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Last Updated on 16/07/2024

If you’re looking for true & fair online casino Awards that are created by the people for the people, then you’re in the right place!

For the Best Online Casino Awards, we use a combination of your votes and reviews, as well as our own expertise and computer algorithm. As well as crowning the Best Online Casino 2024, we also distribute awards in a number of different categories including customer service, bonuses and more.

Be a part of it!

So without further ado, read on to find out the details about how you can join us and contribute to the Best Online Casino Awards 2024]!

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How do we award operators?

While our own professional expertise do come into it, the main way our awards are distributed is through your participation. How? We invite you, online casino players of all experience levels and interest types, to leave fair and honest reviews of casino sites you’ve used in order to cast your vote. Then, we use our own awards committee to evaluate each and every one of your votes we get, as well as our site algorithm here at Once that process has been completed and it’s all said and done, we’ll then distribute our best Online Casino Awards for each category. Remember that we will also serve up plenty of awesome examples of an award for online gambling for sports betting fans. This means that you’ll all get chance to vote in our awards for best bookmaker in India and beyond.

And what does the vote itself entail exactly? The online form you fill out consists of a review, rating and Q&A section about the casino site(s) that you’ve chosen to review. Your vote & review can be as detailed as you like – we also give you the choice on whether or not you want to make your review public for all to see. So whether you want to get involved and start voting or benefit from an awards system that’s by the players for the players, we’d like to extend a warm invitation to get started with us on your Awards journey today!

What other categories are operators awarded in?

Best Online Casino

An award that needs little in the way of introduction or explanation – the ultimate crown in the Casino Awards. When distributing this award, we’re looking for the online casino site that has been voted for by you as being the best all-rounder. That is to say, the winner of the online casino award should tick all boxes in the categories displayed below – it should have great customer service, a quality welcome bonus and a fantastic site overall etc. Additionally, the award-winning best online casino overall should serve players of all interest and experience levels. From serious high rollers to casual slot players, everyone should be happy in the top award-winning casino.

Best Online Casino Bonus

For many, this award will feel just as important as the above. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to online casinos, or a seasoned aficionado who’s simply switching providers – we all love a bonus. When it comes to welcome bonuses, there isn’t a casino player out there who would sign up to an online casino without getting one. Online casino welcome bonuses come in many different forms, from matched deposit bonuses to free spins and special game offers. What we’re looking for in the best bonus (or indeed what we’ve found that you’ve been looking for), is a valuable bonus that comes with fair terms & conditions including low wagering requirements.

Of course, we’re not strictly looking for welcome bonuses exclusively here – it’s just that they usually offer the most value. If you’ve found an existing customer bonus that you think is worthy of this award, then, by all means, vote for it! Just keep in mind that we do have a separate award category for the best VIP programme, which you can read all about below.

Best Online Casino Customer Service

Nobody wants to come across any problems when playing in an online casino, and the best online casinos should ensure you have as few problems as possible – or preferably, none at all! However, issues inevitably do arise from time to time, and when they do, you want to have a top-quality, professional customer service team on hand to get you through. So if you’ve had a positive experience with an online casino customer service team then please don’t hesitate to let us know so we can put them in the shortlist for our award.

What do our experts think makes a potential award-winning customer service team? Firstly, a good customer service team should be available through the 3 basic channels; live chat, phone and email. Secondly, at the very least, the live chat should be available 24/7 and the quality of the help should be fast and efficient. And lastly, a good FAQs section should be in place to minimise your need to get in contact with the customer service team in the first place. A bonus feature we like to see is a customer service live chat that can be contacted without making an account so your pre-registration doubts can be put to rest in advance.

Best Mobile Casino

This award category rises in importance year on year, as the online casino playing demographic becomes more tech-savvy and wants to play on the move. A good mobile casino means you can pop out for a roulette spin on your lunch break or keep yourself entertained on the long commute through the city. No matter what your level, if you’ve had a positive experience with an online casino mobile betting app, then we want to hear about it at – as do all of our readers. We’re not just restricting you to mobile casino apps here either – online casinos with well-optimised mobile sites are also well within a shout here. Ultimately, the Best Mobile Casino with should equal, or even surpass, the desktop version of the site.

Best Live Casino

The online casino phenomenon that’s skyrocketed in popularity in recent years; the live casino. Here at, we know that many of you love bringing the real-time excitement of an actual night at the casino into the online world – especially here in India, where a real night at the casino is pretty much impossible! That’s why we want to hear about the best live casino experiences you’ve had. It doesn’t matter if you were playing a live casino for the first time, or have been rolling the dice for years – we’re looking for a balanced online casino that serves all. Is the game selection decent? Are the dealers live and online during peak Indian playing times? Are there playing limits to suit all types of budgets? These are just some of the questions we’re looking for you to answer here!

Best NETEnt Online Casino

Really, we’re just using NETEnt as an example here as they are among the most common and popular online casino software providers. But if you have a favourite online casino software provider, and know the best place to find their games, then the team and the readers at are waiting to hear about it. From NetEnt to Evolution Gaming and Play ‘n’ Go, there are loads of online casinos out there in India that specialise in game offerings from certain providers. Just to clarify, this isn’t an award for the best software provider, but for the best online casino that offers games from a certain provider.

