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Mr Bit Bonus Code Canada 2022: Check Latest Sign Up Offer

Mr Bit Canada Bonus Offers for Casino 2022

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Mr Bit Bonus
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New to the world of online gambling? Looking for a way to have fun and also win?

Mr Bit Casino offers sign-up bonuses for new players, while also ensuring that the casinos’ more seasoned players benefit from regular interactions.

Offering a range of bonuses, like Mr Bit Casino’s 10 free spins and 10% cashback, this casino really helps you to get a feel for the games it offers, with a Mr Bit no deposit bonus on many options. It is also a very engaging website, visually, and it’s easy to understand guides make it suitable for all levels of gambling in relation to the bonuses and offers it promotes.

Intro to Bonus Offers - What’s on offer at Mr Bit?

What is a bonus offer? It is free money (usually activated by a Mr Bit Casino new customer code) that you can spend when you begin using a casino. This means that it’s like using a Canadian online casino with free balance.  It will usually be based around one game, like slots.

A Mr Bit sign up bonus Canada entices you to make a deposit- we are focusing on Mr Bits Weekend Free Spins Giveaway. Read our Mr Bit review for more about this brand.

How To Use Mr Bit Casino Bonus Canada Weekend Free Spins

This Mr Bit Casino deal is activated when you click on it in the Promo code section of the site; you will then need to make a deposit.

You have 24 hours to use this bonus and as this is a weekend bonus, (it runs across Friday Saturday and Sunday), it’s best to make a note of when you activated it! The minimum deposit is also different for each day; Friday is €15, Saturday is €25 and Sunday is €35. See how this compares with the Casino Empire bonus here.

The wagering requirements are the same across the 3 days- 10x on the deposit and bonus. Players are also required to have 7 days to fulfil the wagering requirements. And, just so you know, the wagering requirements maximum amount is €5.

Onto the details about the Weekend Free Spins as these are some of the top online casino Canada free spins that we’ve ever seen! For Fridays Free Spins, you will receive 25 free spins worth €0.10 on the ‘Betty, Boris and Boo’ slots. On Saturday, you receive 25 free spins worth €0.20 on the ‘Dinosaurs Rage’ slots and on Sunday, the offer remains the same at 25 free spins, worth €0.30 each, in the ‘Rome the Golden Age’ slots. Keep an eye on the time though, as it can be confusing; if you were to activate the Friday Free Spin, it would work between Friday at 00.00 and Sunday 23.59 local time; Saturday from 00.00 to Monday 23,59 local time and the Sunday Spins are accessible between 00.00 on Sunday to 23.59 on Tuesday.

Our Top 5 Expert Tips To Take Advantage Of Weekend Free Spins

Slot machines are an exceedingly common and popular game in online casinos in Canada and so, if slots are your thing, this Mr Bit Bonus will jump off of the screen at you.

If you are new to online gambling in Canada and are looking to become familiar with the types of gaming that you can access on Mr Bit Casino, it is important to have a bit of guidance when using this offer and here, we have highlighted some key tips to keep you safe while depositing and playing.

Keep track of your money

It sounds obvious, yes, but when you are making your initial deposit using this Mr Casino Bonus, make a note somewhere of how much you have put in. As this is a bonus, chances are that if you are playing on Saturday (the day with the lowest deposit), you will probably put more money into the game and if you don’t have a record, this can really add up!

Contact support if you are unclear

Slot game designers are often changing formats and, while most people know how to use a simple slot machine, on some games it can be a bit trickier. So, if you are using one of the machines listed in the Weekend Free Spin and are confused about the imagery or how it works, contact the chat support for advice. On Mr Bit, there is a chat box in the lower right corner that can advise you on games etc, so don’t be afraid to use it! If you want to ask a more complex question, use the hotline or general email support options.

Don’t change your habits and play the slots you like more

If you are new to using online slot machines, chances are that you won’t have a ‘habit’ or ‘system’ in place yet to maximise your winnings. So, if you are new to gambling, start with smaller bets and ‘prime the pump’ as you increase in confidence and become familiar with the game. After all this isn’t one of those kinds of free no deposit casino bonus Canada sometimes offers.

