In Play Betting Horse Racing - Easy Guide for Beginners 2021

In-play horse race betting in the USA owes its growing popularity to online bookmakers launching live streaming on their websites and mobile apps.

This allowed players to participate in the in-play betting of horse racing from the comfort of their homes. Do you want to join in on the experience? It’s never been easier than reading this beginner’s guide to in-play betting horse racing.

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Your Guide to the Exciting World of In Play Horse Betting Strategy

This guide will introduce you to the exciting strategic world of in-play betting in horse racing.
It’s so easy to follow that anyone can use it to learn how in-play betting in horse racing online works.

In-Play Horse Racing Strategies

This is an introduction to a horse race betting strategy for beginners.

There are two principles in in-play horse racing strategies that you should learn to gain success for your in-play horse race betting. The first strategy you’ll come across in this in-play horse race betting guide is the lay the field strategy, and the second is horse racing trading strategy.

Both strategies are relatively popular in the in-play horse race betting domain in their own right. Read this guide and find out which one works out best for your playing style.

Strategy: Lay the Field Strategy

Lay the field strategy is an oldie, but a goodie in the world of in-play betting horse racing. It’s proven to aid many players with their in-play horse race betting. Laying horses for a living can be a possibility when using these techniques to your lay betting strategies.

Lay the field strategy won’t be losing its popularity anytime soon, as sports such as horse racing continue to have competitive races for players to continue in-play horse race betting.

Have you tried laying the field strategy before, and it didn’t work out? Even if you’re not new to in-play horse race betting, these six tips can help you make laying the fieldwork better for you. This guide will have you laying horses for a living in no time.

Gather your Data

Before you make any bet; you should always gather the data of what you’re betting on. Your research improves the applications of your strategy. This stands true for the in-play horse racing strategy you plan to use for in-play horse race betting.

To make laying the field a strategy that works for you, you need to gather your own information and not just rely on the data provided by your online bookie. Your data should be based on the courses, the size of the field, time of day, and the type of matched prices. Use this to try and figure out the patterns.

Using all the information you’ve gathered will help develop your own formula for laying the field. This is the real money-making secret to profiting from laying the field in the long term.

Risk Measuring

Every lay you make adds up when in-play betting on horse racing. The higher the price you choose to lay at, means the more you’ll need to be matched so that you can make a profit.

What this means is that if you lay the field at 2 at $100, every time you lose you’ll be losing $100. Not many people realize this and end up with a considerable loss and blame it on the strategy of laying the field.

How this works is that to make your money back, you need to get two horses matched at 2. Only when you get three horses matched at three will you make $150 profit. Your risk to reward ratio is 1:1. This means that you need to win more than half of your trades to make a long term profit at this price.

The data that you’ve gathered will tell you whether it’s the right move to make, reducing the price of your in-play betting in horse racing wager. Doing this will make your break-even point more attainable. Laying at $2 in the same example, your risk to reward ratio remains the same; however, you only need to match two horses to make a profit.

Laying the field below $1.50 produces a risk to rewards ratio that’s in your favor. It’s possible for you to win more than what you risk because strategies aren’t all-encompassing.

Laying the field is a strategy that doesn’t apply to every race in the same way. Laying the field is race dependent. The formula you developed needs to be updated with new information gathered for each race.

Betting at less than $1.50 all day won’t get you the long term profit you’re looking for. Updating your formula with the time of day, size of the field, and how competitive the race is going to be will tell the price you should lay.

Multiple Prices Laying

An essential factor to note is that you can lay at different prices as 1 of your lay betting strategies. You’d be laying horses in-play using this method. This is like horse racing accumulators, but for laying the field.

Laying horses in-play creates a jackpot kind of win using this lay betting strategy. If you place lay bets in orders at 2.50, 2.25, and 2.15 for $200 each, you’re risking $180 but potentially winning $310 or more.

You can still make money if you manage to match a couple of horses at 2 in the race. In-play horse race betting is a game of chance where anything can happen. The downside to this is that it lowers your strike rate.

Test the Prices

The in-play horse race betting markets aren’t big enough for all its players. To ensure that you’ll be matched, you may want to consider moving your lay betting strategy prices a higher. Instead of you laying at 2.50, you increase it to 2.51 or 2.52.

The main reason for this is that most other in-play racing traders lay with numbers that end in either 0 or 5. As a result, it’ll be much more difficult to be matched. If you lay like everyone else, you may not get matched or will be queued to be matched while the one above your bet gets matched.

Strategy: Horse Racing Trading Strategy

Horse racing trading strategy had a massive boom in the world of in-play betting of horse racing ever since Betfair exchange in-play was first launched online. This guide explains three in-play trading strategies in immense detail.

Read on to learn how to bet horses successfully using this strategy.

Successfully Pre-RaceScalping

The technique known as scalping is when you take small profits consistently and quickly when in-play betting in horse racing. Mental awareness is vital when scalping. If you hesitate, you’ll undo the progress as soon as you build it. Market changes can turn previous profits into losses. Reacting quickly to these situations is critical.

Consistently taking in small winnings will result in a long term substantial profit when in-play horse race betting. This method doesn’t spend a large amount of money in the beginning. This strategy requires discipline and a plan of action for success, but it’s not always easy.

