Best Greyhound Betting Strategies

Greyhound racing is one of the most popular sports around, especially in the UK. Betting on greyhounds is what keeps the discipline going, as it’s quite exciting and adrenaline-pumping. Still, it’s not reserved only for British players – sports bettors in Canada can also enjoy it.

So, if you’re interested, your first step is to find the best sports betting app to use. Then, you need the best greyhound betting strategy to have your wagers make you a profit.

Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at this sport and the best ways to bet on it.

Key Takeaways – Your Strategy is Key


  • Applying the best greyhound betting strategy allows you to bet intelligently
  • You’re using the latest betting tips to improve your experience
  • Using the best betting apps in Canada can help reward you with significant profit
  • The best greyhound betting strategy is easy to access and understand


  • Applying a strategy gives you little flexibility
  • Creates a sense of security although gambling is uncertain

Best greyhound betting strategy explained

Primarily, and perhaps most importantly, you should remember that placing the right bet requires knowledge around the best greyhound betting strategy.

This discipline features several categories, bet types, and criteria that determine its likeliest outcomes. With the prominence of placing bets online, you also have to take into account the competition to be able to use it to your advantage.

So, let’s start with the bare bones you need to know to understand the best greyhound betting strategy and explain how greyhound racing works. That way, your sports betting strategy in Canada will yield the best results.

How greyhound races work

Before we cover the basics of the best greyhound betting strategy, we’ll take a look at the structure of races and the bets you can make.

First, you should understand the colour scheme applied in the races. The colours are based on the traps where dogs start the competition and make betting systems simpler for punters. In essence, the traps work as handicap systems.

Once you get familiar with the format, you should consider the form. Here, you’re at an advantage if you frequent horse races – the best horse racing betting strategies for Canada are similar to those for greyhounds – in particular when it comes to their form.

By considering the dog’s form, you’ll make it much easier for yourself to select winning bets. This forms part of crafting your best greyhound betting strategy.

Researching the form

There are several factors of form that go into the best greyhound betting strategy.

Again, we can draw a parallel with horses – its trainer, weight, results both recently and across their career, the prizes they’ve won, and parentage, all play their parts.

Other than the quality of your favourite, you should think of the racing conditions.

Racing conditions

Greyhound races differ in three main ways, and this impacts the best greyhound betting strategy – distance, surface, and greyhound age – making each 100% unique.

When it comes to distance, it’s the main factor in categorizing races. For each track, official lengths differ, with the usual split into Sprints, Stayers, Middle, and Marathon.

Make sure to check the latest greyhound betting strategy and see how your dog of choice fares across different lengths.

The tracks for these races are always outside, so the weather plays a significant role. If it’s raining on the race day, dogs with more stamina will triumph, while they can all run faster in dry, warm weather.

Finally, the age also categorizes the races. If a dog is under two years old, they’re a puppy, so they run puppy races, and the best greyhound betting strategy is different.

The best greyhound betting strategy will tell you that greyhounds reach the prime between the 30th and 36th month. However, for long-distance races, those over four years old are a more sensible choice.

What about hurdle racing?

Hurdle racing is a relatively recent innovation in this sport to keep the audience coming. The basics are the same, with the difference that competitors have to jump over hurdles.

This type requires some extra skill on the part of the dog, allowing some dogs to dominate the field and become clear favourites.

So, when considering the best greyhound betting strategy with hurdle races, your research will need to be more thorough. It’s easier to make intelligent wagers in this case, though. So, be sure to have value bets explained to you and implement that knowledge.

Bet types

Next, let’s take a look at different bet types you can make on greyhounds. We’ll start by saying that, if you’re new to this world, it’s best to start with simple bets. That way, you can grow your expertise without blundering and losing too much.

Straight bets

This primary type of wager is called a ‘straight bet.’ You choose a dog and place money on it. The options at your disposal include the dogs winning, placing, showing, or boarding.

