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Royal Vegas proved to have style and substance, with a beautiful and easy-to-use site that has us stunned by the amount of content available. Slots, table games, video poker, live casino and multiplayer options were covered with plenty of variety.

You can even check all of the content out on mobile, with customer service support available around the clock. However, one area where we don’t think that Royal Vegas gets enough credit is its promotions. So, here in our GamblingGuy Royal Vegas bonus review Canada, we are going to take a closer look at their spectacular bonus offers.

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A Big & Bold Bonus Offer Awaits At Royal Vegas Canada

Looking for no deposit bonus codes Canada? There is one key bonus for Royal Vegas and it is immediately apparent when you step through the site’s virtual doors. Advertised big and bold is the $1,200 welcome bonus. This is not only eye-catching because of its placement on the page, but also for the eye-watering amounts of cash on offer to new players at this casino site.

Watch our Royal Vegas Online Casino Review to find out if they are legit

Video: Royal Vegas Online Casino Review: Is Royal Vegas Legit Or A Scam? 🤔

Royal Vegas Online Casino Review: Is Royal Vegas Legit Or A Scam? 🤔

Using The Royal Vegas Canada Sign Up Bonus

Of course, in order to have any chance of getting your hands on that generous welcome bonus, you will first need to know how to go about redeeming it. Luckily for you, there’s no lengthy guides here, as it couldn’t be simpler. There are no lengthy forms to fill in or a Royal Vegas promo code to remember. All you need to do to start receiving this very, very ample Royal Vegas sign up bonus in Canada is to sign up to the site, make a deposit and you’ll receive a 100% bonus up to $300.

Wait, did we say $300? Was the headline all a lie? Don’t worry, this is actually a good thing. The bonus is broken down into four different deposits of $300 each. This means that the promotion is actually much more versatile than you might first realise.

It also means that people who want a smaller bonus with smaller amounts of cash needed to unlock those funds can do so. That is something to consider tactically when thinking of how to get the most out of this bonus. As you can see, this bonus might be a little more complicated than you initially thought, so a touch of strategy can go a long way. Take a look at our sports betting strategy Canada guides for more info.

Royal Vegas’ Other Promotions

There’s also other potential bonuses to consider here. While the welcome bonus is the only one advertised at the time of writing, there are still other perks available through Royal Vegas. However, they prefer to provide these on an individual level, tailored to the player. Whether this is a good or bad thing to you is really a matter of preference and down to how it is executed.

We said in our review that a lot of people would likely feel more comfortable with a wider selection of offers that they could see from the beginning. However, this is the route Royal Vegas have chosen to go down. And it does have its advantages.

It leaves a lot of scope for different bonuses and thus a lot of room for how best for the player to approach them. With that in mind, we are going to be giving some expert advice both on how to approach this bonus and online casino bonuses more generally so you are prepared for any offer that you may receive from Royal Vegas while online gambling in Canada.

Top 5 Expert Tips To Making The Most From The Royal Vegas Bonus

1) Consider how high a rollover requirement you can reach

This is why breaking down such a big promotion into, what is essentially, four smaller deposit bonuses is a great idea. It means that you can tailor the bonus to how much you plan on depositing on the site.

However, carefully going through how much it will take you to actually receive a bonus – assuming it is one with a wagering requirement – and if it is any kind of sizeable sum (it almost certainly will be) is a way of ensuring that you know exactly how best to tackle and take advantage of this or any other bonus.

2) Check the time limits

Imagine looking forward to receiving a great big bonus only to realise that all your efforts were for nothing. Unfortunately, that could be the case if you don’t pay attention to the time limits in which the criteria to unlock the bonus needs to be fulfilled. This tip is one which also applies to the welcome bonus and promotions in general.

It is also an important way of testing the quality of a promotion. Often a bonus will have what appears to be entirely reasonable wagering requirements. However, a ridiculously small amount of time in which you can actually meet the terms and conditions can make it, in real terms, worth little to nothing to you.

Thankfully, this shouldn’t be the case with Royal Vegas, and certainly isn’t the case with the welcome bonus. But it’s important to fully understand what is being asked of you and within what timeframe, so you can plan how best to utilise a bonus to your advantage. This is also another way in which splitting up that welcome bonus can be useful as well. This is because it makes those requirements much more bite-sized and achievable within set time limits. So, be sure to check for any time restrictions in the terms and conditions to avoid being left disappointed.

