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The Impact of FTX’s Downfall on Sports Betting
Sports News
Melissa Roy
FTX, one of the biggest and best-known crypto exchanges in the world, has collapsed. An article in the Economist has made some ...
Melissa Roy
FanDuel Expands NFL Partnership to Include Ontario
FanDuel is one of the top sportsbooks in the USA, and they have an existing partnership ...
Melissa Roy
DraftKings Releases US Presidential Election Odds For Canadian Bettors
Betting on the outcome of the USA’s Presidential Election might be illegal south of the border, ...
Melissa Roy
CFL Commits to Policy Update in Response to Legal Gambling Regulations
As the legal gambling industry in Ontario ...
Melissa Roy
NBA Expands Ontario Presence By Partnering With Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation
As legal sports betting in Ontario continues ...
Melissa Roy
Major League Baseball Inks First Canadian Sports Betting Partnership
Less than three months after the launch ...
Melissa Roy
DraftKings Targets Q2 Launch For Ontario Sportsbook
After over a month of legal sports ...
Melissa Roy
Three Canadian Teams In The NHL Playoffs
The Stanley Cup playoffs are underway, and ...
Melissa Roy
TheScore Leads The Way In Early Ontario Sports Betting Statistics
With just over three weeks of legal ...
Melissa Roy
Canadian Team Takes Silver Medal At World Men’s Curling Championship
Team Canada came close to taking home the gold, but they had to settle for the ...
Melissa Roy
Toronto Blue Jays Partner With TheScore Bet
The race is on for legal sportsbooks ...
Melissa Roy
Surging Raptors Secure Top Six Seed In The NBA Playoffs
The Toronto Raptors have gone on a ...
Melissa Roy
FanDuel and DraftKings Close Down Daily Fantasy Sports In Ontario
FanDuel and DraftKings are slated to launch ...
Melissa Roy
Ontario Sports Betting Expands April 4th
Gamblers in Ontario can currently place legal wagers on sporting events, but they are limited to ...
Melissa Roy
Blue Jays Are Among Betting Favorites For MLB Futures
With the MLB lockout lifted and a flurry of transactions taking place daily, MLB futures betting ...
Melissa Roy
Canadians Piling Up Medals At Paralympic Games
After five days of competition, Canadian athletes ...
Melissa Roy
MLB Season Opening Delayed Due To Lockout
Major League Baseball announced on Tuesday that ...
Melissa Roy
Lotteries in Canada Smiling After Super Bowl LVI
Super Bowl LVI brought with it a ...
Melissa Roy
Nova Scotia Single-Game Betting Remains A Mystery
There has been little news on the ...
Melissa Roy
Playtech and NorthStar Set Sights on Lucrative Canadian Market
As the Canadian online gambling market continues ...
Melissa Roy
Major NHL Postponement in Canada
In yet another twist of events, three ...
Melissa Roy
Ontarians Wait With Bated Breath
Ontarians have had to ring in the ...
Melissa Roy
Canadian Men’s Soccer Team Hits New Highs
There have been many ups and downs ...
Melissa Roy
Alberta set for tightly-regulated sports betting expansion
Sports betting continues to make waves throughout ...
Melissa Roy
NBA to enforce travel requirements to Canada
With Covid-19 cases surging the world over ...
Melissa Roy
Inspired Entertainment collaborate further with Loto-Québec
Inspired Entertainment is set to branch off ...
Melissa Roy
Ontario iGaming market set to expand
It is with great excitement that Ontarians ...
Melissa Roy
Sportradar and NBA agree on new partnership deal
The latest developments have concluded with a ...
Melissa Roy
Super Bowl 2021: 07/02 Tampa, Florida – The Weeknd Halftime Show
Super Bowl 2021 is almost here and ...
Melissa Roy
UFC 257: Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier – UFC Betting Guide
Saturday night will see Conor McGregor back ...

If you feel slightly out of touch with all the latest online gambling news from around the world, then GamblingGuy is your place to stay in tune. We bring you comprehensive and unbiased news on all things gambling-related.

It doesn’t matter your preference – online casino gambling or sports betting – our news is objective and all-inclusive. Use the latest news stories to your advantage and you’ll be in the driving seat to improve your chances of success when it comes to online gambling and sports betting in Canada. There’s no time like the present!

Why Stay In The Loop With The Latest Gambling News

It becomes difficult staying abreast with all the latest online gambling news from across the globe. There’s simply too much going on in the online gambling/betting world. As such, we have taken on the task of creating informative news pieces which capture the most important developments that have taken place when it comes to online gambling and betting. Everything you need to enjoy the best in online gambling Canada has to offer. We have streamlined our news pieces so that you can access information quickly and with maximum convenience. Gone are the days of having to spend your days sifting through long paragraphs in an attempt to find golden snippets. It’s all changed and GamblingGuy is pushing the envelope when it comes to quality news that captures the essence of all these changes and improvements in online gambling throughout Canada.

