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Last Updated on 17/05/2024

The Awards are here to help you find the best of the best when it comes to online bookmaker.

And what’s better, they’re voted for by other sports gamblers just like you. As well as being certified by our expert opinion, the Awards are by the people for the people!

So does that mean you can get involved?

Absolutely! Is there a bookmaker that you’re absolutely raving about? Then let your fellow sports betting fans know by casting your votes for our Awards today! From the best customer service to the tastiest bonus, we dish out awards for a whole host of sportsbook categories.

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How Do We Choose Which Operators to Award?

The GamblingGuy Awards are presented using a combination of our expertise as professionals and your experiences as keen, every day sports bettors. We provide fair & transparent professional reviews and ratings that present the general facts and information in a concise way. Additionally, we want to make your opinion on each bookmaker heard, which is why we invite you to give your own reviews & ratings about the bookmaker displayed on our site.

Ultimately, we’ll use a combination of our site algorithm and our own awards committee to evaluate each and every review we receive. And in the end, the best overall site for each category will receive a Award. So what are you waiting for? Submit your bookmaker reviews today to help us and your fellow gamblers to find the very best online bookmaker in India today.

The Categories Are….

The Awards are distributed by both us and you in the following categories:

Best Online Bookmaker

First and foremost, let’s start with the most general and most prestigious of the Bookmaker Awards – the Best Online Bookmaker. This takes the bookmaker that has the best overall balance of the other categories detailed below. Essentially, the award-winning best sportsbook has to have a little bit of everything, including a top-quality bonus, competitive odds, an easy to use website, and a vast range of sports.

Additionally, the Best Online Bookmaker should work to serve a variety of different gamblers. As mentioned above, our awards are voted for by you, meaning we take the opinions of gamblers of all shapes and sizes. From complete beginners to seasoned punters and high rollers – in this category, we’re looking for a sportsbook that can serve us all! Remember that alongside our bookmaker award, we have awards for all other kinds of online gambling sites.

Best Online Bookmaker Bonus

It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to online sports betting, are just changing provider or are a seasoned punter with multiple accounts on the go – we all love a bonus. Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, from free bets to matched deposit bonuses and cashback offers. One thing that unites most online bookmaker bonuses is that it’s usually the welcome bonus that offers the most value. It’s easy for us to test a bonus ourselves and rate it based on its monetary value, terms & conditions and freedom of use. Ultimately, however, perhaps more than in most other categories, awarding the best bonus requires your feedback and experience above all else.

Best Online Bookmaker Customer Service

Perhaps not the first thing that you think of, but when you need them most, they arguably become more important than the actual bookmaker themselves. This is why our gambling awards will help you find the sportsbook with outstanding customer support. It doesn’t matter what experience level you’re at, you’re going to need the customer service team at some point during your sports betting journey, and you want an accessible customer service team that can help you quickly and efficiently.

If you’re fairly new to online sports betting, you’ll want a customer service team that’s available before you’ve made your account so they can help you get started. If you’re an experienced high roller, you’ll be looking for a customer service team that offers more dedicated, extra-special help to its VIP members. What we’re looking for when distributing an award in this section is an online bookmaker customer service team that ticks all of the boxes across the board.

As important as the quality of customer service, are the available channels and the availability. For a customer service team to even be considered for a Award, they must be on hand 24/7 via at least one of their channels. On top of that, as gamblers, we’re generally looking for a bookmaker with at least the 3 basic customer service channels; live chat, email & phone line.

Best Mobile Bookmaker

An award that carries a lot of importance and prestige among you guys as gamblers these days, the Best Mobile Bookmaker. Without having any exact statistics to hand, it’s fair to assume that the majority of you reading this will place at least some of your sports bets on your mobile phone.

That’s why every online bookmaker worth their salt these days should offer a mobile optimised version of their site as well as a tailor-made sports betting app. What we’re looking for here is a mobile betting app and site that matches the capabilities and ease of use that you’d find on their desktop website. From the casual cricket punters to the seasoned horse racing aficionados, we all love to bet on the move.

Best Live Streaming & In-Play Betting

A neat follow on from mobile betting comes our award for the Best Live Stream & In-Play Betting service. Placing bets mid-game as your watching have become commonplace, as have cashouts and early payout bonuses. As a result, there’s more customer expectation than ever for online bookmaker to have a quality live streaming service – and these days the bar is set pretty high.

The more seasoned punters among you will know that some of the top online bookmaker now have streaming services that have the rights to show some of the world’s top sporting leagues, including the Indian Premier League in cricket and the Champions League in football.

It’s not just the game rights and the quality of the streaming service we’re looking for here – this award is about live betting, so we need a well-rounded package overall. That means that the in-play betting markets need to be plentiful and the cash-out offers fair. Plus any decent sportsbook award would have to factor in those all-important betting odds too. Let us know your experience so that fellow punters of all levels can enjoy the very best!

Best Horse Racing Bookmaker

We’ll use this example as horse racing is perhaps what many consider to be the archetype betting sport. However, we dish out awards for bookmaker with the best offerings for all top betting sports. Horse racing is perhaps the betting sport that’s popular with more experienced gamblers, but, for example, here in India bettors of all levels are lining up to rate the best of the best when it comes to the best bookmaker for cricket betting. So no matter what your favourite sport is (or how long you’ve been betting on it), let us know what the best bookmaker is for that sports in your experience, so we can consider it for our specialised sports awards and pass the word on to like-minded gamblers!

