1.01 Betting Strategy and 1.01 Betting Explained for Beginners

Ever since sports betting started, gamblers have been trying to find the best ways to make money from it. They use several betting strategies to achieve the best results and maximize their profits.

A very popular strategy that’s increasing in use is the 1.01 betting strategy. It consists of picking bets that are very probable to win but don’t really give huge prizes.

In this 1.01 betting explained guide, you will learn everything about how to use this strategy in a successful way.

Key Takeaways

These are the main tips about the popular 1.01 betting strategy.

  • It’s a very easy way to get money without risk
  • It can take a long time for you to get a lot of cash using the 1.01 betting strategy
  • The strategy is not suited for beginners
  • You can use it often in live betting

What is a 1.01 betting strategy?

To understand the 1.01 betting strategy, it’s important to know how odds work. If you can’t read the odds, you will have a challenge ahead of you.

Basically, with the 1.01 betting strategy you need to pick bets with 1.01 (or 1/100) odds. These are the shortest odds that you can find online. It means that by every $100 you bet, you will get $1. So, if you win, you get $101; that’s your money back, plus 1%.

It’s not much. So, why is it a good idea to gamble this way? Because you are nearly certain that you will win. The return on investment may be low, but it is the safest bet to place.

The 1.01 betting strategy is not recommended for basketball betting for beginners or other sports, though. It’s considered an advanced strategy because beginners may face some troubles with it.

Why are betting strategies like 1.01 important?

Any person reading a US online casino guide needs to take time to read strategies.

If you don’t use one, you will have to play blindly, which will decrease the efficacy of your bets. An exception is if you play as a way to pass the time. In this case, you may not use a strategy like the one found in the 1.01 betting explained guide.

However, if you are in for the money, using a strategy is the best way. The central reason for it is that you can repeat it several times to get a lot of money.

As soon as you are able to locate the most winnable bets, whether they are over under, money line, or point spread bets, you can repeat the strategy for huge profits over time.

Why should beginners avoid using the 1.01 betting strategy?

Any person above the gambling legal age can start betting online. It’s easy, and there’s no experience required. The problem is that the lack of experience can make people lose money. This is why the 1.01 betting strategy can be risky if you don’t know what you are doing.

A proper sports betting explained guide will tell you that beginners should not bet a lot of money. Because of this, it’s hard to get an actual profit from this strategy when starting.

If you bet $10, you will only get ten cents. Even if you bet $100, you get a dollar. To make this work, you either need to place several bets or invest a lot of money. So, be careful before you create a sportsbook account to use the 1.01 betting strategy.

What kind of bet has 1.01 odds?

1.01 is the lowest odds that most sportsbooks will use on their websites. It means that you will only find these odds when it’s almost impossible for the underdog to win.

If you use, for example, a best cricket sports betting strategy, you’ll see that most guides tell you to avoid this kind of bet. The reason is pretty obvious. The payout is not very good and this can affect your sports betting bankroll management.

So, what kind of match has 1.01 odds? One with a clear winner. The disparity between the two teams needs to be huge for this to work. In this case, you’ll want to find money line bets. They are the most straightforward bets. Why? Because they only relate to which team will win a match. So, they are more controlled.

You can’t use this one together with a derby betting strategy, for example, because there’s always a chance that both teams can win during one of these matches. As you can see, the 1.01 betting strategy may not be the easiest strategy to implement.

So, how to gamble at a casino or sportsbook using this strategy with even less risks? Live betting can be a solution. If you bet after the favorite team is already winning, you can be even more certain about the result. This reduces the risks when you’re using the 1.01 betting strategy.

Live betting has become very popular lately, and the best football sports betting strategy, for example, include it. It would not be different in this case.

Generally, rewards get decreased when you bet on the current winner of a match. Because this strategy already relies on bad odds, however, you won’t suffer any problems. Don’t follow tips used in soccer betting for beginners. Bet when you are completely sure that you will not lose your money.

You can decrease risk even more by betting on both sides

If you are afraid that you will lose money using this 1.01 betting explained guide, bet on both sides. This strategy can be easily used in hockey betting for beginners or other sports.

First, find a reputable gambling site with the best odds for betting money lines. Then, place a big bet for the favorite and another one for the underdog.

The idea is that by betting a small value on the underdog, you can diminish the risk. A small bet is enough when a team has odds so low that it will be a jackpot if you win. You can win either way. If the favorite loses, the small amount of money that you bet in the underdog should cover any losses.

How to find casinos that offer 1.01 odds?

Now that you’ve had 1.01 betting explained to you, you’re probably ready to use the 1.01 betting strategy to profit. Now, how to find casinos offering these odds?

With the comparison system present on this site, it’s easy to find the best sport bets. You will see a huge range of sites and can read in-depth reviews about them. This way, you can get more insight into how they work and what they offer.

One of these sites will undoubtedly offer odds that will be compatible with your 1.01 betting strategy. So, that you know gambling odds explained, just pick your favorite one and start betting.

What are other betting/casino guides & strategies are available?

Beyond 1.01 betting explained ,and the 1.01 betting strategy, there are many available guides on this site. If you are into sports, you can try the value bet strategy or the matched betting explained guide. Another great option is to read more about the pick 3 betting strategy.

Slots fans can read about how to win at slots or even about best slots to play.

There are even guides for gambling tax. They explain how players can deal with their taxes better.


Now, you will no longer have to ask yourself: how does betting work using a 1.01 betting strategy?

It’s simple: look for low odds in very predictable games. Then, bet a high amount of cash or place bets in several games. Be careful because a single loss may make you lose all your profits, however.

The 1.01 betting strategy can be used together with any US sports betting guide for better results. You can use it in most sports, but betting only in the most predictable ones is a good way to ensure that you will not lose any money.

It’s always a good idea to do a lot of research before you start using any strategy, and the 1.01 betting strategy is certainly no exception. Even though you’ve had 1.01 betting explained to you, you’d be wise to learn even more. And, if you do decide to try this strategy, be sure to wager small amounts at the beginning.

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