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bc game reviewsSo, you’re a crypto enthusiast and holdling lots of coins. But you also gamble in your spare time. We know where you can combine them! Our BC.Game Bonus review for Canada will give you the inside scoop on crypto gaming!

This review will go right into the heart of the BC.Game welcome bonus to see what is on offer for new customers. We’ll show you exactly how to activate this bonus and give you some top tips on using the bonus. If you stay a while, we’ll even answer your questions! All crypto fanatics, stay right where you are!

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Last Updated on 07/05/2024
Fact checked by: Dean Johnson

Introduction to bonus offers - why even look at the BC.Game bonus

Before we get into our review, we’d like to introduce you to welcome bonuses. Welcome bonuses are top-rated in the online gambling world. Just look at the 888 promo code bonus, and you’ll see how almost all operators use welcome offers. Most online casinos in Canada use welcome offers to attract new clientele. The BC.Game deal we’re looking at today is a welcome offer and, more specifically, a deposit match bonus. We’ll go into some more detail below.

How to use the bonus - this BC.Game bonus is easy!

Our BC.Game bonus review for Canada will start by teaching you how to activate the BC.Game new customer code bonus on offer from BC.Game. Our BC.Game review for Canada touches on the bonus, but we’ll go into detail here. First, you must register and open a new account at BC.Game. You can navigate to the main page of the BC.Game casino, where you’ll see a “sign up” tab on the top of the page. From here, you can open an account with your email. You can also use your Google, Facebook, or Telegram account to open a BC.Game account. Or you can use WalletConnect or MetaMask to open your account.

What makes this the BC.Game promo code welcome offer so special, is that it comes as two options. One for fast movers, and one for more chilled players.

Time-sensitive 20 minute deposit bonus

BC.Game, also known as or, offers you the chance to get a special deposit bonus within 20 minutes of signing-up. The terms and conditions state that you can receive up to a 300% match on your first deposit if you deposit at least $10 within the first 20 minutes of registering on the platform! If you only deposit the minimum required amount of $10 worth of crypto, you’ll receive a whopping $30 worth of BC Dollar, or BCD. BCD is BC.Games own stablecoin with a value of 1 USDT.

Take-your-time deposit bonus after 20 minutes

Don’t despair if you missed the 20 minute cut-off for the first bonus, as there is a second deposit bonus available to customers. The bonus is applicable to your first 4 deposits. Here’s how it works:

  • 1st deposit bonus: With your 1st deposit, you will be matched between 80% and 180%, depending on your deposit amount. BC.Game will give you BC Dollar, or BCD, their in-house stablecoin.
  • 2nd deposit bonus: When you make the 2nd deposit, depending on the amount, you could receive up to a 200% deposit match.
  • 3rd deposit bonus: But you’re not done yet. It climbs even higher with your 3rd deposit bonus, where they will match you between 100% and 220% of your deposit.
  • 4th deposit bonus: Lastly, our BC.Game bonus review for Canada found that by making the fourth deposit, you could get between 100% and 240% deposit match.

Unlocking the BCD

Now, our review uncovered something that you should know about. The BCD is not available to you immediately. You can, however, withdraw your deposited cash at any time and not lose your bonus. However, you must unlock the BCD. And it will take some time as you would have to play $400 to unlock 1BCD. If you play $1000, you will unlock 2,5BCD. Meaning the wagering requirement to unlock a BCD is 400x. There are no further wagering requirements or time limits included with the BC.Game sign up bonus in Canada that we could find. Remember that even if you withdraw your deposit, your BCD will stay where it is until you unlock it.

Rakeback for sports bettors

If sports is your penchant and you are an avid bettor, there is no free bet offer or deposit match deal available for you at present. Instead, you can make use of the Rakeback deal to claim daily returns on your spending, whether you win or lose. The percentage you get back is based entirely on your VIP status.

Top 5 expert tips - use the BC.Game bonus like an expert

Our BC.Game bonus review for Canada will keep our word and give you some industry-leading tips on how to use the bonus:

Check your deposit amounts

The more you deposit and get back in BCD, the longer it will probably take you to unlock the BCD. You won’t have an issue if you don’t mind playing larger amounts quickly. But for the more casual player, it will take some time to unlock the BCD. Luckily, once you unlock the BCD, you can convert and withdraw as cash. We will, however, urge you to keep that 400x wagering requirement to unlock the BCD in mind.

