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Greyhound Betting – Strategies & Tips for Greyhound Bets in India 2024

Publish Date: 10/03/2020
Fact checked by: Myra Chopra

Greyhound racing has emerged as a popular sport for betting, as it is easy to understand and exciting to watch. If you are looking to make greyhound bets online, you should have a suitable strategy in order to place bets that have a greater chance of winning money. Simply registering with an online bookmaker and placing bets without sound logic and strategy increase your chances of losing the bets. It is only by developing a unique greyhound strategy based on the best greyhound betting strategy available that you can stop yourself from losing lump sum money. We, at Gambling Guy, provide you with the Best Greyhound Betting Strategy that will allow you to make good cash on greyhound betting. Whether you consider yourself as a beginner or an expert who has efficient knowledge in greyhound betting, we would recommend that you read our best greyhound betting strategy in order to make the best bet possible.

What You’ll Learn in This Guide

Here are a few key takeaways from the on Best Greyhound Betting Strategies:

  1. By utilizing the data available on the greyhounds, one can make consistent gains.
  2. Just because a greyhound has an impeccable winning record, doesn’t mean it will always win.
  3. Greyhound racing has very little flexibility which is why you should be careful.
  4. A greyhound strategy can make you relax by creating a sense of security.

Best Greyhound Betting Strategy – Preparation is Key

Like most things in life, placing bets on greyhound racing also needs preparation. Typically, bets would be placed from the greyhounds’ tracks itself, giving you a chance to glimpse the greyhounds. However, if you are betting online by being far from the races, then it is important to calculate the bets carefully and consider the best greyhound betting strategy.

There is a wide range of preparatory techniques that one can witness when it comes to the best greyhound betting strategy – and they can be categorized into four types. These four techniques include not just understanding the dog, but comprehending their bodily functions, their SWOT analysis, the traps, the reasons that enabled them to become masters and the weather conditions of the race.

#1 Know your Greyhound:

One of the best greyhound betting strategy is understanding the importance of knowing how your greyhound runs. If you have a hound that is fast in the block, then it is recommended to wait till it is sprinting in the race. If you have a hound that catches up round the back, then you should invest in the stayers bets. If you don’t have information on the greyhounds, you should not bet. As every dog is unique with a hundred contributing factors, each of them can hinder the performance. By studying a Bertillon card of the dog or its past form or its trainer’s ability, you can make crucial money by differentiating a successful bet from an unsuccessful one.

#2 Know the trap:

Depending on the type of track, many traps are successful when compared to others. If you are someone who is interested in knowing how many times a specific trap has been registered on a winning run or second, you can go through the statistics. This way, you can know the success rate of the dog so that you can bet on particular traps knowing if it’s a good inside runner or an outside runner.

#3 Check the Weather:

Dogs do not run based on the trap that they are burst out of. They sometimes win and lose based on weather conditions. For example, if it is raining, some dogs can find marathons and stayers as a slog. If it is raining, some dogs can run faster in sunny conditions due to harder ground. Therefore, for your best greyhound betting strategy, check the weather conditions of the race with respect to the dog’s form in the past. If a dog has never won before during a rainy day, don’t bet on it.

#4 Corner your Market:

Once you have known your dogs in and out, you know that it is important to corner the market despite the weather conditions and traps. You have to come to terms with how your track is going to work before you make a bet. In this process, narrow your focus to one or two tracks that are already proven to be winners. If you are doing it personally, it will take a lot of trial and error. Don’t be ashamed of losing while trying out the tracks. By betting not so much at first, you will not suffer anyway.

Tried & Tested Greyhound Betting Strategies

There is not one but many best greyhound betting strategy that can be deployed from one race to another to make sure that you achieve success with your bets. These strategies for betting on greyhound races have been proven to work, offering you an opportunity to increase your success rate in winning greyhound racing bets. In greyhound markets, you can place strong bets like the English Greyhound Derby or place simple bets that happen on a specific day.

  • Hedging your Bets:

Hedging betting is a Best Greyhound Betting Strategy, but it literally translates to self-protection. Through this strategy, you can bet yourself in order to maximize the profit and minimize the risk. For example, your thing to do is betting on the favourite to place and the second to show; you know that it is highly likely to happen. As a result, you will have a potentially smaller cut that can protect you and your bet. Get a calculator to figure out all the potential outcomes. 

  • Arbitrage your Bets:

Arbitrage Betting is similar to the hedging process, but it is done in a way that it only guarantees you profit irrespective of the outcome. Arbitrage betting as a Best Greyhound Betting Strategy is usually done on the betting exchange where you can bet on how the odds are positioned and how the odds are moving. Also known as matched betting, Arbitrage betting strategy requires mathematical ability. If you can pull it off, you can acquire rigid cash.

A Couple of Common Strategies to Avoid

If you are browsing through greyhound betting systems online and alleged best greyhound betting strategy, you might have already come across a few dodgy strategies that promise you a sure way to make profits. An important thing to know is that there is nothing like a surefire way of winning bets. Even arbitrage betting has a very complicated way of assuring profit if you haven’t studied it in detail. That being said, we have covered a few fallacies for you so that you won’t fall into them and save yourself from a false sense of safety before betting. Do not fall into pipe dreams before reading these fallacies:

  • The Monte Carlo Fallacy:

Emerging from Monte Carlo Casino, this strategy speaks about the situation where the ball lands on the black for 26 times in a row. Gamblers are known to lose millions by betting against the black in the belief that the ball will land on red. The same is the case with greyhound betting. Just because a particular greyhound is known for winning a lot, it doesn’t mean that you should not be betting on it.

  • The Martingale Fallacy:

Another fallacy that is prominent in the gambling world, is when a better doubles their stake to win in order to prevent the loss. The bettor believes that by doubling their stake, they are going to get their money back. Even if you are wealthy, this fallacy will make you bankrupt when you are wagering without any control. Martingale Fallacy is even harder to achieve given how they are just six selections in all the races.

Apart from the Best Greyhound Betting Strategy, it is important to calculate the betting odds instead of relying on the bookmaker odds to know if you can have an edge on a particular bet. You can start creating a spreadsheet with details about bets that worked, bets that didn’t work and bets that scared you. All the statistics will help you understand your variables and will land success in your way. When it comes to online betting, it is just an effort to become better at it. Apart from the Greyhound Betting Strategies, we at Gambling Guy, also have Best Football Betting Strategy, Best Golf Betting Strategy, Best Cricket Betting Strategy, Best Horse Race Betting Strategy, Matched betting and Inplay Tennis Betting Strategy. All of the strategies can help you from the possible losses in future.we also have some others sports betting guides that you must check such as Betting Glossary, how accumulator betting works, Are Canadian Betting Websites legal?, Can you make money on betting, how does cash out betting work, how bookmakers make money, and how to bet online etc.

Best Greyhound Betting Strategy – Final Round Up

Betting on greyhound races, especially online is an enjoyable pastime that can also be lucrative. With the Best Greyhound Betting Strategy and keeping in mind the fallacies that you should avoid while placing a bet, you can ensure that you have a better chance of winning your bets. Similar to other sports, it is important to consider the odds levels on all the races to avoid the basic mistakes. Live betting is also popular for greyhound racing, in which case it is important to keep in mind the changes in the odds during the event. By going through the live streaming of all the crucial events, you can further hone your betting skills and develop your own personal betting strategies.

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