Online Casino Payment Methods in India

Online gambling is emerging as the new frontier of thrill for punters. However, most newbies to the field of online gambling are afraid of one thing – is it safe and secure? There are many online casino payment methods in India, and they boast of tremendous security and ease. However, it is necessary to get a brief overview of the payment methods for your safety. After all, real money is being used in the process. In our review, we will look into the popular online casino payment methods in India and check out which ones can be the best choice for you.

There are several Indian online casino payment methods that you can use in any online casino. However, certain limitations have been set on a few online casino payment methods in India by many of the online casinos. Due to security reasons, online casinos do not accept all kinds of payment methods. Hence, you can understand that the online casino payment methods in India accepted by top online casinos are those that are the most highly secure. Online casinos are always looking after their customers and ensure that they get the maximum benefit from their stakes. For mobile online casinos, you can pay using your iPhone, iPads or other mobile android gadgets.

Gambling guy thoroughly tests each operator, verifying its security and licensing as well as the payment methods supported. Therefore the top rated operators and payment methods published on Gambling Guy are guaranteed to be secure and legitimate.

Here are a few popular online casino payment methods in India that you can trust:


Paypal is one of the largest online payment systems in the world and one of the popular online casino payment methods in India. Due to its reputation, many casinos accept Paypal payments. PayPal is one of the preferred online payment methods for online casinos because it can often provide large deposit bonuses to gamblers. Setting up a Paypal account is easy too. There is no need to be worried about security, as Paypal has an SSL encryption and a PIN, a two-factor verification, which is almost impossible to break into. Deposits and withdrawals are very fast in Paypal, as well.

In addition, Paypal has a dedicated customer support team looking after your needs. Plus, currency conversion is automatically applied. However, one disadvantage of Paypal is that there might be a small fee involved while making transactions. Many online casinos also put withdrawal limits when using Paypal as online casino payment methods in India


Visa is an internationally recognized brand that has gained a solid reputation for itself. As a result, many online casinos are willing to accept Visa cards as online casino payment methods in India. From the time online casinos first started, gamblers have been using VISA cards, so, you know that this trusted brand will keep your money secure. The credit, debit, and prepaid cards of Visa are easy to use. Plus, you get a fantastic welcome bonus if you use your Visa card. You have to provide CVV code as a security measure and can also have an OTP (one-time-password) sent to you as well, so Visa ensures that your money is safe. You can even deposit large amounts with Visa. One of the downsides to Visa is that many online casinos do not allow online withdrawals on this card, and withdrawals can be slow, however, for the time being there is no deposit involved, you can enjoy uninterrupted gambling.


Mastercard is one of the leaders in payment options through credit or debit cards. You can use Mastercard in physical casinos and it is also used as online casino payment methods in India. Like Visa, it allows you to deposit large amounts of money too. Plus, you can get fantastic payout percentages. Since Mastercard has been around for so long, they provide excellent customer service also, guaranteeing full support.

There are four options of Mastercard – Mastercard Debit Card, Mastercard Credit Card, Mastercard Prepaid Cards, and Mastercard Gift Cards, and all can be used as online casino payment methods in India. Deposits in Mastercard are swift but withdrawals, comparatively, can be a bit slow. Mastercard has a zero liability policy against any unauthorized transactions made from your account. So, you can be rest assured that your money is safe, and only authorized transactions are being made with it. However, not all casinos will allow withdrawals through Mastercard, and sometimes, charges can apply against deposits.


Skrill is an online e-wallet that has risen in popularity over the years. It was advertised as one of the quickest and safest money transfer methods, and it has delivered on its promise. As a result, it soon became a formidable competition to Visa and Paypal as online casino payment methods in India. If you like Blackjack or playing the slots, then Skrill payment methods are one of the best. It allows people to store bank card details like Paypal, but you can store a fixed amount in the Skrill wallet. Security is often an issue with payment methods. However, Skrill has you covered in this respect. It has been authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority – a reputed firm which looks after 56,000 financial services in the UK.

