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Looking for the best betting strategy for India? We’re here to help. This is because we can reveal a sports betting strategy Indians can use to get more for their bets on anything from cricket and football to horse racing and volleyball. Each of the strategies found here should be able to help you avoid making rookie errors with your sports bets. So that even if you lose a bet, you won’t make devastating losses thanks to the best betting strategy for India!

Why are betting guides & strategies so important?

You may think that you can get by without using a strategy for your sports bets. After all, most of us will happily bet on our favourite IPL team and get lucky every now and then. But by using a sports betting strategy Indians should be able to get more consistent wins and fewer losing results. Plus the best betting strategy for India will also help you manage your betting funds a little more sensibly.

There are plenty of different betting strategies out there. The key is to know when to use each strategy for each individual sporting event. But all of these strategies will help you get more methodical with your sports bets. After all, it’s far too easy to be biased when you bet on emotive sports like cricket. So keep reading to see a sports betting strategy Indians can use to get more wins from their bets.

Who should make use of the guides?

Some experienced sports fans will think that they can get by without checking out the best betting strategy for India. We’re not doubting your betting knowhow, but we think that there’s plenty to be gained from learning more about how to bet on sport. This is because sports betting is a process that changes over time and there’s always something new to discover. After all, live betting has only been with us for a handful of years, and it’s just one of the latest things that you’ll need our help to master.

We should note that all newcomers to sports betting will benefit from getting strategic. This means that you can simply use the best sports betting strategy India has to offer for your chosen sport and then rest easy in the knowledge that you aren’t making any newbie mistakes. All of which means that there really is no excuse for not using the best betting strategy for India.

Betting Guides & Strategies

  1. The Basics of betting

You won’t be able to use the best betting strategy for India unless you know the basics of betting on sport. This means understanding how bookmakers formulate odds. Simply put, you’ll get larger profits by putting down riskier bets. As such, sports betting is about balancing risk with what kinds of wins you want to make. Here are a couple of common bets that you might come across.

Single bets

The best betting strategy for India would always suggest that you keep things simple and safe to begin with. This would mean putting down low stakes bets on prematch single betting markets.

For example, you might want to bet on Mumbai Indians to beat Sunrisers Hyderabad in their next IPL match. By using such a sports betting strategy Indian cricket fans will be able to evaluate what kind of risk they are facing and adjust their betting stakes accordingly.

Accumulator betting

Once you have gained a little more experience, you might want to try some more advanced sports bets. This could see you putting down an accumulator bet. An accumulator bet means that you have to predict numerous results and they all have to be correct for you to win your bet.

For example, you could bet on Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders to all win their next IPL games. It might sound risky, but the odds will all combine to give you the chance to make some spectacular wins.

  1. Money management and bonuses

By using a good sports betting strategy Indians will know that they’ll need to manage their money effectively. This is because you should only be betting with money that you don’t mind losing. Even the best betting strategy for India isn’t going to be able to save you if you are spending beyond your means.

This is why we’d recommend setting yourself a monthly betting budget so that you’re only playing with money that you don’t mind losing. Plus it’s a good idea to see which deposit and withdrawal methods are facilitated by your chosen bookmaker so that you don’t get hit with any nasty processing fees.

We should also note that bonuses are an essential part of the best sports betting strategy India has to offer. After all, these deals can give you plenty of extra money to play with. Plus some of these special offers can even refund your losing bets. Keep an eye out for those bookmakers that feature a loyalty program. This could give you bonus bets for each time that you put down a real money bet on sport.

  1. Understanding betting strategies

So what’s the best sports betting strategy India has to offer? There is no one single strategy you should follow blindly. Take a look at five following strategies and see which meets your sports betting needs best.

Finding the best value market

There’s nothing wrong with betting on simple markets like the match winner or who will win the overall sporting tournament. But you can sometimes find much better value by hunting down some alternative betting markets. This could be something like the method of first dismissal in a cricket match or the correct score of a football match. Tougher to win, but a good way of getting more from your bets.

Give handicap betting a try

So what do you do when you want to bet on favourites like Mumbai Indians to beat underdogs like Rajasthan Royals but you can’t get any decent odds? This is where you should try a handicap bet. This would put the Mumbai Indians at a disadvantage which means they would have to win by more runs for you to win your bet. Doing so would mean that you’d get a bigger win thanks to the tougher odds.

Give yourself some insurance

Sometimes you’ll want to bet, but you won’t be certain that it’s going to win. This means that you might want to give yourself some insurance. In horse racing, this could mean putting down an each way bet. Here your chosen horse wouldn’t necessarily have to come in first for you to avoid losing your betting stake. Similar options for other sports could include betting on a football team to score at least one goal or a cricket team to hit a certain number of runs.

Bet live on your favourite sport

Live betting is a great way to get more from your sports bets. Here you get to put down your bets after the game has begun. It’s a good technique for betting on the favourite. For example, you might get better odds for backing the favourite a few minutes into a live sporting encounter compared to if you’d put down your bet prematch. Plus you might also be able to cash out your bets early. This means that you won’t get to receive the full amount of winnings, but at least you’d cling onto a profit regardless of what happened later on.