Best Payment Processing

We live in a world of immediacy these days. That is to say, we want to get what we want, and we want it quickly. However, when it comes to casino payment processing, especially withdrawing our winnings, we are often forced to endure frustrating waits of up to 5 days. That’s why for this category we’re looking for those of you who have had quick and easy payment processing experiences with an online casino – preferably with little to no fees. High rollers? We want to hear if you were able to withdraw and deposit the large amounts you desired without restricting limitations. Lower budgets? We want to know if your deposits were processed quickly and easily as well. Of course, we also want to strike a balance with a variety of payment methods – from good old fashioned bank transfers to credit cards and the modern ewallet.

Best VIP Programme

Not just an award reserved for the more seasoned online casino players, we believe a good online casino VIP programme should benefit and reward all players based on their level. So even if you’re a casual player content in the first level of a tiered VIP system, we’d love to invite your reviews and ratings for this category. Of course, high rollers can rightly expect better and more valuable rewards here, but a good VIP system should see the rewards and benefits trickle evenly down the tiers. If you get dedicated customer service or an account manager in the higher tears, we would love to hear about it as well of course!

Best Newcomer

Across the globe, new online casinos pop up almost every day, not just here in India. As a result, it can be difficult to filter out the diamonds in the rough. Even for us as experts, it can be hard to keep on top of this, so we’re looking for your help in nominating sites for everything from the best new casino award to the best betting odds. If you’ve found a top-quality online casino then please do not hesitate to let us know about it and put it forward for this award. There’re a lot of scam and fraud casinos popping up out there, so it’s our duty to give the honest ones the recognition and customer they deserve – and to help our fellow gamblers to have a fair and secure online gambling experience.

Award FAQ

Is my vote open to the public?

We give you the choice here at When submitting your review, ratings and Q&A answers, you’ll be given the choice on whether or not to make your vote open for the reading pleasure of the wider public. If you’ve got a lot to say, we would actively encourage you to make your answers openly available so it’s beneficial to your fellow gamblers. However we do also respect your privacy – so at the end of the day, the choice is entirely yours. 

How do I cast my vote?

As we explained in the opening section of our Best Online Casino Awards page, your vote is cast by filling out an online form that consists of three sections. Firstly, there’s a section where you can leave a review of your overall experience with the online casino in question. In this section, you can be as detailed or brief as you like. Secondly, there’s the ratings, in which you can rate the casino out of 10 in each of the categories listed above. And lastly, there’s the Q&A in which you can choose to answer a few select questions about your experience with the online casino you’re choosing to vote for.

Do I have to fill out every section of the vote form?

No, not at all. While we would always encourage you to provide us with reviews and ratings that are as detailed as possible, you can still skip any section of the form and submit your review. As mentioned above, you don’t even have to make your vote public, so you can skip as much of it as you like and keep it private – only our algorithm and awards committee will see it when doing or evaluations for the overall winner. We’ll explain how this works in question 5 below. 

Can I vote multiple times?

No unfortunately not, as this would compromise the integrity of the whole awards process and ultimately render it complete pointless – or unfair at the very least. While we do understand that you may have had positive experiences with multiple casinos, we do have to restrict you to just one vote to keep the process fair, secure and useful to our readers at the end of the day. If one person was casting 10 votes while another only cast a single vote, we wouldn’t end up with fair and balanced reviews. That’s why everyone is restricted to a single vote, so we can get the best possible results.

Are the awards distributed using only our votes?

Basically, yes however there is a process that involves the intervention of our expert awards committee twinned with a little dash of artificial intelligence. Once all of your votes, reviews & ratings have been submitted, it’s then down to our award committee to evaluate every submitted voter review before they’re rated by the site algorithm. At the end of the day though, the online casino with the most votes for each category is the winner.

So now you know exactly how our Best Online Casino Awards work, all that’s left is for you to go on and get voting. Remember that we don’t just let you vote for the award for best online casino, as we can do the same thing for sports betting sites at our featured link. Or, if you’re looking for a provider, check out our award-winning sites for 2024. Before we go, we’d like to leave you with the main reasons why your involvement is important to us. Firstly, because as knowledgeable as us experts are, shared user experiences ultimately reflect more what other players want. Secondly, you’ll help deserving, non fraudulent operators get more custom. And lastly, displaying your reviews and ratings openly gives the site a well-rounded balance of expert and user reviews.

So what are you waiting for? Join us and cast your Best Online Casino Awards vote today!

Best Online Casino FAQ

🎰 What is the most legit online casino?

Unfortunately, there are some scam casinos out there in India that explicit the complicated nature of our gambling laws. is a global trusted gambling site that contains expert content and user reviews to help you find only the best and most trusted online casinos in India right now.

🇮🇳 What is the best online casino for Indian players?

Finding a good online casino can be a tough business, especially given India’s tough gambling laws. However, there’s currently nothing in law to prevent online gambling in India, therefore many providers can be found here. That being said, sorting out the good ones from the scams can be hard. That’s why the our Best Online Casino Awards are here to help you find the most trusted casinos available in the country today.

🛡️ What is the best and safest online casino?

The easiest way to find the safest rated casino in 2024 is to check out the award-winning casinos at Our awards are voted annually using a combination of our expertise and your votes. Follow the link to find out how you can get involved today!

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