Horse Racing Accumulators - how do they work?

So, you want to start betting on the horses? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our guide to horse race betting online USA and horse racing accumulators will help you succeed.

Understanding how horse racing accumulators work will help you to place successful bets. The appeal of accumulator bets is the chance to earn more significant winnings. They do come with a higher risk, but don’t worry; we’ll explain everything you need to know in this article.

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Key Things You’ll Learn in This Article

  • Learn about the different types of wagers
  • Horse racing accumulators can increase winnings but are high risk.
  • When you place horse racing accumulators beta, all selections must win.
  • Understand the odds of horse race betting.
  • Use this information to place better accumulator wagers.

Your Introductory Guide to Horse Race Accumulator Betting

An introductory guide to horse racing accumulators when betting in the United States.

Different Kinds of Wagers

So, how do you win at horse racing? Well, it’s common knowledge that you can bet on a horse race winner. But did you know that various kinds of wagers exist? Each with unique pros and cons.

We’ll explain the most common bets in this article.

Straight Bets

Straight bets are the most common kind of wager. They’re also the easiest to understand. Please keep in mind that bets work differently around the world, but we’ll focus on US wagers.

When you place a win bet, you’re wagering on the horse you think will win. If your selection wins, you get the payout. You lose your stake if your choice doesn’t win.

A place bet is a wager on a horse to finish 1st or 2nd. Payouts are less than with straight win bets, but your chances of winning are higher.

Similar to place bets, show bets cover you for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The odds of winning increase. Placing a show wager requires that eight horses are running in the race.

Across the board bets allow you to join the three wagers mentioned above. You are essentially placing three bets in one.

A $5 across the board will cost you $15. Every wager is on the same runner. If your selection wins, you get paid out for all three bets. If it finishes in 2nd place, you get payouts for your place and show wagers. A 3rd finish gets you only a show payout. If the horse places fourth or lower, you’ll lose your entire stake.

Each way bets are a combination of win and place wagers. So when betting each way horses, you are betting on a win and a place. Wagering $2 each way will cost $4 because you are placing two bets.

If your horse wins, you get the win and place winnings. If it only places, then that is all you win. Finishing outside the places means you lose the entire wager.

Exotic Wagers

We’ve briefly explained and listed some information on more advanced bets below:

Exacta – This is a bet where two runners finish in the 1st and 2nd positions. For you to win, you have to call both horses in the right order correctly. Getting it right is very difficult. Thus the potential winnings can be very high.

Quinella – With this wager, you have to choose the two winning horses, but the order doesn’t matter. Making it simpler to get right, so the payouts are generally a little less than exact wagers.

Trifectas and Superfectas – Winning with these types of wagers is incredibly tricky.

Betting a Trifecta means you have to call the top three placing runners. A Superfecta requires you to pick the top four. As if that isn’t hard enough, you have to get the order correct as well.

You won’t win these bets often, but they’re attractive because the winnings can be huge.

Daily double – When placing this wager, you have to pick the winner in two back-to-back races correctly.

Pick three, pick four, pick six horse racing, etc. – These bets work similarly to the daily double but across a higher number of races. As you can guess, with the pick three, it’s three races, pick four is four races, and so on.

These bets are difficult to win, but the payouts can make them worth it.

It’s not too tricky. Keep in mind that we only touched on the different wagers. When you do more research (as you should), you’ll find that there are several ways to increase the odds of winning. However, the more difficult a win is, the higher the payout. So it’s worth it!

Horse Racing Accumulators

In this section, we’ll explain accumulators betting. It’ll help you understand how to place accumulator bets and what the bet is itself. We’ll also explain how to calculate an accumulator bet.

Horse racing accumulators are commonly available for fixed-odds wagering. If you’re wondering, how do odds work in horse racing? We’ll get to that as well.

Using the information we give you here will help your horse racing accumulators.

What is an Accumulator Bet

So, what is an accumulator bet? In the USA, odds accumulators are often referred to as parlays.

