Daily Fantasy Sports Strategy for NFL Football

Watching an NFL game has become about more than just cheering for your team. With Daily fantasy sports for football, the way a single player performs could directly affect your pocket.

While there’s no foolproof strategy, you can still have an advantage by understanding the dynamics of the game, and learning how to apply that knowledge. In this article, we’ll shine a light on some crucial aspects to consider when building your daily fantasy sports NFL lineups.

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A Brief Guide to NFL Football DFS betting

Finding Your Niche and Knowing The Difference

Before you enter a contest, know your strengths. You can enter any type of contest you like, but the strategy that you employ for daily fantasy sports like football hinges on the type of contest you prefer.

If you tend to favor the high-risk high-reward approach, then tournaments or Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs) might be better suited to you. If you’re good at building a more consistent team, smaller 50/50, head to head, or double-up cash games could cater more to your style.

The amount of points you need to win a contest is what ultimately differentiates tournaments from cash games. This is because, in cash games, 50% of the players generally receive the same payout, whereas in tournaments (or GPPs), only the top 10% or 20% usually receive hefty payouts.

This means that in cash games you only have to be in the top half to win, and in tournaments or GPPs, you have to beat more players to get into that top percentage of winners.

For this reason, maximizing your floor in cash games is the basic blueprint, whereas it’s maximizing your ceiling for tournaments or GPPs. Because the objectives are different, your daily fantasy football sports lineup will need to be structured differently.

Choose Your Opponents Wisely

Whether you’re new to daily fantasy sports NFL or a veteran, you might notice a trend on major daily fantasy sports NFL sites. Certain players tend to feature regularly among the winners. Naturally, it’s because they have more experience and skill at building champion lineups.

As a beginner, you don’t want to pit yourself against the top dogs. If you can go up against more equally balanced opponents, you’ll have a fighting chance to make it into the top percentage yourself.

If you’re still finding your feet, try to avoid the top players as much as possible. It’s better to start off with small to medium 50/50s. The risk is lower, and it’s a cheaper way of gaining more experience before battling it out in the major league contests.

Keep Your Ears To The Ground

The most crucial aspect of structuring your lineup is research – regardless if its for daily fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey, or – as in this case, daily fantasy sports NFL.

To make the best selections, you’ll first need to know everything about a player’s performance on the field. You’ll find experts in daily fantasy sports like football have an arsenal of research tools. Sheer luck will always have a place in any type of sports betting, table games, or even gambling at the best online casinos. Although it’s an ever-present factor, pros will always leave as little as possible to chance.

Daily fantasy sports like football are more complex than regular NFL, golf, basketball, or tennis betting online because you’re not just looking at the odds. NFL public betting trends, injury reports, match-ups, and even the weather are all things to consider.

Main Factors of Importance When Playing Daily Fantasy Football

Cash Game Strategy Fundamentals

Now that you know the difference let’s take a closer look at the vital components you should generally consider when building your cash game strategy. While scoring the most points is the ultimate objective for any daily fantasy sports like soccer, hockey or basketball, the way to achieve that differs from sport to sport, and as we’ve seen, even from contest to contest.

For daily fantasy sports NFL, cash game lineups revolve around creating a high scoring floor. This is the minimum number of points that a player is expected to get, rather than his best potential performance (or ceiling).

Remember, you only have to land in the upper half of the entrant’s pool, so you’ll want a solid lineup of consistent and predictable players. “Boom or bust” players should stay benched in this scenario. For example, you won’t need a Running Back that does phenomenally well all of the time, just one that has a decent match-up that week.

Another important aspect to consider is the percentage or value play. If more than 50% of contestants use a specific player, and he does well, then you’ll have a hard time making up for his value with players in other positions.

GPP or Tournament Strategy Fundamentals

Guaranteed prize pools or tournaments in daily fantasy football have entirely different rules of thumb. They require the opposite approach, because only around 10% or 20% of entrants receive any payouts, thereby making it harder to have a consistently winning lineup.

