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Virat Kohli out as new era is ushered in
Azad Gallad
Virat Kohli has been dropped as the ODI captain of India – cementing his downfall as the leader within the Indian cricket set-up. ...
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Azad Gallad
Rohit Sharma Selected As India T20 Captain
There have been several major changes to the national Indian cricket side after their early exit ...
Azad Gallad
India 2022 World Cup Qualifiers Preview
While India may have failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, the football team are ...
Azad Gallad
India Hopeful Ahead of Australian Test Series
India’s four-game Test series against Australia kicks ...

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For gambling news 24/7 from both here in India and around the world, you needn’t look any further than us here at

Our aim is to bring you top quality online gambling news articles covering topics ranging from gambling legislation in India to new online betting sites being launched and sports news that might affect your wagers. We’ll also keep you up to date with all of the betting site bonuses available in India today, including the 10,000₹ welcome offer with Genesis.

Here at, our experts have our finger on the pulse of the sports and betting worlds. Ultimately, this means we can bring you all of the Indian and worldwide gambling news now and as it happens.

Rumour & Speculation

Sometimes, particularly when it comes to the sports we love to bet on, keeping an eye on the rumour mill can be almost as exciting as the sport itself. That’s why the gambling news 24/7 is constantly awash with sports news that can have an effect on your bet. With team sports, the more common rumours come surrounding team news, injuries and expected transfers ahead of each season, however other things can also affect the game and our bets.

In our beloved Indian Premier League, for example, rising tensions and rivalries between internationals can have a huge impact on the stability of a team. That’s why we keep our ears to the ground in order to get as much inside scoop as we possibly can and deliver it directly to your ears.

As well as cricket, we’ll bring you sporting rumour news from various sports around the world, including Premier League & Champions League football. And perhaps no sports rumours are as important to all of you sports gamblers out there as horse racing. From the track conditions to the training regimes and wellbeing of the jockeys, we’ll bring you all of the relevant gambling news stories from racetracks both here in India and around the world.

Injuries Affect Results

This follows on and ties in with the above section regarding rumours and speculation. Perhaps more than anything else, injuries have a massive impact on all sports and their results. And accordingly, there’s no sporting aspect more important to us gamblers as injuries. Ultimately, you bet on a sporting outcome as a gambler, however simple or complex your bet may be, and injuries can affect those outcomes. Even a small niggle to a key player ahead of an IPL game can have a massive impact on the projected result. Therefore, we understand it’s important that you know who’s injured as soon as possible – which is why we aim to bring you all of our gambling news now, rather than later.

It’s not just players missing out on games through an injury that you need to be wary of, however. In most sports, it’s not uncommon for players to toughen up and play through the injury in order to try and get their result over the line. Some of you may associate this with hardier sports such as rugby and boxing. However, it is also commonplace in games like tennis and even cricket – remember Anil Kumble playing with a broken jaw against the West Indies back in 2002? Playing through an injury can affect any number of aspects of a player’s game, from blowing speed to confidence. In some cases, it may see certain aspects of a player’s game be sidelined for a time. For example, an injured football player might be taken off free kicks for a while, ultimately affecting your bet or fantasy sports team.

The Weather

While we’re not meteorologists here at, we are aware that weather conditions and gambling news stories are often interlinked. Of course, the best professional athletes and sports personalities will usually deliver a top performance no matter what the weather, there’s no doubt that weather conditions can affect performances. This, in turn, affects results and ultimately the potential outcome of your sports betting wagers. From wind making rugby and football games low scoring, to torrential rain affecting racetrack conditions, weather plays a huge part in how almost every outdoor sports is played on the given day.

It’s not just the conditions themselves that we pay attention to here, bring you top gambling news now also means paying attention to how certain teams, players or horses fare in certain weather conditions. For example, when playing international cricket in Antigua, English players will usually fare worse than Caribbean or Indian players, as they’re not used to tropical climates and weather conditions. Predicting how the weather conditions will affect the game is relatively easy when it comes to games involving humans. Where inside scoop and top gambling news 24/7 reporters are needed is when it comes to horse racing. Horses are massively affected by different weather conditions, and you’ll even find that some will refuse to run on a wet and windy day.

Ultimately, when it comes to sports betting, the margins can be pretty slight, which is why we’ll bring you sports-related weather news, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem!

Gambling News 24/7: Following Form

More important than any of the above when it comes to sports news that affects your bets is the form that certain teams or players are in. Not just for the obvious reasons of us selecting who to back, but also because it’s a massive contributing factor when it comes to the bookies calculating their odds. For example, if the Mumbai Indians were to lose three times in a row, they wouldn’t likely be hotly tipped by the bookies, despite being 5-time champions.

Keeping an eye on form, however, is easy on the face of it. Simply by looking at the results and other stats, it’s easy to tell if a team, player or horse is in form at a particular given time. Where gambling news stories regarding form become more important, and where the real skill lies, is in finding out when form is about to change. Where a handful of injuries mean that an otherwise on form team are likely to falter, or some inside training scoop means a struggling team is about to change their luck – we’ll bring you news stories that will predict a teams’ form and help you make more valuable wagers with a higher chance of winning.

The bookies don’t often get it wrong, but sometimes they do – and if our expert reporters find a story the bookies have missed, you can 100% guarantee we’ll bring it to you as fast as is physically possible. So if you want to keep one step ahead of the bookies and increase your chances of achieving sports betting success, then bookmaker to keep your finger on the pulse with our gambling news now!

Gambling Industry News

So all of the above categories that we’ve explained are technically sports news topics, even though they affect our gambling wagers immensely. However, our ultimate aim is to bring you gambling news 24/7, which is why we dedicate a lot of our time and resources to the goings-on inside the gambling industry itself.