You’ll have to decide quickly

If you want to unlock the time-sensitive bonus, you need to act fast and make that first deposit within 20 minutes. If not, you still have access to the second deposit bonus option. It was obvious to our BC.Game bonus review Canada team that it would be a good idea for players to make a decision before signing up on which deposit bonus they want to settle on. You either have to be a quick draw, or you can take your sweet time. The BC.Game voucher bonus shouldn’t be seen as a race. Forget about the BCD and keep playing normally. If you unlock them, see them as a bonus.

No time limits mean planning and preparation

You’re faced with a bonus that is essentially asking for a 400x wagering requirement to unlock 1BCD. On the other side of the coin, you don’t have any time limits putting pressure on you to unlock the BCD. Trying to unlock the BCD quickly will only lead to a bad experience. You have adequate time to go and plan your gaming and take things easy. If you take things slow, you will see that your BCD will get unlocked quicker than you think.

Learn the rules

You’ve got the time now to go and study the rules of the games you want to play at the casino. We know that this could sound a bit boring, but learning the rules of a casino game before you start playing could make your experience so much better. The BC.Game bonus review Canada team agrees that you don’t have to be an expert, but you should have a solid understanding of the mechanics of a game. You’ll have a headstart on the competition when you learn the rules.

Join the community

Our experts immediately saw that BC.Game has one thing down, and that is their community forums. You have so many choices. Here, you can interact with other players and get the best tips and strategies for using one of the best online casino bonuses in Canada: the time-sensitive 20 minute bonus, or the awesome 4-phase deposit bonus from BC.Game. There are several forums to join, even some on GitHub and Discord.

Frequently asked questions about the bonus - What’s up with BC.Game unique bonus?

Coming up in this section of our BC.Game bonus review for Canada, as promised, we’ll answer some of your most burning questions.

Do you have to get all four bonuses if you get the first one (if you opt for the second bonus)?

The bonuses are automatic, meaning that you cannot opt out. However, you don’t have to worry about this. Even if you did receive the 1st deposit bonus, you could still withdraw all your real deposited crypto. That’s right! They thought about this. Even if you withdraw all your deposited crypto, your bonus BCD will stay right where it is, locked or unlocked. You can come back at any time to use it or try and unlock it.

When does the bonus expire?

This question was also troubling us. Remember, you have the two options. One bonus expires within only 20 minutes of signing on, and the other has no expiration time. As you’ll see in the Bet365 promotions review, we make sure to double-check if there are any tie limits involved with a bonus to alert you. Our BC.Game bonus review Canada team combed the rules of the deposit bonus, and we learned that the BC.Game explicitly states that there are no time limits to worry about if you take the second option. But if you want to get that time-sensitive bonus, you’ll need to hurry up!

Most other bonuses will not activate, and you’ll lose the chance to get the bonus. However, we were surprised to learn that this is not the case at BC.Game. Even if you did not unlock the deposit bonus with your first deposit, you would get another chance to deposit the minimum amount of $30 to activate the second BCD deposit bonus! BC.Game mentions that they want to give all players the chance to get this amazing bonus, so they also allow you to unlock the bonus, even if it is not your first deposit.

What exactly is BCD?

BCD, or BC Dollar, is the in-house developed stablecoin that BC.Game provides you, the customer. You can buy BCD with your normal crypto and then use it to play games on the BC.Game online casino. It has the same value as 1 USDT. You receive this currency in a locked format. You cannot use the BCD immediately, but you have to unlock them first. It’s an awesome concept that will keep players returning to unlock coins in the long run.

I want to withdraw the crypto that I deposited. Is this possible?

The answer is yes! BC.Game will not block you from withdrawing any of the normal cryptos you deposited for the bonus. These funds are withdrawable at any time. You have access to these initially deposited funds without any restrictions. The only restrictions that our BC.Game bonus review for Canada found were those on the BCD that you receive per your deposit bonus. You need to unlock these first by playing on the online casino. For every $400 worth of crypto that you play, you will unlock 1BCD.

Additional rewards & loyalty programs

Are there other reasons to try the BC.Game platform other than the phenomenal bonus? Well, of course, there is! Here are some cool features we found:

  • BC.Lottery: Our team found a nice feature on the platform. There is a daily lottery running at 15:00. You can buy a ticket to the lottery for only $0.1, and then you have to pick a few numbers. The draw is done with a provably fair algorithm. You can also buy tickets with BCL, BC.Game’s exclusive currency for the lottery.
  • Shitcodes: It sounds rude, but it’s nice fun. BC.Game developed these Shitcodes that they make available from time to time on their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. You can redeem these for free BCD! You only have to redeem the code on the promotions page.
BC.GAME Casino Bonus

Bonus intro

Our team decided to test the second deposit match bonus, which you can get after the first 20 minutes of registering. BC.Game will match 4 of your deposits to a certain percentage, depending on the amount that you deposit. Let’s have a look.

