Best Betting Sites to Bet on CFL in Ontario 2022

Where to Wager on CFL in Ontario

Are you a CFL fan? With online betting coming to Ontario, there isn’t a better time to get everything in order. We guarantee you that you have a feast on your hands as you enjoy sports betting CFL Ontario.

Get up to speed with Ontario betting so that you can enjoy all the latest CFL games. You might even find that you can stream certain games when you bet on CFL in Ontario. There’s no time like the present. Keep reading to find out more!

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Top Bookmakers

The top sportsbooks offering bets on the CFL

Bet365 Bonus
Bet365 Highlights
  • Huge choice of sports
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Excellent betting app
Ontario (CA)
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BetMGM Bonus
BetMGM Highlights
  • Wide range of sports markets
  • Betting options for top leagues
  • One game parlay and player props
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Ontario (CA)
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Rating Bonus Highlights
  • Great range of sporting fixtures and events
  • Live streaming available
  • Seamless betting navigation
Bank Transfer
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NorthStar Bets Bonus
NorthStar Bets Highlights
  • Numerous live markets
  • League highlights feature
  • Intuitive interface
Ontario (CA)
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PointsBet Bonus
PointsBet Highlights
  • Range of betting opportunities
  • Unique PointsBetting system
  • 24/7 customer support
Credit Card
Ontario (CA)
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Coolbet Bonus
Coolbet Highlights
  • Best odds available
  • Transparent sportsbook
  • Plenty of markets
Ontario (CA)
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Caesars Bonus
Caesars Highlights
  • Global reputation in online sports betting
  • Excellent choice of betting markets
  • Intuitive betting app
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Ontario (CA)
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Unibet Bonus
Unibet Highlights
  • Numerous betting markets
  • User-friendly sports betting interface
  • Trusted operator for many years
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Ontario (CA)
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888 Bonus
888 Highlights
  • Awesome live betting
  • Massive range of betting markets
  • Great mobile app
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Ontario (CA)
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LeoVegas Bonus
LeoVegas Highlights
  • Award-winning sportsbook
  • Great market depth
  • Fully licensed in Ontario
Ontario (CA)
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Royal Panda Bonus
Royal Panda Highlights
  • Superior live betting options
  • Great market depth
  • Desktop and mobile-friendly
Credit Card
Ontario (CA)
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DraftKings Bonus
DraftKings Highlights
  • Wide range of betting options
  • Competitive odds
  • Great betting app
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Ontario (CA)
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Rivalry Bonus
Rivalry Highlights
  • Good coverage of sports
  • Reliable sports betting odds
  • Excellent site design
Ontario (CA)
FanDuel Bonus
FanDuel Highlights
  • Great market depth
  • Live streaming and in-game betting
  • A trusted name in online betting
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Ontario (CA)

Who should use our guide? If you want to bet on CFL in Ontario

You might feel slightly at a loss when it comes to starting out your betting venture. When you bet on CFL in Ontario, there are a number of considerations that you need to address. However, you don’t have to figure this out on your own. Our latest guide, which outlines all you need to know in order to bet on CFL in Ontario, will kickstart your next betting experience. We have summarized all the important information that you should know.

Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced online bettor, this guide will be of help. You simply need to take the time to read through it. We guarantee you that you will pick up quality insights as to how you can improve your CFL betting experience online. With us, you will always be able to get in on the latest action without any issues with the best sportsbooks in Ontario.

Our recommendation – the best operator for betting on CFL

Our latest recommendation has taken a variety of factors into consideration. You need to assess these online betting sites in full in order to figure out which operator is best. From our point of view, we feel that there are three quality sites that are poised to make the biggest impact when the new gambling market in Ontario is launched. However, it is our opinion that BetRivers will provide you with a fantastic online experience.

If you wish to bet on the CFL in Ontario or even bet on MLS in Ontario, you simply need to create an account with one of these sites when they are up and running. BetRivers makes this process extremely easy and you can download the mobile app to do so. You will be able to bet on all the CFL teams coming out of Ontario. Have your say with BetRivers the minute they go live in Ontario!

You can read our latest reviews to find out which other betting sites you can consider using. If you are somewhat perplexed as to where you should bet on CFL in Ontario, read the following section.

How we rate the best sites for CFL bets Ontario

Before you bet on CFL in Ontario, take the time to read our latest reviews. We have crafted these reviews with the utmost care. Our experts analyze each betting site from top to bottom. We’ll run you through our latest ratings by virtue of these comprehensive reviews. You can find out all you need to know about the fundamental operations of the site. This includes the customer support, the usability of the site, the payment options, and the licensing and security. Get to know where you can bet on CFL in Ontario in a matter of minutes!

Different CFL bets Ontario – diversify your bets

There are several main types of bets that you can use when you bet on CFL in Ontario. Let’s run through the different options that you can bet on so that you know where to start.

CFL moneylines: You will come to find that it is possible to bet on moneylines which are very popular. It’s not complicated to understand or execute. You are simply betting on whichever team you feel will win the game at hand. If Redback and Argonauts are playing, then you will be faced with moneylines odds of -115 and +230, for instance

The favorite will have a minus sign next to their odds and the underdog a plus sign. If the Argonauts are favorites at -115, then you will need to bet $115 for every $100 won. However, if you wager $100 on the Redbacks and they win, then you will receive $230 in winnings. Always keep an eye on the minus and plus sign and assess which betting site has competitive moneyline odds.

