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Looking for the latest sports betting news Canada has to offer? Then look no further. Just keep reading to see the biggest sports stories that’ll help your online betting in Canada!

We’ve made sure that our news service gives you everything you need to enjoy a successful sports bet. This means highlighting the sporting events that you’ll be betting on, notifying you of any new sportsbook launches and keeping you informed of any legislative changes. So take a look below to see the latest sports news Canada has at the moment!

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The Impact of FTX’s Downfall on Sports Betting
Sports News
Melissa Roy
FTX, one of the biggest and best-known crypto exchanges in the world, has collapsed. An article in the Economist has made some ...
Melissa Roy
NBA Expands Ontario Presence By Partnering With Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation
As legal sports betting in Ontario continues to flourish, the NBA has signed their first partnership ...
Melissa Roy
Major League Baseball Inks First Canadian Sports Betting Partnership
Less than three months after the launch of legal sports betting in Ontario, the Ontario Lottery ...
Melissa Roy
TheScore Bet Leaves US Market To Focus On Ontario
Toronto-based operator TheScore Bet has announced that ...
Melissa Roy
Edmonton Upsets Calgary In The Battle For Alberta
The Oilers and Flames met in a ...
Melissa Roy
DraftKings Goes Live In Ontario
One of the leading sportsbooks in the ...
Melissa Roy
Canadian Team Takes Silver Medal At World Men’s Curling Championship
Team Canada came close to taking home ...
Melissa Roy
FanDuel and DraftKings Close Down Daily Fantasy Sports In Ontario
FanDuel and DraftKings are slated to launch ...
Melissa Roy
Ontario Sports Betting Expands April 4th
Gamblers in Ontario can currently place legal ...
Melissa Roy
Blue Jays Are Among Betting Favorites For MLB Futures
With the MLB lockout lifted and a flurry of transactions taking place daily, MLB futures betting ...
Melissa Roy
Canadians Piling Up Medals At Paralympic Games
After five days of competition, Canadian athletes ...
Melissa Roy
MLB Season Opening Delayed Due To Lockout
Major League Baseball announced on Tuesday that ...
Melissa Roy
Lotteries in Canada Smiling After Super Bowl LVI
Super Bowl LVI brought with it a ...
Melissa Roy
Finally, Ontario Launch Date Announced!
After much back and forth, a launch date for the Ontario legal gambling market has finally ...
Melissa Roy
Stay Tuned for Ontario Gambling Market Launch Date
For what seems like the umpteenth time in the last couple of months, the launch of ...
Melissa Roy
Nova Scotia Single-Game Betting Remains A Mystery
There has been little news on the ...
Melissa Roy
Major NHL Postponement in Canada
In yet another twist of events, three ...
Melissa Roy
Ontarians Wait With Bated Breath
Ontarians have had to ring in the ...
Melissa Roy
Sportradar and NBA agree on new partnership deal
The latest developments have concluded with a ...
Melissa Roy
Super Bowl 2021: 07/02 Tampa, Florida – The Weeknd Halftime Show
Super Bowl 2021 is almost here and ...
Melissa Roy
UFC 257: Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier – UFC Betting Guide
Saturday night will see Conor McGregor back ...

Topics covered in the latest sports betting news Canada has to offer

We want you to know that if anything happens in the Canadian sports betting world, you’ll be the first to know about it. This is because we’ve created this resource to keep you up to date with anything that could affect the success of your sports bet. Here’s a quick taster of what kinds of things we cover in our news reports:

Sports betting previews

This is the place where you’ll get to see which sports you’ll be betting on in the coming days, weeks and months. After all, you will want plenty of preparation to put your bets down. As a result, we’ll give you extensive previews of everything from that NHL crunch game to the Super Bowl. Expect detailed analysis of the past form of each team as well as accounts of any notable injuries. Plus we’ll host post-game reports so that you can quickly see what happened in anything from the NBA Finals through to Canada’s latest soccer World Cup exploits.

New sportsbook launches

It seems as though there is a new online sportsbook opening up in Canada just about every week. Not that we’re complaining, just that it might make it difficult to keep tabs on things. This is where our sports betting news service comes in as we’ll give you a handy introduction to every online sportsbook that opens up on our shores. As a result, you’ll get to see what kinds of sports bets they put on, what bonuses are available and how the sportsbook functions as a whole. All you need to know is whether that new online sportsbook is right for you.

