What is In-Play betting?

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Many casinos that offer online gambling in Canada also offer sports betting these days. Tennis betting has become a favourite among punters to place wagers on. Tennis matches that promise live-action with constant changing statistics during a game is where in-play sports betting shines.

In-play tennis betting is not simply a case of placing bets during a tennis match. There is a certain degree of preparation involved. It requires determining the best tennis betting strategy if you really want to optimize your winnings.

As always, you can rely on GamblingGuy Canada for a proper Canadian online betting guide for sports. Today we will be looking at how to develop an in-play tennis betting strategy in Canada.

Key Takeaways – Before the Whistle

  • Understanding how in-play tennis betting works
  • Discovering the value of in-play bets
  • Preparing for tennis matches
  • Choosing the best markets
  • Using the right strategy
  • Analyzing the factors that affect in-game statistics

In-Play Tennis Betting Guide – The What, How and Why

Defining In-Play Tennis

To start our in-play tennis betting strategy in Canada, we’ll discuss the basic premise of in-play betting. From the WTA tour to the French Open, tennis is a popular sport to watch. This is not only true for the casual tennis observer or fan, but for punters too. Sportsbooks all over the world have tennis available in their sports betting portfolio.

Tennis matches have some favoured odds. These markets include who wins the game, the number of sets per match, and who will win a tournament. These markets are considered in the overall odds for the tennis matches. These markets usually open before a tennis match begins and close when a tennis match concludes.

Some punters prefer in-play tennis betting. These are live statistics that occur while a tennis match is being played. Punters will place bets after a game has started based on the available in-play tennis markets. The different in-play tennis markets close when certain conditions have been met.

This creates a lot of gambling activity during a tennis game. There are two serves from the players and then they switch sides. During this time, many markets will have already opened and closed. Now, imagine this gambling energy continuing through set after set, until the end of the game.

The odds also change during the game. As the match progresses, players can become exhausted. The weather may change, or a player may have to retire for some reason. These change the odds drastically, which is why in-play tennis betting requires an In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy for Canada if you want to maximize your profits.

How it works

Before any tennis match begins, in-play sports betting tennis bookmakers are hard at work with the markets that will become available. They prepare for all of the possible conditions that may emerge during the tennis match. The markets remain closed until the match begins.

Bookmakers open their markets as soon as the match is live. This is not just available for the entire match, but for individual sets and servings too. It could be something as simple as whether or not a player will hold or break their serve. Or how many times a player will strike the ball out.

Odds can change during a game. Let’s say that the favoured player for the match started at short odds of 1/17. During the start of the game, the player wins set after set and shows good promise. The odds may become shorter to 1/40, while the other player’s odds become longer.

In such a way, the odds become a reflection of how the game is progressing. The game could swing back in the other player’s favour. This will change the odds back the other way. It may be that the player who was considered the best at the start of the game could end up with 3/1 odds should they perform badly.

The bookmaker will declare when markets are open and closed. The market will be ‘live’ when betting can take place. It will then be closed when bets for that market can no longer be accepted. This means that you can place your bets between sets or servings, but not while the action is actually taking place.

In-Play Tennis Betting Markets

Tennis sports betting has a variety of markets that can be bet on. These are the overall markets for a match that can be bet on before a match begins. The bets are then closed until the game concludes and the results are known. These tennis betting markets are as follows:

  • Match betting: this is the most popular market where bets are placed on the results of a tennis match. It is not to be confused with Matched Betting, which we will get to later when we discuss the best tennis betting strategy options;
  • Handicap betting: also known as tennis spread betting, this betting involves bets that are placed on matches and sets with handicaps;
  • Over and under totals: involves betting on how many sets it will take to complete a match;
  • Correct score: used to correctly guess set and match scores;
  • Set winner: to bet on a set or match winner;
  • Outright betting: betting on the tournament winner and includes each-way betting.

In-play tennis betting has its own in-game markets to bet on. This is why you need an In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy in Canada. The action is live and markets open and close within a matter of seconds. Here’s a brief list of some of the in-play tennis markets you may find during a tennis match:

  • Win or Lose the current set/game;
  • Win or Lose the next set/game;
  • Win the game Serve or Lose the game to Serve;
  • Win the current set and win the match, win the current set and lose the match, or lose the current set and win the match;
  • Whether the game goes to Deuce;
  • To win with an Advantage;
  • To break or hold the Serve.

While these are some of the more common in-play tennis markets, be sure to keep an eye on your bookmaker for any special markets that it may offer.

In-Play Tennis Rules

When we talk about in-play Tennis Rules in this In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy in Canada, we’re not referring to the basic rules of tennis as a sport. Rather, we’re referring to the bookmakers’ rules when it comes to in-play tennis betting markets.

Be careful to pay close attention to the bookmaker’s rules when it comes to placing bets on its markets. There may be specific rules in place to make sure you qualify to win the bet. Specific conditions may be set by the bookmaker for special markets unique to the sportsbook.

Before you start placing in-play tennis bets, have a look at the terms and conditions of its in-play markets. These conditions may either be relative to your account with the bookmaker or to the in-play tennis market itself. It’s best to familiarize yourself with these rules.

There may also be specific conditions under which the market may be cancelled. In most instances, the sportsbook will refund your bet. You should make sure that you understand the conditions under which markets may be cancelled and if your wagers will be returned to you.

Player Retirement Rules

In the same way, sportsbooks have certain rules in place for when players retire. There are many common principles that sportsbooks follow when it comes to player retirement. However, some sportsbooks have specific rules that only apply to their markets.

