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Betting on Final Results 2024: A Guide & Tips for 1X2 Betting

Publish Date: 10/03/2020
Fact checked by: Myra Chopra

Online betting with its increasing popularity has grown beyond the confines of conventional betting systems and odds. A plethora of different types of bets is now offered to the bettor, each more lucrative than the next. If you are new to the online betting arena, you might wonder what is 1×2 betting? 1×2 betting allows you to bet on more than one possible outcome, thereby increasing your winnings. The number 1 represents the home team, the 2 represents the away side, and the x stands for a draw. Examples of such kinds of bets would include full-time result, three-way bet or match betting.

Main Areas Covered in This Guide

Here are some of the key takeaways from What is 1×2 betting? :

  • Explanation of 1×2 betting and the variants offered under it.
  • Steps on how to place 1X2 Bets Explained with Examples.
  • Tips on things to consider while placing 1×2 bets.
  • Advantages of engaging in 1×2 betting.

Your Essential Guide to 1×2 Betting – AKA Three Way Betting

An essential part of betting online is being acquainted with the concept of ‘what is 1×2 betting?’. Also known as three-way betting, the bets are most commonly used in sports where the regular possible outcomes include win, loss or draw. The best part about what is 1×2 betting is that unlike Asian handicaps, they do not try to even out any disparities between the way teams and player qualities are taken into account. When understanding what is 1×2 betting, keep in mind that 1×2 bets are entirely subject to the true odds of the game and not the margins the bookmakers set.

How Do 1×2 Betting Odds Work In Practice

When you are understanding what is 1×2 betting it is also important to learn how the 1×2 betting odds function. 1×2 betting odds work on a signifier-signified equation where the betting outcomes are each labelled with its specific signifier: 1, x and 2 subject to whether the bets are placed on the home side, a draw match or the team playing away from home. These bets are subject to odds offered by the bookmakers, and as you might know, odds are calculated on three methods – decimal, fractional and American respectively. A comprehensive list of 1×2 bets explained with examples is given below, subject to the various methods of calculating odds. Please note, that American odds are commonly used for American sports like baseball and basketball where the chances of ties are slim, and so they are rarely offered on 1×2 bets.

1×2 Betting – Shown as Fractional Odds

For the sake of uniformity in understanding what is 1×2 betting, let us consider football as a sport to be examined across all three types.

Let us assume fractional odds given out by a bookmaker for a game is as follows:

1- Manchester United 9/11

X- Draw 12/3

2 – Barcelona 5/2

Fractional odds at the outset may look imposing since they are represented by a fraction. The easiest way to remember how to interpret such a representation is that the numerator is the amount you win and the denominator is the amount you put in as stake. Thus for every $11 you put on a Manchester United win, you earn back $9 plus stake if the bet is successful. It should be noted that in the above representation of odds, it’s Manchester United who’s pitted by the bookmakers as the ‘odds-on favourite’ since you will be earning back less amount in winnings as compared to your stake amount.

1×2 Betting – Represented as Decimal Odds

The same set of odds, when represented in the form of decimal odds, are shown as:

1- Manchester United 1.81

X- Draw 5

2 – Barcelona 3.5

Fractional odds are used mostly in the UK; North America and India show a particular inclination to the system represented by decimals. That’s because when expressed in fractions, the odds are quite tricky to compare, especially when you are looking across multiple bookmakers to find the best odds. A decimal figure helps in better comparison since now the odds are essentially expressed in terms of multiples. To work out how much the bet would amount to, you’d simply need to multiply the decimal odds offered and the stake invested. Thus a $16 stake on Barcelona would culminate in winnings of $56.

It is crucial to note in this regard that the total winnings represented in this case also include the stake amount while the winnings from the bet are exclusive of the stake amount for fractional bets.

