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The popularity of tennis is on a phenomenal rise world wide. The prize pool itself is enough for people to pick up playing tennis as their profession. Plus, the presence of multiple big tournaments happening all year long has turned out to be an excellent opportunity for punters and bookmakers from all around the globe to place their bets and set odds. This can make winning bets on tennis quite a cumbersome process. To help you out, we have our free tennis betting tips and latest tennis betting tips covered comprehensively in this guide. Our tennis tipsters work around the clock to make your betting life easier.

A brief guide to Tennis betting tips:

Here are a few latest tennis betting tips that our tennis tipsters conjured:

  1. Make a speciality: There are a plethora of tournaments to choose from while placing your tennis bet. This could create a lot of confusion while betting and researching. Our experts recommend having one competition as your target about which you have all the knowledge. Finding that niche will boost your success rate significantly.
  2. Keep accounts with multiple bookmakers: Each bookmaker offers you different odds. It is always recommended that you do not restrict yourself with just the one bookie you are familiar with. Always be on the lookout for the bookie offering the most favourable odds.
  3. Keeping a record:For happy, successful and long betting careers this tip is highly recommended. This is the distinguishing factor between the veteran and amateur bettors. Record keeping will help you in finding your most valuable bet and the bets which have a record of doing poorly.

Main factors of importance when placing Tennis betting tips:

  1. Making a note of the player’s form: Always make a note of the players and at the same time understand the form that they are in to get the most out of your bets.
  2. Understand the player’s style:There are chances that within a given match-up the play style of one player completely counters the others. This could create a landslide in the scoreline and thus in your bet. So always note the playing style of players in the matchup.
  3. Comparing Odds:The odds are upon the bookie to set, and this creates a disparity in the pricing of such said odds. It would help if you always looked through this disparity to find out the odds that are most favourable to you in your bet.

Why trust our betting tips?

Online betting is a science, and most people fail to understand it. Betting requires logical thinking, analysis and use of the top betting strategies and tips in order to significantly increase your chances of winning your bets. Our team of expert tennis tipsters has been in the game of providing tennis tips tonight and tennis tips tomorrow for a very long time. Our track record of delivering reliable and free tennis betting tips is rivalled by none. Our tennis tips are developed meticulously whether they are our in-game and real-time analysis or the statistical modelling of the game and players playing in it. We have an entire arsenal of tools which are already being deployed to give you the most reliable betting tips for Tennis.

Our key to success. The tools we use to analyze the daily betting market:

  1. Form analyzer: Analysis of the form of players is the key to placing good and meaningful bets. Once we feed our form analyzer with some statistical data from the field, we get a prediction based model of how the players are going to perform. This helps our experts in providing our tennis betting tips.
  2. Odds comparer:Comparing and finding the most suitable odds is how you make more money on the same bet. Our experts compare the odds from almost all the bookmakers from all over the map. Then those odds are compared, and only the best of odds are shown to punters like you.

Things you should think about while placing a Tennis bet:

  1. Best Odds: While this may not seem very important at first, in hindsight, many experienced punters admit to having made this mistake of not going for the best odds several times. This leads to a reduction in the amount that they could have potentially won. The best way to start betting on tennis is by finding out the best and the most suitable odds for the particular bet that you are placing.
  2. Types of Bets:Now there are a lot of different ways that you can bet on tennis. We have amalgamated the most important ones in this list:
    • Outright betting: Here is where you get to pick the winner of the tournament straight away. If you have an inkling of picking out the winners of the tournament, then this type of betting is for you.
    • Match Betting:Now, here is where you get to choose and back the person who you think is going to win a particular match. There can only be two types of possible odds offered — one for the other against that specific player.
  3. The point in time: Having things updated in real-time changed the entire betting system. This has opened up another portal of betting which the punters of now have the luxury of enjoying. Mostly point in time refers to the exact time in which you place your bet. There can only be two points in time in which you can bet. Both of them are explained below:
    • Pre-match: When you place your bets before the match begins then you are said to be betting pre-match.
    • Live:If you are placing and adjusting your bet while analyzing the real-time feed of the match, then you are said to be betting live.

Our Top 5 tips for finding your favourite bookie:

  1. Easy usability: No one likes to fiddle with the things that they don’t understand, and a right bookie would account for this fact. The website should have a very intuitive and at the same time very easy to use interface for placing bets
  2. Great Bonus:Bookies from all over the world offer bonuses one way or another. You should always find that boogie that has periodically recurring offers that you can put to perfect use.
  3. Variety of markets: Betting on sports like Cricket, football, Golf, Basketball, Rugby, Horse Racing, NBA, and Greyhound does not have to be an affair where you bet on only one market. Don’t limit yourself to just one match or league and don’t let your bookie hold you back either. A bookie should offer a variety of markets.
  4. Payment Methods:  The top bookies in the world should allow all kinds of payment methods, including the modern e-wallet option. They should not impose limits on the different payment methods used.
  5. Safety of your bets:Find the bookie which has a layer of encryption and offers payments through a secure 128-bit SSL encryption channel. This would add another layer of security to the stakes you place.

Our top 5 tips for wagering your tennis bonus:

  1. Efficient use in daily betting: Wagering your gift increases your efficiency in regular online betting. Learning the vocab of your bookie, which they use daily, is another useful way of boosting your bonuses that you get from your bets.
  2. Cost Savings:There are several ways in which you can save your money while betting online. This saved money will offer you great bonuses and will help you bet in a very economic and controlled manner.
  3. Risk Minimization:Among the number of ways in which you can minimize your risk while online betting, our tennis tipsters recommend having a very sound betting strategy. This can lead you to boost your winnings astronomically.
  4. Comparing different sets of odds:This is essential when betting on tennis. It would help if you always kept a lookout for the top odds on the match and players that you are considering betting on. Going for different odds will help you in the long run.
  5. Keeping a Spreadsheet of everything: Referring to your past mistakes will help you to not repeat them. Learning from them while moving forward and at the same time boosting your income is a win-win situation.

Useful Tennis betting tip vocabulary:

  • In-play betting: The bets made during the progression of a game.
  • Correct score betting:The accurate guess of the score helps you to win the bets in this one
  • Over/under betting:Similar to handicap betting, in this kind of betting, you bet over and under a certain set limit.
  • ATP:The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) is the body which is responsible for governing the game.
  • ATP World Tour:The top-tier tennis competition which offers some very promising rewards.
  • Challenge Tour:The second tier competition of tennis.
  • Ace:A serve which is unable to be touched by its opponents.


Tennis has enabled punters to make money by following their favourite players. There are many success stories of the people who have made it big in this betting industry through tennis. With our free tennis tips,including services like tennis tips tonight and tennis tips tomorrow, you can easily be one of them. That being said, we hope that this guide will serve to be very useful to you and would have helped you win more of the bets you place.

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