Best Welcome Online Casino Bonus Promotions & Exclusive Welcome-Bonuses for Canada 2021

If you’ve been online gambling in Canada lately, then you know that the online casino list has grown exponentially – and with that, their welcome bonses.

Many of the top online casinos in Canada, and even your average new online casino with online slots in Canada for real money offer a welcome bonus. Gone are the days where you have to go to a no deposit online casino in Canada to get a no deposit online casino bonus – just take a look at our comparison below!


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Who is This Comparison For?

When it comes to finding a fantastic welcome bonus while online gambling in Canada, we could all use a helping hand. Our experts have gone through a multitude of online casinos with a free signup bonus to find the best and most rewarding welcome bonus at an online casino for you.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner and know next to nothing, or a seasoned gambler who’s looking for a new online casino with a free signup bonus and real money, you’re in luck.

Our experts have sifted through the terms and conditions of various operators and have checked out what you could use the different welcome bonuses for, to find the very best welcome bonus at an online casino.

Today we’ll be sharing that information with you and teaching you how to find the best online casinos with a free signup bonus.

Our Top 5 Steps for a Fair and Secure Gambling Experience

Whether you’re interested in taking advantage of a welcome bonus at the top online casinos in Canada, or want to know which online casinos with a free sign up bonus are reliable, we can help. There are a few things that you can keep in mind to help you choose only legitimate operators.

These factors can help you, irrespective of whether or not you want a welcome bonus at an online casino. Perhaps you’re dissatisfied with your current operator or just want a change of scenery—either way, with these five steps you’re almost guaranteed to find a reliable operator.


Not even the best welcome bonus at an online casino holds any allure if you know that your information won’t be safe. You’ll be providing sensitive data, including your banking details, to any gambling provider that you use.

Thus, the first thing to check before signing up at any one of the online casinos with a free sign up bonus is whether or not their encryption is up to scratch.

They should have up-to-date TTL or SSL encryption on their website. Additionally, read the privacy policy to ensure that your information won’t be given to any third parties.

Licensing and Legality

Before you sign up, no matter how fantastic the welcome bonus at the online casino might be, always check your local legislation. After all, not even the most significant sum of money is worth much in jail.

Once you know that you can legally gamble in your area, make sure that your chosen online casinos with a free signup bonus can lawfully operate in your area too. To legally work in any region, a new online casino operator must have a valid licence from a gambling commission or gambling authority.

This information is typically displayed on the homepage of an operator. If not, you should find it in the terms and conditions. If the operator isn’t licensed at all, then make a run for it. Unlicensed operators are illegal and could end up costing you a fortune.

Efficient Payment Methods

The welcome bonus at an online casino will occasionally need you to make a deposit before you can access the bonus funds. This is known as a deposit bonus.

However, for you to make your deposit, there’s one essential thing to be considered: payment methods. When you’re trying to make a payment, or withdraw funds from your casino account, you don’t want to feel like you’re facing Armageddon.

So, before you sign up to any of the online casinos with a free signup bonus, always ensure that they have a useful array of payment methods. Ideally, they should offer your preferred payment method.

When playing online slots in Canada for real money, you should also read reviews by other players about the withdrawals and deposits offered by that specific operator. Some payment methods take longer than others, but if an operator has a reputation for taking a long time to process withdrawals and deposits, then you’ll probably want to avoid them.

Design and Usability

Assuming that an operator has checked all of the boxes thus far, you want to be sure that it will be easy to use your welcome bonus at the online casino.

Scroll through the site, and see if it’s easy to navigate. You’ll want to choose an operator that you don’t mind looking at. If you’re going to be spending hours trying to relax on a site, you don’t want it to be garish or make you feel uncomfortable.

Above all, the site should be easy to use (even when online gambling on iPad in Canada), and should make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Customer Service

Even the best online casinos with a free signup bonus will have a glitch at some point. When that time comes, and it will come, you need to know that you have access to reliable, efficient customer service. Before you let a welcome bonus at an online casino lure you into signing up, always see which customer service options are available. Ideally, you want access to multiple contact methods, not just an email.

It would also be wise to read customer service reviews to find out whether or not the customer service is up to scratch.

Who do Our Editors Recommend?

After routing through hundreds of online casinos with a free signup bonus, our team of experts have chosen their preferred welcome bonus at an online casino.

They have scoured the terms and conditions and privacy policy of this website to make sure that the bonus is efficient and easy-to-use. They’ve checked that your data will remain safe and secure with this operator. They’ve also confirmed that the operator is licensed and that it can legally operate in Canada.

This is the operator that our team of experts has decided on. Not only do they offer a phenomenal welcome bonus at the online casino, but they have efficient, accessible customer service. They also provide a wide variety of games for you to choose from, and have limited conditions for their no deposit online casino bonus, meaning that you can play with ease.

You’re more than welcome to go through all of the hints and tips we’ve given you to find an operator you think is perfect. If you’re the lazy sort (energy efficient, as we like to call it) then why not skip the process and try our recommended operator?

Tried and Tested – This Is How Our Experts Test Operators

Your safety and comfort are paramount to our experts. So, whenever they test an operator, they take great care and run a very comprehensive battery of tests.

Having a fantastic welcome bonus at the online casino definitely contributes towards good ratings, but they also look at so much more.

Today, we’ll be giving you insights into the world of a casino operator testing expert, and telling you about the various categories that matter to our experts.

When our experts test an operator, the very first thing that they look at is whether or not the casino is licensed. If the casino isn’t authorised by a registered gambling commission or gaming authority, then our experts won’t give them good ratings; they won’t even recommend them.