Improve your gambling tactics and overall approach

By reading the news, you won’t just be staying abreast of all the current developments. In the process, you’ll be garnering information that will help you in tweaking and evolving your gambling strategies and techniques. Regardless of whether you are interested in online casino news or online sports betting news, it’s all the same. Our news coverage will provide you with the necessary insights which allow you to adapt to any relevant changes. It gives you a wider perspective of what’s going in – especially when it comes to upcoming sports betting fixtures – and will improve your overall betting tactics. Our team of experts are continuously hunting down the latest sports and online casino stories. Visit GamblingGuy on a regular basis and you’ll manage to craft a completely new outlook. This is especially true when you check out our Canadian online betting guide. All of which improves your chances of success when you wager and take on your favourite sports and online casino games.

See All The Online Casino News

When it comes to the latest online casino news, we have assigned several highly-skilled and passionate online gambling individuals who have past experience in the field. Experience coupled with a great interest in the industry has enabled our team to craft newsworthy stories that are relatable, understandable, and relevant. By reading the latest online gambling news, you’ll find yourself ready to take advantage of any new features, games, or offers that have emerged within the online gambling community in Canada.

Find out about the latest online casino games

Unlike online sports betting, casino platforms are not subjected to the same amount of change on a daily basis. After all a standard game of online roulette has stayed the same for many years.The rules of a game stay the same and there are not many external factors that affect how a game might play out. Nevertheless, online operators are always in cahoots with the top software developers; looking at ways of improving the online gambling experience and developing a raft of new online games. If you wish to find out more about the hottest games on the market, then our news section is for you. We’ll take you through user reviews and identify which games are set to blow you out the water. Perfect for discovering more about the top online casino software providers Canada has to offer. You’ll manage to understand the ins-and-outs of all these games before you even sit down and gamble. It’s a great way to inform yourself and find a host of exciting games that you might never have heard of before.

Get the latest bonus offer news

One thing is certain and that is that new bonus offers are constantly being released. Having to spend the time looking for the latest bonus offers yourself can be an absolutely tiresome affair. But, fortunately there’s no need to embark on this endeavour alone. With our latest online gambling news, we’ll be sure to highlight all the latest bonus offers as they become available online. We’ll even test these bonuses and ensure that they meet the standards that we have become used to here at GamblingGuy.

Use the news to your advantage

As we have alluded to, by staying informed with the latest online gambling news, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your tactics and craft an entirely new approach to online gambling. By using your past experience and the news at your disposal, you can combine the two so as to increase your chances of success. We’re not saying that our news is a sure-fire way of placing more winning bets. However, you will certainly have a more refined technique and this always increases your chances of success.

See All The Latest Online Sports Betting News

When it comes to the latest online sports betting news, our team at GamblingGuy have an endless love affair with sports and online betting. We’re always on the lookout for all the latest developments and changes which may affect the potential outcome of any one result. You might not have the time to analyse the latest statistics and sports betting news on a large scale. That is why we have crafted news pieces which are to the point. This will enable you to make the most of these insights and place bets which are more likely to win. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Use our latest online sports betting news as guidance for your future bets.

Form matters

One of the biggest reasons that you should stay in the loop with our online sports betting news, is so that you can understand the latest form. Team or individual form goes a long way indicating the outcome of a game. You can’t always back the usual favourite based on past fixtures. It might be that the underdog is having a sublime run of form and might well stand as good a chance of walking away with bragging rights. This is why it’s imperative to understand what the last month of form has yielded for each opponent. It’ll enable you to make better judgment calls come game day. As such, we have put our top experts up to the task of following all the latest forms of teams and individual players. We track their performances over a set period and it provides us with the insights to bring you news coverage which also hints at probable results. We would be remiss not to mention the fact that using online news will not guarantee success. However, it will stand you in good stead. Much like reading up about the latest betting odds and how to use payment methods for gambling.

Injuries are bound to affect performance

Injuries are part of sport. Always have been, always will. As such, it’s important to take note of the latest injuries before backing a particular team. In the case that your team has suffered a couple of injuries, it’ll be wise to reconsider who you back. However, if the roles are reversed, then you might want to wager slightly more on your team. Depending on which game you love to follow, injuries may well play a bigger role in determining the outcome of certain games. If you follow cricket or golf, then you might find that injuries are not that prevalent. However, if you love betting on football or rugby, then staying in tune with who’s injured and which squats are depleted is hugely important. This is even more true when the size of a squad is relatively smaller than the upcoming opponent. In our latest online sports betting news, we’ll be sure to highlight which injuries might affect upcoming games and subsequently, your final bets.

Always keep one eye on the weather

The weather can play a big role depending on the game you are looking to bet on. We’ve always found that weather comes into the equation more often than you think. As such, we’ve moved to include weather updates in our news reports. This will give you a better idea of the conditions come game day. If you enjoy betting on rugby, then you’ll definitely want to know what the weather is going to do. Certain teams perform better in wet conditions while others peak on hard, dry fields.