Scalping can be a frustrating in-play betting strategy. The reasons for this are that you’re either; using the wrong setting to operate, have poor discipline, or reacting too slowly, not executing your plan well enough, or you’re over-trading. This can change with patience and the correct management stake when in-play betting on horse racing.

Like any in-play betting strategy, scalping does not apply to all races. Even after you’ve been successful with scalping, don’t use it for every race because you’ll lose. It can also cause you to over-trade.

Over-Trading Explained and How Do You Avoid It?

Over-trading is when a player trades too much. This happens when you open too many positions and trade in many races during the course of a single session. Trading horses racing is a game with fine profit margins. When you over-trade, you kill this fine profit.

Experienced players know over-trading when in-play betting in horse racing is difficult to avoid. However, it’s incredibly vital to avoid it.

Are you an over trader?

If you are over-trading, your in-play betting strategy playing will fit into one of the following categories:

If you always refer to the chart to reason why you have opened trade you’re categorized as a technical over trader. They use the charts to justify what they’ve already done when they should be used to determine the in-play betting strategy.

An emotional over-trader is someone who doubts themselves. In-play horse race betting isn’t about short term wins or losses; it’s a game you’re playing for the long-term. When players doubt themselves, they tend to dive into trades quickly to make up for losses, which may have the opposite effect.

The overachieving trader spreads themselves out by trying to bet on different sports concurrently. They prioritize quantitative playing over qualitative. It’s better to focus on one sport at a time.

A campaign over-trader lays one step behind the crowd and frequently lays in the same way the group did. This isn’t good for you if you’re in-play betting on horse racing. You lose the value of the lay when you do this. Speed is important, but be sure about your decisions and lay quickly.

The Quick Win Strategy of Back to Lay

Generally speaking back to lay is a strategy in which you back the team you think the market is undervaluing. In horse racing, this means supporting the horse that is going to lead the race and not necessarily the horse that is going to win the race.

Back to lay strategy is one that doesn’t have many opportunities to be used. The main reason for this is due back to lay horse criteria being far more specific. If you’re given the right selection of back to lay horses and execution, it’s a real money maker. This strategy can help you earn a considerable profit.

Back to lay strategy produces exceptionally high returns with in-play betting horse racing. If you don’t have a large bankroll, you can still make a significantly large profit. The only disadvantage of this strategy is that you can’t use it too often, maybe once or twice a day. The profits from these occurrences are enough to make it a worthy strategy.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to have a liability at the very first hurdle for jumps racing. It’s a better plan of action to offset your liability at this point so that you’re not taking a larger risk if the horse falls.

All of this is especially true when compared to a pick 6 horse racing strategy.

Strategy: Swing Trading

Swing trading is the trading horses strategy that gets people’s hearts pumping. The reason for its mass excitement is that if you’re able to foresee a correctly huge price swing, you’ll have an increased opportunity for victory.

Additionally, swing trading is a scalable strategy. When you get the hang of it, you can place larger wagers than any other strategy. The only downside is that swing trading requires immense amounts of patience.

It’s natural to want to close a trade when it’s winning and let it go if it’s losing. Reading that to yourself, it seems natural to deduce that you should be doing quite the opposite. However, the real power lies with knowledge.

Knowledge is what gives you the confidence needed to know that you’ve made the best decision. Knowing in which direction the price will be going makes it easier for the profits to run. Knowledge also removes the element of self-doubt that could result in over-betting.

Trap Avoidance: The Favourites

Trading in-play horse races has many traps. Don’t be the sucker that falls for them hook, line, and sinker because you’ll lose a lot of money. One of the biggest traps is backing a favorite horse in the race.

Bookmakers that offer live streams for in-play betting horse racing have a tendency of cutting a favored horse for seemingly no reason at the start of the race. That horse that was reasonably priced before it was cut off tends quickly and has its odds increased in a few gallops; this is presumably due to it having jumped.

It isn’t profitable to back horses like these because it’s unreasonable for their odds to fluctuate so quickly. Their chances are still the same as they were before. The favorite horse is favored for a reason.

Whether it’s because of its pedigree or its achievements in recent runs, it has a right to be chosen as a favored horse. Switching up your tactic often can prove lethal as some horses must be delivered on the 11th hour.

It’s madness, and the value is to be had elsewhere. You’re urged to do some intense research, so you can avoid getting drawn into backing the favorites at an inflated price

Best Online Sites to Play On

You can use all these strategies and more on the best horse racing site for the US. These sites will not only allow you to play using your recently learned strategies, but they also offer the best horse racing betting offers in the USA.

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Conclusion – Get Ready for In Play Betting Thrills

In-play horse race betting owes its growing popularity to online bookmakers launching live streaming on their websites and mobile apps, such as the Betfair exchange in-play feature. This allowed players to place wagers on horse races from the comfort of their homes.

Although you’re now more than welcome to play horse racing from the comfort of your couch, in-play betting strategies require you to be disciplined and have patience. Without patience, you’ll take on a lot of losses no matter what in-play betting strategy you use.

At the end of the day, horse race betting is about long term gains, not short term victories and losses. You need to do your research, so you can make the best possible bets. Remember not to lay at too high a price or a consistently low price, and avoid over-trading.

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