They’ll also look to see if you can play the online casino on iPhone in Canada, and note any other platforms available.

Next on the list of requirements are up-to-date SSL or TTL encryption and other security protocols. For example, any URL that begins with HTTP, rather than HTTPS, probably isn’t fully secured. Additionally, operators that keep their confidential information in off-site server farms get even better ratings – since this practice protects you.

Our experts love a good welcome bonus at an online casino, but any operator that only offers welcome bonuses usually suffers some scrutiny. Why is this? Truth be told, an operator that only gives bonuses to get new members, but doesn’t provide any sort of reward for loyal existing members, is probably more interested in attracting new clientele than they are in caring for existing clients.

Our experts usually look for good rewards or loyalty programs, or at the very least regular promotions that benefit existing members of the operator. After all, we want you to sign up for an operator that has your best interests at heart.

Another thing that’s crucial in any one of our operator reviews is customer service. Many times they’ll do blind checks, where they try out the customer service without the casino operator knowing. If there aren’t sufficient customer service options, or if the customer service team isn’t well trained, then they won’t get good ratings for their customer service.

Last, but not least, the variety on offer is of great interest to our team. We aren’t fond of operators that only offer one or two games, unless they happen to be a specialist provider. Most gamblers prefer to play a variety of games, depending on their mood, so our experts prefer an operator that provides something for every type of player.

Finding the Best Operator for You

Finding the right operator for you is about more than just finding a welcome bonus at an online casino. We know better than most that the online casinos with a free sign up bonus that our experts prefer may not be the operators of your dreams.

In fact, you may even prefer an operator with a smaller signup bonus, but that’s specialised in the game that you want to play. So how do you choose the ideal operator for you? Most guides and articles will give you a generalised approach, telling you what the perfect operator is. In this article, we’re going to help you find the perfect operator for you.

The first thing that you want to look for when you’re looking for your ideal operator is an operator that is legally licensed to operate in your area. Every different gambling commission or gaming authority permits casinos to work in different jurisdictions. A casino must have a licence to operate legally, but not every licence gives them the ability to operate legally everywhere .

Once you’ve determined that the operator you like is legal in your area, then why not have a look at the welcome bonus at the online casino? Everyone wants to get more for their money, and gambling is certainly no different.

Check if the welcome promotions and bonus codes at your chosen operator are easy-to-use and will serve your purposes.

That brings us to the next relevant category. For online casino apps in Canada to be ideal for you, they must offer more than a welcome bonus at the online casino. If you want to bet with the same operator at which you play casino games, then you’ll need an operator with an affiliated sportsbook.

If you’re not interested in betting, you still need an operator that gives you the game you like to play. Five million slots won’t help you if you’re a poker player. Look for an operator that suits your playing style and playing needs.

Once you’ve discovered an operator that can legally operate in your area, is licensed, offers your game of choice, and will give you a welcome bonus that you can enjoy, you may have found the ideal operator for you. If you try the casino and find out that you don’t like them, move on; there are a million other operators to choose from

What Games Do Our Experts Love?

Our experts come from a wide array of backgrounds, have different games of choice, and have different things that they like to see in an operator. That being said, they often use the same casinos that they recommend to you.

Some of them are hardcore poker players and prefer a poker-based operator; some love playing the ponies, and so find a sportsbook dedicated to the track. Others like niche games such as belotte.

We even have a few experts who adore slot games. They have many differences and many differences of opinion as well. One thing that they all have in common, though, is their shared love of a good operator. Every operator that we recommend is one that some of our experts use. Some prefer online gambling on iPad in Canada, while others enjoy gambling on their desktop. So, they’ll also help you to find the platform that you love the most.

Online Vs Offline Gambling – What Works for You?

Players often debate whether online or offline gambling is better, and probably will for many years to come. We’ll tell you some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The main advantage of offline casinos is the atmosphere and social aspect. Casinos offer an opportunity to mingle and to create an atmosphere that is conducive to winning. The main disadvantage of offline casinos is the space limitation set by having physical floor space.

Online casinos have several advantages. Firstly, they have no limitations and can incorporate an almost endless stream of new casino games. You can even find online casinos without downloads in Canada, if you’re playing on mobile or a limited data connection.

Secondly, they’re economical, both in terms of money and time. When you gamble online, you can play from wherever you are. There’s no need to pay for accommodation and fuel or to take time off work. The only expense that you have is to pay for the games that you play. Additionally, you don’t need to make time, but can instead play whenever you have a gap in your schedule.

The only perceived disadvantage to online gambling is the absence of the social aspect.

Our Expert Conclusion

Just as there’s a virtual customer war raging between the myriad of online casinos, there’s a war raging among casino software developers. You don’t have to settle for online casinos without downloads in Canada anymore, because the mobile online casino in Canada has become a trend.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, why not head over to our online casino apps in Canada article, where you can learn all about online gambling on iPad in Canada or where to find an online casino on iPhone in Canada or Android casino in Canada. If mobile gambling is interesting to you, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ve dished the dirt on online casinos with a free signup bonus, and how to find the best welcome bonus at an online casino. We’ve taught you how to recognise a reliable welcome bonus at an online casino, and how to choose the best online casinos with a free signup bonus. We’ve even recommended an operator that we believe is the best online casino with a free signup bonus and real money.

As you look for your optimal welcome bonus at an online casino, remember to look for an operator that’s legitimate, licensed, and doesn’t tie your arms with a lot of red tape. Look for a bonus that allows you to play your favourite game, and has requirements that you’re sure you can meet.

Good luck in your quest for a phenomenal welcome bonus at an online casino, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

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