If you have a system in place for using slot machines, don’t change it and, as you will have a better feel for the machines, play the slots you like more. With this bonus, you have the range of 3 slot machines over the 3 days; if you dislike the ‘Betty, Boris and Boo’ slot on a Saturday, don’t deposit more money into it, as it doesn’t play to your strengths.

Conduct tests before playing

Again, this is to assess if the slot machine plays into your system and strengths before putting in a larger deposit. Always ensure you feel comfortable with the machine you are using when making more than the initial deposit.

Be aware of the odds

With free spins, the chances of you winning are estimated differently to those placed into the machines if you continue playing once your free spins are used. If you are using free spins on the ‘Betty, Boris and Boo’ machine, use the free spins to your advantage to increase your chances of winning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weekend Free Spins at Mr Bit

Can I use any payment type to access the Weekend Spins?

To access the Weekend Spins, you can make the initial wager using a variety of methods, including online wallets such as Neteller. Of course, you can also use more standard methods such as MasterCard, and Visa. Other methods of making payment include Bank wire transfer, Zimpler, Rapid Transfer, MuchBetter, Flexepin, ecoPayz,Tutsly, Skrill, and Paysafecard.

However, you cannot use Paypal to access this Mr Bit Casino Bonus Canada.

The time is up on my Saturday Free Spins and I didn’t use them; what happens now?

If you don’t use your free spins by the times listed earlier in this review, then they will be written off, they aren’t carried over and any requests for access to them will be denied. If in the next 7 days you wager enough to get access to them, then your chosen days’ spins will be reapplied to your account.

Can I cancel this weekend’s free spins?

If you have made the required amount of wagers and are then able to access the Weekend Free Spins but don’t wish to use them, there are 2 options available to you. You can either let the free spins be written off or you can contact the online support and request that they are removed from your account.

Do the bonus weekend spins count towards the Mr Bit slot tournament?

Any free or casino bonus offers do not count towards entering any of the tournaments available at this casino. However, if you wish to play the same slot machines outside of the allotted bonus time, then this will count towards the slot tournament.

I’ve activated weekend free spins but can’t access another bonus I have- why?

Mr Bit Casino only allows you to have one active bonus open at any given time. If you have accessed the weekend free spins, but would rather play your hand at another bonus then you can either wait for the spins period to expire or contact customer support and have the bonus removed from your profile.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs - What else is available at Mr Bit?

Like every best online casino in Canada, we have seen, Mt Bit Casino also gives you the opportunity to become a VIP, which is called the Status System which begins with ‘Rookie’ and has the final title of ‘Terminator.’

It is based on the amount of money that you have deposited on games and, as you can guess, the higher in the rankings you get, the more bonuses you will receive. When you become a VIP member, you are given access to your own accounts manager and you will be invited to VIP events, such as private tournaments.

When you become a VIP player, you will also benefit from faster withdrawals and better exchange rates if you wish to withdraw your winnings into cryptocurrency Bitcoin. There are also conditions linked to maintaining these statuses, such as the Cyber Soldier (middle-ranking) needs to deposit $1,000 in 30 days.

Mr Bit Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro - Cyber Wheel of Luck

Introduced by the site as a cyber party, we felt it as important to review the very appealing Cyber Wheel of Luck.

Taking place every Thursday at 00.00 and lasting until 23.59 local time the next day, it utilizes a Mr Bit Casino Promo code and the game itself is based around the traditional roulette wheel and is one of the few Mr Bit Casino’s bonuses that is recurrent.

The Mr Bit Casino free spins require you to make a deposit of €30 or more and to make the necessary wagering to access, which is 10x the deposit you make and the bonus.

Reality Test - Claiming the Mr Bit bonus

When we accessed the bonus, we were aware that we needed to have at least 7 days wagering to do so, with the maximum bet per wager being €5. To begin spinning, we clicked the slot ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and made a deposit; while the bonus is recurrent, it may be worth checking each week if it is operating in the same place; Mr Bit Casino likes to use different formats as often as possible. Once we had made the deposit and had spun the wheel, we were awarded 20 free spins, but you may be awarded up to 150.

Bonus Withdrawal - Can my winnings be withdrawn from the Cyber Wheel?