The win bet is self-explanatory – you win if your favourite comes first. Place bets are similar, as you win if your dog finishes first or second. ‘Show’ bets include third place in the mix, too.

Finally, ‘board’ bets get a bit more complicated, mixing the previous three types into a single wager. If your dog comes first, you collect all three winnings, only two if it comes second, and only the show bet if it comes third.

If you ever had matched betting explained to you, or read a 1.01 betting explained guide, you’ll understand the principle. Although you’re reducing your possible winnings, you’re making sure they’re more likely to happen.

Exotic bets

Although simple bets are the best for starting, and they can even make you considerable amounts of both money and pleasure, sometimes you’ll want to mix things up.

Luckily, there are also more complex bets available. They ask for a bit more concentration and thought, but allow you to win more.

Think of it like this – you may have read a 1×2 betting explained guide, and you liked it. However, you wanted to mix more such bets – high risk, high reward. Many punters do this to increase their enjoyment. So, if you’re already somewhat proficient in sports betting, these could interest you.

  • The Daily Double has you place bets on two greyhounds to win the first and second races of the day.
  • The Quinella allows you to profit if two dogs of choice take the first two places in the race, no matter the order.
  • There are also variations, called Perfecta and Exacta, where you have to guess the order, too.
  • The Trifecta has you choosing three dogs, and Superfecta, four.
  • Pick Three bets are where you select three dogs to win three consecutive races. They allow for a lot of creativity.

Preparing for a wager

Once you discover the best greyhound betting tips that works for you, you have to do some prep work before the race. There are four key categories across which you can do this.

Know the dogs

As you may already know, betting is a bit different when your wager goes on the performance of a single creature.

For example, reading the latest basketball betting tips or rugby tips is often enough. On the other hand, apart from golf tips, you need to learn about the player.

It’s a similar situation with the best greyhound betting strategy. Knowing how the dog runs is vital. Every dog is unique, and different factors make it prosper or fail. Being aware of this puts you at a significant advantage.

Know the traps

Various traps display different degrees of success, depending on track conditions. Luckily, some resources exist to tell you how many times a trap wins according to the track conditions.

Consult this data when coming up with your plan to make it the best greyhound betting strategy you can.

Check the weather

Dogs have different performances according to the weather, as well as the trap. Keep this in mind when you examine the form of your favourite, and then check the forecast before you wager.

Corner the market

Once you have all the information from above figured out, the time comes for you to corner your market and set up your best greyhound betting strategy.

By this, we mean that you should get familiar with how tracks work and then focus on a small number that yields certified winners. Learning this will take some time, so start with small bets to avoid massive losses.

Now, there are many strategies you can deploy from one race to another to make sure you win your bet. However, the best greyhound betting strategy has a way of distinguishing itself, as do those that often fail.

Below, we will take a look at the two systems that have much better success rates than others, as well as some common fallacies.

Of course, the particulars of your bet depend on so many factors that no formula wins 100% of the time, but they can point you in the right direction. Get to know more about betting strategies in our matched betting Canada guide.

Hedging bets

This straightforward concept has you protecting yourself and maximizing your potential for profit. The low risk and likely profit make it perhaps the best greyhound betting strategy out there.

For example, you’d bet on the favourite to place, and on the second favourite to show. Evidently, this is likely to happen, protecting your bet. You may win a smaller amount, but you win.


Arbitrage is much like hedging, but unlike the first method, this one guarantees your profit, no matter the outcome. It’s simple, too, and allows you to accumulate winnings across many bets.

In this case, you would join two or more bookmakers. Essentially, you explore the differences in the odds they offer. Once you find a big discrepancy, you bet with both.

Systems to avoid

Above were two examples of bets that are more likely to make you money. However, other, dodgier, ideas also make big promises. It’s easy to get drawn into one, especially if you find a charismatic person promoting it.

