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Best Betting Odds for Football 2023: Get the Highest Football Rates Online Today

Azad Gallad
Azad Gallad
Last Updated on 19/03/2023

Football is a sport which is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. One of the reasons for its popularity is the recurring tournaments and leagues. However, these leagues have different qualities based on the team playing and the players in the team. This disparity has long been seen and recognized by punters and pundits alike. Due to this discrepancy, it makes choosing a strong bet with higher chances of winning very difficult. That’s why our experts have devised many guides to lead players into winning their next lottery. This guide shall be elaborating upon the right place to find best Betting Odds for Football and the reason behind Football Odds Comparison.

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3Top Reasons to Compare Football Betting Odds

The need for Football Odds Comparison may not seem essential at first. However, for the ones who have had the taste of betting, better odds can be the difference between low payouts and great wins. These points could further explain the reason for the massive difference in their mindset:

  1. Odds are set differently by the bookies. This leads to a punter finding different odds for the same bet.
  2. There are various betting strategies which have been woven around odds. These strategies allow a punter to gain advantage and beat the bookie in his own game by betting into different markets or with various bookies. The specifics will vary according to the strategies used by the punter.
  3. The information which is displayed on a football odds comparison website could prove to be invaluable. The information usually ranges from various odds offered by the bookies to live statuses of your running bet. Such a website will help you in getting the best betting odds for football.

The Advantages of Online Betting

Online betting has changed the landscape of betting altogether. It has introduced many new tools and features which can be used properly by the bettors. These tools or features allow for a completely different betting scenario altogether. In the following list our experts have summed up the football betting odds for India and all the quirks and advantages online betting have to offer:

  1. Online betting is safer than most people give it credit for.While you can find scammers anywhere, there is the presence of secured networks and encryption. Plus, you get to meet with operators who have proper licenses from top regulatory bodies. You will not find yourself getting scammed when you follow our Best Bookmaker Football Odds.
  2. You can bet whenever and however you like. Convenience is a great benefit that the online betting world has brought upon punters. You can engage in in-play betting and pre-match betting from your own couch at home.
  3. When you are engaged in online betting, you get a wide exposure to different bookies. You learn about different odds and how bookmakers work. This will help you make an informed choice.

Tracing the History of Football Betting Odds

The game of football could be traced back to England of the mid-19th century. There are however multiple versions of the game which have existed in our history and hence, it became a part of football history. The very first known reference to a team sport involving a ball which was initially crafted with the help of a rock could be traced back to 3000 years. Multiple odds have manifested in the game of football since its inception, the ones who stood the test of time while being relevant to the punter of today are mentioned below:

  1. Decimal Odds Explained: Europeans were responsible for figuring out a way of displaying odds via the help of decimal numbers. All you need to do is multiply your stake with the decimal odds to gain the amount which you are supposed to get back. So, for every $1 stake on a decimal odds of 2.0, you get back 2*$1 = $2 if you manage to win that bet.
  2. Fractional Odds Explained: Fractional odds employ the use of fractions to display the information. There is a straightforward formula which is used to calculate the winnings, and that is Your Return = (Stake/Denominator of Fractional odds)* Numerator of Fractional odds + stake.
  3. American Odds Explained:These types of odds are very relevant to the game of football. These odds are generally represented by a positive (+) or a negative (-) determiner in front of the odds to give a clear picture of the favourites and underdogs respectively. If you bet $100 on a +700 odds you get back $700 plus your stake if that team wins.

How Football Odds Are Determined

There is no said pattern of Bookmaker Odds for Football determination. So, you won’t find uniform odds across all the bookmakers. However, the key ingredients rarely change. Since odds are the determiner of the implied probability, every bookie uses some sort of statistical data to calculate their own implied probability of an event happening.

  1. How to calculate the expected value: Expected value is essentially the amount you win or lose on your bet. Calculating that however depends on the odds you placed your bet on. For the sake of simplicity we have added a general formula to calculate your earnings. (Amount won each lottery * winning odds) – (Amount lost each bet * losing odds) = EV
  2. How football odds are calculated are:Football odds are calculated by determining the chances of occurrence of that particular event. That can be calculated very quickly by this formula. Stake/Implied Probability Of An Outcome= Total Payout

The systematic flow of instructions which one must follow to gain the most money out of one’s bet is termed as betting strategies. There are many different strategies which have been devised by punters over the course of their betting careers. Football betting with Martingale strategy is one example as it guides you as to how much to bet on each match. But all strategies are highly specific. This means that you have to really think before using one of them because using the right strategy at a wrong time can lead to reduction of your overall income. The most important ones which you can use to improve your bets are listed below:

  1.   Arbitrage Betting: Designed to exploit the pricing discrepancies of the betting market. Football betting with arbitrage strategy  involves the punter to place more than two bets across many markets. In ideal cases, all the bets would return to the punter with an overall profit.
  2.   Matched Betting:When you place a bet against yourself or “back” a bet, there are huge risks involved. A matched betting strategy aims to reduce that by “laying” off the bet you placed. It is generally placed with free bets.

The major markets to get Best Betting Odds for Football are listed below:

  1.   Full-time result: Predicting the correct score at the end of the match is known as the full-time result.
  2.   Asian Handicap:The removal of the possibility of a draw by giving the underdogs a virtual lead is known as Asian Handicap.
  3.   Goals Under/over:Prediction of the total amount of goals to be over/under the specified value by the bookmaker.
  4. Double Chance: There can only be three outcomes of any given football match. In double chance you essentially place your bet on both the team winning. If the game draws you lose your bet entirely but you are sure to win at least one of the bets otherwise.
  5. Correct Score First period: You win this type of bet if you correctly predict the first half score.
Is your odds comparison free of charge?

Yes, our service of Football Odds Comparison is free from all charges. 

Why should I not book with my standard bookie?

Offline bookies have a profit-driven mentality and would examine your betting habits and offer low odds which would lead to a reduction in your profit. Also, there can be a lot of offline scams as you may not get proper forums to check on them. That’s why you should not stick with your offline bookie.

Are there differences between online and offline odds?

Yes, online odds give a lot of features like the ability to compare odds as well as not being able to pin your betting habits and manipulate odds accordingly. On the other hand, offline bookies can set offline odds based on your betting habits and hence, get you low payouts. Plus, online betting has the added advantage of live betting which offline betting shops do not offer.

Conclusion – Boost Your Odds & Your Enjoyment!

The world of betting has seen several changes throughout these years. To keep up with these changes one must always focus on diversifying their field of vision. Instead of having a tunnel vision for the odds, one must look at Football Odds Comparison and try to find the Best Betting Odds for Football. This will not only boost your winnings but also will help you sustain your betting career for an extended period. Understanding the Bookmaker Odds for Football will also help in making you understand more about the betting world in Football and choose the best odds suitable for your taste. Find best betting odds sports like Cricket, Golf and Formula 1 also. Helpful here can also be for example a Cricket betting odds comparison.

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