How To Do Sure Bets

Almost all betting strategies like Inplay Tennis Betting strategy, Value Bet Strategy, Football betting strategy, Cricket betting strategy, Golf Betting Strategy, Greyhound Betting Strategy etc, are essentially multifarious in nature and depend on various factors for a singular outcome. Thus the question of ‘how to do sure bets’ is not affected solely by strategy but also numerous other factors. The sure bet has been particularly popular in this regard for having garnered a reputation of being a surebet betting strategy. While the returns have certainly been promising and the reputation is obviously well-founded, there are also a couple of potential pitfalls prospective users must be aware of.

Here’s a betting guide on how to find arbitrage bets and how to do sure bets.

Here are a few takeaways you should consider while researching on ‘how to do sure bets’:

  • Explanation of how to convert odds and calculate winnings
  • Steps on how to do sure bets
  • Tips on how you can employ sure bet betting strategy
  • Tips to understand the pitfalls of sure bets
  • How sure betting helps the bettor in a risk-free manner.
  • Understand the legality of surebets

How To Use a Sure Bets Strategy Effectively – Your Guide

Introducing Sure Bets

The internet is replete with websites offering surebets finder. However, employing a surebet betting strategy without completely understanding what sure bets are, is foolish to say the least. A sure bet is one that is made on the consideration of changing betting odds. The variance in betting odds allows you to move quickly and make quick decisions to spot odds that are to your advantage and turn the tide in your favour.

Your primary aim here is to ensure that the revenues you obtain from the bets at least recover the investment you make on your bets and subsequently make a profit. A cursory enquiry into how to make arbitrage odds will show you that the yield rates of sure bets are low. So, you would need to exert patience while using a surebet betting strategy.

Given the growing popularity of sure bets and the overwhelming number of people who employ surebets finder, the bookmakers have grown vary of such a strategy. The rise of online betting has ensured that now, even bookmakers can keep track of the odds their competitors are offering and adjust accordingly. It is crucial, therefore that while employing a surebet betting strategy, you polish your ability to make quick calculations, make fast moves and execute smart decisions.

How exactly do sure bets function?

Sure bets are one of the easiest ways to obtain success in betting. To properly understand ‘how to do sure bets’, you can use a surebets finder or undertake research to find out potential bets to that effect. The easiest way to place a sure bet is to place one bet for every outcome of a game or event. This way, when at least one of your wagers are successful, it can cover the costs of the other bets and if odds permit even allow a profit.

The first rule when it comes to finding sure bets is to have a host of bookies and their asking odds at your fingertips. Here’s an example to elucidate that principle:

  • Consider a match between two players. The game has two possible results. Either of the players A or B (used here for the example) are eventually bound to win the game.
  • Bookie 1 offers odds of 8/10 (1.80) on player A and 9/10 (1.90) on player B. While Bookie 2 offers odds of 7/5 (2.40) on player A and 6/10 (1.60) on player B.
  • This is an ideal scenario for employing a sure bet betting strategy. The odds offered by the two bookmakers are at a discrepancy which you can use to your advantage.

Arbitrage Bets

For all those users interested in how to find arbitrage bets, here is an example of arbitrage betting.

  • You bet $100 on player B with bookie 1 and $90 on player A with bookie 2. There can be a couple of outcomes in this particular scenario. They are listed as follows:
  • Player A wins the match – In such a situation, you lose the wager with bookie 1. You lose $100. However, you win the bet you had made with bookie 2. So you win $216. In the case of bookie 2, your original money is paid back and therefore after considering everything you stand to make a profit of $116
  • Player B wins the match – You would lose the wager with bookie 2. The bet with bookie 1 would yield a profit of $162. Thus, you stand to make an overall profit of $72.

Please note that bookmakers do not really set odds so far apart, so, your profit margin is obviously going to be slimmer. This variance should be reason enough not to bet large amounts of money on such bets. Also, note that finding such contrary odds require copious amounts of research and thus, it would be prudent to tread carefully.

Ascertaining sure bets

If you are a novice, locating such websites might take time. You could start by opening up the sites of different bookmakers on different tabs and then make a comparison. Another method is to employ the services of softwares specially designed to locate sure bets. These softwares though are rarely free. Considering the fact that profit margins from sure bets are already so slim, it would be wise to consider the balance of payments before investing in such a software.

Pitfalls of using arbitrage bets

For something that is termed sure bets, bettors can always find it reassuring that their money will always come back one way or the other. There are certain problems to this logic as these bets also have their fair share of pitfalls.

  • Restrictions on betting and certain limitations – Almost all online betting sites have a limitation on the maximum amount of money you can place on a single bet. The two bookmakers of your choice could offer limits of bets up to $300 and $1000. This might be a problem since your bets would need to be in proportion to cover each other in the event of a loss. There are also instances of websites which can suddenly restrict the amount of money you can place on a bet. For a betting strategy that works on moving fast, this might crop up as an unexpected development and hence be a problem.
  • Voided bet – Online betting sites at all time reserve the right to declare bets null and void if they think the odds set by them were wrong. Such a scenario might occur where the wager you won, is declared void and your money is returned while the other wager is considered as a secure bet. This defeats the purpose of the strategy.
  • Odds change fast – The problem with odds fixed by bookmakers is that the change is extremely fast. If you spot a sure bet between two bookmakers, there’s always a chance that by the time you make your first bet, the other bookmaker has changed his odds to your disadvantage. Sure bets are subject to a fleeting window of opportunity. Sometimes, those opportunities usually pass by in a few seconds.

The act itself is entirely legal. But bookmakers certainly don’t want to lose money. It is difficult to prove the act of arbitrage since you are placing bets with two different bookmakers. If they share the same provider, you may at most be banned from the site and have your winnings taken back. It is always good to check out the website’s rules and regulations before betting instead of leaving it to chance.

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Strategies are a dime a dozen and mainly varies from person to person. While everybody likes to win big, not everyone would want to engage in arbitrage betting. A key factor when it comes to deciding on which type of strategy to employ or bet to place also depends on the sport or outcome you are betting on. If you wish to consider other strategies too, you will do well to consult articles like how to do matched betting, how to bet online, what do betting odds mean, how to read betting odds , can you make money on betting online, how bookmakers make money, and what is 1×2 betting etc.

Conclusion – Final Thoughts on Using a Sure Bet Strategy

It is essential to understand that in betting, there’s nothing that can be considered as a surebet betting strategy. Each strategy is merely a plan to adequately try and improve on the implied probability that betting predominantly comprises of. If your idea of betting consists of employing an accumulator to win a jackpot, then you might need to learn a bit more about the practicalities of betting. Going into betting, you should be prepared to lose money, prepared to expect the unexpected and definitely not lose your temper and succumb to your emotions while betting. The closest thing you can get to a sure bet betting strategy is keeping yourself calm in all situations.

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