Best Football Sports Betting Strategy and Football Betting for Beginners

You might be considering the best football sports betting strategy to make the games you watch more enjoyable, or you’d like to make money. Whichever way you look at it – football betting isn’t easy, and starting off with a soccer betting for beginners guide isn’t a bad idea.

Unless you do your homework before placing a wager, only luck can let you win. It’s not just about looking into the games – learning sportsbook rules and the best football sports betting strategy for football are also useful tools.

Today, we’ll be looking into football betting for beginners. Read on to learn about the best football sports betting strategy. You might even learn how to improve your chances of making a profit from your hobby.

Key Takeaways

  • Football betting for beginners requires an understanding of football systems
  • If you understand how sportsbooks make money, you can use that to your advantage
  • The best football sports betting strategy depends on the type of wager
  • Online betting systems are similar to real-life betting

Football Betting for Beginners – a Guide

Before we begin explaining the best football sports betting strategy, let’s get one thing straight. It’s a challenge to win money when you bet on football consistently. However, there are strategies you can apply to improve your chances.

To have football gambling explained to you, you need to come to terms with the challenges. Even with the best football sports betting strategy, you’ll enjoy your betting more and win more often – but not always.

The good news is that you don’t have to develop super sophisticated tactics. Learning the basics improves your results and gives you a foundation for long-term development.

Betting Options

Even before your sportsbook register, be aware of the betting options that are available. Asking yourself ‘how do sportsbooks set lines?’ also helps.


This option is wonderful if you’re confident about a particular outcome. With Moneyline bets, you place a wager on a win or loss, without worrying about the points won in-between.

Point Spreads

After you read a sports betting point spread explained guide, you become able to get close to even odds on favorites – it’s excellent when you’re expecting a leading team to win.

You can also place this wager if you’re putting your hopes on an underdog, but you’re not comfortable with betting on their victory.


Gambling over/under works with those games that promise extraordinarily high or low scores. You could also go for the ‘team totals’ variety, where you wager the number scored by only one team.


If you expect a team to come out strong early in the game, but aren’t so confident about them winning in the end, you can bet only on the first half.


If you’re betting on favorites, you won’t get to enjoy massive odds and wins. Combine two into a parlay, and your risks decrease while profits rise.


With props, you may focus on individual matchups without worrying about the sum outcome. If you’re confident about a particular player, for example, props are fantastic.


Figuring out the best football sports betting strategy for your needs is much easier if you already understand some aspects of placing wagers on games.

So, be sure first to read a sports betting explained guide or two to figure out the ropes.

If you already have experience in another sport, it could also help you develop your strategy.

Especially on lower levels, the strategies don’t differ as much from one sport to another – so, for example, basketball betting for beginners isn’t miles away from cricket betting for beginners or hockey betting for beginners. However, reading specific guides like football betting for beginners can be helpful.

Even knowing the basics of soccer betting for beginners can help you.

Moreover, it’s essential to consider where and on what you’re betting. If you’re into horseracing, you’ll need to read about derby betting explained, for instance.

Also, remember that the best betting strategy for the UK will differ from what you read in a US Gambling Guide for Beginners 2021.

Betting Odds

We’ll be brief here. If you’re entirely new to football betting for beginners, read about gambling odds explained before you continue.

If not, remember that odds vary from one site to the next, so don’t be afraid to do some window shopping on betting lines to find the best website you can.

Also, picking the correct time for placing your wagers can make a massive difference. In general, odds for favorites will be available long before the match, while those for underdogs are only published before kick-off. This is an important aspect of football betting for beginners.

Implementing a Strategy

Lucky for you, the best football sports betting strategy tends to be the simplest.

So, in the simplest terms, all you need to do is ensure that you’re of a gambling legal age and sign up.

The truth is, not all plans are appropriate for all situations, so you want to come to a point where you’re capable of combining different approaches into your own and acquire results.The three most crucial things you need to do are:

  • Manage your money well
  • Be accurate in result prediction
  • Find best-value odds and lines

Remember: Before you start, be sure that you understand sports betting bankroll management and set a budget for yourself. That’s one of the most critical parts, as it opens doors for you without allowing you to risk spending too much.

Predicting results adds an element of surprise to football betting for beginners because football is an unpredictable sport – that’s what makes it so exciting. It’s not rare for the underdog to beat a favorite or an unknown team to make it to the play-offs.

However, it’s possible for you to make accurate predictions despite the uncertainty. You do so by making the most of the information you have available – everything from the players’ form to the team’s past scores.

Having value bets explained to you, is a good idea. The ability to find value in stakes and lines is critical for long-term success in your betting, and will help you build the best football sports betting strategy.

Value means comparing the probabilities of possible outcomes before placing money on any result. Doing so enables you to count your potential profits (minus the gambling winning tax!).

Strategy Examples

Again, betting strategies for football are many and varied. You can use examples to generate your own, but you shouldn’t copy anyone else – every game and every player is specific. Still, let’s check out some of the most prominent strategies for football wagers.

  • 1.01 betting strategy explained – this system relies on ‘sure bets’ at decimal odds of 1.01. This one isn’t for casual gamblers because it takes a long time to turn a profit, but it’s a fantastic way to minimize risks as much as possible.
  • Matched betting explained – this one involves using the bookmaker’s offer to be sure you’re not losing money. For example, if a bookie promises $25 for your first $25, your options don’t involve any actual loss.
  • You may hear of Pick 3 betting strategy. It’s a type of bet that’s only available for playing the ponies, so don’t worry about it.
  • Back & Lay betting strategy explained – popular and exciting, back & lay combines two of the most exciting ways to bet. ‘Back’ bets are the most common kind, where you bet on a particular outcome. ‘Lay’ bets mean that you’re betting against the same result, which can make for fantastic scores.

These, and many others, are available to you within the tactics of football betting for beginners to pick and choose from until you create a strategy that’s ideal for you. Test different types of bets, try always to make intelligent decisions, and tweak them to perfection.

What Other Betting Guides & Strategies Are Available?

Finally, remember that learning theory, although necessary, is no substitute for practice. Football betting for beginners stays clumsy until you exercise it, and even the best football sports betting strategy requires practice.

There’s also no point in learning everything about the best football betting systems and mastering sports betting how to without putting your knowledge to the test.

Instead, take a look at our best-recommended sports betting sites that offer free bets as part of the welcome bonus. Try out what you learned to see if you’re on the right track.

Pro tip: If you’re a casino goer, or you’re interested in slots in general, you can find some phenomenal online casinos for beginners that let you invest your winnings in sports bets – even football betting for beginners.

Learning how to win at slots is much more comfortable,especially when you find the best slot machines to play.


In the end, remember that nothing is ever guaranteed, except for the fact you will make mistakes as a beginner. Learning about proven football betting systems puts you ahead of many beginners, but it’s still an inevitable part of the learning process.

So, start simple and go on to study the best football sports betting strategy on more advanced levels once you master those. Football betting for beginners is challenging if you forget the fact that you are a beginner!

All in all – sports betting explained guides will be a big help. We hope that this article has shown you the ropes and that you feel more confident to try your hand at football betting for beginners.

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