These kinds of wagers are not as common in the US, but some sites and bookmakers do allow them.

Horse racing accumulators are a combination of multiple selections into a single wager where you bet your winnings from one race on the next. People also refer to them as odds accumulators. Your odds improve as you add more bets. Remember, the bet only pays out when all the horses win.

The number of choices will depend on the site or bookmaker you use.

There are many kinds of horse racing accumulators, but the most common are:

  • Two selection accumulator or double
  • Three selection accumulator or treble
  • Four selection accumulator or fourfold accumulator
  • Five selection accumulators, etc.
  • Each way accumulators

So what does 5 fold mean? It’s one bet on five different selections. All the choices have to be successful for you to profit from the wager.

Each Way Accumulator

One of the other horse racing accumulators involves each way horse bets. Each way accumulators are two-part bets designed to ensure bettors get something back even if their runners fail to win but do place.

The first part of this wager is conventional horse racing accumulators — placing a single bet on several selections to win their races.

The second part sees a single bet placed on all selections to place. In other words, finish in the top three or four of the race.

The site or bookmaker usually determines the number of places.

This approach ensures that if your horse racing accumulators let you down by one runner, you can still make a neat profit if that runner places.

Horse racing accumulators are hard to win, but the potential payouts are worth the risk.

Odds in Horse Racing

Understanding the odds in horse racing can be daunting for newbies. Simply put, odds are the mathematical representation of the likelihood an outcome has of happening.

In the case of horse racing betting odds, it’s the chances a horse has of winning a race. They also inform you of how much money you’ll get if you win your wager.

Odds differ from horse to horse and from race to race, depending on what outcome the bookies ranks most likely to occur – that’s why odds can change quickly.

Before you wager on horse racing, you have to make sure you’re looking at the latest odds.

Different Odds in Horse Racing

We’ve established that several types of wagers exist while teaching you how to bet horses successfully. It’s not necessary to understand all of them to use horse racing accumulators or place a bet. Where it becomes helpful to know is the varied approaches you can take when wagering on the horses.

These are:

  • Tote betting, that’s also referred to as Parimutuel betting
  • Fixed-odds betting
  • Exchange betting

Fixed Odds

Fixed odds bets are when you place a bet with a bookie at odds that you’ve agreed on before betting. You make a pick or multiple picks, like horse racing accumulators, and then the bookmaker gives you odds.

Now that you have agreed on odds, you pay for your stake. If you picked a winning horse, the bookie would pay out your winnings. A combo of the agreed-upon odds and the size of your bet will influence the size of your jackpot.

If you chose unsuccessfully, then you lose your bet.

When it comes to fixed odds, players know the amount they stand to win when a bet is placed.

There’s an exception, though. Sometimes you might be required to take the starting price (SP). What this means is that the odds aren’t agreed on when placing your bet. Instead, you’re taking the odds as they are at the start of the race.

Bookmakers can give you the odds of a bet in three different ways; fractional, decimal, or money line/American odds.

The betting sites and bookies in the US use Moneyline odds, so that’’s what you’ll typically see when using horse racing accumulators in the US, but there’s usually an option to switch between the three types.

Betting sites and bookmakers are free to use any format. Therefore it’s valuable to understand these different methods.

Fractional Odds

They’re used to show the amount of profit you will make with a winning bet in addition to your original stake.

We’ll use 2/1 as our simple example. It’s pronounced as two to one because you’ll gain two dollars for every dollar that you staked on a winning bet.

So when staking ten dollars at 2/1 (or two to one) given that you wager won, you would earn a total of thirty dollars back. Twenty dollars of which are your winnings (2 multiplied by your ten dollars stake) and your original ten dollar stake.

When betting with fractional odds, you must be familiar with the terms “odds on” and “evens.”

An odds on bet means the total you stand to win is less than your original wager. You’ll also get your original stake back. So you still make a profit, it will just be less than your stake.