You should structure your daily fantasy sports NFL lineup with players that have the highest ceilings. In this case, those “Boom or bust” players are invited back onto the field. However, a player’s floors shouldn’t be disregarded altogether. Your lineup still needs to be solid. If you have too many volatile players, they could all go bust at once, instead of booming – which will leave you with nothing.

You need an upside to win in this setting because a safe lineup alone won’t be enough to push you up into that top percentage of winning contestants. Another thing that you’ll want to consider is low-owned players.

In a week when a Quarterback is only 5% owned, but he’s having a good week, you’ll immediately gain an advantage over the other 95% entrants. It could, therefore, prove useful to your daily fantasy sports NFL strategy to pair up a contrarian play (low owned player) with a popular (or high owned) player.

However, don’t pick a low-owned play just because he’s low-owned – your decision should be backed up. Conversely, if you know 60% of a player is owned, it might make sense to fade (or avoid) him.

Adopting this approach won’t always serve you. It’s the kind of strategy that you can employ when two players are in equally or similarly good positions, with one having a much lower percentage of ownership. Ultimately, though, you’ll have to use your discretion.

Why trust our DFS NFL Football Betting Tips?

At Gambling Guy, our betting tips aren’t just based on hunches or popular opinion alone. We undertake extensive research to analyze and compare the newest data from reliable sources. We bring you the top-rated NFL lineup advice and hot tips sourced from information that’s credible and legitimate for your daily fantasy sports football selections.

Our experts have their fingers on the pulse, ready to keep you updated about the latest developments so that you won’t have any surprises when you choose your NFL lineup. Whether you’re using a daily fantasy sports app, your PC or tablet, you’ll have everything you need, right here at Gambling Guy.

Our Key to Success: the Tools We Use to Analyze the Daily Betting Market

Our experts have an in-depth understanding of the daily fantasy sports and football betting markets. Accumulated knowledge, gleaned over years of being in this very industry, has provided Gambling Guy with the ability to accurately gather and translate data into tangible tips that you can use to your advantage.

To accurately analyze the daily betting market, we look at a range of factors. Daily fantasy sports like football are largely based on a player’s weekly performance. In such a short time, you can expect a lot to happen.

It’s one of the reasons why having up-to-date information is crucial to success in the daily fantasy sports NFL arena. Still, having raw information on its own won’t help you much if you don’t know how to use it to your utmost advantage. That’s where we come in.

Our experts at Gambling Guy do what they do best. First, data is collected. Information like injury reports, match-ups, betting odds, performance, and more is compiled. Then, by using tried and trusted algorithms and analytical tools, we analyze the current climate of an upcoming daily fantasy sports football contest to make any determinations. We then present this to you in our latest betting tips.

Things You Should Think About Before Placing a Daily Fantasy Sports Nfl Bet

Before you go on to lock in your lineup, there are a few things you should think about. For starters, if you’ve ever bet on horse racing, tennis, baseball, or any sports for that matter, you’ll know that the odds tend to be pretty accurate.

It’s literally the basis on which millions of people place millions of dollars worth of wagers on a team or player. So, it’s worth checking what the Vegas folks have forecasted for a particular game.

Similarly, while you might prefer to lock your roster down hours before an event, it could play to your advantage if you leave it to the last possible moment.

In daily fantasy sports, time is of the essence. Many things can happen in the few hours leading up to a game. A player’s injury could render him unable to play, a storm could be rolling in, or a famous rivalry could end up together. Variables in daily fantasy sports, football included, can have a significant effect on your line up. If you wait a bit, it just might pay off.

Our Top 5 Tips for Finding Your Favorite Bookie for Daily Fantasy Sports Football

1. Safety

Even in the immensely popular pastime of daily fantasy sports football, a legitimate operator is of great importance. Unfortunately, the internet is still a hunting ground for scammers, so always make sure that the operator that you use is 100% reputable and trustworthy.

2. Convenience

Naturally, when you’re getting geared up for the daily fantasy sports football season, you’ll want to make use of an operator that’s convenient for you to use. When time is money, you don’t want to be slowed down by a complicated or confusing site.