In short, no they cannot- as this is a bonus, your winnings cannot be withdrawn from Mr Bit Casino. And while it’s a recurrent promotion this ruling does not change, regardless of how many times you access it.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when using the Cyber Wheel

When using the cyber wheel, try to use all of the spins available to you as once the 24 hour period is up, they do not transfer over to the next spinning.

As always, be certain that you have the funds available to play this game and ensure you understand the rules.

Verdict on Bonus - Is it worth the spin?

We found the Cyber Wheel of Luck to be a fun bonus.

While it does require a fair amount of wagering to access, it is nice to see an ongoing promotion. The instructions are simple to follow making it easy for those new to gambling.

Mr Bit Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - Free bets from Mr Bit

In this part of the review, we will be focusing on an ever-popular area of online casinos; sports betting! Mr Bit covers a myriad of different sporting events, from the English Premier League to virtual sports. As is in theme with the rest of this review, we will be looking into one of the casino’s bonus offers in relation to betting on both real-world and virtual sports – a free bet.

Added to your account when you enter Mr Bit Casino Bonus code JBVIP, this allows you to bet for free for the value of up to €50, so just tap in this Mr Bit Casino Bonus code and begin betting!

Reality Test - Accessing the Mr Bit Bonus

To access the bonus, we activated the bonus of your choice in your profile. We were offered the choice to place a bet in either a pre-match or live match; please note that your initial bet should be higher than a single bet, which has odds of 1.75 or higher. Once we did this, our bet was set and all we had to do was wait for the results!

To claim this bonus, you have to have a 30x wager and a minimum deposit of €15 or $15 and bets made with bonus funds won’t be counted as bets.

Bonus Withdrawal - Can you withdraw your winnings from Mr Bit?

Unfortunately, as this utilizes a Mr Bit Casino voucher/bonus, even if you win, the final amount cannot be withdrawn from your Mr Bit account, as part of either the initial sum or the win itself, irrespective of how many times you access the bonus.

Also, it is worth noting that the free bets in relation to sports are available for 5 days and the sum of the Mr Bit free bet offer was deducted from our total winnings in our account. We were also advised to make all bets in the range of 1.1- 5.

Pitfalls - Things to look out for when using the Mr Bit bonus

When claiming the free bet, it is worth noting that you cannot use it in conjunction with another bonus or offer-Mr Bit Casino welcome bonus only allows you to access one bonus at a time.

To access your free bet, be sure to bet the same amount as the bonus you’ve selected.

You can choose your Mr Bit  free bet code amount- €15, €30 or €50 so make sure you have the funds available before choosing the amount, or your bet will not be counted and you will lose access to betting within 5 days.

Verdict on Bonus - Is it worth using? Yes!

What we liked about this bonus was that it allows you to bet on both the real world and virtual sporting events, and it can be used across all the different types of sporting events that Mr Bit Casino offers.

The choice of selecting your own bet amount was a nice touch, and the spread of the amounts also allows you to make a bet based on your confidence in the game you are betting on. The rules relating to this bonus are easy to understand, so rookies like us could use it effectively!

Overall Conclusion - Are Mr Bit Casino Bonuses worth it?

In short, Mr Bit is a very visually appealing website, which offers its newer members and its more seasoned ones varying bonuses; some recurrent (like the Cyber Wheel each Thursday) and others when you have deposited a required amount of money.

Each bonus is explained in jargon-free language, so even those new to the world of gambling can understand how they work and if you do become confused, you can always contact the 24/7 chat support for advice or you can contact online support via telephone if puzzled. Simple!

Mr Bit Casino FAQs

💳 Is Mr Bit Casino safe to gamble on?

In a word, yes! For a brief look at the legislation and licences that Mr Bit Casino holds, have a look at our information on the sites safety in our online casino reviews here at GamblingGuy CA.

✔️ Is online gambling and betting legal in Canada?

In relation to online gambling in Canada, there are strict rules and regulations that online casinos have to adhere to. To get a bit more information on the legal status of Mr Bit Casino (or any other online casino), please visit us at GamblingGuy CA; we have information about every new online casino operator and if they are licensed.

🖥️ Is the Mr Bit website user-friendly?

To us, Mr Bit Casino is a user-friendly online gambling site in Canada. However, depending on your level of expertise in relation to gambling, it can seem a bit complicated to use for a novice! For additional help with navigating this site, feel free to scroll through our user guides at GamblingGuy CA.

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