Skrill uses 2-factor authentication to protect your details. Your details are heavily encrypted, so it is difficult for people to hack into it. On top of its security, you get large bonuses when you are using Skrill. You have 24/7 customer service too. Skrill supports around 40 different currencies and works in 200 countries across the globe. However, the disadvantage of Skrill as one of the online casino payment methods in India is that there might be a small fee attached to withdrawals and deposits. Also, all operators do not accept Skrill as one of their online casino payment methods in India, and many casinos are also known to put deposit and withdrawal limits on Skrill payment methods.


One of the rulers of the e-wallet industry is Neteller, which is a trusted e-wallet, and hence, used as one of the popular online casino payment methods in India. So, if you are into playing online Slots, Online Blackjack or Baccarat, then you can trust Neteller with your money. It has quick payment methods and easy deposits. Plus, Neteller gets you amazing Welcome Bonuses. If you are a loyal customer of Neteller, you can also get Loyalty points, getting you a step ahead into becoming a part of the VIP Lounge.

Netteler uses the latest security features and anti-fraud tools. For example, it uses 128-bit encryption technology so that your transactions are secured. It is also authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority. Neteller is 100% safe and ensures that safety remains a priority. It is one of the few e-wallet markets which can give you immense VIP discounts and bonuses. You can get Gold, Platinum, and Diamond VIP rewards through Neteller and also carry out online withdrawals. The only problem with it is that it can charge a small fee against your deposit, which can be from 1-5 percent.

Average times for deposits and payouts

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill and Netteler, the deposit should not take more than a few minutes. Skrill has the fastest withdrawal with a maximum of 1 day, while PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and Netteler, complete withdrawal in a maximum of 5 days.

Nevertheless, the deposit and payout durations will also depend on both the online casino operator as well as the payment method chosen. In many of the cases, casinos do not allow withdrawals on certain cards. In many other casinos, deposit and payment limits are placed. So, it is quite common to have different time durations for deposits and withdrawals based on the payment method used. The average payment methods of the most popular best online casino payment methods in India are:


Paypal withdrawals and deposits can have limits in certain online casinos. In online casinos, where Paypal is allowed, you can get your deposit within a few minutes. However, withdrawals can be a bit tedious and take about 2-5 days. However, if your IP address is located in the U.S. or Canada, you will not be able to cash out your winnings through Paypal due to UIGEA or Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act.


Visa is one of the most accepted payment methods in online casinos around the world. Hence, you may make large deposits using Visa. Withdrawals are generally permitted when you are using Visa cards. When you are depositing money, it gets deposited in real-time without a problem. Withdrawals can take a few more days, taking around 3-5 working days to withdraw your winnings. However, there can be maximum and minimum limits placed on your withdrawals.


Mastercard prides themselves on their deposit transfer duration. This reputed company can get your money deposited within a few minutes. However, the withdrawals from Mastercard can take a bit more time, generally, between 3-5 days. Always read the terms and conditions of the online casino you are engaging with since many online casinos do not allow withdrawals using Mastercard.


Skrill is one of the preferred e-wallets, primarily due to its fast withdrawals. Many casinos accept Skrill but can place limits on the withdrawals. However, Skrill has been often named as one of the best payout methods for online casinos. When you deposit funds using Skrill, it can take a few minutes to an hour to get the transaction verified. Unlike most other payment methods, withdrawals in Skrill takes a few hours to one day.


Neteller keeps it fast when you are engaged in the transferring process. Being one of the kings of the e-wallet industry, Neteller ensures that deposits happen within a few minutes while withdrawals can take 2-5 days, though much of the withdrawal timings depend on the casinos. Withdrawals can be delayed due to the internal systems of the casinos.

Payment methods verification requirements

Recognized online casino payment methods in India ensure that your funds with an online casino are secure, and so to keep your funds safe, each payment method uses specific verification processes. If you pass through their verification processes, they can use their security services of encryptions and security blocks to ensure the safety of your money. The verification process can be different for different payment methods.