Sports betting offers

We love sports betting bonuses and we think that you do too. So this is why we’ll let you know whenever any online sportsbook in Canada drops a particularly attractive-looking sports betting bonus. It could be anything from a handy matched deposit bonus for new customers to a cool odds boost for that big hockey game. We’ll even let you know if a sportsbook decides to roll out a particularly generous reward program. This means that you’ll never have to miss out on any tempting sportsbook promos ever again. Just be sure to stay tuned to our sports betting news platform.

Legislative changes to betting laws

Canada’s sports betting laws can be quite tricky to understand and they are also prone to change without any warning. So we’ve set up a special part of our news resource that’s devoted to helping you make sense of the nation’s sports betting laws. This means that you’ll understand what you can and cannot do at any online sportsbook, and it’ll also help you spot any potentially dangerous offshore betting sites. All you need to enjoy legal and safe sports betting in Canada.

Sports betting analysis

We’ll also give you a comprehensive overview to all of the most important trends that are affecting how we bet on sport in Canada. This means getting to see why certain sports like MMA fighting and esports are starting to take a growing share of the spotlight. We’ll also examine how online sportsbooks are evolving their services to offer you new and exciting ways to put down your sports bets. Perfect for ensuring that you keep up with the rapid changes in the sports betting world.

Why you should read our Canadian sports betting news

We’ve worked hard to make sure that our sports betting news platform has something for everyone. So here are the key reasons why we think you should read our Canadian sports betting news:

Staying safe:

 Above all, we want our sports betting news service to give you the help you need to stay safe when you put your bets down. This is because you’ll be betting with real money when you bet on sport, and so you’ll need to be kept up to date with anything that could cause you harm. As a result, we’ll keep you alerted as to whenever a shady offshore betting site attempts to lure in Canadian customers. Plus we’ll shine a spotlight whenever any established sportsbook has anything less than perfect in terms of customer service. All of which should help you safely navigate the world of sports betting.

Anticipate big betting opportunities:

 You’ll know that there’s always something to bet on in Canada. As such, there’s every chance that you might miss a golden sport betting opportunity. It could be something like a unique bet on the first round of the NFL draft or it could even be a bet on this year’s Canadian Grand Prix. Thankfully all of this can be avoided by checking into our sports betting news service. This is because we’ll be previewing each sports event that you should be betting on. So you’ll get plenty of time to prepare your bets for the big game!

Getting the best bonuses:

 You’ll know that pretty much every online sportsbook in Canada will have some kind of bonus. The trick is to make sure that you get the sports betting bonuses that are right for you. This is why our news service will highlight every sports betting bonus that gets launched in Canada. It could be something like a risk-free bet bonus for the next Raptors game or even just a matched deposit for all sports. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find your perfect betting bonus with our sports news platform.

Expand your knowledge:

 Sometimes it’s good just to be a bit more informed about what you’re betting on and how you’re betting on it. This might mean getting a handy profile of that quarterback who’s shaking up the CFL. It could even be a useful guide that explains how that online sportsbook came to become one of the biggest players in the Canadian betting scene. All of which will stop you from becoming just another punter so that you can enjoy putting down your sports bets with expertise and assurance.

Keeping entertained:

 We hate to say it, but our sports news service is actually pretty entertaining. We’ll admit that we’re not above discussing things like a quarterback’s passing average, but we’ll try and make sure that each sports news piece we report is worth reading. This means giving you the dirt about what’s really happening in that NBA locker room and why that NHL team simply cannot hang on to their head coach. After all, sports betting is pretty entertaining and there’s no reason why sports news can’t be fun too!

Expertly curated sports betting news reports

You should know that each bit of sports news we report is the product of a lot of hard work and many years’ experience in the world of betting. This is because we have assembled a team of sports news reporters whose job it is to enlighten you in a way that’s authoritative and informative.

There’s a lot of hot air on the internet about sports news, and so we wanted to avoid adding to the mountain of digital garbage. This is why every sports report comes from a reporter who has years of experience in being a fan of sport. As a result, you’ll get to understand the pain of a news report that details another defeat for the Montreal Canadians and you’ll share our writer’s hope as they preview that next big Calgary Flames game.

Remember that our experts have plenty of experience in using online sportsbooks in Canada. This means that they have the skills necessary to cut through the hype to see whether that new bonus looks like it could be a good deal. You can also rely on our writers to help you identify when that promising sportsbook turns out to be nothing but a rogue offshore betting site. So stick with our site for sports betting news you can trust.

