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Can You Really Make Money on Sports Betting Online in 2024?

Publish Date: 10/03/2020
Fact checked by: Myra Chopra

Online gambling transactions have risen from $7.4 billion in 2003 to $50 billion in 2017. Despite the boom in this industry, many people question whether it is easy to make money online or not. There are few fraudsters in the industry that have negatively affected the image of gambling, but it is quite possible to make money gambling over the internet. So the answer to the question “Can you make money on betting online?” is yes. However, it is not easy. There are professionals who spend adequate time and effort to know the betting systems and strategies such as Inplay Tennis Betting strategy, Value Bet Strategy, Football betting strategy, Cricket betting strategy, Golf Betting Strategy and Greyhound Betting Strategy etc. Through these systems, a punter can make lucrative income through sports betting, online casino, video poker and other gambling niche.

Main Points – Earn Online Using a Matched Betting Strategy

  • The number of ways to earn money in online gambling is increasing with technology.
  • There are tends of profit streams that are higher in efficiency to hold
  • Not all guides on how to make money can be helpful
  • The quickest way to make money online is through Matched Betting.
  • Operators vary in allowing you to earn money so choose wisely. 

Can I Make an Income Stream From Betting Online?

If you are wondering, Can you make money on betting online the answer is yes. The best way to make money in online betting without risks is called Matched Betting. Matched betting is highly different from the original gambling process because you are not actually playing to win. When you are making a bet through matched betting, it doesn’t matter who is winning the game. It only matters how much you are willing to make despite the results.

By matching the bets on two different bookmakers, you will never lose in a match, therefore the answer to Can you make money on betting online is a yes. For example, if you are betting on a Football match say England v France, you can place a bet on England with one bookmaker and then place a ‘lay bet’ on another bookmaker that France will win or for a draw. This way, irrespective of the result, the two bets cancel each other and you will win one and lose another. The profit of the matched betting comes from free bet offers that the bookmakers offer to the players.

You probably have seen a lot of bookmakers advertising on the internet even when you are not precisely a betting person with messages saying – Bet £10, get a £20 free bet. If you haven’t made profits from matched bets like above, you will be qualified as a freebie, and the bookmaker will give you a £20 reward in the form of a free bet. Can you make money on betting online through the free bets? Yes, You can take this £20 and gamble it to make money. As a player, you can repeat the cycle of making two bets, one against another result. This time, you will have the money to keep as you are just using the free money.

How Can I Improve My Chances of Beating the House?

By now, you are familiar with the adage that says – the house always wins. This may lead you to think that the answer is no to Can you make money on betting online. While this phrase is as its absolute best, it is not always true when it comes to online gambling. Most of the gaming providers have an edge with the casino games, which is why it is possible for the gamblers to make a huge profit. For that, they need to develop systems that can make them sustainable on different gambling platforms. Therefore, yes is the answer to Can you make money on betting online.

#1 Taking Card Games against New Players:

Talented players who play poker understand that the game is dependent on different game theories, statistics, strategies and past data that give them an edge over the beginners. Can you make money on betting online through poker? An interesting thing about online poker is that you can make money easily on it when compared to making money on the traditional casino.

Sites have a habit of attracting amateurs against whom you can win decent money. However, it still takes both time and effort for the players to be professionals as they develop skills to the stage; they can beat these beginners on a regular basis. The best poker players can bank money by just being intelligent at few hands – there have been players who gained around $750,000 on poker in a year.

#2 Playing Online Slots:

A traditional punter who knows the way around a traditional casino will be sceptical about the fact that one can make money from the online poker/casino as a means of living. These players should know that the online slots operate differently from the slot machines in the traditional casinos. Online slots reply on the RNG tools that are not actually random. They use algorithms which determine the next sequence in the number, meaning that it’s not possible to predict the results without deciphering them.

Can you make money on betting online through slots? As a player, you need to know that the RNGs are complex and can’t be used to figure out the predictable results. The average payout on online slots is between 96% – 99%, so you only have a slight chance to walk away with the profit than the average user. On the brighter hand, it is also possible to make great money by winning jackpots on online slots.

A Scottish woman won around £5.4 million playing the Hall of Gods a couple of years ago making it the biggest win in UK history. Online slots are usually full of luck, giving a possibility to develop a system of living from them.

#3 Different bets as a part of Sports Betting:

Sports Betting is a very popular online gambling form that a lot of people across the world try to cash in on. So, Can you make money on betting online on sports? UK citizens have a history of spending more than £1.4 billion pounds on sports betting websites since 2013. They have been making sports wagers, making it predominant than other forms of gambling. So, how do we make money online? There are a couple of ways to make money from betting through arbitrage.

For example, through arbitrage sports betting by betting on two teams through different bookmakers offering different payouts, punters can assuredly win profits. If a bet is made with one bookie who offers 120/-130 and another bookie who offers +130/-140 line odds, it is guaranteed that in either case, the punter will win a profit.

There are also some other ways through which a player can make money without any rigging. Betters who have had an understanding of the competitions can forecast these odds than the bookmakers so that they can earn money.

Professional Gambler Status – Strategies for Success

Most of the online gamblers are just hobbyists who expect you to lose money in exchange for excitement. There are only a set of gamblers who try to make a living. If you ask professionals, Can you make money on betting online they would undoubtedly say yes. If you’re one of those who are expecting to earn money through gambling, make sure that you have a lot of knowledge before trying out your luck. Apart from the knowledge, you should also have enough capital which you can afford to burn.

It takes some time for a player to develop a strategy that works either in a regular or profitable manner. Can you make money on betting online by gambling regularly? To get profitable, you can only reach that goal by regularly gambling on online platforms. Of course, it means that you have to spend some capital that you can possibly lose. Treat your gambling career as a business. The initial months will not give you any profit, which is why you have to have a good share in order to lose.

If you are low on funds, it is not a good time to start a career as a gambler. Despite knowing that the answer is yes to Can you make money on betting online it’s also important to consider that even the best gamblers will have their fair share of days and weeks where they can hit lows. When you reach the breaking point, you can’t afford to give up thinking that your system is not working anymore and again start wondering Can you make money on betting online. Instead, you can just ride out before you make a profit again. If your system is working, you can restore your faith in betting again.

Discovering how to make money gambling on sports is something to which many thousands of people continue to apply their minds every day. The fact that a foolproof, 100% guaranteed strategy is yet to be formulated shows how tricky the concept is in reality. Gambling is never going to solve your financial problems or turn you into a millionaire overnight; it should always be remembered. Apart from that, we also have other betting guides written on how to make sure bets, how does cash out betting work, how betting odds are calculated, what do betting odds mean, betting odds explained how does football betting work and how bookmakers make money.

Conclusion – Honing Skills to Improve Your Chances

Can you make money on betting online? The answer is definite yes, however, gambling will not help you in solving your financial problems or turn you into a millionaire overnight bringing you a rich and luxurious lifestyle. As a player, you should remind yourself that you can’t make online gambling a primary source of your income. But, there are ways to make money. You just have to work on honing your betting strategy so that you are placing winning bets instead of losing multiple bets in a row. Use logic and careful analysis and you will find yourself making decent money online before you know it.

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