Here is a brief insight into the verification methods of the online casino payment methods in India: 


For verifying in Paypal, you have to log in with your credentials. Then, you have to click on the Summary at the upper-left part of the window. In the ‘More about your account’ section, you can click on Get Verified. Here, you have to follow the steps by providing your personal and bank details and get verified by Paypal.


Since you will be using a debit or credit card for Visa, for the verification process, Visa will ask for your 3-digit CVV security code written on the back of your card. You may also receive an OTP on your cell phone or email for verification.


When you are using Mastercard, you have to apply for Mastercard SecureCode. This SecureCode will be delivered to you as an OTP on your cell phone through SMS. It will help to verify a transaction made by you and therefore, keep it secure.


In Skrill, you will have to enter your personal details and include your email address. A verification link will then be emailed to you. Simply click on the link to verify your account.


If you are using Neteller, you have to first create a free account by giving all the necessary information, which includes personal details and your email address -(this is mandatory). The verification process of Neteller starts by sending you an email verification link. Once you click the verification link, your account will be activated. You can then go on to link your Neteller account with your bank account or debit/credit card.

Editor’s recommendation – operator with the fastest payment handling

The payouts and deposits are handled by the payment operator as well as the casino. There are many internal systems inside the casino that can delay payouts and deposits. However, among the e-wallet industry, if you are looking for the operator with the fastest payment handling out of all the online casino payment methods in India, then Skrill should be the way to go. This recommendation is based solely on speedy transactions. Skrill can deposit within a few minutes and can provide withdrawals in one day – faster than most operators.

However, Skrill is not accepted by many Casinos, and there can be withdrawal limits placed by the casino. If speed is not an issue, then you can go for more reliable operators such as Visa, which is a reputable payment mode, and many online casinos accept Visa. You can even deposit large amounts using Visa. So, Visa is a recommended payment handling operator for reliability, though you will sacrifice on speed, as Visa can take 3-5 days for payment. However, in terms of security, all the mentioned Indian online casino payment methods are fully secure.

Payment method FAQ

Here is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide to help you with the common concerns regarding Indian online casino payment methods:

  1. Do I need to use the same deposit and withdrawal method?

Online casinos typically require you to use the same deposit and withdrawal method, Mastercard being an exception. This has been put in place for your protection since Casinos have to comply with anti-money laundering and fraud prevention laws.

  1. Why does an online casino block my account?

The most common reason an online casino in India has to block your account is because the verification process has not been completed. Another reason could be because of bonus misuse also. However, you can contact the casino directly to resolve the issue.

  1. What payment method will get me a bonus?

Each payment method and online casino has different bonus opportunities. Research on the payment methods and check out the casino guidelines to understand the bonus schemes.

  1. Why can I not get my complete withdrawal amount?

Many payment methods have withdrawal limits placed on it per day. Check the terms and conditions of the online casino regarding your preferred payment method.

  1. Do I have to put in the right credentials?

You must provide all the correct information to the online casino operators as you will be dealing with real money. By using a trusted online casino which you can find in Gambling Guy’s top rated reviews, you can be assured that your personal and financial information will be safe. 


Understanding the online casino payment methods in India before downloading casino software is essential if you want to have a successful dive into the world of legal online gambling. Based on your payment method, you can check your deposit and withdrawal limitations and many of the top online payment processes provide you with welcome bonuses and, sometimes, loyalty points. Remember to verify your account with these online payment processors. By confirming your account, you’re securing your transactions and also reduce some of the higher costs that Indian online casino payment methods may charge on deposits or payouts. New online casinos are continuously being created, some even, without the need of downloading an online casino app. Whichever online casino you choose to use, make sure you are confident that they are secure and legitimate. Using Gambling Guy as your helpful guide, enjoy your gambling endeavours and stay safe while doing so.

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