Best Daily Fantasy Sports Apps

The turn of the 21st century has seen not only the advent of fantasy sports but a surge in the popularity thereof.

Since US fantasy sports have seen such an increase in the amount of daily fantasy sports sites, trying to find the best daily fantasy sites is challenging. It’s hard enough picking out the best DFS sites among all the daily fantasy sites, so how do you know which apps are the best daily fantasy sports apps?

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Looking for the Best Daily Fantasy Sports App? This Guide Is for You!

Trying to work through all the daily fantasy apps to find the best daily fantasy sports app can be a bit of a drag. This is especially the case if you’re not very familiar with daily fantasy apps and are unsure what to look for.

Today we’re going to tell you everything that you need to know about finding the best daily fantasy sports apps. After all, knowing is half the battle.

What makes it even harder to construct a good daily fantasy sports strategy is the fact that the websites which specialize in daily fantasy sports NBA don’t necessarily focus on daily fantasy sports in the NFL as well.

Plus, those which focus on daily fantasy sports in the MLS don’t always let you bet on daily fantasy sports in the NHL.

That’s why articles like this exist. To help you help yourself. This article will attempt to teach you what to look for in the best daily fantasy sports apps, and even make recommendations about which operators we think offer the best daily fantasy sports apps. Let’s dig into it.

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Stay Secure When Gambling Online With These Top Apps

Many beginners and newbies ask themselves if it’s possible to gamble safely and securely on the internet. They also ask themselves if the apps on offer are legitimate and secure. The answer is yes!

The first thing we’ll look at as we search for the best daily fantasy sports apps is how to gamble safely and securely online.

Our team of experts has tested the operators vigorously and put them through a battery of tests so that you can find a trustworthy app at a glance.

We’ve checked that the operators in this review, and our other reviews, are legally licensed and offer excellent customer service. However, how do you know that you should trust us? It’s simple really, our sole purpose is to help you. We study the operators’ licensing, security protocols, usability, and many other things, simply to help you find what you’re looking for.

Read on to find out more about how we put operators to the test, from daily fantasy sports NBA to daily fantasy sports in the NHL.

Editor’s No1 Choice – The Top Fantasy Sports App

It pleases us to present our recommendation for the best daily fantasy sports apps. We have looked at regional availability, to make sure that the apps are available to as many people as possible. We also checked that the application is available for and operates well on different operating systems.

We’ve guaranteed that our chosen operator is licensed and can legally operate in their jurisdiction. In addition to all this, we’ve checked that the application is reviewed by an independent security group to check for glitches and system problems.

Above and beyond this, our experts have gone through the application to check that it offers as wide a range of betting options as possible – on a wide range of markets.

How Our Experts Test & Rate Each App – The Criteria

However, is it truly enough for us to declare which apps are the best daily fantasy sports apps? Surely you want to know why our chosen best daily fantasy sports apps are the best?

We’ll tell you. Whenever our experts do a study of a specific app like the BetMGM app, for instance, they put the operator through a rigorous series of tests, and study them with a checklist of severe proportions. Let’s look at the most essential characteristics of their tests.

Availability & Requirements

The best daily fantasy sports apps should be widely available to the majority of gamblers, and not have so many requirements that people can’t use it. This is the first thing our experts investigate. Our experts check to see that the apps are available on all the major platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. Occasionally, an app will even be available for relatively niche markets like Tizen.

Usability & Design

Whenever our experts review an app, they take a closer look at the design of the application, and whether it’s easy to use. When they look at apps, they want apps that are easy to navigate, and that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. In addition, they want the app to be easy on the eyes – not cluttered, gaudy, or overly busy. Our best daily fantasy sports apps fit the bill.

One of our main criteria as far as usability of the websites go, is how easy it is to find the game or betting type that you’re looking for. Many websites have a lot to offer, but make it next to impossible to find the specific section you’re looking for. All our suggested apps have clearly set out dropdown menus or category bars.

Mobile Payment Methods

Another thing we looked at while looking for the best daily fantasy sports apps was the variety of payment options available on the app. Any app that we recommend should, preferably, have a vast array of safe and secure payment options. They should also have low deposit and withdrawal times.

Some apps are rather old-fashioned and only have more traditional payment methods like Visa and Mastercard. In our modern age, it’s essential that operators give access to prompt, safe, and efficient payment options. E-wallets, like Skrill and Paypal, are particularly popular options.

Extra Bonus

Something that was very important to our experts, as defining the best daily fantasy sports apps, was the bonus offers. Most reputable operators offer bonuses to new members to encourage new sign-ups.

Our operators believe that it is essential for an operator to offer excellent sign up promotions and bonuses to new members. They also assess the bonuses to see if they are easy to use.

Many operators offer bonus offers that seem fantastic – on the face of things, at least. However, we all know that most things can’t be assessed at a glance. Some of the bonuses on offer at operators have such stringent terms and conditions that they’re rendered almost impossible to use.

When you’re using a bonus at some operators, one tiny mistake can cost you; not only the bonus, but your initial deposit, and any profits that you’ve made. Our experts do their best to prevent this from happening to you. Remember though, always read the terms and conditions when signing-up for daily fantasy sports in the MLS.

Data & Live Offers

Yet another attribute that the best daily fantasy sports apps ought to have is data security. Any operator worth their salt will have high-quality data encryption (usually in the form of SSL) to protect their users. After all, if you’re going to be sharing all your personal details and banking details with a website, you want to know your data is safe.