Understanding the 1×2 Betting Accumulator

Accumulator bets are usually bets which consist of a minimum of 4 wagers on the game. Accumulators are some of the most popular bets when it comes to football, and thus, bookmakers are always offering special offers on the same. The answer to what is 1×2 betting for accumulators is that your money rolls over across the different bets. Let us consider an example to understand what is 1×2 betting accumulator:

A four-fold accumulator represented with decimal odds:

Valencia – 2.76

Draw (Real Madrid v Manchester City) – 3.56

Chelsea – 2.88

Liverpool – 1.25

A stake on a Valencia win would return $2.76 on a $1 stake. And then this amount would further be used while calculating the wager on Real Madrid v Manchester City, and so the amount rolls on. If all the wagers come out as wins, the original $1 stake can translate into a winning amount of $ 35.37.

A Quick Look at Double Chance 1×2 bets

After the initial novelty of 1×2 bets subsided, the bookmakers introduced a more lucrative form of the bet in the form of a double chance 1×2 bet. Remember the signifier-signified relationship the signs 1×2 held? Well, here’s where that knowledge comes into play. Suppose the odds offered on a football game are as follows:

1 – Real Madrid 3.4

X – Draw 2.2

2 – Manchester City 1.64

The double chance 1×2 bets, allows the bettor to make double bets which means you can bet on two of the three possible outcomes. A 1x bet would indicate that the bettor can claim his winnings as long as Real Madrid Wins or draws, a 12 (one-two) bet represents a bet made against the match ending in a draw, and a 2x bet represents a Manchester City win or a draw. Since the number of selections you make is more than likely to happen, the odds offered won’t be as high as the other odds.

Half Time & Full-Time Bets – What to Consider 

1×2 bets, unlike most other conventional bets, need not be put on the results of a full match or tournament. Bets can also be placed based on half time results.

Some bookmakers even allow bettors to place 1×2 bets based on both half time and full-time scores of the match. In such cases, winnings can be claimed only if the bettor wins both the selections. Here’s an example:

1 – Arsenal – 3.4

X – Draw – 2.5

2 – Liverpool – 4.8

Now, if you were to bet that Liverpool would score goals in the first half and take the lead until half time but Arsenal would return strong in the second half, the selection you make will look like this – 21HF.

Let’s Look at the Advantages of 1×2 Betting

The advantages of 1×2 betting are:

  • The overwhelming popularity of 1×2 betting among punters and novice bettors alike is the bet’s ability to increase their winnings at the end of the wager.
  • The bet offers more than a single chance to get your guess right. A simple bet in the event of a football match will provide you with three outcomes. If you guess it wrong, you lose your investment. But if the bet is a 1×2 bet then, your bet is split into two eventualities, and you can double your profits as per the outcome.
  • Double chance 1×2 bets can allow the punter to bet on two out of the three outcomes and hence increase the implied probability of winning.

 1×2 Betting Strategy – Top Tips From Our Experts

Now that you know what is 1×2 betting there are a few tips to keep in mind while engaging in 1×2 bets:

  • 1×2 betting can be just as unpredictable as any other bet offered by bookmakers. It would be prudent to analyze before placing bets.
  • Accumulators have a distinct advantage over other forms when it comes to 1×2 betting. If the selections you are placing your bets on have a clear favourite, then the 1×2 bets are bound to be unfavourable owing to their lower odds.
  • Apart from the conventional 1×2 bets, bookmakers even offer bets if the match goes into extra time. For this, it would be best to consult the bookmaker before placing a bet.

1×2 bets have allowed bettors to engage in high returns betting without necessarily investing high stakes. Apart from Golf, football, even sports like cricket and hockey, Greyhound, tennis, Inplay tennis have slowly emerged as popular arenas for 1×2 bets. For other strategies you could check out betting guides on how to do sure bets, what does asian handicap mean, which bookmaker is the best for beginners in India, Betting Glossary, how to bet online, how to do matched betting and how does accumulator betting work.

1×2 betting started as a popular mode of online betting when it came to placing football bets, resulting in many questions on what is 1×2 betting. However, the coupling of 1×2 bets with other forms like accumulator bets can make them a lucrative opportunity for bettors interested in low stakes & high return betting. Bookmakers have also utilised the opportunity to offer 1×2 bets for practically any sport that can turn out a win, loss or draw scenario. Thus, even sports like rugby are slowly gaining traction when it comes to 1×2 bets. As the 1X2 Bets Explained with Examples will indeed have elucidated, the 1×2 bets, with their ability to impact winnings are here to stay for good.

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