Best Payment Processing

It doesn’t matter if you’re an old hand who’s been betting at the tracks since the ‘60s or a casual sports fan who’s looking to make things interesting for the first time. The one thing that unites us all is that we want to get our winnings as quickly as possible. At the other end of the transaction, we want to get our money into our accounts as quickly as possible so we can get our bets placed. If there’s one thing gamblers of all ages, interests and experience levels it’s the efficiency of payment processing. There are many such complications when it comes to review and rating sites in order to dish out this award. However, it all boils down to us wanting quick and easy deposits and withdrawals without having to pay any fees.

Best VIP Programme

You could be forgiven for thinking that this award is only for the benefit of the more seasoned pros when it comes to online sports betting – but you’d be wrong. A good VIP programme works in tiers, meaning you receive rewards and extra service based on how much and how often you bet. While more frequent, high-money bettors can rightly expect more rewards, a good VIP programme should provide all of its customers with rewards and treatments that are apt for their level. That’s why we take all of your VIP programme experiences into account in order to give this Award to the online bookmaker that caters for a wide range of gamblers and providers plenty of scope for upward mobility.

Best Newcomer

As the digital age marches on into its 3rd decade and the majority of gambling is done online, more and more new bookmaker are popping up almost daily. With so much on offer out there, it can be hard to sort them out between the good, the bad and the down-right ugly. That’s why we need your help to find the very best of the new kids on the block so we can bring them to the forefront with our yearly award for the best newcomer. It’s all fair and well betting with the established veteran giants of the gambling world, but plenty of us are seeking the excitement of getting in at ground level with a quality new bookmaker. It’s always nice to have something fresh!

Award FAQ

Is my vote openly available?

It can be, but only if you wanted it to. When submitting your online bookmaker reviews and casting your votes, we kindly give you the option to make your review public for other users to read, or to keep it hidden only for your eyes. Naturally, the more open reviews we have for you and your fellow gamblers to read the better, however, we do also respect your privacy which is why we give you the option. Making your vote public gives your fellow gamblers more insight, as they can find out why you think something is the best, rather than your vote simply being a drop in a large ocean of statistics. At the end of the day though, we leave the decision up to you and this covers everything from the awards for best bookmaker to your picks for the best casino site which you check out at our featured link.

Can I vote multiple times?

Unfortunately, you can’t cast multiple votes – but there is a good reason for this. Allowing users to cast multiple votes each would prevent us from giving a fair representation of what users think overall. If you think of it in terms of a general election, it would be complete chaos if everyone could go in and vote for their candidate multiple times – and it’s no different with the Awards. Some of you might find it restrictive, but for your benefit and ours, we can’t deliver fair and honest awards without restricting everyone to one vote per category.

Can I vote in Multiple Categories?

Yes, absolutely! When we said above that you’re restricted to one vote, we should clarify that it’s one vote per category. Allowing you to vote across multiple categories doesn’t compromise the fairness and legitimacy of our awards, in fact, it helps them. Therefore, you’re not only permitted to cast your vote in multiple Best Online Bookmaker Awards – you’re actively encouraged. So if you have experiences with a top-quality mobile sportsbook but have found another to have better customer service, then please, don’t hesitate to let us and your fellow punters know!

Are the awards based solely on votes?

Not quite, but rest assured your votes are the most important part. The awards are, for the most part, distributed based on your votes – and essentially, the online bookmaker with the most votes in the chosen category will ultimately be crowned the winner. However, there is a process we go through behind the scenes. As we detailed above, all of the reviews and votes we receive from you are evaluated by the awards committee here at then rated by the site’s algorithm. The sportsbook with the overall highest rating is the one which is presented with the award in the end.

Can I vote again next year?

Yes, once the calendar year is up and the awards process starts again for each category, you’re free to cast your vote once again! And can you vote for the same operator two years in a row? Sure, if you believe the online sportsbook you voted for last year is still at the top of their game in the chosen category, then absolutely vote for them again. Whether you’re disappointed they missed out on the award last time or think they deserve to retain their crown, there’s no reason not to vote for them a second time around when the time comes.

The Expert’s Conclusion

So there you have it, the full lowdown on the Online Bookmaker Awards and how you can vote for them. All that’s left for you to do now is to go on and get voting so you can help us and your fellow gamblers find the best quality operators out there in the online sports betting world. Before you do so, however, we’ll leave you with the three main reasons why your involvement is important. Firstly, to keep the rewards fair as each person only gets one vote. Secondly, our option to display open votes and reviews allows for more transparency. Lastly, and most importantly, having our awards voted for by fellow gamblers means the results are more reflective of what you want, no matter your level of experience.

The Best Online Bookmaker 2024 FAQ

🏅 Which bookmaker has the best odds?

Odds are what adds value to our sports bests, therefore making them one of the most important factors when choosing an online bookmaker to bet with. These days, the best sportsbooks work tirelessly in order to bring your fair and competitive odds. But what sportsbook offers the very best odds? Rather than take our word for it, check our Sportsbook Awards, which are voted for by bettors and fans.

🇮🇳 What is the best sportsbook in India?

To put it simply, there’s so much out there on the market at the moment that pinning down the ultimate best can be hard for us, even as experts. That’s why we put the question to you guys out there in order to crown the ultimate Best Online Bookmaker here at Read our latest update to find the results.

💨 What online sportsbook has the fastest payouts?

The quickest and easiest way to find an answer to this question is to check out the Best Online Bookmaker Awards. Here, the best online sportsbooks are reviewed, rated and voted for by the punters themselves across a number of categories. Included in these categories is the best online sportsbook for fast payouts.

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