Reality test

The first deposit is matched between 80% to 180%, depending on your deposit. We started with $30 worth of crypto, receiving the $24 of BCD as promised, an 80% match. We tested the next deposit and put in $60. The deposit match ranges from 100% to 200%! We received the 100% match of $60. It was clear to our experts that the deposit worked just fine.

Bonus withdrawal

We wanted to see if the bonus could be unlocked per the rules and regulations. It did take us some time to play through the $400 worth needed to unlock 1BCD. But sure enough, it was unlocked, and we could withdraw.

Pitfalls & what to avoid when claiming bonus

There are no severe pitfalls in our view, as you are still allowed to withdraw your deposited funds at any time. The only currency you need to unlock is the BCD, which you receive as a bonus. Keep the 400x unlocking requirements in mind when you make a deposit. Keep it reasonable for you to reach.

Verdict on bonus

We like this bonus as there is no risk. Your crypto is not tied up, as you can withdraw it anytime. No strict time limits are forcing you to play quickly. You have a long time to go about your business and unlock your bonus. The bonus is also very generous. Although it will take you quite some time to unlock your BCD. However, if you forget about the BCD and enjoy your games, you will receive a nice surprise.

BC.GAME Sports Bonus

Rakeback deal for bettors

Sports and esports bettors can claim Rakeback on their spending. This means that a portion of every bet you make will be returned to you to use again. It is worked out on a percentile basis which is decided by your VIP level of standing on the site.

Reality test

There is nothing to do, other than opt-in on the deal. Then just play like normal and watch as you get back returns on your wins and losses. The amount of Rakeback will increase as your levels do:

VIP level 14-21 Rakeback = Wagers 1% to 5% of wagers

VIP level 22-29 Rakeback = Wagers 1% to 7% of wagers

VIP level 30-37 Rakeback = Wagers 1% to 10% of wagers

VIP level 38+ Rakeback =  1% to 15% of wagers

Bonus withdrawal

Rakeback is not returned as cash to your real money balance. Instead, you must use the credits to play games or place bets.

Pitfalls to avoid with this deal.

There really is nothing to worry about. Just be sure to activate the incentive and familiarize yourself with the percentage to VIP status ratio. This way you will never be disappointed with your returns. Please keep in mind that Rakeback is not cashable.

Bonus conclusion

The Rakeback deal from BC.Game is a tremendous incentive. Its not often that you can get returns for both winning and losing wagers from an operator. BC.Game just goes to show that they want to make sure that people know they offer the best deals around.

Overall conclusion - BC.Game bonus is magnificent!

Our BC.Game bonus review for Canada only has praise for this massive bonus offer. Providing players with the option of two deposit bonuses is a clever idea. One bonus for those who are quick on the draw, and another for those players who want to take their time. This isn’t just a bonus offer but a great incentive for players to keep returning to the platform. We love that you can still withdraw your deposited funds anytime, and the bonus BCD stays right where it is. You can go back at any time to unlock it. The wagering requirements seem high, but this is more of a long-term incentive than a quick bonus. There are no time limits, which means that you can take your time to unlock the BCD.

BC.Game bonus review Canada FAQ

✋Is there a BC.Game free spin bonus?

Our detailed BC.Game bonus review for Canada touches on all the possible bonuses and promotions available on the platform. You can refer to this detailed guide if you want to learn about all the bonuses and promotions that BC.Game is running for customers.

👨What type of customer service does BC.Game offer?

We never leave any stone unturned, and customer service and support are our massive priority. We scrutinize all the avenues and forums available to customers in our detailed reviews and guides. You can refer to the BC.Game review for a detailed explanation of the subject.

📄Does BC.Game possess a license to operate?

It’s important to our team of experts that an operator can show us the right paperwork. We look at an operator’s licenses and security features when doing our reviews. You can go to our website for an in-depth analysis of all these features.

📄How do I play on an online casino with crypto?

Using crypto to deposit or withdraw funds on a crypto-supported operator is very easy. All you need is the wallet addresses for your crypto wallet and the address for the operators’ wallet. You can read one of our crypto gambling guides for more information on using crypto to gamble.


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