Introduction to Horse Betting

If you’ve finally reached the legal gambling age and decided it’s time to learn how to bet on horses successfully, then you’re in the right place!

Using basic horse betting strategies when placing your bets allows you to maximize your potential payout. So how does horse betting work? First, you want to start by learning about the jockeys and horses. This information is crucial when it comes to deciding on your horse racing selection methods.

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If you want to bet on horses successfully, you must familiarize yourself with the history of the jockey and horse. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will help you determine how to bet on the horses successfully and how to use basic horse betting strategy. Has the trainer raced on this type of track before? Has the horse? Are they on a winning streak? Learning about the history of the pairing is vital when it comes down to how to pick the winning horse in the US.

When you’re betting on the best horse betting sites for the US, it’s imperative to make sure you’re looking for the best odds. You must place bets that maximize your payout and use the right equation to determine how to pick the winning horses in the US. Once you’ve figured out the basic horse betting strategy that is best for you, you can work your way up to more complicated bets. The information in this article will help you learn how to bet on horses successfully.

Horse Race Betting Strategy – What’s Covered in This Article?

  • Learn history! Make informed decisions for your horse racing selection methods
  • Do the math! This equation will show you how to pick winning horses, which is essential to basic horse betting strategy
  • Shop around! Find the best odds on various sportsbooks with this online casino guide.
  • Maximize payout! Place smart wagers to win bigger payouts through basic horse betting strategy

Learning how to bet on horses successfully can seem like a daunting task when you first start. There are a lot of numbers and information involved to figure out how to win on the horses, which can seem overwhelming until the equation breaks down into manageable chunks. Once you understand the equation, it’s easy to plug in the information for your best horse betting strategies.

Basic Value Strategy

The use of basic horse betting strategies is vital if you want to know how to win while betting on the horses. One of the basic horse betting strategies is to assign point values to criteria that you think are most important when determining which horse will win.

Learning about the history of the horse and the trainer comes in handy when making informed decisions on the best horse betting strategies. The more you know about the horse’s history, the easier it is to determine your value bet strategy.

For this example, we will say that the jockey, speed, and age of the horse are the most critical factors when picking your horse betting selection methods. We assign points out of ten to each category and complete this for each horse in the race.

Say we have given Horse A the assigned values of 5 for speed, 8 for jockey, and 9 for age.

From there, we need to figure out which criteria are the most important and assign it a value that we’ll use in the equation. In this equation, the speed is the most critical factor, so we’ll say it’s worth 50%. The jockey is the next important factor, as their knowledge will guide the horse, so we’ll say it’s worth 40%. And finally, we’ll say the age of the horse is worth 10%

Our basic horse betting strategy equation would look like this:

Value = (50%*Speed)+(40%*Jockey)+(10%*Age)

Value = (.50*5)+(.40*8)+(.1*9)

Value = (2.5)+(1.2)+(.9)

Value = 6.6

We can compare that with Horse B, who we have assigned 7 for speed, 3 for jockey, and 5 for age. That equation will look like this:

Value = (.50*7)+(.4*3)+(.1*5)

Value = (3.5)+(1.2)+(.5)

Value = 5.2

From comparing these two horses using basic horse betting strategy, we can see that judging by our criteria, Horse A has a better chance of winning more races. After you’ve done these calculations for every horse(which gets easier every time you do it!), you should take some time to look around your favorite sites and find the best betting odds for the horse with the highest value.

Different Sportsbooks = Different Odds

One of the benefits of being registered with different online sportsbooks is the ability to use one or the other for different bets depending on your chosen basic horse betting strategy. Each sportsbook has different teams deciding the odds, so the offered odds can be different depending on where you look. You can find more about how betting odds work in other sections of this site. Typically there is not much of a difference, but sometimes you can luck out and find a discrepancy that you can use to your advantage.

Another reason why it’s a great idea to use multiple sportsbooks is that you can take advantage of different bonuses for trying horse racing betting strategy for beginners out . Not only are there deposit matching bonuses, but some sportsbooks have a cashback bonus feature, which will return your stake if your bet does not come through. This type of bonus can come in handy when you are learning how to bet on horses successfully.

Single, Double, Treble, Four-Fold

Since you’re learning how to bet on horse races successfully, it would be helpful if you are aware of the different types of bets involved with a horse racing betting strategy for beginners. A single bet is straightforward, one bet, on one horse, for one outcome. If your horse wins, your bet is successful.

A double bet is two bets placed on two different events. If the first bet wins, the return becomes the stake for the second bet. If either of those bets loses, your bet is unsuccessful, and you lose your stake. A treble is similar to the double, but with three bets on three different events, and the four-fold is similar but with four bets on four various events. Once we get up to four-fold bets, we refer to them as parlays, or horse racing accumulators.

Win, Place & Show

With a horse betting strategy, you place a Win bet on the horse that you think will win that race. A Place bet is wagering that your horse will come first or second, and a Show bet is wagering that the horse will come in either first, second, or third.

If you are right, and the horse you backed wins, you win all three bets. If your horse places second, you win the place and show bets. Similarly, if the horse you wagered on \finishes third, you only win the amount for the show bet.