Reasons why our sports betting news platform rules

You’ll know that the internet is full of news stories. While many of these do the job, they are often bland. However, we’re determined to give you Canadian betting news with a difference. Here are some key reasons why our sports betting news resource is a cut above the rest:

  1. Get the latest news:
    You’ll notice that we keep our news stories coming throughout the day. This is because there is always something happening in the world of sport and we want you to be the first to see it. From reports about career-threatening injuries to that NHL star to announcements of a brand new online sportsbook in Canada, you’ll find that we’re regularly front of the line to report these stories. It might not seem hugely important, but it definitely is if you want to be the first to get that limited promo code offer!
  2. Relevant sports betting news:
    We want to make sure that you get the sports news that you want to read about. This means giving everything a Canada-centric approach to give you the news from the NHL, CFL and NBA. However, we’re aware that most Canadians are keen to see what’s going on over the border so we’ll keep you updated with everything from the NFL to the MLB. Plus we’ll shine a light on those international sportsbooks that look like they might soon arrive here in Canada.
  3. Sports news exclusives:
    We love finding a sports news exclusive. It’s when we break a sporting story way before anyone else and it makes our job so much more fun. The good is that we’ve got a great track record for delivering news content that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s the real reason why that running back wants to quit that NFL team or just news about an online sportsbook that’s expected to shut its doors soon, you’ll find out about it here first. All you need to be in the driving seat of your sports bets.
  4. Relatable content:
    We have to admit that a lot of sports news content on the internet is utter garbage. Much of it seems to be written in a weird kind of code that makes it unreadable to anyone other than the writer. So we’re determined to avoid this by making our sports news as easy to understand as possible. This doesn’t mean treating our readers like morons, just that we know that not everyone has been betting on sport for decades. As a result you can come here and know that even the most complex bit of Canadian sports betting legislation will be clearly explained in a way that even a Bruins fan can understand!
  5. News you can believe in:
    Read most sports news stories and you’ll see that many of them are little more than speculation. This is pretty natural as no one knows what’s going to happen in the future and most sports fans can be blindly optimistic. But we’re keen to ensure that our sports news stays rooted in reality. We’re not saying that we’re immune from some of those fascinating soccer transfer rumours, but ultimately you want sports news that you can trust. This is why we made sure that each new report we feature comes from authoritative sources. All of which will give you a solid foundation for basing your bets on.

Conclusion – Join us for the latest sports betting news

If you’ve made it this far you’ll know that we are determined to give you the latest sports betting news from Canada and beyond. Whether it’s a massive game in the NHL or just the arrival of a new sportsbook, we’ll give you everything you need to get an upper hand with your sports bets.

This is because it’s not enough just to blindly bet on your favourite team. You’ll want to know which sports events you should be betting on, where you should be putting your bets down and what bonuses are available. Thankfully, our resources will be constantly topped up with the latest news stories to take your sports bets to the next level. So check here to make sure that you’re always informed by the latest Canadian sports betting news.

Sports betting news Canada FAQ

❓ What is the current sports betting bill Canada has at the moment?

Check out our sports betting news for Canada to see where the nation’s sports betting bill got to. After all, there has been plenty of positive movement regarding the full legalization of sports betting in Canada recently. As such you’ll need to read our news to see what you can and cannot with your sports bets.

👀 Where can I find sports gambling news for Canada?

Be sure to visit our site where you will get all of the sports gambling news that matters in Canada. This will reveal what the biggest sporting events to bet on are this week and we’ll point out some of the most exciting online sportsbooks on the scene. All you need to get more from your sports gambling entertainment.

You will probably already know that Canada has some fairly vague gambling laws. All of this means that you will probably need to consult our sports betting news resource to see what you can and cannot bet on in Ontario. All you need to enjoy some legal, safe and fun sports betting in Canada.

🏆 Which site has the best online sports betting Canada has to offer?

Not only will we give you the latest sports betting news, but we’ll also shine a spotlight on all of the best online sportsbooks currently operating in Canada. Plus we’ll give you a broad introduction to any new sports betting sites that have recently launched in our country. Perfect for finding the ultimate online sportsbook for betting on your favourite sport.

🏀 What are the sports news headlines?

Read the latest sports news right here at our site. Not only will we give you the headlines from the NHL and NBA, but we’ll also give you plenty of detailed analysis of everything from the NFL and CFL to the MLB and beyond. Plus we’ll highlight some of the best sportsbooks and bonuses available in Canada so that you can enjoy putting down well-informed sports bets.

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