Research the latest sports betting tips

This might be the most obvious sports betting strategy India has at the moment. But there’s nothing like doing your homework to make sure that you get a better chance of winning your sports bets. You should check things like how each team or player has been performing in their recent games. Plus it’s a good idea to see how the two teams or players have performed the last time that they met. All of these things should be covered in decent sports betting tips. These tips can be a good way to quickly get the knowledge you need to put down an assured sports bet. Just don’t follow these tips too blindly and you’ll find that they can be a great way to boost your betting knowhow.

  1. Useful betting knowledge

After understanding a good sports betting strategy Indians might feel like they can go ahead and bet without any further worries. But it’s always a good idea to be careful in how you put down your sports bets.

This is especially true as India has some fairly complicated gambling laws. You probably know that gambling is legal in some states and not others. Plus it’s worth noting that Indian gambling laws haven’t kept up with the rise of online gambling.

While Indian betting sites are illegal, there is nothing in the law to stop you from betting at offshore sports betting sites. This means that you should be able to use the best sports betting strategy India has to offer to put down your bets with confidence. Just remember to stick with the bookmakers featured on our shortlist to make sure that you’re betting at a fully licensed sports betting site.

Betting guide FAQ

It can take a fair amount of experience to make sure that you are using each sports betting strategy India has to offer in the best way possible. Here are answers to some of the most common questions that people have about using betting strategies.

Do betting strategies work every time?

It depends on what you are looking to get out of a betting strategy. Any betting strategy that says that it will help you win 100% of your sports bets probably isn’t being too truthful. This is because there is always room for error in even the best betting strategy for India. As a result, we would recommend that you use each sports betting strategy cautiously, and always use your common sense whenever you bet on sports. 

Do I need to understand maths to use betting strategies?

You might see plenty of betting strategies explained with lots of complex mathematical formulas. However, many of these strategies might be overly complicating things. We think that the best betting strategy for India will always seek to give you an easily understandable way of finding the best value bets and managing your money.

Can I use a cricket betting strategy for other sports?

By using a sports betting strategy Indians may find that it can be applied to a broad range of sports like cricket, football, volleyball and so on. However, some betting strategies are definitely only applicable to certain sports. This is because the best betting strategy for Indian cricket will often factor in specific betting market that can’t be found in other sports.

Are there any betting strategies that I should avoid?

Most sports betting strategies will work in a harmless way that helps you think more methodically about how you bet on sport. However, some strategies tend to promise too much and they will often lull you into a false sense of security. This means that you might be tempted into betting more than you should. Plus some advanced betting strategies might be viewed by bookmakers as being unfair and cause you to get blocked from using their betting sites.

Do you have to use a strategy to bet on sports?

No, you can get by perfectly fine without using a strategy. But we’d recommend using the best betting strategy for India if you want to improve your chances of winning your bets. 


By now you should be perfectly placed to use the best betting strategy for India. You’ll realise that by using a sports betting strategy Indians can get a little more methodical in how they put their bets down. This means having to do plenty of research to make sure that you know the form of all of the relevant teams and players. Plus you will understand how money management is an integral part of using the best betting strategy for India. Remember that there’s no such thing as a 100% guaranteed winning bet in sports. But by using a good sports betting strategy India’s sports fans can avoid making too many nasty losses.

Best Betting Strategy for India FAQ

🏇What are the best betting strategies horse racing fans can use?

There are many excellent betting strategies that you can use to get more consistent wins with your horse racing bets. Some of these strategies are best suited for newcomers to betting, while others may suit more experienced racing fans. But be sure to read our guide to betting strategies to see which of these can give you the best chance of winning big at the best sports betting sites in India.

✅What are the betting strategies that work every time?

We’ve seen plenty of sports betting strategies that have given punters a good way to get consistent wins with their bets. Some of these might be specialised towards sports like cricket, while others are best-suited towards football betting. Make sure that you read our guide to the best betting strategy for India to see which of these can help you win at India’s top bookmakers.

🏐What are the best football betting strategies?

You should find that there are many excellent strategies that can be used in conjunction with your football bets. Some of these give you a better way to bet on the match-winner, while other strategies will concentrate on alternative betting markets. So take the time to read our guide to using the best betting strategy for India so that you can use this strategy to beat India’s top betting sites for football.

❓Is there such thing as a zero-risk betting strategy?

Many betting strategies have been formulated to help you minimise risk when you bet on sports. But this isn’t to say that some betting strategies won’t be able to take all of the risk out of your sports betting. Read our guide to the best sports betting strategy for India to see how you can use this as a great way to avoid making losses at India’s best bookmakers.

💪Are there any easy mathematical betting strategies?

If you have read anything about betting strategies, you will know that many of these strategies contain some complicated mathematics. As a result, you might feel like you lack the mathematical know-how to make the most of the best betting strategy for India. But we will make sure that you find the perfect strategy that you can use to beat the best sports betting sites without having to reach for your calculator.

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