Exotic Bets

When you are using your best horse betting strategies per the sportsbook rules, you should also pay attention to the exotic bets; exotic bets are risky because they have a low probability of occurring. On the other hand, the payout is much higher than a straight bet. If you want to know how to pick winning horses in the US, then you must know about the different types of bets you can wager.

An example of an exotic bet is called a Trifecta. In this bet, you use your horse racing selection method, and you pick three horses in the order that you expect them to place. The bet pays off if the horses you’ve selected finish in that specific order. In the same family of bets, the Trifecta Box is when you pick four or more horses and cover every possible outcome between the horses. Betting on a Trifecta Box costs more stake than a regular trifecta because you are placing many more bets at a time, but the odds of you gaining a win are much higher.

Similar to the Trifecta, the Superfecta is when you pick the top four placing horses. The bet pays out if you select the exact order. Another version of this is the Superfecta Box, in which you pick your four horses, and cover every possible combination between the four. The third version of this bet is the Superfecta wheel.

The wheel is also available for a Trifecta bet. In a wheel bet, you pick which horse will win first place, and wheel bets are perfect bets to place when you are confident in which horse will win, but unsure about the order the rest of the horses will finish. This Superfecta Wheel is cheaper than the Superfecta Box because there are fewer combinations to cover.

Pick 6

Pick 6 is a strategy that can have a large payout. How does pick 6 horse racing strategy work? This bet pays out when you successfully select the winners of 6 consecutive races. It can be hard to pick that many winners in a row, but the potential payout is typically one of the biggest returns on race day.

Even though this can be a difficult bet to win, the payout has the potential to be phenomenal. In 2014 at the Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, Florida, an anonymous bettor won a total prize of $6,678,939. That’s an amazing payout!


Another often-used basic horse betting strategy is to take advantage of the US horse racing betting promotions. There are a few different types of promotions that fall into this category, but the main promotion is a risk-free bet, which typically caps at a certain amount. The risk-free bet enables you to place your wagers on appropriate races, and if you are unsuccessful, your bet returns to your account. If you’re still learning how to pick winning horses in the US, taking advantage of the promotions is a great way to continue playing!

Live Betting

With the advancement of technology, online casinos are continuously working to improve gamblers’ experiences. One of those changes includes in play horse race betting. In-play betting enables gamblers to bet throughout the race using their best horse betting strategies.


Dutching, or dutch betting, is a form of basic horse betting strategies in which you place bets on multiple outcomes that will produce the same return. This type of betting is more complicated because it involves doing the math for each outcome, and staking whatever is necessary for the returns to be as similar as possible no matter which outcome is successful.

This form of betting is excellent because if you cover all the outcomes, you are guaranteed to win an amount that you have already determined. But it requires a lot more of your money to be in play. Be careful with these basic horse betting strategies, and spread your bets throughout various sportsbooks. If you attempt to do this at a single sportsbook, you will end up, at the very least, severely limited for future wagering, and possibly even lose your account. Worse yet, you may even be limited if bookmakers identify a pattern of bets that suggests dutching, even if you use different operators – so if you value the health of your accounts (and you should), then dutching should be avoided.

Absolute Certainty System

Absolute Certainty is a manual that claims to give you all the information you need to form your basic horse betting strategy. It’s a time-tested strategy that has been around since the ’90s. It was introduced by the self-proclaimed betting scientist, who claims to have made a consistent profit off betting on horses for over 20 years.

The best horse betting system involves figuring out the favorites of the race and using the rules derived from previous data to eliminate the risk factors predetermined by the system. Once you’ve inputted those risk factors, you have the information you need to make an informed decision on the ‘absolutely certain’ bet.

The second part of this best horse betting system involves betting only on Place bets. This part of the system is critical because it gives more opportunities for a return. The horse you bet on only has to place in the top 3 for your bet to win. This system purports to have an 85% win rate.

Lucky 15 System

The Lucky 15 best horse betting strategy is a system that incorporates 15 bets over four events. It’s specifically 15 bets consisting of four singles, two doubles, three trebles, and one four-fold bet. As always, the more winning horses you choose, the more bets you win. The positive side of this is that one loss won’t invalidate all of the rest of your bets, but on the other hand, too many losses will make it harder to achieve those trebles and the four-fold.

Top GamblingGuy Betting Guides & Strategies to Try has many other U.S gambling guides for beginners available. Whether you are learning the best horse racing betting strategy for beginners or trying to find the best online casino bonus or promotion, this site has a little bit of everything.

Check out the other guides for more information; there’s always something to learn about when it comes to the exciting world of online gambling!

Horse Race Betting Strategy – Final Conclusions

In conclusion, whether you are learning the best horse betting strategies as an advanced gambler, or the most basic horse racing betting strategy for beginners, is here for all your gambling needs.

The equation to determine value might seem a little overwhelming, but with a bit of practice, you can quickly figure out which horse you think has the best betting odds. Don’t forget to ‘shop around’ on various sites to find the best odds for your money. Make sure you’re placing the right bets that will ensure the maximum amount of payout.

Whether you are at the track or wagering online, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and play safely!

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