3) Read the terms and conditions carefully

We will, of course, be discussing the terms and conditions of the Royal Vegas welcome bonus in detail later in this section but, because we don’t know what other promotions might be available, we obviously can’t go through the potential terms and conditions there. We mentioned time limits specifically, because it is something people so frequently miss. In general though, you need to read all the terms and conditions very carefully for any promotions you wish to redeem to understand if there are any other limits on game types or certain online casino payment methods in Canada.

Royal Vegas has a great reputation in this regard, so you shouldn’t be concerned about being intentionally misled. However, terms and conditions are, by their nature, thorough and sometimes complicated. Therefore, taking the time to understand them and not simply glance at the basic points can help you better understand the full extent of what is available to you. And if you don’t fully understand, there’s always our next piece of advice.

4) Ask the customer service team

If you have trouble with any of our tips, the customer service team are there to help you. They can certainly help you if you have any misunderstandings when it comes to this or any other bonus available. We have utilised the Royal Vegas customer service team on several occasions to make sure we have all the information we need and found them to be fast and informative.

Don’t just continue blindly forward trying to utilise a bonus when there are parts of it you do not understand. Ask and be sure. If it turns out that you didn’t need any extra information and your understanding of the promotions was just fine, then there’s no harm done. That is their job and they are happy to help.

However, if you do misunderstand something, it could leave you seriously out of pocket. So, don’t hesitate and get in the know by asking the customer service team about anything you may be unsure of.

5) Take into account what games you want to play

Most casino promotions are weighted towards certain types of games, with some even focusing on a single game or a couple of specific game types. You know better than anyone the type of casino games you enjoy and realistically how much money you are going to bet on different ones. It might also be worth taking a look at some odds comparison Canada guides to give you a better idea.

So, be honest with yourself when it comes to meeting those promotional requirements and if it involves game restrictions in the terms and conditions. If it’s a great promotion but you aren’t a fan of the type of game it is weighted towards, then that seriously changes how valuable that promotion is to you.

On the other hand, if you don’t usually play certain games that the bonus is geared towards – for instance, with this welcome bonus it would be slots, keno and scratch card games – that often but are looking to expand your horizons, then a promotion like this could give you the perfect incentive to do so. Just don’t get excited about a promotion where the only games that count towards the wagering requirement are ones that you have no intention of ever playing.

Online casinos are all about having a good time, and that means playing things that you will enjoy and not ones that are at odds with your tastes. And if you are not sure whether you will enjoy them, maybe trial the kind of games that count towards the requirement on a free mode before committing yourself to a promotion. That way, you can see whether or not it seems like something you’ll want to pursue without any monetary risk.

Your Most Asked Questions About the Royal Vegas Canada Bonus

At this stage in our Royal Vegas Bonus review Canada, we are going to take a look at the most frequently asked questions about the promotions at this online casino site.

Can you actually get $1,200 with their bonus?

Absolutely! In fact, we think you will be surprised by just how reasonable the terms and conditions are for such a high amount. Of course, as we have mentioned, this is a deposit bonus split into four $300 bonuses, and you are absolutely able to go as far as you want with regards to the bonus amount you want to pursue. But that just improves the versatility of the bonus. It is still entirely possible to receive the full $1,200 if you are willing to meet the requirements.

Are other bonuses available at Royal Vegas?

Yes. Other bonuses are given out based on loyalty points and levels. These bonuses are exclusive to you and are tailored to your experience. It is clear that this is intended to replace the more traditional selection of promotions, with the welcome bonus being the exception to this rule.

What is the quality of these additional bonuses?

Unfortunately. that isn’t something we can really make a judgement on. The fact is that we don’t have the specifics of these tailor-made bonuses and even if they did, they are exactly that: tailor-made. This means that the examples we could give might not necessarily reflect your experiences.

While we think very highly of Royal Vegas, some examples on their site could perhaps ease people’s fears in this regard. Having said that, their reputation is very good when it comes to promotions and, as you can see from the welcome bonus, they seem committed to a high quality/ So, we don’t think there is much to be concerned about in terms of standards.

Nonetheless, we are unable to give an analysis of the additional bonuses due to their ever-changing nature and thus a lack of information. The only thing we have which is concrete in this regard is that free spins offers need to be played through 50 times before winnings can be withdrawn.