Our advice in this In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy in Canada is to read through what your sportsbook’s rules are concerning player retirements. You’ll have a better understanding of why you didn’t win as much as you thought you might have.

While there are also player retirement rules for the tennis matches as a whole, we’ll only be looking at the more common rules concerning the In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy in Canada. Let’s take a look at a few examples of in-play player retirement rules.

Sometimes players may withdraw or be disqualified before a match ends. The other player may progress to the next round or the umpire might declare the other player the winner by default. Your sportsbook may consider all in-play tennis match bets void if this occurred before the first set was completed.

There are also times when punters bet on the correct number of sets that will win the match. If the full number of sets have been played before the retirement, then it will still be valid. If the player retired before the full number of sets were played, then the bet may be considered void.

Punters may also have played in-play markets that are relevant to games and sets. The player may retire before the game/set is incomplete. In these cases, the sportsbooks may cancel any markets that were in play during that game/set.

Looking for advice on the 1×2 betting strategy or 1-01 betting strategy? Head on over to our in-depth guides.

The Importance of a Tennis Betting System

The main purpose of this In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy in Canada is to highlight the significance of developing a tennis betting system. We’ll be getting to different In-Play Tennis Betting Strategies in Canada that can be developed in a moment. For now, let’s look at why this is so important.

In-play market odds can change during a match, as we have mentioned previously. Keeping tabs on certain factors can greatly enhance your chance of winning, since the action is live and statistics change in a heartbeat. If you don’t have a tennis betting system in place, then you could find yourself at the wrong end of many losses.

A tennis player’s motivation for a match is of vital importance. The player may have won many tournaments, but then lose at small, head-to-head matches. The player may also have a track record of retiring at small fan events. By maintaining a proper tennis betting system, you can pick up on these beforehand and place your wagers appropriately.

A player’s ‘freshness’ may also come into play. Simply looking at the player’s calendar can tell you how many matches he’s played before a big event. They may be exhausted or have perhaps sustained injuries. If you keep an eye out for lagging performance, you could win on some in-play bets.

You can also pick up on some player preferences in your tennis betting system. Some players play better at professional courts, whereas others prefer grass surfaces. The player’s performance could be hugely affected by the type of surface that is being played on. If you have a decent In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy in Canada, you can take advantage of this knowledge.

Here is one last example of why tennis betting systems are so important. It can help you detect where one player is consistently better against another. It can also help you to identify player weaknesses, such as detecting when they lose against fast serves or left-handed players.

Top 10 Tips For An Effective Tennis Betting Strategy

There are a number of factors that come into play when considering sports betting strategies in Canada. Whether you use a 1×2 betting strategy, a 1-01 betting strategy, or a matched betting strategy in Canada, these factors will go a long way in aiding you towards better winnings.

It wouldn’t be a great In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy in Canada if we didn’t highlight these factors for you.

Betting on Value

The best In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy in Canada will help you to determine where the tennis value bets are. Narrow the tennis competitions down to the few that will guarantee winnings.

Don’t generalize. Specialize

There are so many tennis matches in the world. Don’t spread your bankroll thin on every tennis match available. You stand a better chance on winnings for matches that you have knowledge of and where your key focus is.

Maintain a Record of your Tennis Bets

By keeping track of the bets you have placed, and their results, you can spot any patterns or trends in your gambling. The information can include tournament dates, match types, player names, types of bets, bet results, and how much profit/loss was made.

Create multiple sportsbook accounts

This may sound like a lot of work, but it’ll benefit you in the long run. Sometimes a sportsbook will have special or higher odds than others. If you register with a few, then you can keep tabs on who offers the better odds during a match.

Get to know your Servers

The markets for in-play tennis that really do well are Serving and Returns markets. During a full match, there are plenty of serves and returns. If you know which are the best servers, or if any player struggles at returns in specific conditions, then you can profit from this information.

Evaluate match conditions

Weather can have a detrimental effect on tennis matches. Some players do better under windy conditions than calm weather. Be careful when placing bets when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Look for consistency in head-to-head matches

If a player has a track record of losing against a certain player, the chances are that they will lose again. There may be a history of losing the first number of sets that you can rely on for your In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy in Canada.

Pay attention to player tennis styles and preferences

Players have certain strengths that may be consistent, such as being a strong server or having a big forehand. You can profit in the markets that depend on these strengths. You might also find that some players play better indoors than outside.

Discover which surfaces players excel at

Some tennis players just play better on some surfaces than others. They can read the ball better or sprint faster on them. By comparing match stats for your In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy in Canada, you can tell if a player consistently wins or loses on a certain surface.

Tennis Betting Tips are your friends

Some people feel that using the Latest Betting Tips is cheating. Finding the Latest Tennis Betting Tips can certainly give you an advantage over others. Whatever your view on tennis bettings tips, just make sure you find a tennis tipster that is reliable.

Other Betting Guides – Not Only Racquets!

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Conclusion – Loads of Fun Awaits

Tennis sports betting is one of the most popular online sports to bet on. With so many tournaments and tennis games available, there are many opportunities to place wagers and make winnings. As a result, punters have developed tennis betting strategies to help them improve their game, so to speak.

In-play tennis betting has provided gamblers with a wealth of chances to make some in-play wagers. If you develop a proper in-play tennis betting strategy, then you can determine which statistics would be the best to bet on. There are some factors that will aid you in improving your win/loss ratio. Make sure that you do your research before betting on your favourite tennis players. If you’re looking to bet on the go, make sure to have a read of our best betting app for iPhone in Canada review.

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