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The Legality of Sports Betting in India: Are Bookmakers Legal in 2024?

Publish Date: 10/03/2020
Fact checked by: Myra Chopra

It is evident that the casino players in India are having a really hard time finding safe and reliable operators because of fraudulent activities. Therefore, answering the question, “are betting websites legal?” has become difficult to answer. The internet scams are lowering down the potential of people with online casinos. Nevertheless, the answer to are betting websites legal is a definite yes, as long as the betting websites are licenced.

There are only a bunch of verified casinos that you can trust, but then again, not all of them are full-fledged when it comes to the features. An aspect about online gambling to keep in mind is that each individual has different needs based on their requirements. If one individual is looking for a bonus, the other one might be looking for the best deposit methods, and someone else will be looking for an easier way of withdrawal. Amidst all of that, it is quite impossible to find a legal website which caters to the audience without any hassles.

Operator Authenticity & Licenses – The Key to Your Safety

In online gambling, you can play games only when you’re skilled because most of the cash games on the legal betting websites are based on talent and not just chances. At times, it gets hard to determine are betting websites legal and if a particular betting site is legal or not, especially when you have both luck and skill involved. The Online Casino industry has many traditional games, which are quite hard to label. At the same time, online Gambling authorities are slow to clarify the authenticity of such games and are betting websites legal to offer those games. That being said, here are a few takeaways for you to determine the answer to the question, “are betting websites legal?”

Legal Gambling in India – Key Areas Covered in this Article

  1. Now that you know that the answer is yes to are betting websites legal, make sure that your website is both licensed and regulated by a governing body within the gambling world.
  2. Reputation plays a key role in knowing the legality of online gambling. Only go with the bookmakers who have positive online reviews and lack of complaints on various consumer forums.
  3. If a bookmaker is known to disappear with your funds or if it has a history of disappearing, strike out the bookmaker as an illegal gambling provider.
  4. The bookmakers who are known for paying late and are known for delayed/pending withdrawals come under illegal gambling operators.

Basic Checks to Ensure Your Online Gambling Enjoyment

It is completely natural to be cautious about online casinos when you think – are betting websites legal? As an experienced gambler, you might have seen a few scam sites, and by now, you know that it is easy to recognize them. Most of the fraud casinos come with flashy banners in order to draw your attention from the not so trying but reliable casinos that affirm yes to are betting websites legal. The two important things that an online gambler should be concerned with apart from are betting websites legal are – the security of their deposits and the fairness in their games.

During the earlier days, things were pretty blurred and bad. But now, all the online casinos are inspected by the international organizations that audit their games through thick and thin. With time, as a player, you will know how to recognize the right certificates from the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Even if from other authorities like eCOGRA, you will know how to calculate the odds without ending up in loss.

The common complaint with all the online casino players across the globe is the tedious withdrawals. The withdrawals usually take time while the deposits are made in an instant. In case if you observe a website that has delayed withdrawals, you can consider it as a non-legal website. It is important to identify the correct operators before you get trapped. A good online casino will ask you to verify your identity before depositing and withdrawing so that your money is not hacked by others who are keen on withdrawing funds from your account. It is mandatory to pass the verification process as soon as your registration is done so that you don’t have to wait for the completion of the funds. The internal security check of the top online casinos will take a few days, and once the verification is done, the speed of your withdrawal is based on your payment method. Out of all the payments, the cryptocurrencies and e-wallets are known to be the quickest.

Few custom service systems support native languages and not just English. Most of them are accessible 24/7 just in case you are having an issue at an odd time. However, a legal betting website will have customer service available in all the languages. It is advisable to contact the gambling websites through live chat in case you have confronted an issue as it is the quickest way to approach them. Whenever you have a doubt, you can mail the customer service people to get an immediate response from them. Most of the legal betting websites are also available on phones both for national and international customers without any time inconveniences. In case if you have picked a reputable online casino, there will be more ways to approach them, like the social media handles. If you can’t speak the supported native language, you can ask the customer service to switch to the English speaking support.

Choosing Your Bookmaker 

Is Online betting safe and legal?, is one of the most asked questions that we can find among the players. No matter how many ask the same question, the answer is the same. Online betting is safe and with a few precautions, you can ensure your own safety. However, there is no doubt that betting online has some risk factors because of the wagers, but that’s the nature of gambling. One has to worry only about being cheated or ripped off in an illegal way when it comes to risk. Make sure that the bookmaker that you’re working with is licensed officially to minimize the risk. Before signing up with a particular bookmaker, study about their history to be wary of the risks that they have projected on the players. Through the history of online gambling, very few players are known to face safety issues, which is why there is no need to panic.

  • The legality of gambling has been changing for years, and the answer to are betting websites legal has also been evolving. Today, it has an estimated annual income of one billion dollars with many people and many businesses cashing in it.
  • Back in 1997, online gambling revenues used to earn only $200 in a year. With the increase in budget, the number of gamblers increased as well.
  • There are differences between making bets, making bets, advertising on sites and facilitating payments. All of them come with individual legal terms.
  • As there is no law against placing wagers, it is legal to place online wagers with little chance of running afoul by the state laws. Sites that are set outside the United States are considered to be legal.
  • At the same time, gambling inside the United States is never legal. If you are dealing with a US player, make sure that you are only dealing with Poker and casino.

That being said, anyone who is living in any country where online betting is legalized should not be worried about breaking the law while betting with online bookmakers. If at all you are worried about it, it’s because you don’t have adequate knowledge to know if it’s legal to place online bets in the country where you’re playing from. Some countries are known to have outdated and confused betting laws which are why this question arises in the first place. However, as a player, you shall know that there are no explicit laws that make individual wagering, an illegal activity. Therefore, the chance of breaking the law and getting caught for it is very less because it is not even an issue to consider in the first place unless you’re misusing the practice by pushing it to the edge. As long as you’re gambling responsibly, you can wager as much as you want on any game that you want.

Conclusion – Regulation Is Key to Keeping You Secure 

If you are looking to gamble safely, there are many ways to do it. Nevertheless, the first way of doing it is by finding the answer to the questions, ‘are betting websites legal’ and “what are the legal betting websites?” A punter can use the top online casinos beyond the flashy banners to find the best online casinos irrespective of where he is from. The most important factor for them to consider while gambling on the online casino is legality and security. With good welcome bonuses, live customer support, and reliable payment methods, a transparent online casino can be considered to be suitable for safe gambling.

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