Are there any differences between the terms and conditions of the Royal Vegas offers?

Just to be clear, by offers this refers to the four 100% up to $300 bonuses which make up the full $1,200 welcome bonus. Having looked through all of the terms and conditions, we have not been able to find any difference between the terms and conditions of each of these deposit bonuses. Once again, the purpose of the split appears to be to make the promotion more flexible and usable to more people, rather than to make it more complicated.

Is there a Royal Vegas promo code?

There is no promo code required. The promotion is instead activated by you signing up and depositing to the site. So, don’t panic: you didn’t miss out because you forgot to add a code while registering.

A Deep Dive Into The Royal Vegas Loyalty Programme & Extra Rewards

It’s time to do a deep dive into the loyalty programme which seems to be so pivotal to the user experience in Royal Vegas. Clearly, as this is the method through which you receive additional bonuses, it is something that every user of Royal Vegas should take advantage of. And that’s not all. With more loyalty points. you will also get access to various competitions and even get a dedicated sports team as you move up loyalty levels.

Despite the loyalty programme weaving its way into so many different site elements, it remains remarkably simple. All you need to do is place cash wagers on your favourite games to receive loyalty points. These can then be redeemed at any time. Not only that but when you do so, you’ll receive free bonus credits.

Royal Vegas sweeten the deal for new customers and kick things off in high gear with 2500 free loyalty points as a bonus for making your first deposit. This works really well in conjunction with the welcome bonus because every time you deposit and every time you bet, it is contributing to your player experience in a positive way.

Some people may wrongly think that the lack of initial bonuses beyond the welcome offer means that promotions play a smaller role at Royal Vegas than they do at other casino sites. This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, the bonus process here is an ongoing one which rewards you at every turn, rather than with a small selection of set bonuses when you initially sign up. It’s an ambitious idea, but one which has a lot of potential.

Royal Vegas Casino Bonus

Royal Vegas Casino Bonus: Get The Most Out Of This Generous Offer

As there is only one main bonus available at the time of writing that we can discuss in detail, we’ve obviously covered a lot of what the welcome bonus is all about already. However, here we are going to dig a little deeper into exactly how it works and the key terms and conditions. This way, you can make sure that you get the most out of this generous promotion.

Do keep in mind though, that this is not intended to be a full and complete reading of all the terms and conditions. Rather, this should serve as a helpful look at what we think are the most important for you to know. It is still highly recommended that you check out the terms and conditions for yourself, because there will be additional information. Additionally, promotional terms and conditions can be subject to change. This is unlikely, but it is worth bearing in mind if you want to avoid potentially nasty surprises.

Royal Vegas Promotional Terms and Conditions

First up, as mentioned, this is four offers of 100% up to $300. Players have seven days from when their account was opened to claim their bonus. Claiming your bonus requires you to purchase 10 currency units. The wagering requirement here is 50 times which, considering the size of the bonus and the amounts offered by other sites, is a very competitive one.

The following games do not count towards meeting the wagering requirement: sic bo, craps, online roulette, table poker, baccarat, Casino War and Red Dog. Other games count with varying percentages. Classic blackjack counts 2%, video poker counts 8%, but all slots, keno and scratch card games count the full 100%. The sign up bonus will be removed if left unused for two months or more, meaning your gameplay will no longer count towards the wagering requirement.

All of these terms and conditions are either standard or fairly generous. Overall, in our Royal Vegas Bonus Review Canada, we are pretty happy that this operator has made an effort here to deliver a fun promotion that can actually benefit the player in real terms.

In Conclusion: A Generous Loyalty Bonus On Offer So Take Full Advantage

It’s pretty obvious that we think the bonus offered by Royal Vegas here is a good one. It’s a big promotion, and one that is broken down to be accessible. It is also fair enough in its terms and conditions to actually be useful to players everywhere, from online casinos in Quebec and beyond. This is something that a lot of competitor bonuses fail to do when you actually take a closer look at their terms.

However, that is clearly not the whole story here, as the tailor-made loyalty bonuses are also a big part of this equation. Unfortunately, we can’t assess any of them individually here due to their ever-changing nature. But based on their reputation and everything we’ve seen here, we are very optimistic about Royal Vegas continuing to pull off this interesting and potentially very rewarding take on bonuses and a loyalty reward system.


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