  • Can combine outcomes for better profit
  • Accumulator bets are available
  • Used across various sports
  • Available for eSports and Virtual Sports
  • Can be used with in-play markets
  • Latest betting tips are available daily

The Detailed Guide to 1X2 Betting – Start Your Engines

1X2 Betting Explained

1X2 betting is also explained as Three-Way Betting. The reason for this is because punters used the 1X2 betting strategy in Canada to wager against three different types of odds.

Are you still confused? Allow us to explain 1X2 betting simply. There are three possible outcomes in a sports match. A team will either win, draw, or lose against an opponent. By using a 1X2 betting strategy in Canada, bettors are placing bets on all three outcomes.

You might think that this is a bad strategy, but you’d be surprised how well it works. The procedure determines the odds of all three possible outcomes. You just need to bear in mind that the bookies will subtract their margins.

So why is it called 1X2 betting? Well, when breaking down the title of the strategy, it represents all three possible outcomes. These outcomes are the home team win (1), game draw (X), and away team win (2).

To have the 1X2 strategy explained adequately, let’s use an example. We’re going to use the Premier League as one of the favorites to use the 1×2 betting strategy in Canada. For this example, let’s use a fictitious match between our favorite competitors, Manchester United and Liverpool.

With Man United playing at home, they would represent the ‘1’. Liverpool would represent the away team as ‘2’. The odds for the draw would identify as the ‘X.’ If Liverpool were playing at home, they would swap numbers.

How Does 1X2 Betting Work?

Now that we have the concept of 1×2 betting explained let’s have a look at how it works. If you grasp the basic mechanics of the 1×2 betting strategy in Canada, you could determine your possible payout.

Going back to our fictional match where Man United are playing at home, let’s look at the three possible outcomes. Man United could either win the game, draw with Liverpool, or lose.

We prefer using decimal odds in Canada, so we’ll stick to what we know. Man United, as the home team, is the favorite pick. In that case, let’s imagine that the odds for Man United are 1.40 since it is likely that they would win.

For two competitive teams, there is a slim chance of a draw. So reasonable odds would be 9.00 for a tie. The last variable for the game would be Liverpool winning. There is more chance of Liverpool winning than a draw so that we could look at odds of 3.5 for the away team.

If you placed a C$100 stake, the winnings would look like this, depending on the wager you placed: C$140 (1), C$900 (X), and C$350 (2).

Combining Outcomes

The 1X2 betting strategy in Canada allows you to combine various outcomes. Many punters prefer to do this when they are not sure what the result will be. Combining outcomes is also a way to maximize winnings.

Depending on the markets available, you can select one of three combinations. These combinations include 1-X, X-2, or 1-2. If we go back to our example, 1-X will represent bets on Man United winning at home and a tie.

Betting on combined outcomes is sometimes referred to as double chance betting. It isn’t available across all sportsbooks, so you need to check where it is applicable. By calculating which would be the best combination to wager on, you have a better chance at profits.

We hope it makes more sense now with 1X2 betting explained.

Accumulator Bets

You can also place accumulator bets when using the 1X2 betting strategy in Canada. Accumulators are bets that include more than one selection of sports matches. This form of betting applies when there is a list of matches scheduled over a weekend. Punters can then use accumulator 1X2 bets on multiple matches.

Let’s create a few more fictional Saturday matches for our next example. Manchester United vs. Liverpool; Chelsea vs. Tottenham; Leicester vs. Arsenal; and Manchester City vs. Newcastle.

For these matches, you could bet across all four. So, your accumulated bets could look like 1, X, 1, 2. In events like this, the winnings from the first match would roll over for wagering on the second. The winnings from the second match would then roll over to wager on the third.

In the end, you will receive a greater profit than if you simply bet on each one individually. To get the most out of this strategy, it is essential to understand the 1×2 betting strategy.

1X2 Betting Sports

While we may have exhausted examples of soccer, it is not the only sport where 1×2 betting strategies in Canada are applicable. When we explained 1×2 betting, we mentioned that it could apply in almost any sport where there are two clear opponents, such as Rugby and Hockey.

You are not restricted to using the 1X2 betting for full match results. Punters can also bet on other outcomes, such as the half-time score. You could then place bets on which team you think would lead at half time, or if it would be a tie.

1X2 In-Play Betting

The 1×2 betting strategy in Canada is also applicable for in-play betting. This type of betting occurs during a match where markets are continually opening and closing.

Let us explain 1X2 betting for in-play sports markets a bit more. Other odds include which striker will have the most shots at goal by half-time.

With the rise of sports betting apps, in-play betting has become more popular. In our in-play tennis betting strategy guide, you can see just how detailed in-play betting can become. Punters make more profit from the mass of in-play bets available than just betting on match results.

It is best to keep a lookout for when 1X2 betting becomes available during a live game. As we’ve said before, not all markets offer this opportunity. There have to be three apparent outcomes. Otherwise, 1X2 betting is not possible.

Advantages of 1×2 Betting

The most obvious advantage of 1X2 betting is explained by its ease of use. There are only three outcomes from which to choose. They will either win, draw, or lose. The tricky part is developing a 1X2 betting strategy in Canada that works for you.

1X2 betting is available for multiple sports via the best mobile betting apps in Canada, making it more accessible. With the growing popularity of the 1X2 betting strategy in Canada, more sportsbooks are making this type of betting available. Bookies also offer competitive markets for 1X2 betting.