Evens refers to situations when the odds are 1/1. Winning bets at these odds will pay out winnings equal to your original stake along with your original stake. So you would double your money. If you staked $30 at evens and you won, then you would get a total of $60 back. Your original $30 stakes plus $30 in winnings.

Decimal Odds

Thankfully, decimal odds are a little easier to understand. Decimal odds show you how much a winning bet will return in total per unit staked, including your original stake. They’re usually quoted to two decimal places.

Let’s say you staked a total of ten dollars at odds of 4.50. If your bet was successful, then your total return would be forty-five dollars (4.50 multiplied by your ten dollars). The payout consists of thirty-five dollars in winnings and your stake.

Also, keep in mind that when talking about decimal odds, 2.00 is equal to evens, and any number less than that is odds on.

Moneyline Odds or American Odds

Most bettors find these odds slightly complicated, but with our help, you’ll understand them in no time.

Bookies and betting sites quote these odds as either a positive (+) or a negative (-) number.

A positive number indicates how much you can win for every hundred dollars you bet. A negative figure shows how much you need to stake to win a hundred dollars.

Here’s an example. A winning bet of one hundred dollars placed at odds of +275 would pay out a total of $375 (your original $100 and $275 winnings)

A winning wager of $100 placed at odds of -250 would return a total of $140 (your original $100 and $40 in winnings.

Parimutuel Betting aka Tote Betting

This is a system that you’ll encounter often when using horse racing accumulators. The word parimutuel comes from the French phrase “Pari-Mutuel,” which translates as mutual betting. This system, sometimes called, tote betting or pool betting, is the most commonly used in the US.

The most significant difference between this method and fixed odds betting is that with parimutuel betting, you’re not wagering against a bookie.

So you start by making your selections. The same way you would with any bet. Then, after the race, the pool or total winnings gets split up among all the winning gamblers. The amount each bettor will get depends on the size of their original bet.

The three factors that determine your winnings are the stake size, amount wagered, and the total number of winning bettors.

You also need to take into account that a percentage of the betting pool gets taken by the house. The rate is to account for their expenses, taxes, and profit.

Exchange Betting

This way of betting on horse racing is pretty new. To explain this simply, think of it as P2P wagers.

You pick your selection, and then set your preferred odds and stake. Your bet will then be paired with bettors who want to take the opposing position.

Arguably the most significant perk of exchange betting is the option for in play horse race betting. It means that you are wagering on the fact that it won’t win. Picking a loser is much simpler than picking a winner in horse racing.

Want to Know More About Betting Strategies?

We’re not only interested in horse racing accumulators, and betting odds can be confusing. We’ve given you a crash course in this article, but we highly recommend that you do more research. Remember, the more you know, the better chance you have of succeeding.

Understanding parimutuel betting is crucial when betting on horse racing in the United States. It’s the most used system; thus, understanding it well is crucial to successful horse racing accumulators bets.

After reading our guide to horse racing accumulators, the next step is to work on your basic horse betting strategy. Our fantastic guide is there to help you on your way.

Keeping an eye on the latest promotions offered by different bookmakers can be very valuable. Use our guide to U.S. horse racing betting promotions to know what to look for.

Conclusion – Three Final Thoughts on Accumulator Betting

Horse racing accumulators aren’t that complicated, are they?

We know that this article contains a lot of information and that it’s not always easy to take everything in at once. If it were easy, the whole world would be doing it.

So we’d like to leave you with three final thoughts.

Firstly, horse racing accumulators are an excellent way to increase your chances of a big payout significantly.

Betting odds are difficult to fully understand from this article. You must do your research before placing any bets. You’ll want to study the odds that are used often for horse racing accumulators in the US.

Finally, decide on which betting market you’d prefer to wager. Choose a bookmaker that will allow you to bet on your choice between tote betting, exchange betting, etc.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the world of horse racing accumulators.

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