3. Variety of Market

Finding an operator that caters to your daily fantasy sports NFL needs is paramount. Whether you enjoy large scale tournaments or smaller head to heads, your preferred operator should have everything you’re looking for.

4. Bonuses and Promotions

Bettors and DFS football fans alike still enjoy a good bonus or promotion. If there’s a fantastic bonus or freebie on offer, why not make the most of it? You’ll find that these offers vary, so it’s up to you to decide whether a promotional offer or bonus is worth going with a certain operator.

5. Payment Methods

While not a total deal-breaker, it’s still worth considering the payment methods that a bookie has made available. If it’s a hassle for you to make deposits and withdrawals, perhaps you’re better off with a different bookie that offers the method that you prefer using.

Our Top 5 Tips for Wagering Your Daily Fantasy Sports Nfl Football Bonuses

1. Practicality

How practical is your bonus? Usually, conditions are attached to a bonus. Are these conditions worth fulfilling? Is the bonus effective? These aspects should be considered before signing up for any offer, including bonuses for daily fantasy sports NFL.

2. Cost Savings

Most big brand bookies offer new customers a bonus. Additionally, you’ll normally find reload offers throughout the year. It boils down to free money, and who doesn’t want that? If a promotional offer could save you some cash in the long run, then you should always opt-in.

3 .Maximize Your Bonus

One of the best ways to take full advantage of a bonus is by using it to its fullest extent. For example, if a site has a matched deposit bonus of up to $300, then you should try to deposit $300, so that you’ll get another full $300.

4. Play Exclusive Games

Some sites offer exclusive games to new players. Not only is this an excellent way to gain experience, but it’s usually at lower stakes, so it won’t cost you a fortune to find your feet and streamline your strategy or style.

5. Keep an Eye Out For Bonuses and Rewards

Although in daily fantasy sports like football you’re playing against other contestants, you’re also playing against the rake. If you spend a lot of time in GPPs and cash games, you’ll end up spending a lot on rakes alone. A great way to mitigate this is by implementing bonuses and rewards as often as possible.

DFS NFL Football Guide FAQ

Yes. However, it’s not legal in all States. The laws on daily fantasy sports and gambling or betting, in general, have been a hot topic for a while now. Unfortunately, as it stands, not all states permit daily fantasy sports. If you’re unsure, double check your local State laws.

Do I have to use a strategy?

Well, in theory, no. You can choose a lineup without any strategy at all and still win, but the chances of this actually happening are slim. Still, if you enjoy daily fantasy sports like football but not the strategizing part so much, some sites offer users an auto-select option. However, employing a sound strategy will help you to maximize your chances of winning.

Can I apply the same strategy across all contests?

No. In NFL daily fantasy football, some fundamentals apply regardless of the contest you enter, like doing your research, checking match-ups, etc. Broadly speaking, though, the type of contest you enter will dictate what kind of strategy would suit your lineup building best.

Are there any other strategies I can use?

Yes. There are dozens of strategies around to fill a book, ranging from beginner strategies to more advanced strategies. If you’re still new to daily fantasy sports NFL, though, it’s best to start off with one basic strategy. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of being inundated with conflicting strategies that will leave you confused and dazed, and which will ultimately affect your lineup negatively.

Do all sites have the same rules, prices, and scoring?

No. The most common difference relates to Points Per Reception or PPR. Even though this variance is usually only around a half-point, it can still affect your total points in the long run. It’s something you should always be aware of when you’re building your lineup. It might even benefit you to join more than one DFS site for this very reason.


Daily fantasy sports like football are loads of fun, but can also be tricky. As you’ve seen, having a solid strategy is a crucial part of the game.

It’s also a game that requires intense research and analysis of raw information, which can be challenging to translate into your lineup building. You don’t have to, though, because Gambling Guy does all the heavy lifting for you.

So you won’t have to be on the internet in a constant state of frenzy, trying to keep up with the latest news, weather reports, match-ups, injury reports, and more.

You can use our betting tips to help build your winning lineup. Remember, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be proactive. If you use our betting tips in conjunction with your own research, you’ll be able to build a fantastic lineup.

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