Latest Rugby Betting Tips India

The game of Rugby has historical ties embedded deep within the rich history of a country like India. Watching two teams go head to head at a set of strength is a sight to behold. Naturally with the game as popular and widespread as rugby, punters and bookies have found a way to make money out of it. When it comes to rugby tips or the latest rugby tips, Gambling Guy is giving everyone a race for their money. The meticulous processes of producing our free rugby betting tips are sure to get you closer to a win on the bets you make. 

A brief guide to Rugby betting:

  1. Looking at the team composition: Before making your next Rugby bet our rugby tipsters recommend looking at whom all are in the team’s starting lineups. Also, be sure to take a note of any injured player and the effect it will have on the playing style of the entire team. It will help you in winning more of your bets.
  2. Making a note of form: Taking the form of both the teams and player is highly crucial in determining the outcome of any given match. Hence, it is an excellent strategy to observe forms of both sides and players.
  3. Going through in-game stats: Another highly important factor to rugby betting is combing through all the in game data. Going through this in game data is what helps punters find value in their bets.

Main factors of importance when placing Rugby betting tips:

  1. Finding and betting on value bets: Betting only to find no value is bound to leave a very sour taste in your mouth. To avoid doing that, read through our free rugby betting tips and rugby tips tonight.
  2. Finding your perfect tournament: On the outside, it may look very tempting to place your bets without even putting an iota of thought into it. You can win some of your chances but not all of them. That’s why our rugby tipsters always advise to find one tournament and know everything about it. It will help you in strengthening your odds of victory.
  3. Not limiting the number of bookmakers:Bookies dictate this game of odds. Also, not every bookmaker offers the same odds. It diversifies your field of betting. You should not limit yourself to just one bookie. This diversity in betting is sure to give you more pleasurable experience while gambling.

Why trust our betting tips?

Our zeal to help you have a more enjoyable and profitable online gambling experience is what drives our rugby tipsters to give you our rugby tips. We keep you updated with Rugby tips tonight and rugby tips tomorrow. Our efforts to make your betting worth it is then realized into our tips when our experts amalgamate our statistical modelling with real-time game analysis. These rugby tips are tried and tested for over a long period. Doing this entire legwork allows our advice to be unique, helpful and at the same time very easy to understand. Going through with our tips will surely help you in boosting the number of your winning bets and will also make betting more fun than it has ever been.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyze the daily betting market:

  1. Model based analysis: The dedication of our team of tipsters shows when we use real in-game statistics to create a model to base all our predictions from. This original style of creating tips is the reason our tipsters are very famous among punters from all around the globe.
  2. Complex algorithms: For the sake of simplicity, we won’t be explaining our algorithms because that is not the reason we are known for. The tips, which we dish out, have to go through a route involving complex algorithms. It is essential to weed out the relevant information with the irrelevant ones.

Things you should consider before placing a Rugby bet:

  1. Best odds: The more experience you get, the more you understand the importance of finding the best odds. To avoid you from making any mistake from your day one our rugby tipsters recommends you to always look out for different odds from different bookies. Finding the best odds is the sole difference between winning and winning big.
  2. Types of bets:Rugby offers and supports various types of bets. Some of them are listed below:
    • Head-to-Head betting: This is also called in-market. You have the liberty to point your finger at the team which you think is going to win this head-to-head clash. Your victory then entangles with theirs. So, if they win, do you.
    • First Tryscorer betting:This type of betting accepts bets on the player who you think is going to score the first try.
    • Total Match Points betting:You get to bet on the total amount of points in this one. The bookie will set a number, and you can choose to either bet over/under that limit.
  3. Point in time: There are essentially two ways that punters can place their bets on Rugby. Both of them are explained below:
    • Pre-match: This type of betting allows players to bet on the outcome before the match kicks off.
    • Live:If you like to place or change your bet depending upon how the teams are faring in real-time, then this type of betting is for you. It allows for betting as the game progresses. 

Our top 5 tips for finding your favourite bookie for Rugby:

  1. Easy Usability: Betting itself is a very challenging task. There are no reasons to make it even more challenging by using a bookie who is not at all user-friendly. If the features your bookie offers are either too hard to understand or use then maybe it’s time to go shopping for your new bookie.
  2. Great Bonuses:When it comes to free things, any person would love to grab it. The same thing goes in the bookie universe. Due to the availability of so many bookies offering bonuses is their way of gaining attention. Be sure to jump upon any right bookie who is offering amazing bonuses.
  3. Variety of markets:There are no limitations to the number of tournaments you can bet on. Our latest rugby betting tips says that a punter should not ideally limit oneself to just a single competition. However, if that limitation is your bookie, then it’s about time you made a switch.
  4. Payment Methods:Pumping yourself to place your bet only to realize that you cannot pay for the wager because your bookie does not permit your preferred payment gateway could be seriously disappointing. Our rugby tipster suggests finding the bookie that has a broad offering of payment systems to make your betting feel seamless.
  5. In-Play betting: Having a bookie who does not offer the feature of in-play betting can be severely crippling. The ability to bet as the match proceeds have allowed punters to realize their dream winnings. Get your dreams fulfilled by changing that bookie.

Our top 5 tips for wagering your Rugby Bonuses:

  1. Efficient use in daily betting:Misusing or abusing the bonuses offered to you will lead to inefficiency of your regular betting. To have a substantial betting career always thinks twice before wagering your Rugby bonus.
  2. Cost Savings: You should always focus on saving as much money as you can. The more money that you save is more money you can invest in those high paying bets. Not only will this give you more return but also will provide you with a boot in your rugby bonuses.
  3. Risk Minimization:Our rugby tipsters dictate that one should always do a quick cost-benefit analysis of the bets that one is about to place. By avoiding the chances with high risk and low returns, one can have a long and successful betting career.
  4. Scouting the market: Even if you have found your ideal bookie, you should never stop looking in the market because you might find some bookmakers who are offering even better odds when compared to your bookie. Not just looking out for but just browsing through the market and analyzing trends will also give you an insight on placing the next bet.
  5. Recording everything:Keeping a record of all the bets you made is bound to help you in placing your next bet. Not just that, record everything that you see from odds to player’s form. Having a massive data pool will help you in making a more educated bet. 

Useful Rugby betting tip vocabulary:

  • Line: In Rugby, lines are nothing but the handicap set on the teams playing.
  • Anytime Tryscorer betting:You choose a player who will score a try at any point in-game.
  • Match-winner:Combination of Head to Head and anytime try scorer. You win if both things happen simultaneously.
  • Rugby Union:A union of Rugby which has over 2 million registered people.
  • Handicap Betting:A type of betting system in which a virtual lead is given to the underdogs.
  • Rugby Seven:A Special kind of rugby union with only seven players on each side.
  • Try-Line: Goalline is also called trylines. 


Contrary to popular opinion, betting involves a lot more than simply luck, and with the appropriate latest rugby betting tips you can significantly increase your chances of winning the bets you place on rugby. Our rugby tipsters are dedicated to providing you with easy to understand and apply tips and strategies, that will be useful for you whether you are an experienced punter or are new to the field. Be sure to read more of our free betting tips for other sports like Tennis, Football, Basketball, Cricket, NBA, Greyhound, Horse Racing and Golf etc. which will help you in bringing out your A-game when you bet online.

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