You’ll have to turn your brain on and learn to tell one apart from another. Still, some wagers are blatantly dangerous to your money – the two fallacies we’ll explain below.

The Monte Carlo Fallacy

This one comes from an anecdote from a casino in Monte Carlo. In a game of roulette, the ball landed on black 26 times in a row, and many gamblers lost hugely simply through believing that the ball ‘had to land on red soon.’

Although a casino example, it applies across wagers. Believing that an outcome has to happen is irrational thinking that will only lose you money. Instead, ground your wagers in concrete, solid data and a best greyhound betting strategy.

The Maritangle Fallacy

Another one that comes from casinos, the Maritangle fallacy, takes place when a bettor doubles their stake once they lose. The idea is that, if they win, they’ll regain their money.

In the case that you have infinite resources to spend on betting, this is a good idea. Otherwise, it can bankrupt you in no time, as the wagered amounts will snowball out of control. If you lose, accept your loss, and focus on making smarter bets the next time.

Extra handy tips

Once you cover the above, you’ll be good to go. However, there are several extra things you can do to ensure even more of a success. Let’s take a look at some general tips for punters placing their money on greyhounds.

Avoid unlucky losers

Sometimes, after a dog fails a race in an unlucky loss, they will be underpriced in the next few races.

The public won’t want to spend too much on them, after all. That way, even favourites can cost more than they’re worth.

Back younger runners

Although older, more experienced dogs have higher chances of winning more serious races, puppies have their advantages, too.

In the first 20 runs, a dog is improving their skills, but they have more guts than the older ones. So, they tend to fly up the grades with fantastic speed – take note of them in your best greyhound betting strategy.

Seek value away from the obvious

If you try to calculate real probabilities for each dog to win, when you disregard the market commission, you’ll understand that it’s super challenging to make a value bet and win.

So, for example, if there’s a favourite, but not a strong one, you’ll have better chances to win if you wager on several others. This method could be faulty, though. If you decide to go for the underdogs, find the reason to do so in setting up your best greyhound betting strategy.

Consider running styles

Sometimes, racing managers create races that make it difficult to analyze the possible outcomes. However, with enough exploration of the competitors, it’s possible to find an edge away from those obvious choices.

The running style of your greyhound speaks volumes when you place it on a track. Consider the style of the opposition, too, for good measure and a well-rounded greyhound betting strategy.

Learn about trainers

Some dog trainers are better than others. Also, some work the best with pups, while others only drive them between the kennels and the tracks. The trainer of your dog of choice can make a lot of difference, too, so get to know them as well.

Don’t chase losses

In employing the best greyhound betting strategy, you may choose among many types of races, most of which provide great betting opportunities. However, you don’t need to bet on every single one. Your bankroll management is crucial for a successful experience, and tactics are vital.

Don’t bet because you have a good price offered if there’s no value behind it. Long-term, it’s not profitable. Instead, play the biggest in those races that hold the most value.

What other betting strategies are available? – You’re in Luck!

Now that you’re aware of the best greyhound betting strategy, we have to mention another thing. Your experience largely depends on the bookmaker you pick, too. This choice can go as far as to make or break your experience.

Luckily, with the ever-growing competitions, bookmakers are stepping up their game. So, be sure to check out our reviews to find the best odds, live betting, even the best betting app for the iPhone in Canada. All these things will help you win more alongside knowing the best greyhound betting strategy.

Conclusion – Your Creative Solution could Win Big

Finally, as you enter this world you must remember that, even if you apply the best greyhound betting strategy, no system’s perfectly profitable.

Instead, the key to being successful in this discipline is knowing as much as possible about your options. Once you master the basics, use your creative brain to find combinations of bets that lower your chances of busting.

Never stop learning, either, but make sure you’re always up-to-date with the news. All in all – the more you know about this sport, the more likely you are to make wagers that win.

Our guide on the best greyhound betting strategy is an excellent place to start. Use it as a foundation and grow your knowledge.

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