This is also true for cricket matches. You’ll find that certain teams, depending on the condition of the pitch and outfield, will be better or worse in quicker/slower conditions. The more rain that has fallen, the slower the outfield. Teams such as Australia and South Africa are great on quick wicket with a lot of bounce. However, if it rains the night before, it might suit a team such as England. These small factors go a long way in deciding the end result of a game.

Take note of the whispers

When it comes to sports, rumour and intrigue are part and parcel of the entirety of a number of different leagues. Some more so than others. If you find yourself following football (soccer) leagues across the world, the latest transfer rumours are constant. Players are always being bought and sold throughout the two transfer windows. The rumours will fuel uncertainties and the rumours that become true, shift the dynamic of a team. As such, it’s important to keep abreast of the latest online sports betting news. This will mean that you can foresee possible changes and developments which will affect your outlook on future bets.

Betting Industry News

We also cover the latest betting industry news. You might wonder how this differs from sports betting news. Well, keep in mind that the online betting industry is heavily-linked with a number of online sports teams. As such, changes in the industry may well affect certain sports teams. Finding out which operators sponsor certain teams will enable you to claim nifty online bonuses when those teams take to the pitch. You’ll manage to claim a number of different bonuses which can be used to your advantage.

Knowledge Is Key To Your Success

Without gaining further insights, it is possible that your gambling/betting tactics become stagnant. Although a variety of online casino games like baccarat stay the same (without external factors causing any problems), a wide number of betting markets and games will change on a regular basis. This is no more evident than with sports betting. Teams are constantly undergoing change and their fortunes turn as the wind changes direction. Thus, it’s great to counteract this by reading the latest online casino news and online sports betting news. By reading the news, you’ll amass more knowledge. The more information you have at your disposal the better your chances of success!

Online Gambling News Conclusion

This concludes our coverage of the latest news, and why we advise you to stay in touch with all the online gambling news and online sports betting news right here at GamblingGuy. It is without a doubt one of the best ways in which to craft a new approach to a certain casino game or online sports game. Our news captures the latest developments and we’re committed to keeping our news section as up-to-date as possible. Be sure to improve your knowledge and gain as much insight into the current developments and happenings within the online gambling and sports betting industry.

Our news section is also a great place to feed your passion for online gambling. If you wish to read our news pieces purely because they interest you, then by all means! We’re eager to fuel all your online gambling intrigues and interests. You might also pick up something valuable along the way – a practical application which can be put into use the next time you bet. If you’re looking for an operator to use, take a look at our coverage of the Best Online Bookmaker and Best Online Casino in Canada.

Online Gambling News FAQ

👉Where can I find impartial online sports betting news?

There are a range of online sports betting news outlets. However, many sites struggle to keep up with the latest developments in the world of online sports betting. Thus, it’s imperative to find a site that brings you current news as it happens. This will allow you to stay in the loop and act on any betting news that you deem important. To find out more about the latest impartial news, head over to GamblingGuy. Our team of experts on the ground are sports lovers and are always looking for the latest betting news.

❓What does the latest online casino news entail?

You’ll find that the latest online casino news to include a wide range of different topics. At GamblingGuy, we strive to include all the latest developments. Our team of experts follow all the upcoming trends and ensure that our online casino news captures all the most interesting progress being made by online operators. We guarantee you that this will be of great benefit to you as an avid online gambler.

✅Is it worth reading the latest online gambling news?

You’ll find that there are a number of online platforms that bring you some type of news content. However, not all of them are worth reading. Thus, you should strive to find a site which will provide you with insightful content that is current and of value. At GamblingGuy, we have put our top experts to work in an effort to research and craft news pieces which are worthwhile. This will enable you to stay in the loop with online gambling news that is to the point and succinct.

💪What topics does the latest online gambling news cover?

There are a range of exciting online topics that we cover in our latest gambling news. Thus, you will find our news coverage to be dynamic and all-inclusive. When it comes to online gambling, there are a wide range of different topics to take into consideration. As such, we’ve tailored our news pieces to include a number of different fields of interest. This means that all types of online gamblers, with a range of different preferences, will find our news to be informative, interesting, and enlightening.

💥Does reading the latest gambling news help improve my strategy?

When you read the latest gambling news, you’ll find that it will benefit your approach to online gambling in general. Not only will you find that you’re more in tune with all the best offers and newcomers to the market, but you’ll pick up a host of great tips. These tips will improve your strategy and enable you to make practical tweaks. All of which should lead to potentially better online gambling opportunities. Be sure to stay up-to-date by checking in with GamblingGuy and our unbiased news section.

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The Impact of FTX’s Downfall on Sports Betting
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At the recent SBC Gaming Summit, President and ...
FanDuel Expands NFL Partnership to Include Ontario
FanDuel is one of the top sportsbooks in ...
DraftKings Releases US Presidential Election Odds For Canadian Bettors
Betting on the outcome of the USA’s Presidential ...
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