With 1X2 betting explained, there are many sites offering the latest betting tips for this strategy. There are many sporting events daily, so be sure to look out for the best 1X2 betting tips before placing your wagers.

As mentioned when we explained 1X2 betting, the strategy brings the possibility of higher profits. Accumulator bets use the winnings from the first match as the wager for the next game. This strategy can increase your winnings fourfold!

There is some versatility with this strategy in terms of casinos who offer eSports and virtual sports betting. eSports refers to competitive multiplayer video games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, and StarCraft 2. Virtual sports refer to sports matches generated by computers.

In both instances, there are matches where three possible outcomes are visible. The casino may offer 1X2 bets for either of the available games. It doesn’t just apply to sport. You should check if the casino has 1X2 betting explained for any of the open markets.

Tips for 1X2 Betting

When it comes to 1×2 betting, explained by our experts, there are some essential factors to consider. While the strategy allows for multiple outcomes, you’ll want to maximize your profits. Here are some guidelines for 1X2 betting.

Watch the Team’s Current Form

When it comes to leagues and tournaments, it should be easy to decipher which teams are performing better. You can judge a team’s current form by seeing where they place on the log. The structure is displayed by how well the team has been playing over the season.

When you’ve determined what a team’s form is like for the season, you need to check the details of the upcoming match. Will they be facing a stronger or weaker opponent? What is their margin of winning over losing? What is the points difference between the two teams?

You may also want to check the quality of the latest matches. The team might be situated low in the season log, but have won the last three games. This improvement indicates that they might win the upcoming match.

Historical Clashes

All football fans will remember the critical head-to-head matches that they enjoyed. Punters will sometimes use this to their advantage in 1X2 betting strategies in Canada. When there is a history of one team consistently beating another, it provides some insight into an upcoming match.

It is essential to realize that history doesn’t always repeat itself. This fact ties in with our previous point of team forms. The losing team may want to prove a point in beating their opponent.

While records of previous clashes can be used as a guide, we recommend you use caution with this strategy. It should, in conjunction with the other tips in this 1X2 betting strategy guide in Canada. When placing your wager, you should also consider the latest betting tips for the NBA, rugby, football or almost any other sport.

Team’s Discipline

You may not think it’s important, but a team’s discipline is a major factor when it comes to betting. When a match turns ugly, the game can change drastically. Players can be sent off the field, which gives their opponents the advantage.

This tip is where 1X2 betting pulls through. If you are placing in-play bets, you can change your strategy. Markets will open where you can benefit from this shift in power within the game. Also, it might be a clear indication to stop betting on the match and to walk away.

Punters should take caution that what looks like a clear advantage may not be one at all. Some teams play harder when the odds are against them. Keep track of the teams that perform well when the advantage is against them.

Playing Style

Using a team’s playing style in your 1X2 betting strategy in Canada requires some dedication. It means spending time watching teams play to determine which styles suit them the most. Over the season, you will be able to detect which formations and styles give you the best odds to bet on.

This strategy does not only apply to soccer but in fact, it could also form part of the best tennis betting strategy. In-play tennis markets provide some 1X2 betting opportunities too. If you are aware where one player’s style is stronger than the other, such as serving, then you can make some decent winnings.

While this may seem obvious, we thought we’d state it anyway. Weather affects players and games. Some perform better when it is windy or rainy. Some teams are severely affected by poor weather conditions.

Your knowledge of a team’s performance in poor conditions will aid you in your 1X2 betting strategy. It will also enhance your in-play profits during a match if the weather suddenly changes and your team is losing. As they say, you may not win the war, but you may just win the smaller battles. Or something to that effect.

Team Fixtures and Player Availability

Have you ever paid attention to the fixtures of a team? Well, we recommend that you do. The team’s schedule might require them to play multiple matches across several sports leagues. This intensity can often lead to poor performance in an upcoming match against a well-rested opponent.

You should also pay attention to when players become unavailable. This absence may be due to injuries or personal leave. It may be that the team’s best striker will not be available for the best match. Be cautious and check the quality of the replacement player.

App Betting Guides – Up your Chances even More!

If you’re keen to learn a betting strategy for a specific sport, we recommend you refer to our extensive list of available guides. Learn more about possible strategies in our best tennis betting strategy. Discover how to determine a potential winner in our best greyhound betting strategy.

Our guides aim to help you gain the upper hand in your gambling experience, no matter which game you prefer. Through trial and error, and personal experience, our professionals have gathered all relevant information to help you determine the best cricket betting strategy in Canada.

If you’re looking for a popular sports betting strategy in Canada, our guides can help you find the right match. One of the highest recommendations is for the value bet strategy.

Conclusion – Arm yourself with the Right Knowledge

There are various strategies available when it comes to sports betting, such as the best football betting strategy in Canada. Some of these guides have better advantages over others, like basketball tips to get the most from your wager. Others are not always available for the markets presented by bookies.

1X2 betting has gained a large following over the years. It presents plenty of opportunities for sports punters. It doesn’t matter if you are betting on the results of a match or in-game statistics. Where there are three possible outcomes, the 1X2 betting strategy is key to obtaining some winnings. You can now sign up with the best sportsbook online and put your insights to the test.

Of course, there are many factors to consider when deciding which of the three outcomes to select. We hope that our 1X2 betting strategy guide has helped you make better decisions for the future. Need more strategies? We’ll get 1.01 betting explained for you.

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