A bonus is if the company also offers bonuses and games with live casino dealers. Many casino operators have started following the trend of having a live casino in addition to the virtual casino.

Live casinos offer many of the same thrills and experiences that you would get in a brick-and-mortar casino. Not only is there a real table, and dealer on your screen but you get to play against other real players.

Mobile Customer Service

Of course, even the best daily fantasy sports apps can run into some issues. If that happens, you want to be sure that prompt and helpful customer service is available to you. Our experts checked all the operators on our best daily fantasy sports apps list to see that they offer a wide range of contact methods, as well as an efficient and responsible customer service team.

Some operators still offer fairly limited contact options like telephone, and even mail. Our experts look for operators that offer live chat, e-mail, telephone, e-mail, and possibly even a Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp line. We want you to reach the operator comfortably and easily.

Tools to Help Find the Right Sports App for You!

We are very aware that even our best efforts to find the best daily fantasy sports apps might not deliver what you’re looking for. After all, each of us is unique, and each of us must find our own best fit. Even among our experts, different people have different preferences. So, in this section, we will help you answer questions that can lead you to your best operator.

This is a series of questions that you should ask yourself when looking for an app between all the best daily fantasy sports apps

Is the operator licensed?

If an operator isn’t licensed, you shouldn’t even begin to consider using their application. If they aren’t licensed or appropriately licensed, they may not be legal at all.

Which operating system does my device use?

Believe it or not, this may actually turn out to be one of the most significant factors in play when you’re choosing an app. If an app isn’t available for the operating system that you use, then it is apparent that you can’t use it. So, look for an app that will operate on your operating system.

Do I prefer to gamble in the day or at night?

If you do not like to gamble in the daytime, or you can only gamble at late nights, then you want an operator with 24/7 gambling options. You’ll probably also want around the clock customer support. Choose carefully, and make sure it will work for you.

Which payment method do I prefer?

Of course, in your quest for the best daily fantasy sports apps, you want an app that allows you to use a payment method that you prefer and trust. Carefully examine the payment options before you make your decision.

Which daily fantasy sport do I want to bet on?

Not even the best daily fantasy sports apps will be sufficient for you if they don’t offer the one fantasy sport that you’re in the market for. Be sure to carefully investigate the available options before you decide to sign up.

Where do I live? Is it licensed to operate in my area?

Though the operator may be licensed, it isn’t necessarily licensed to operate in your area. Be careful about only signing up for an operator that can legally operate where you live. You could read through our best daily fantasy sports apps list for suggestions.

Do I like the design of the app?

Most operators will allow you to look at their app, and try some of the basics, without having signed up. It’s an excellent idea for you to install several, and get a feel for the app design that you like most.

Your Quick Checklist for Getting the Most From Your App

Whether you’re looking for a sportsbook, a casino, or the best daily fantasy sports apps, there are certain things that you need to look for, Let’s recap the things that you’re looking for when you’re searching for the best daily fantasy sports apps.

The best daily fantasy sports apps for you must be:

  • Compatible with your operating system
  • Available at the time of day when you prefer to gamble
  • Prompt and efficient in resolving customer queries and complaints
  • Of a design with which you are comfortable
  • Licensed and legal
  • Legally able to operate in the jurisdiction where you live
  • Offering the daily fantasy sport which you prefer betting on

Our Experts Most Valued Review Features

As far as apps go, our operators have several significant requirements, but all of them essential.

First of all, any app that our experts choose must be licensed with a gaming authority or gambling authority in the area where they operate. The Malta Gaming Authority is a popular choice with many operators.

Secondly, the app must be accessible in as many places as possible, and also across multiple operating systems. After all, the desire is for the app to be available to as many gamblers as possible.

Another crucial category for our experts is that the operator has fantastic customer service. Not only must they be prompt and efficient in resolving customer queries and complaints, but they must also be available for as much time as possible.

Lastly, the app must offer as many different betting options as possible, and be of a design that is not only good but functional as well. You should be able to use the app efficiently and easily without much effort. Little is more frustrating than an app that is clunky and hard to use.

Daily Fantasy Sports Apps – Interesting Facts

Fantasy sports themselves are relatively junior, dating back roughly thirty years to their founding in 1990. The first fantasy sports events were the Dugout Derby and Pigskin Playoff, which were organized by Brad Wendkos, Robert Barbiere, and Lee Marc.

As with gambling of every kind, the turn of the century brought the advent of daily fantasy sports apps. These have grown and increased in number to become the veritable minefield that they are today.

In the US, however, the market is dominated by two or three main competitors. DraftKings and FanDuel, specifically, stand out to many people and are considered go-tos in the fantasy sport industry. In fact, at one point they were set to merge but it was declared illegal because they would have held the monopoly of the fantasy sport industry.

Conclusion – Top Fantasy Sport Fun With YOUR New App!

This review of the best daily fantasy sports strategy and apps has tried to give you all the information, tips, and tricks that you’ll need to choose the right app for you. It may be hard to choose the best daily fantasy sports apps from all the apps that are available to you.

However, if you use the checklists that we have provided, you should get along just fine in your search. There are many fantastic apps out there, and we have no doubt that you will find the one that works for you.

Why not start by trying out the choices on our best daily fantasy sports apps list? You may find that you need to look no further. May the odds be ever in your favor, and may you find the operator of your dreams.

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