Spread betting: Spread betting is another popular form of betting. Sportsbook will handicap the favorite team in a fixture. Known as the spread, you will notice that the favoiet needs to win by more points than the spread. The underdog only needs to lose by less points than the spread (the underdog doesn’t necessarily need to win the fixture).

  • Redback: +12.5
  • Argonauts: -12.5

Points spreads will also come with moneyline odds. Let’s just use this as a simplified example. If you bet on the Argonauts with a spread of 12.5 points, then they need to win by more than 12.5 for your bet to win. If you bet on the Redbacks, they simply need to lose by less than 12.5 points and your bet will be successful.

Futures: Here, you will be able to bet on which teams make the playoffs. You can even bet on who will win the Grey Cup before the season starts. Long odds are the order of the day and these bets can prove very tricky.

Totals: Here, you will bet on the total amount of points scored. You need to bet on whether the combined score of both teams is over or under the betting line. It’s important to assess the strengths of both teams. If both teams rely on their defensive systems, then the total score might be low. If both teams play attacking games, then you might bet on a total score that will be over the betting line.

Props: Proposition (prop) bets are bets where you aren’t betting on the final outcome of a game. So, you don’t have to worry about whether the Redbacks lose or the Argonauts win. You’ll be betting on individual players more so than the team. You can bet on who will have the most rushing yards or who will score the first touchdown. Whether you’re placing a bet on the CFL or even betting on NFL in Ontario, these are fun bets if you are an impartial bettor. Prop bets are also great when one team is routing another and you wish to keep things interesting.

The top tips for betting on CFL in Ontario

You now know which operators to consider when you bet on the CFL in Ontario. Plus, you’re acquainted with the most popular CFL bet types that you will find online. You’ve certainly got one foot in the door by now, if not both. Before we can conclude our latest guide here at, we would be remiss not to provide you with several betting tips. Bet on the CFL in Ontario with precision and confidence.

Apply two-step authentication

It’s important that you secure your betting account as best you can. We would hate it if you were to find out that your account has been compromised because you forgot to enable two-step authentication. Link your betting account to an external account so that you have full oversight. This will stop third-party entities from accessing your account and quite possibly stealing your real money funds.

Know how to contact your betting operator

You should always know how to get in touch with your betting operator. The best betting sites will ensure that technical issues are kept to a minimum. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t require assistance at one point or another. You can read our latest reviews here at to find out exactly how you can contact the betting site you use. As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to get in touch using email, live chat, or telephone. Plus, each betting site should have a comprehensive FAQ section.

Get the most competitive odds

Before placing a bet, make sure you’re getting the most competitive odds from your chosen bookie. Not sure how to do this? You can start by using our handy odds comparison tool right here at GamblingGuy!

Bet on CFL markets you know well

It is important that you bet on CFL markets that you know well. There’s little value in betting on markets or CFL teams and players that you aren’t familiar with. This will simply mean that you are betting blind and putting your real money funds at even more risk. Take the time to bet on your favorite teams and do some research prior to doing so. This will ensure that you put yourself in the best possible position to walk away a winner! Keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed though.

Conclusion – bet on CFL in Ontario

We have come to the end of our latest guide to betting on the CFL in Ontario. Although the Ontario gambling market is yet to launch, you won’t have to wait long. Soon, you will be able to make the most of your skills and knowledge as you bet on CFL in Ontario. Make sure that you find the best operator for your preferences before you start betting online. We would hate for you to have a below-par experience.

At, we bring you the latest online betting coverage as, and when, you need it. You can visit our extensive gambling resources whenever you wish to improve your overall betting knowledge. Check in with us on a regular basis and elevate your betting experience!

Bet on CFL in Ontario FAQs

👀How do I bet on CFL in Ontario?

If you are a fan of the CFL, then you might want to read our latest guide here at With the Ontario gambling market set to open up, there will be a number of CFL betting options in the near future. All you need to do is find out how you can go about making the most of these opportunities and you’ll enhance your overall experience. Find out more right here!

❓Is CFL sports betting CFL Ontario legal?

At, we are always looking to cover the legal aspects of online gambling. This ensures that everyone involved knows exactly where they stand. Ontario is set to launch a legal and expanded gambling market. We suggest that you take the time to read our latest guide right here to find out all you need to know. Once you have done this, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable betting on CFL in Ontario. We cover other major leagues too, such as our guide on how to bet on NBA in Ontario.

🏈What are the best operators for betting on CFL in Ontario?

There are a couple of very good betting operators that are about to enter the legal Ontario gambling market. These operators will offer you an exciting online experience filled with a range of markets, and features. Check out our guide to CFL betting in Ontario to find out more.

🔮Do the latest tips for CFL betting work all the time?

You will come to find that there are a number of different betting tips online. Dozens of different sites offer you free tips. However, many of these tips do not offer you much insight into the world of CFL betting online. As such, we suggest that you head on over to our latest coverage right here at We promise that you will have access to in-depth, and practical, tips which work. We can even help you with betting on the NHL in Ontario! Please note though that betting tips are here to offer guidance but do not work all of the time.

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