Keeping your finger on the pulse with gambling industry news is especially important here in India, as new online casinos and sports betting sites are making themselves available in this country every day. Therefore, we want to be the first to let you know when a new top-class operator is in town.

Perhaps more important, however, is the fact that the laws surrounding gambling remain relatively unclear here, and are therefore subject to possible big changes in the near future – hopefully for the better! As well as keeping our ears to the ground on the industry side, we also keep one eye pointed towards the legal side, so we can let know about possible law changes as they happen.

As well as bring you legal news and information about new betting sites launching in India, our gambling news now also involves bringing you information about offers and bonuses and how you can best use them to your advantage. Additionally, we’ll also bring you inside scoop about the bookies with the best odds and possible bumper bets that may result from that.

The Latest Gambling News Stories on Your Favourite Sports

As well as providing you with gambling news 24/7 from inside the industry, we also strive to deliver you general sports news regarding all of the most popular betting sports that matter you. Naturally here at India, we have a huge focus on cricket, but we don’t stop there and like to provide you with an even spread. You can therefore expect gambling-related sports news stories on everything from horse racing to boxing and Premier League football. We’ll even bring you sports news from all of the top American leagues including the NFL, the NHL, the NBA and more!

From rumours and gossip to transfer news and important results as they happen, we’ll bring you the stories that matter to us all as sports betting fans. Of course, we keep the focus of our sports news stories seasonal. Between March and May, you can expect plenty of IPL news, while summers will likely bring you football world cup news or Olympic Games scoop depending on the year. Big boxing PPVs, tennis grand slams and global events on the race calendar will also bring plenty of news directly to your screen. Niche sports lovers don’t need to be left out, however, as we’ll also cover some ‘smaller’ sporting events such as badminton and esports competitions – which are skyrocketing in popularity with India’s young and hungry tech-savvy generation!

Casino & Poker News

Like most of you, we love a sports bet here at, but we’re well aware that online sportsbooks are far from being the be-all and end-all of the online gambling world. We understand that many of you will have come here looking for gambling news stories related to online casinos and poker. And if that’s what you came for, then you needn’t feel left out. From the introduction of new online casinos and poker rooms to legislative changes surrounding online gambling in India, the experts here at are sure to bring you all of the news as it happens. We’ll also keep our eye on the events calendar for all of the best online poker tournaments out there today. So if you’re looking for gambling news now that comes from all corners of the betting landscape, then don’t hesitate to bookmark today!

Gambling News Stories from India and Across the World

As well as bringing you gambling news stories from here in India, we’ll also bring you the important news from across the globe – especially if it could affect your gambling here. Here in India we’re in a unique position, in that gambling isn’t technically legal, however, there are no laws preventing online gambling. What that means is that the sports betting sites and online casinos & poker rooms that we wager and play on here in India are all based overseas – they simply make themselves available to Indian players. It’s therefore in ours and your interests to seek out the global gambling news 24/7 that might affect us here.

Expect new stories and inside scoop from gambling powerhouse havens such as Malta, Curacao and more that may affect us here on Indian shores. While a great many online sportsbooks and online casinos have recently made themselves available here in India, there’s still only a select few that have payment methods that benefit you and allow you to make your payments using Indian rupees. Therefore if you want to find out how to avoid paying silly currency conversion fees, bookmark us at today to keep up to date with the online gambling operators that let you make deposits in rupees or cryptocurrencies.

Knowledge is Power

Whether you’re playing poker, wagering in an online casino or betting on your favourite sports, knowledge is the ultimate tool that’s going to increase your chances of winning. That’s why, in bringing you all of the latest gambling news now, our ultimate aim is to leave you with extra & important knowledge that should increase your chances of winning. Betting blindly or taking a stab in the dark is akin to playing the lottery – and that’s not what betting is all about.

By keeping up to date with all of the latest gambling news stories with us here at, you’ll steadily gain more specialist knowledge in the worlds of sports and online casino betting that should make you a better all-round gambler overall – and, hopefully, a more frequent winner! By following our page closely, you’ll also find all of the latest inside sports news that will keep you ahead of your fellow punters – and hopefully the bookies on some occasions. If you want to look beyond our news stories, you’ll also find expert betting guides, tips and strategies to further your knowledge and grasp of the gambling world. From beginners guides to help get you started, right up to details regarding complicated exotic betting types and strategies, we’ve got guides and tips for gamblers of all experience levels!

Gambling News 24/7 – Our Parting Words

Before you leave and start checking out all of the gambling news now that’s available with us here at, remember to bookmark this page. In doing so, you won’t miss out on any news stories regarding the gambling industry and your favourite sports that will ultimately have a positive effect on your bets. We guarantee that once you’ve got a taste for our experts’ news and inside scoop, you won’t place a bet or take a punt in a casino without first consulting

Gambling News Stories FAQ

🇮🇳 Is gambling banned in India?

Keeping yourself up to date with the current legislation regarding online gambling in India can be quite tough, as the landscape is constantly changing. The best way to keep your finger on the pulse is to check out all of the latest gambling-related news stories at Don’t forget to bookmark the page so that you can keep yourself constantly updated!

🎰 Why are casinos banned in India?

There’s no easy answer to this, but there is a way around it. Find out about technical legal online casino gambling in India by consulting the latest news and updates provider by the gambling industry experts at India today! The landscape changes fast, but we’re always up to date in 2024.

🏏 Can I place a sports bet in India?

The easiest way to find an up to date answer to this question is to bookmark the news page at The landscape of legal gambling is constantly changing here in India, usually for the better, which is why we invite you to check an update site rather than providing a short answer here.

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