Best Hockey Sports Betting Strategy, Hockey Betting for Beginners

If you’re new to the gambling world and want to learn about hockey betting for beginners, this is the article for you. This article is an up-to-date U.S. gambling guide for beginners in 2021. In this article, we will discuss the best hockey sports betting strategy for the U.S., and also give you a few tips to potentially maximize your return.

It’s essential when forming your best hockey sports betting strategy to make sure you are getting your statistics from reputable sources. You should also have a few different sportsbooks so you can shop around for the best odds. It’s also imperative to gamble within your budget. You don’t want to get caught up on a winning streak only to crash big on a losing bet.

Key Takeaways

  • Familiarize yourself with the
  • Check various sportsbooks for the best odds
  • Sports betting bankroll management is essential; protect yourself

How to make the most out of your bets

It is the responsibility of this hockey betting for beginners guide to inform you that the best hockey sports betting strategy for you, is the one that works for you. The idea of a one-size-fits-all best hockey sports betting strategy for everybody is a myth. The best hockey sports betting strategy for Philip and the best hockey sports betting strategy for Sarah are likely to be two entirely different strategies.The surest way to develop the best hockey sports betting strategy for you, is to learn and understand the basics of hockey betting for beginners.

One of the first things you need to check before you open an account with any bookmaker is that you are of legal gambling age in the state that you are gambling in. It is against the law to place bets while underage, and casinos both online and offline are strict about that as it could impact their licensing.

Hockey betting at an online casino for beginners is an enjoyable way to add excitement to any game. It’s always exciting to watch a game that you have a vested interest in; the trick is to ensure that you are placing informed bets using a hockey sports betting strategy.

The Basics

The  definition of gambling is wagering money on the possibility of an event occurring. Gambling provides an easy way to entertain each other while watching a match or game, with the bonus of possibly earning money at the same time.

If you’re beginning to get into the gambling scene, you must follow the rules set by the sportsbook you are using; you can use this sports betting guide to help you figure out where to start your research. Often, hockey betting for beginners revolves around research.

How Sportsbooks Work

One more thing you should make sure to understand is how sportsbooks make money. Sportsbooks make their money by collecting commissions on the bets they accept. This commission is known as the ‘Vig’ or the Vigorish, and it’s only one of the ways that bookmakers can ensure they turn a profit.

Another way that bookmakers ensure they make a profit is by adjusting the odds. Odds adjustments happen when there is a need to balance their book, for example, if they realize they would lose money if that bet pays out. Bookmakers try to keep their book as balanced as possible so that they know what they will have to pay out at the end of the bet.


One of the main types of bets available in every sport is over/under bets. When bookmakers determine the odds of a game, they also calculate what they think will be the total amount of points at the end of the game.

It’s up to you to predict if you think the combined teams will score more (over) or less (under) than that total. These bets are also referred to as Totals. It would look something like this:

5.5 Team A= -110

5.5 Team B= +105

If you think the total amount scored will be higher than the projected total, you will bet on Team A (the over). If you think the amount scored will be less than 5.5, you will bet on Team B (the under). Let’s say you wagered on the over and the teams scored a combined total of 6, your bet would be successful.

1.01 Betting Strategy

If you want to use the 1.01 betting strategy as your best hockey sports betting strategy, you need to keep a sharp eye out for odds of 1.01. This strategy is all about making a modest profit with quick and ‘sure’ bets.

You can typically find odds of 1.01 in live or in-play betting situations. The 1.01 strategy is great for a fast turn around but does not offer a high return. Nevertheless, this is still a favored strategy that hockey betting for beginners like to use.

Matched Betting

Gamblers looking to take advantage of a free bet bonus opportunity often employ a strategy called matched betting. This matched betting strategy is a sure-fire way to ensure you maximize the return on your bets. It involves using two different bookmakers to place bets on opposing teams.

On the first sportsbook, you would place a ‘back’ bet, which means you would bet on the event you think is the most likely to happen. At the second sportsbook, you would place your ‘lay’ bet; this means you would bet the opposite of what you expect to happen. The lay bet acts like a cushion in case your back bet doesn’t come through.

Value bets

Considered a best hockey sports betting strategy is the value bet, like when you find odds that may be incorrect or miscalculated. It’s not easy to use the value bet strategy because you have to pay attention to the event and the odds and make sure you place your wager before the bookmaker corrects the odds.

These kinds of odds aren’t always easy to find because it relies on your knowledge of the event and history of the players. Make sure you’ve figured out how sportsbooks set lines work so that you know the criteria to focus on when formulating your odds.

Point Spread

If you’re trying to figure out how hockey betting for beginners works, you’d best start with learning how to bet on the point spread. The point spread is typically set at -1.5 or +1.5.

To fulfill the point spread bet, you bet on the favorite or the number displayed with the negative sign. That team must then win by more than two goals. If you bet on the underdog, displayed with the positive sign, and that team wins, ties, or loses by less than two goals, your bet wins.

What other betting/casino guides & strategies are available?

If you’ve gotten a taste of the best hockey betting for beginners strategies, and think you’re ready to move onto other sports, has plenty of other options to look over. The best hockey sports betting strategy can be modified to suit other sports, or you can check out the other betting and casino guides that this site offers.

If you’re interested in learning how to use other strategies like the derby bet strategy, you can always check out other sections of this website. We have many different guides covering all sorts of sports and games.


It’s really simple to get a handle on the best hockey sports betting strategy. Once you understand how betting odds work, and familiarize yourself with the easy math, you can get started on working on your best hockey sports betting strategy.

Once you find a legitimate sportsbook, and the odds that you think are favorable, all you need to do is create a sportsbook account and use this hockey betting for beginners guide to help you figure out what you should focus on to make informed decisions.

Don’t forget to make sure you’re getting your best hockey sports betting strategy information from a reputable source. ignore all the fun facts that cloud your judgment but don’t provide any factual information for your strategy. It’s equally important to make sure that you are looking for the best odds to use your best hockey sports betting strategy.

Remember, the best hockey sports betting strategy for you, is the one that you can use easily, and helps you turn a profit. Make sure to use all the basics to your advantage, even if that means combining multiple strategies to create the best hockey sports betting strategy for you.

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